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lose out, win through/win the day

Japanese businesses lose out in hiring of top Chinese talent
Asahi Shimbun
A Chinese MBA student, who used to work for Chinese affiliates of Mitsui & Co. and Toyota Motor Corp., says she will never again work at a Japanese company. ...

Germany's chancellor wins the day at a European summit(33)

win through

Also, win the day. End successfully, be victorious, as in We didn't know until the very end if they would win through, or It seems that hard work won the day. The first term dates from the late 1800s and today is more often put as come through (def. 1). The variant originally alluded to the outcome of a battle and dates from the late

lose out
1. Fail to succeed, be defeated, as in The election's over, and you've lost out. [Mid-1800s]
2. Also, lose out on or in. Miss an opportunity to participate, as in We came so late that we lost out on our chance to see her dance, or The Republicans lost out in last fall's elections. [Colloquial; mid-1900s] Also see miss out on.

2010年12月29日 星期三

Mind-wandering, daydreaming

中英對照讀新聞/People spend half their waking hours daydreaming 白日夢耗去人一半清醒時間


People spend nearly half of their waking hours not thinking about what they are actually doing, according to a US study conducted via the iPhone. More than 2,200 volunteers downloaded an app which then surveyed them about their thoughts and mood at random times of day and night.


The Science study suggested minds wander, even from demanding tasks, at least 30% of the time.


Participants agreed to be contacted, at which point they selected what they were doing from a menu, whether they were actually thinking about it, and how happy or sad they felt. Remarkably, some participants were prepared to answer the survey even when making love.


After gathering 250,000 survey results, the Harvard team concluded that this group of people spent 46.9% of their time awake with their minds wandering. Dr Matthew Killingsworth, one of the researchers, said: "Mind-wandering appears ubiquitous across all activities."



wander:動詞,失神、開小差。例句:My attention wandered. (我失了神。)

remarkably:副詞,特別到讓人驚訝或值得一提地,形容詞為remarkable。例句:The 20th century was remarkable for its inventions.(20世紀引人注目的是發明。)

ubiquitous: 形容詞,到處存在的。例句:Leather is very much in fashion this season, as of course is the ubiquitous denim.(本季皮料用得非常多,當然到處都可以看見的丹寧布也是。)

go through the roof, full compensation

There have been 14 acquisitions in the industry this year alone and 45 since the fiber market began its turnaround in 2006, according to investment bank Cowen & Co.
"There's a shortage of metro fiber, and the demand is just going through the roof," said Rob Shanahan, chief executive of Lightower Fiber Networks, a fiber company serving the Northeast that has acquired five other companies since 2008.

Airbus will seek full compensation from Rolls-Royce for extra costs incurred for disruptions caused by the failure of a Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine installed on an A380 superjumbo operated by Qantas.

Japanese American Evacuation Cases - Answers.com
Because the act required elaborate proof of property losses, the amount paid out
was much less than full compensation for losses sustained. ...

Answers.com - What is the relationship between inflation and ...
When unemployment is low, employees can hold out for full compensation for the
higher prices, and raises above that. When... What is the relationship ...

go through the roof
1. Also, hit the ceiling or roof. Lose one's temper, become very angry, as in Marge went through the roof when she heard she'd been fired. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]
2. Reach new or unexpected heights, as in After the war, food prices went through the roof. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]

this time around, connectomics

Dr. Lichtman and his team of researchers at Harvard have built some unusual contraptions that carve off slivers of mouse brains as part of a quest to understand how the mind works. Their goal is to run slice after minuscule slice under a powerful electron microscope, develop detailed pictures of the brain’s complex wiring and then stitch the images back together. In short, they want to build a full map of the mind.

The field, at a very nascent stage, is called connectomics, and the neuroscientists pursuing it compare their work to early efforts in genetics. What they are doing, these scientists say, is akin to trying to crack the human genome — only this time around, they want to find how memories, personality traits and skills are stored.

2010年12月28日 星期二

bare-bone, submitting to the elements,

Residents of Mexico City braved the cold this month at a market. Nearly every building here has no central heat.
Jennifer Szymaszek for The New York Times
Mexico City Journal

A City’s Bare-Bones Embrace of Winter

Deep in Mexico’s Aztec roots, there is admiration for submitting to the elements, and it seems to re-emerge every winter with force.

pl.n. Informal
The basic elements or essentials: outlined the bare bones of the proposal.

bare-bones bare'-bones' (bâr'bōnz') adj.

2010年12月27日 星期一


鑑於國內醫界過於專科化,眼科醫師只看眼睛,肝膽腸胃科醫師只了解病人消化系統疾病,衛生署決議明年七月實施「一年期醫師畢業後一般醫學訓練計畫」(PGY),也就是醫學系學生需要多實習一年,「內外兼修、通盤了解」。 對於學生反彈,衛生署醫事處處長石崇良堅持,多一 ...

是醫學教育的萬靈丹嗎? 醫學教育改革之我見謝豐舟近來醫學教育界為了所謂PGY(Post Graduate Year)的問題鬧得沸沸揚揚。為了知道PGY到底是怎麼一

(pōst-grăj'ū-ĭt, -āt') pronunciation
Of, relating to, or pursuing advanced study after graduation from high school or college.

One who is engaged in postgraduate study.

2010年12月25日 星期六

unafraid and incautious, fearless, Amygdala

Humans, Like Animals, Behave Fearlessly Without the Amygdala

A patient with rare brain damage is unafraid and incautious.


Taiwan sees birth of four special municipalities
Taipei Times
The nation's five special municipalities, home to 60 percent of the population, began operations yesterday, starting a new phase in Taiwan's administrative ...

[名](市・町などの)地方自治体;市[町]当局, 自治体当局.
(myū-nĭs'ə-păl'ĭ-tē) pronunciation
n., pl., -ties.
  1. A political unit, such as a city, town, or village, incorporated for local self-government.
  2. A body of officials appointed to manage the affairs of a local political unit.

2010年12月24日 星期五

play musical chairs

Obama Staff Plays Musical Chairs
The president is restructuring the White House to adapt to the new political climate, but advisers won't know where they're sitting until January.

play musical chairs
Move around from position to position, such as the jobs in an organization. For example, Bob took over for Tom, who took over for Mary, who got Bob's title--the boss loves to play musical chairs with the staff. This expression alludes to the children's game in which children walk around a number of seats while music plays, and there is one less chair than players. When the music stops the players must sit down, and the player who is left standing is eliminated. Then another chair is removed, and the game goes on until only one player is left sitting.類似大風吹遊戲 [c. 1900]

meridian, acupuncture

Map of Acupuncture Meridians

Traditional map of 经络, the acupuncture meridians

  • [mərídiən]
(1) 子午線;経線
the prime meridian
(2) (天球の)子午線
the celestial meridian
2 ((the 〜))((文))(繁栄・発展などの)絶頂, 頂点;最高潮, 全盛期
We have passed the meridian (of life).
1 子午線の, 経線の.
2 正午の, 真昼の
the meridian hour
3 最盛期の, 頂点の.
[ラテン語merīdiānus (medius真中の+dies日+-AN=日の真中の). mediusの-d-はdの繰り返しを避けて-r-に変わった. ⇒BELFRY

nature, incurable, appoint, reappoint,

n Incurable Fisherman Is Now Mourned

Julius Geller, who died Sunday at 93 and was buried Tuesday in New Farmingdale, N.Y., was a constant, welcome presence on Brooklyn’s fishing boats.

The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment.

The first meaning was the literal translation from the French, i.e. 'face-to-face'. Walpole was an incurable letter writer and, fortunately for us, many of his letters have been published in a collection of books, which provides the first citation we have of the term in English, in Letter to George Montague, July 1753:

Bernanke wins confirmation for second term at Fed
The Senate voted 70-30 to reappoint Ben Bernanke for a second four-year term as chairman of the Federal Reserv



1 [U]((無冠詞))自然, 自然界(▼人間・精神・人工などと対立したものとしてとらえられている. 日本語の「自然」には人間・精神なども含まれることがあるので注意);物質界;((しばしばN-))(山・木・動物など)自然界の要素, 万物
the beauties [the laws] of nature
a struggle against nature
preserve [destroy] nature
2 [U]((無冠詞))(あらゆる現象を含めて)全宇宙[世界];((通例N-))創造主, 造物主, 自然の女神(▼ふつう女性扱い);宇宙に働く力(の総体), 自然の摂理
leave things to nature
in [by] the course of nature
Nature is the best physician.
((ことわざ)) 自然は最良の医者.
3 [U](人工・人為に対して)自然さ, 迫真性, 真実味
true to nature
4 [U][C]((しばしばthe 〜))本質, 本性, 天性, 性質, 特質, 性向, 性癖;気質;[C]…の気質をもった人;(人間の)自然のままの姿. ⇒DISPOSITION[類語]
the nature of humankind
human nature
人情, 人間性
a cruel nature
a person's better nature
人の優しい気持ち, 仏心
It was not (in) his nature to take an aimless holiday.
5 [U](人の)本来の姿, 自然[野生, 原始, 未開]の状態
go back to nature
6 ((a [the] 〜))種類
two books of the same nature
7 [U]体力, 活力, 生命力;肉体的欲求
sustain nature
8 [U]《神学》神の恩寵(おんちょう)に浴していない精神状態.
against nature
(1) 不自然な;人間性に反した, 非道な.
(2) 奇跡的な[に], 不思議な[に].
all nature
万物;((米略式))だれもかれも, 何もかも.
back to nature
by nature/by one' (very) nature
生まれながらに, 生まれつき, 生来, 本質的に, 本来.
contrary to nature
=against NATURE (2).
from nature
paint from nature
in a state of nature
(1) 《神学》神の恩寵に浴していない精神状態で.
(2) 〈人が〉未開[原始]の状態で.
(3) 〈動植物が〉野生(状態)で;〈鉱物が〉天然に存在して.
(4) まる裸で.
in nature
(1) 実在して.
(2) ((否定の強意))全然, まったく.
(3) ((最上級の強意))この上なく, まったく.
(4) ((疑問の強意))一体全体
What in nature do you mean?
in [by, from] the nature of things [the case]
物の道理として, 道理上, 必然的に.
like all nature
((米略式))完全に, すっかり, まったく.
of [in] the nature of ...
…の性質を帯びている, に似ている
His suggestion was of [in] the nature of an order.
[ラテン語nātūra (nātus生まれた+-URE=生まれてもつもの). △NATION, NATIVE

v. t. (-point")To appoint again.

tr.v., -point·ed, -point·ing, -points.
  1. To select or designate to fill an office or a position: appointed her the chief operating officer of the company.
  2. To fix or set by authority or by mutual agreement: will appoint a date for the examination.
  3. To furnish; equip: a house that is comfortably appointed.
  4. Law. To direct the disposition of (property) to a person or persons in exercise of a power granted for this purpose by a preceding deed.
[Middle English appointen, from Old French apointer, apointier, to arrange, from a point, to the point : a, to (from Latin ad; see ad-) + point, point; see point.]
SYNONYMS appoint, designate, name, nominate, tap. These verbs mean to select for an office or position: was appointed chairperson of the committee; expects to be designated leader of the opposition; a new police commissioner named by the mayor; to be nominated as her party's candidate; was tapped for fraternity membership. See also synonyms at furnish.


[形]直らない, 矯正できない;変えることのできない, 根っからの, 病膏肓(こうこう)にはいった
an incurable disease [invalid]
(ĭn-kyʊr'ə-bəl) pronunciation

  1. Being such that a cure is impossible; not curable: an incurable disease.
  2. Incapable of being altered, as in disposition or habits: an incurable optimist; an incurable smoker.
incurability in·cur'a·bil'i·ty or in·cur'a·ble·ness n.
incurable in·cur'a·ble n.
incurably in·cur'a·bly adv.

photoA drugstore in Osaka's Chuo Ward with signs in Chinese to help Chinese visitors (Kenta Sujino)






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Chinese train driver manual –in English?

Chinese train driver manual –in English?

China’s railway ministry boasts that the country’s rapidly multiplying, state-of-the-art high speed trains are now completely homegrown, having been created by armies of Chinese engineers. But, it now seems the engineers who have come up with all this authentic intellectual property are even smarter than the ministry would have us believe. After designing and building the new high-speed trains proliferating across the country they apparently decided to write the instruction manuals for train drivers in English, instead of their native Chinese.


This little fact was revealed in a glowing piece of propaganda published by the Chinese Communist Party that profiled “China’s Number 1 high speed train driver” – a man called Li Dongxiao. In the interview with state media, Li brags about making a bet with a German engineer who said there was no way Li could learn to drive the new “home-grown” Chinese high-speed trains in time for the first pre-Olympics trial of the Beijing to Tianjin express line in 2008. But Li said through tireless work and indomitable persistence he and his team were able to translate the English instruction manual into Chinese on their own and learnt to drive the new trains within just nine days. Li won the bet with the German engineer, whose involvement in the “home-grown” high speed train project is not explained. However, Li’s account does make one wonder why the Chinese engineers who came up with such advanced high-speed rail technology decided to write instruction manuals in perfect technical English for Chinese drivers, who only speak Chinese. Another possible explanation is that in the rush to adapt and “digest” foreign rail technology from companies like Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier and Kawasaki somebody forgot to translate the instruction manuals before they re-branded the trains “Chinese”. The railway ministry has said in a statement long ago that there is absolutely no doubt about the origins of its technology: “China Railways has already grasped the core technology for trains that operate at speeds over 200kmh…and China Railways has the autonomous intellectual property rights for such trains.” Now that the Chinese market is dominated by state-controlled domestic companies, the big international train producers are trying to catch a ride with them as the Chinese manufacturers start to peddle their technology overseas, with the help of cheap credit from Chinese banks. We’ll have to wait and see what language the training manual will be in for American, Australian, Brazilian, Thai and Saudi Arabian drivers when those countries start to buy “home-grown” Chinese trains.







另一个可能的解释是,由于急于吸收和“消化”西门子(Siemens)、阿尔斯通 (Alstom)、庞巴迪(Bombardier)和日本川崎重工(Kawasaki Heavy Industries)等外国公司的铁路技术,有些人忘了在将列车冠以“中国品牌”之前,应该事先翻译好操作手册。


中国市场被本国国有控股公司主导,中国制造商在本国银行廉价信贷的协助下,正开始把技 术卖到海外,而大型跨国列车生产商则试图跟着它们搭个便车。当其它国家开始购买中国“国产”列车时,这些企业将为美国、澳大利亚、巴西、泰国和沙特等国的 列车司机提供什么语言的培训材料呢?我们将拭目以待。


2010年12月18日 星期六



Bixi (or BIXI in some marketing pieces) is a public bicycle sharing system launched in May 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In Montreal, the system provided 3,000 bicycles and 300 stations located around Montreal's central core by June 2009,[2] expanding to 5,000 bicycles and 400 stations later that summer.[3] Bixi marked its one-millionth ride on October 26, 2009.[4]

lemur, baguette

Pirates have left the island of Ste. Marie, but the spectacular beaches remain.
Robin Hammond for The New York Times

Only in Madagascar

Where else can one find dancing lemurs, perfect beaches like the above on Ste. Marie and Paris-grade baguettes?


A baguette (pronounced /bæˈɡɛt/) is "a long thin loaf of French bread"[1] that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length, crisp crust, and slits that enable the proper expansion of gases.

A standard baguette has a diameter of about 5 or 6 cm (2 or 2⅓") and a usual length of about 65 cm (24"), although a baguette can be up to a meter (39") long.

n. - 狐猴
('mər) pronunciation
Any of several small arboreal, mostly nocturnal primates chiefly of the family Lemuridae of Madagascar and adjacent islands, having large eyes, a long slim muzzle, and a long tail.

[New Latin Lemur, genus name, back-formation from Latin Lemurēs, lemures (from their ghostly appearance and their nocturnal habits).]

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Oxford English Dictionary,OED


OED第一版出齊後 清華大學的 葉公超 (牛津字典的貢獻《新月》一卷七號)和浦江清 (牛津英文大字典《國聞周報》1928/5/13)兩老師都撰文介紹過

牛津英語詞典》(英語Oxford English Dictionary,OED)是由牛津大學出版社出版的詞典,被視為最全面和權威的英語詞 典。截至2005年11月30日,該詞典收錄了301,100主詞彙,字母數目達3億5千萬個。詞典亦收錄了157,000個以粗體印刷的組合和變形,以 及169,000個以粗斜體印刷的短語和組合,令詞典收錄的詞彙達到616,500個。另外,詞典共列出137,000條讀音、249,300個詞源、577,000個互相參照和2,412,400句例子。



Publication dates
1888 A A New ED Vol. 1
1893 C NED Vol. 2
1897 D NED Vol. 3
1900 F NED Vol. 4
1901 H NED Vol. 5
1908 L NED Vol. 6
1909 O NED Vol. 7
1914 Q NED Vol. 8
1919 Si NED Vol. 9/1
1919 Su NED Vol. 9/2
1926 Ti NED Vol. 10/1
1928 V NED Vol. 10/2
1928 all NED 12 vols.
1933 & sup. Oxford ED 13 vols.
1972 A OED Sup. Vol. 1
1976 H OED Sup. Vol. 2
1982 O OED Sup. Vol. 3
1986 Sea OED Sup. Vol. 4
1989 all OED 2nd Ed. 20 vols.
1993 all OED Add. Ser. Vols. 1–2
1997 all OED Add. Ser. Vol. 3

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6歳の園児、英検準2級合格 授業は週1時間だけだけど



 父親の会社経営、徹浩さんも祥子さんも「英語は学校で習っただけ」で、わが子には海外で通用する職業についてほしいと教室通いを勧めた。楽しみながらス ムーズに「英語耳」が身についたといい、祥子さんは「大人は耳から入った英語を日本語に訳して理解する。桜子は聞いた英語が直接、会話につながっているよ うです」と驚いている。



flames did not distinguish , novelty

Ed Sernoff, whose home in Ein Hod, an artists’ colony, was spared in the worst fire in Israel’s history, at the ruins of his son’s home next door.
Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times

Israel’s Arabs and Jews, United by Flames

For Ein Hod, an artist’s colony in northern Israel, and Ayn Hawd, the neighboring Israeli Arab village, the flames did not distinguish between Arab and Jew.

Years of Wrangling Lie Ahead for Health Law

A federal court ruling against the Obama health care law highlighted both the novelty of the constitutional issues and the difficulty of forging consensus among judges.

2010年12月12日 星期日

Variety Performance

當晚查爾斯(Prince Charles)伉儷盛裝乘勞斯萊斯禮車出行,準備出席一年一度王室綜藝表演(Royal Variety Performance),不料車隊卻駛入倫敦西區示威現場,遭近300名示威者包圍。 群眾搖晃座車、又踢又打、還丟漆彈攻擊,高喊「拿下他們的頭」。

A variety show.

2010年12月11日 星期六

and vs with

a and b 合著
a with b --b協助

The Right to Win
by Cesare Mainardi with Art Kleiner

2010年12月10日 星期五

A is from Mars, B is from Venus

Google is from Mars, Apple is from Venus
The emergence of ChromeOS highlights some of the fundamental differences between Google and Apple, and how each fundamentally appeals to a different ...

Mars/Venus 截然不同氣質的"行星"

spur-of-the moment , Briefing Room

President Obama with former President Bill Clinton spoke with members of the media during a news conference at the White House on Friday.
Drew Angerer/The New York Times

Clinton Holds Court in Briefing Room

Former President Bill Clinton held a remarkable, spur-of-the-moment news conference to announce his backing for the tax compromise President Obama reached this week.

spur-of-the moment
Occurring or made hastily on impulse: a spur-of-the moment choice.

2010年12月8日 星期三

2010年12月7日 星期二


The Portable Nabokov (originally published as Nabokov's Congeries) Selected with the author's collaboration and with a critical introduction ...


(kən-jîr'ēz', kŏn'jə-rēz') pronunciation
n. (used with a sing. verb)
A collection; an aggregation: "Our city, it should be explained, is two cities, or more-an urban mass or congeries divided by the river" (John Updike).

[Latin congeriēs, from congerere, to heap up. See congest.]

2010年12月6日 星期一

Communal Digital Newsstand/dailies and weeklies

French Publishers Fight Back With a Communal Digital Newsstand


Eight leading dailies and weeklies in France are trying to create a single online portal.

2010年12月4日 星期六

Point-and-Shoots Stay Home

In Smartphone Era, Point-and-Shoots Stay Home


The point-and-shoot camera is being shoved aside for the smartphone camera that improves with each new model.

Cold War/missile shield/Prime Minister/ President

Putin warns West over missile shield

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned that Moscow will build up
its nuclear forces if it is left out of Western missile defense plans. His
remarks echo earlier comments by Prime Minister (錯誤 應該是President ) Dmitry Medvedev.

冷戰= cold war

  1. often Cold War A state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war, especially that which existed between the United States and Soviet Union following World War II.
  2. A state of rivalry and tension between two factions, groups, or individuals that stops short of open, violent confrontation.

Cold War/missile shield

Putin warns West over missile shield

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned that Moscow will build up
its nuclear forces if it is left out of Western missile defense plans. His
remarks echo earlier comments by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

冷戰= cold war

  1. often Cold War A state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war, especially that which existed between the United States and Soviet Union following World War II.
  2. A state of rivalry and tension between two factions, groups, or individuals that stops short of open, violent confrontation.

2010年12月3日 星期五

belligerent by the week, cynical diplomacy-as-usual.

China, the Enabler

North Korea is becoming more belligerent by the week, but China is still playing cynical diplomacy-as-usual.

by the day

Also, by the hour or week or month or year. According to a specific time period, as in I'm renting this car by the day, or He's being paid by the hour. This usage generally describes some kind of rate. [1400s]