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disquieting, unsettling, unnerve, emergency food, determinant

Here's some reasons why the management of China's currency is unsettling investors across the globe.
(Picture by Bloomberg)
Investors undertaking the process of learning to speak PBoC

Barack Obama's decision to nominate Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as the Fed's chairman in February raises the odds that stimulative monetary policy will continue. But disquiet about that stance is growing http://econ.st/19CWNaE

Dire Report on Detroit Is Offered by Manager
The city's emergency manger called for a complete restructuring of the city's finances and described long-term obligations of at least $15 billion.
 The fall-off in housing activity is especially unsettling because fundamental determinants, from low mortgage rates and lean inventories to an increase in the number of households being formed, have all been pointing to continued gains.

Dining Through Disaster
Hurricane Sandy is just the latest in a barrage of unsettling events fueling sales of so-called emergency food, typically freeze-dried and vacuum-packed with a 30-year shelf life.

One key issue seems to unite all the protesters: the scandal about the sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy. Activist Peter Tatchell is calling on the Pope to open the Vatican files containing the names of some of the priests accused of abuse.
"The fact that he's insisted that these should be subject to papal secrecy is very disquieting," he said. "And I don't think he can be taken seriously as someone who opposes child sex abuse while he keeps those files hidden from the police authorities."

It unnerves me to think that we are willing to educate a society to respond to a 'carrot-stick' approach in order to perform to achieve specified goals or standards in our respective careers.

Letters | How about a penalty for poor work?
Published Saturday August 16th, 2008

China has moved quickly to mobilise, but has yet to respond to offers of foreign aid from the governments of Japan, the Czech Republic and others. Given the magnitude of the disaster, and the likely increase in the death toll, China certainly faces further tests on the efficacy of its response. It may also be troubled by unsettling questions about its level of pre-earthquake preparedness. It is one thing to build dams and Olympic venues to proper standards, but with so many other buildings collapsing particular scrutiny may fall on China's system for setting and enforcing construction codes in earthquake-prone zones such as Sichuan.

WordNet: unnerve
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The verb has one meaning:
Meaning #1: disturb the composure of
Synonyms: fazeenervateunsettle


Pronunciation: /ɪˈməːdʒ(ə)nsi/
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Definition of emergency

noun (plural emergencies)

  • 1a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action:personal alarms for use in an emergency [mass noun]:survival packs were carried in case of emergency
  • [as modifier] arising from or used in an emergency:an emergency exit
  • a person with a medical condition requiring immediate treatment: the hospital treated two hundred emergencies
  • North American the department in a hospital which provides immediate treatment:a doctor in emergency cleaned the wound
  • 2 (the Emergency) Irish historical the Second World War.
  • 3Australian/NZ a reserve runner in horse racing.


mid 17th century: from medieval Latin emergentia, from Latin emergere 'arise, bring to light' (see emerge)


Pronunciation: /dɪˈtəːmɪnənt/

Definition of determinant
  • 1a factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome of something:pure force of will was the main determinant of his success
  • Biology a gene or other factor which determines the character and development of a cell or cells in an organism, a set of which forms an individual’s idiotype.
  • 2 Mathematics a quantity obtained by the addition of products of the elements of a square matrix according to a given rule.


  • serving to determine or decide something.


early 17th century: from Latin determinant- 'determining', from the verb determinare (see determine)

tr.v., -et·ed, -et·ing, -ets.
To deprive of peace or rest; trouble.

Absence of peace or rest; anxiety.

adj. Archaic
Uneasy; restless.


    Troubling to the mind or emotions: disruptive, distressful, distressing, disturbing, intrusive, perturbing,troublesome, troublous, unsettling, upsetting, worrisome. See happy/unhappy, pain/pleasure.

disquietingly dis·qui'et·ing·ly adv.
disquietly dis·qui'et·ly adv.
disquietness dis·qui'et·ness n.


Syllabification: (dis·qui·et)
Pronunciation: /disˈkwī-it/
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  • a feeling of anxiety or worry:public disquiet about animal testing


[with object] (usually as adjective disquieted)
make (someone) worried or anxious:she felt disquieted at the lack of interest the girl had shown

unsettled (ANXIOUS) Show phonetics
anxious and worried; unable to relax:
Children tend to get unsettled if you keep on changing their routine.

unsettling Show phonetics
causing anxiety:
One of the film's many unsettling images is of a child playing with her father's gun.

“The impacts of climate change on some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world could prove extremely unsettling,” Mr. Pachauri said.

unsettle Show phonetics
verb [T]
Even the most experienced of West Indian batsmen was unsettled by the sheer speed of this bowler.


  • レベル:社会人必須

1 …を不安定にする, 動揺[混乱]させる;〈胃の〉調子を悪くする
The spicy food unsettled his stomach.
2 〈人・信念・感情を〉動揺させる, 不安にする, …の気を転倒させる
unsettling news
━━(自)不安定になる, ぐらつく, 落ち着きを失う, 取り乱す.


  • レベル:社会人必須

1 〈状態などが〉不安定な, 落ち着かない;秩序が確立していない;不穏な;〈人などが〉一か所に定住しない;〈意見・行動が〉動揺している;〈天候が〉定まらない;〈胃が〉調子の悪い
unsettled nomads
the unsettled autumn skies
[類語]unsettled落ち着くべきところに落ち着いていない不安定さ. unstable基礎がぐらついたり, 固着されていないための不安定さ:an unstable government不安定な政府. unsteady一定の状態を持続できない不安定さ:an unsteady gaitおぼつかない足取り. precarious今にも落下しそうな危険を感じさせる不安定さ:The Kobe disaster proved that most highrises are in a precarious situation when it comes to an earthquake of that magnitude. 神戸の大災害は高層ビルのほとんどがあの規模の地震に見舞われたら心許ないことを示した.
2 〈土地が〉住民のいない.
3 〈問題点が〉未解決の;〈勘定が〉清算されてない;〈不動産が〉処分未決定の;〈訴訟事件が〉未処理の.