2017年2月16日 星期四

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The thimble is losing its job at Monopoly and hoping to stitch together a future on Pinterest.

Monopoly is dumping one of its traditional game pieces: the thimble. We…

As any foreigner can tell you, Americans love their coffee. It is a watered-down percolation compared with the eye-twitchingly strong varieties sold in little thimbles in many European cafés, but it is coffee nonetheless. A decent cup of tea, however, has been harder to find, though that is about to change http://econ.st/165SzLD
Scientists Adopt Island as Warming Bellwether
Researchers who monitor Tatoosh Island, Wash., say they are seeing disturbing declines across species.

Taiwanese teen dead after 40 hours of Diablo III
Video gaming can be really fun to play for hours on end and sometimes it can be so addicting that you may miss a meal or so; however, with the news of today, Di.

Boris Johnson won a new term as mayor of London.
Facundo Arrizabalaga/European Pressphoto Agency

For British Conservatives, a Bright Spot

In bellwether local elections, Britons seem to have turned against their national leaders — though Boris Johnson, the nimble-tongued mayor of London, won a new term.

 LONDON — Boris Johnson, the towheaded, nimble-tongued mayor of London, provided a modest lift for the British Conservative Party on Friday after winning re-election amid a deluge of defeats for the party in local races around the country.

It is not just gadget freaks and early adopters who are making this happen. Sure, the young and the technically nimble were among the first to abandoned print and airwaves for online content capable of being accessed anywhere, anytime. But the middle-aged have now also joined the fray. Indeed, Facebook recently had to pull the plug on chatting housewives because they were hogging large chunks of the social network’s bandwidth for hours on end. Even 55-year-olds and up—long the bulwark of print and broadcast media—are nowadays getting much of their news, gossip and amusement online.

val·e·dic·tion (văl'ĭ-dĭk'shən)
  1. An act of bidding farewell; a leave-taking.
  2. A speech or statement made as a farewell.
  3. A word or phrase of farewell used to end a letter or message.
[From Latin valedictus, past participle of valedīcere, to say farewell : valē, farewell; see vale2 + dīcere, to say.]

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賽門‧溫契斯特Simon Winchester

Surgeon of Crowthorne),描述英格蘭精神療養院的殺人犯──美國軍醫麥諾,為OED查索引句,與主編莫雷結下一段不解之緣,共同為這本龐大的辭典寫下一段少為人知的傳奇,這段插曲在《OED的故事》中也有所著墨。其他著作有《一九○六年加州大地震》(A
Crack in the Edge of the World)、《克拉卡托亞火山爆發記》(Krakatoa)、《改變世界的地圖》(The Map That Changed the World),以及《世界中央的河流》(The River at the Center of the World)、《大英帝國邊境》(Outposts)等多本遊記。目前正在進行有關中國的長篇寫作計畫。


▼ 目錄

序曲 Prologue

1 測量規模1. Taking the Measure of it All
2 分類與架構 2. The Construction of the Pigeonholes
3 指揮大局 3. The General Officer Commanding
4 蜂擁而回的詞彙大軍4. Battling the Undertow
5 穿越文字密林 5. Pushing through the Untrodden Forest
6 緩如牛步 6. So Heavily Goes the Chariot
7 隱士、殺人犯與形形色色的辭典義工 7. The Hermit and the Murderer - and Hereward
Thimble by Price
8 光榮告別8. From Take to Turndown - and then, Triumphal Valediction
尾聲/恆常復始 Epilogue: And Always Beginning Again
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Madoff: However, this proved difficult, and ultimately impossible, and as the years went by I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come.
Translation: I could have kept doing this for years on end if that subprime thing hadn’t melted down the markets.

gerund or present participle: binning
  1. 1.
    throw (something) away by putting it in a bin.

    "piles of junk that should have been binned years ago"
  2. 2.
    store (something, especially wine) in a bin.

    "paint on the bottles indicated which way up they should be binned"

on end

Continuously, without interruption, as in It's been raining for days on end. This term, which might just as well be put "seemingly without end," dates from about 1300.

    Having light hair: blond, fair, fair-haired. See colors/colorless.


1. Having blond hair: fair-haired toddler.
2. Favorite: politician who was the fair-haired child of the media.
having light-colored hair.
fair-haired boy, an up-and-coming person; favorite.

on end
Continuously, without interruption, as in It's been raining for days on end. This term, which might just as well be put "seemingly without end," dates from about 1300.

(1) 一端を下にして, 直立させて
The explosion made my hair stand on end.
(2) 継続的に, 続けて
work for days on end


  • 発音記号[nímbl][形](-bler, -blest)
1 (手・足・指などの)動きの早い, す早い
be nimble of foot [=be nimble on one's feet]
2 飲み込みの早い, 鋭敏な;機転のきく;巧妙に工夫された
a nimble mind
a nimble story
a nimble wit
[古英語nmel (nimanとる+-ol形容詞語尾=とることができる). -b-はあとから加わった. ⇒HUMBLE, THIMBLENUMB


1 (羊の群れを先導する)鈴つき羊.
2 (産業界の)指導[先導]者;(暴動などの)首謀者, 張本人;((米))潮流の方向を示すもの, 兆候, しるし.

a thimble and a swimming pool
noun [C]
a small cover, usually made of metal or plastic, worn to protect the finger which pushes the needle when sewing

a very small amount of liquid:
He poured a thimbleful of whisky into the glass.


Syllabification: (thim·ble)
Pronunciation: /ˈTHimbəl/


  • a metal or plastic cap with a closed end, worn to protect the finger and push the needle in sewing.
  • a short metal tube or ferrule.
  • Nautical a metal ring, concave on the outside, around which a loop of rope is spliced.


Old English thȳmel 'finger protector' (see thumb, -le1.)