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divide, babysitter grandparents, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall,"

Clintonomics worked in the peaceful, prosperous 1990s. In today's divided America, it seems feeble.

"We want grandparents to strike to prove they are a key part of the way this country functions," said Manuel Pastrana, leader of the UGT general workers’ union in the southern region of Andalucia. "Learn to say no" and "don’t feel guilty" are the slogans, aimed at so-called "babysitter grandparents".

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall,"

Britain's banking commission

United they stood
Britain’s banking commission has proposed a strict divide between retail and investment banking

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall," a favorite toast, in varying forms, of political orators from Benjamin Franklin to Abraham Lincoln. It gained currency after John Dickinson's "Liberty Song" was published on 18 July 1768, in the Boston Gazette. The work contained the lines:
Then join in hand, brave Americans all—
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!
The slogan regained widespread usage three-quarters of a century later when the popular writer George Pope Morris's "The Flag of the Union" appeared. The poem quoted the sentiment as given above, from the motto of Kentucky, which had been adopted in 1792. Gaining new currency during times of national crisis, the phrase was most recently a popular slogan after the attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.

Furtwangler, Albert. American Silhouettes: Rhetorical Identities of the Founders. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1987.

Supreme Court Moving Beyond Its Old Divides
By ADAM LIPTAK 11 minutes ago
Led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., the court over the past term sometimes worked with striking unanimity and assertiveness to review the actions of the other branches of government.

Besides intensifying partisanship and conspiracy theories — think the birthers — the Internet divides the world more firmly into niches, birds of a feather avidly flocking together.

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama are ideas that reject the legitimacy of the United States citizenship of President Barack Obama or his eligibility to be President of the United States. Some of these conspiracy theories allege that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and that his birth certificate is a forgery. Others allege that Obama is a citizen of Indonesia, or that because he had dual citizenship at birth (British and American), he is not a natural born citizen of the United States, which is a requirement to be President of the United States under Article Two of the United States Constitution. These conspiracy theories received attention in mid-2008 following Obama's victory in theDemocratic primaries, in late 2008–early 2009 with regard to theElectoral College vote and Obama's inauguration, and again in mid-2009 following a lawsuit by Army reservist Stefan Cook.


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[diváid]
1 [III[名]([副])]…を分ける, 分割する, …を(…に)分ける((into, in ...))
divide words between syllables
divide it in half [two
Administratively, the country is divided into counties.
行政上, この国は州に分けられている.
2 [III[名]([副])]〈道路・川などが〉…を隔てる, 分界する, …と(…を)分ける, 分離する, の境をなす((off/from, and ...)). ⇒SEPARATE[類語]
river dividing the two towns
gulf divided him from [and] them.
3 [III[名]([副])]〈物を〉(…の間で)分配する, 〈時間などを〉(…と…に)配分する, 割りふる((out, up/ among, between ...))(⇒BETWEEN[語法]);〈物を〉(人と)分ける((with ...))
divide a cake between two children [among four children
divide one's time between housework and a part-time job
We divided ten dollars among the five of us.
4 〈人・意見・感情などを〉分裂させる;〈人の〉仲を裂く
The peace issue divided the country.
United we standdivided we fall.
((ことわざ)) 団結すれば栄え, 分裂すれば倒れる.
5 [III[名]([副])]…を(…に)分類する((into ...))
He divided the temples into various types according to their special features.
6 [III[名]([副])]
(1) [divide A by B/divide B into A]〈A(数)をB(数)で〉割る, 等分する
12 divided by 2 equals 6.
Divide 14 into 42. [=Divide 42 by 14. ]
(2) …を割り切る
8 divides 24.
(3) 〈定規などに〉等間隔の目盛りをつける.
7 ((英))〈議会・委員会などを〉(…について)賛否の二派に分ける((on, over, about ...)).
1 (…に)分かれる, 割れる((into, in ...));分岐する
Writers divide into two types.
Go left where the road divides.
2 等しく分配する, 分け合う
Let's divide equally.
3 割り算をする, (…で)割り切れる((by ...))
4 divides into 8, 2 times. [=8 divides by 4, 2 times. ]
8 divides by 4.
4 ((英))(…の)賛否を採決する((on ...))
divide and rule
1 分割;分裂;分配
divide and rule
2 ((米))分水界;分水嶺(れい)
the Continental [the Great] Divide
3 境界線, 分かれ目.
[ラテン語dīvidere(dī-離れて+videre分かれる). △WIDOW

babysitter grandparents 一般人的說法是"帶小孩的老人家"嗎

1 ベビーシッター(sitter).
2 監視人.