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settlement, Act of Settlement, blatant, double-dip

Last week, in The Times and on my blog, I've been ranting about one particularly blatant money-grab by U.S. cellphone carriers: the mandatory 15-second voicemail instructions.

7 references to settlement in this book

1. on Page 8:
" ... failed to do. Many contemporaries hoped fora radical revision of the Church settlement of the 166os"
2. on Page 9:
"important to maintain the substance of the Restoration Settlement. The Prayer Book of 1662 was to remain the liturgical basis of Anglican worship until the twentieth century"
3. on Page 14:
" ... than they need have been, and generally threatened to reshape the Revolution settlement"
4. on Page 43:
"laws of settlement provided for compulsory residence in the parish of birth for those not occupying a house worth at least E1o per annum, a not insubstantial sum"
5. on Page 82:
"reinforced by settlement in Canada and the Floridas, would form a vast, loyal market for British manufactures, a continuing source of essential raw materials"
6. on Page 97:
"given a settlement which was to endure, albeit uneasily, until 1867. In many ways, Pitt's supremacy had a very traditional appearance"
7. from Back Matter:
"Act of Settlement settles the royal succession on the descendants of Sophia of Hanover 1702 Death of William III"

Dialogue | 23.01.2009 | 05:30

Some ancient laws in Britain concerning inter-religious relations are up for change

In Britain, it is not always easy to change ancient traditions

In Britain a new attempt is being made to change ancient laws which bans the monarch from marrying a Catholic. The Act of Settlement, introduced by King William III in 1701 states anyone who marries a Catholic cannot become king or queen. It also gives legal precedence to male heirs in the line of succession, and it is these two aspects that a British lawmaker wants to change. Dr Evan Harris, from the country's third political party the Liberal Democrats says this blatant religious and sex discrimination is outdated and must go.

(Report: Catherine Drews)

1. on Page 15:
"new king's foreign policy caused severe strains by its blatant use of England's naval power to secure Hanover's Baltic ambitions. There was also ... "

blatant PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
describes something bad that is very obvious or intentional:
a blatant lie
The whole episode was a blatant attempt to gain publicity.

blatantly PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
It was blatantly obvious that she was telling a lie.




不 僅如此,市場還擔心,隨著迪拜債務危機的蔓延,那些由迪拜控制的企業里數千名英國員工將面臨著十分殘酷的現實。英國最大的主題公園奧爾頓塔(Alton Towers)、倫敦眼(London Eye)、英國鐵行(P&O)、Travelodge連鎖旅館以及倫敦證券交易所集團公司(London Stock Exchange Group PLC,簡稱倫敦證交所)里都是迪拜投資的對象。

據悉,迪拜在英國市場上的投資至 少在59億英鎊以上。而英國在迪拜市場上的投資有將近46億英鎊。就連英國著名廚師戈登拉姆塞(Gordon Ramsay)以及加里·羅德斯(Gary Rhodes)都在此次迪拜債務危機中損失慘重,而英國著名足球明星大衛貝克漢姆也在迪拜擁有房產。為了緩解因迪拜危機而引發英國市場上對明年出現雙底經 濟衰退(double-dip recession)的恐懼,英國首相布朗也立即在27日發表講話,以期穩定市場信心。布朗表示:「如果這局域性的問題,那麽事件很快就會平息,而我堅 信,此次迪拜的債務危機就是這種性質。」


雖 然有投資者擔心迪拜政府無力還債有可能會引發多米諾骨牌效應,拖累尚未站穩復蘇腳步的全球經濟。但也有分析師認為,同為阿聯酋聯邦成員的阿布達比不會見死 不救,讓迪拜鬧出自2001年阿根廷違約以來,全球最大主權基金違約事件。不過這種不確定性仍上市場上的投資者慌亂不已,近兩日全球股市完全籠罩在恐慌的 陰影中。

分析師認為,英國是此次危機中受害最嚴重的國家,國際結算銀行(Bank for International Settlements)的數據顯示,英國銀行阿聯酋的貸款總額達到了300億英鎊,其中絕大部分都投資於迪拜。相對而言,美國以及法國的銀行對其債權低 於70億英鎊。摩根大通的數據顯示,蘇格蘭皇家銀行集團是迪拜世界最大的債權人,而匯豐控股( HSBC Holdings Plc )擁有在阿拉伯聯合酋長國(United Arab Emirates)的最大的債權風險。福克斯銀行分析師戴維·威廉姆斯(David Williams)表示:「市場對暴露於迪拜危機所帶來的風險敞口是非常緊張的,蘇格蘭皇家銀行的名字已經與此關聯成為迪拜的債權人和帳簿管理人,人們擔 心它會產生新一輪的損失,迪拜是推動目前一切的市場催化劑。」



━━ n. 身を落ち着かせる[固める]こと, 定住, 定着; 植民[居留](地); 解決, 決定; 【法】(紛争・裁判での)和解, 示談; 返済, 決算; 贈与(財産); 【法】遺産の配分確定; 【法】(英国での)継承的財産設定(証書), 継承的不動産処分(証書); セツルメント, 社会福祉事業(団); (建物などの)沈下; 澄むこと, 沈殿(物).
Act of Settlement 【英史】王位継承法.
settlement day 【株】決算日, 決済日.

2009年11月28日 星期六

(From Many, One/ "E Pluribus Unum"

The latin motto of the USA is?

"E Pluribus Unum", (From Many, One).

2009年11月27日 星期五

au revoir

au re·voir (ō' rə-vwär') pronunciation

Used to express farewell.

[French : au, till the + revoir, seeing again.]

resonate, magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, ticket line

'Ayn Rand and the World She Made'

Heller maintains critical perspective while conveying the conviction and odd charisma of Rand, whose angry message resonates today among the anti-Obama right. (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, $35.)

But it’s a deeply satisfying show, with enough spectacular moments to justify the ticket lines and plenty of quieter revelations that will resonate particularly for working artists.

Leveaux, 50, has put on other Ibsen dramas with Japanese casts: "Elida: The Lady from the Sea" in 1992 and "Hedda Gabler" in 1994.

"I never directed 'A Doll's House.' Because, after I did 'Elida' and 'Hedda Gabler,' I thought that's enough (of Ibsen's works)," Leveaux said in a recent interview in Tokyo. "However, when I looked at the play again, I thought this is an interesting subject, which has a real resonance in contemporary Japan, even though the play was written about more than 100 years ago."

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resonate PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
verb [I]
1 to produce, increase or fill with sound, by vibrating (= shaking) objects which are near:
His voice resonated in the empty church.
The noise of the bell resonated through the building.
Compare resound.

2 to be filled with a particular quality:
The building resonates with historic significance.

3 to continue to have a powerful effect or value:
The significance of those great stories resonates down the centuries.

4 If an experience or memory resonates, it makes you think of another similar one:
Her experiences resonate powerfully with me, living, as I do, in a similar family situation.

resonance PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
noun [C or U]
magnetic resonance
This poem has many resonances (= connected thoughts and memories) for me.

resonant PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
1 clear and loud, or causing sounds to be clear and loud:
a deep, resonant voice
a resonant concert hall
See also resound.

2 making you think of a similar experience or memory:
We felt privileged to be the first group of Western visitors to enter the historic palace, resonant with past conflicts.

resonator PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
a device, for example in a musical instrument, which makes sounds resonate


━━ n. 響き, 反響, 共鳴; 【電気】共振.
res・o・nant ━━ a. よく通る ((声など)); 共鳴[反響]する ((with)).
res・o・nant・ly ad.
resonant circuit 【電気】共振回路.

ticket line 訂票電話線
hot seat: Definition from Answers.com
(a reference to the show's ticket line, 999-5000). Fans would often cheer Wally
on and boo his guests, as if they were at a sporting event. ...

"利 用 核 磁 共 振 攝 影 技 術 ( MRI ) , 知 感 神 經 學 家 幾 乎 可 以 通 過 大 腦 血 液 的 流 動 情 況 , 對 人 的 思 維 進 行 判 讀 。 而 且 , 通 過 物 理 操 作 , 人 類 的 意 識 是 可 以 隨 意 扭 曲 製 造 的 。"


郭 台 銘 掌 控 採 購 的 用 意 是 透 過 大 筆 訂 單 , 要 求 醫 療 設 備 大 廠 技 術 輸 出 。 「 除 了 質 子 機 外 , MRI ( 核 磁 共 振 ) 及 CT ( 斷 層 掃 描 ) 都 要 大 量 採 購 。 」 一 位 醫 療 界 人 士 說 , 郭 台 銘 及 幕 僚 曾 先 後 與 醫 療 設 備 大 廠 西 門 子 、 奇 異 等 接 觸 , 「 全 球 一 年 MRI 總 銷 量 一 千 台 , 郭 董 向 西 門 子 一 開 口 就 要 買 百 餘 台 MRI , 放 在 台 灣 與 大 陸 , 唯 一 條 件 是 『 技 術 移 轉 』 。 」 西 門 子 未 答 應 , 倒 是 郭 台 銘 的 手 法 與 心 思 , 昭 然 若 揭 。 "

核磁気共鳴画像法 - Wikipedia

核磁気共鳴画像法(かくじききょうめいがぞうほう、magnetic resonance imaging, MRI