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Dividing and Uniting Germany - Page 14 - Google Books Result

Jürgen Thomaneck, ‎William John Niven - 2001 - ‎History
... and followed the rules of the most democratic constitution of that age. ... 1930s had been rendered impossible by extreme left-wing and right-wing groupings, the ... the Weimar Constitution had been the chief focus of plebiscitary democracy.

The lecture below was delivered to the plebe class at the United States Military Academy at West Point in October of last year.

On Aug. 19, 1934, a plebiscite in Germany approved the vesting of sole executive power in Adolf Hitler as Fuhrer.

 Now, though, we know that there will be a third option. Mr Salmond used his conference speech to throw his weight behind a three-question plebiscite – with the third option providing for what is called “devolution max”. The implication is that the return to Scotland of full control over the economy, spending, taxation and borrowing would represent a moderate third way.

倫敦警方指控密契爾上月十九日騎著單車想從首相官邸大門離開時,被守衛的警察攔住要他下車,密契爾 表明他貴為黨鞭,硬是要騎車出去,警察警告他可能被捕後,密契爾當場發飆用粗話罵警察「最好搞清楚自己的地位」、「這政府可不是你們管的」,甚至還罵警察 是「白痴」(moron )和「死老百姓」(pleb)。
pleb一字是plebian (sic)的簡稱,源於拉丁字plebeius,原指不同於上層貴族的普通公民,但在英國已演變為用來形容工人階級的歧視性字眼,凸顯上層階級面對下層階級時的傲慢態度。

pleb[pleb] 発音記号[pléb]

1 平民, 庶民.
(plēb) pronunciation
A first-year student at the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Naval Academy.
[Probably short for PLEBEIAN.]


  • 発音記号[plibíːən]
1 (古代ローマの)平民の.
2 大衆の, 庶民の;普通の;((軽蔑))卑しい.
1 (古代ローマの)平民.
2 庶民.

  • 発音記号[plébəsàit]

1 国民投票;一般投票. ⇒REFERENDUM 1
2 国民の総意の表明.
3 大衆討議(による決定).
4 《ローマ法》一般投票により制定された法.



  • 1The direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution.
    ‘the administration will hold a plebiscite for the approval of constitutional reforms’
    1. 1.1Roman History A law enacted by the plebeians' assembly.


Mid 16th century (referring to Roman history): from French plébiscite, from Latin plebiscitum, from plebs, pleb- ‘the common people’ + scitum ‘decree’ (from sciscere ‘vote for’). The sense ‘direct vote of the whole electorate’ dates from the mid 19th century.



plebiscitary democracy

1. A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal: The new constitution was ratified in a plebiscite. 2. A vote in which a population exercises the right of national self-determination.


[名詞] (pl. ref・er・en・dums,-da[-də])
  1. 1レファレンダム:国民投票;その制度. cf. INITIATIVE 4(1).
  2. 2レファレンダム:(外交官が本国政府に求める)請訓書.

appropriation, continuing, capitulation, pylon, moxy, haboob, cultural appropriation, Victory Day (9 May)

But on the other hand, the Indian appropriation made me feel a bit rattled!

There is not narcissism and non-narcissism. There are narcissisms that are more or less comprehensive, generous, open, extended. What is called non-narcissism is in general but the economy of a much more welcoming and hospitable narcissism. One that is much more open to the experience of the Other as Other. I believe that without a movement of narcissistic reappropriation, the relation to the Other would be absolutely destroyed, it would be destroyed in advance. The relation to the Other, even if it remains asymmetrical, open, without possible reappropriation, must trace a movement of reappropriation in the image of one’s self for love to be possible. Love is narcissistic.
― Jacques Derrida

Two separate capitulation events took place at the time. First, the capitulation to the Allied nations in Reims was signed on 7 May 1945, effective 23:01 CET 8 May. This date is commonly referred to as the V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) in most western European countries. Joseph Stalin was displeased by this, believing that the German surrender should have been accepted only by the envoy of the USSR Supreme command and signed only in Berlin. Stalin insisted the Reims protocol be considered preliminary, with the main ceremony to be held in Berlin, where Marshal Zhukov was at the time, as the latter recounts in his memoirs:[6]

Victory Day (9 May)

In a stunning policy turnaround, Germany has imposed limits on asylum seekers only a week after appearing to throw its borders wide open. Though the shift may appear as a capitulation by Angela Merkel, it is also a tactical manoeuvre http://econ.st/1QzP9FV

GERMANY, only days ago the symbol of European openness in the face of large-scale refugee flows, has reintroduced border controls to “decelerate” the influx of...

Another flaw in the exhibition is its limited acknowledgment of the women influenced by Cézanne. It holds one landscape by Popova, a Russian Constructivist who became acquainted with Cézanne through the collection of the Moscow businessman Sergei Shchukin, and a photographic homage to Cézanne’s “Skulls” by the appropriation artist Sherrie Levine. That’s it, unless you count the catalog’s brief nods to Elizabeth Murray, Sylvia Plimack Mangold and Cecily Brown.

Some of their firms are concerned about growing unrest in China as swathes of the country's rural population, particularly in the west, fall behind the thriving east. Official figures record 87,000 incidences of rioting and social disturbance in 2005, much of it following the forced appropriation of farmers' land in the name of development. The actual number of cases of civil unrest could be far larger.

Wm. Theodore de Bary combines linguistic clarity with historical scholarship in Asian Values and Human Rights. While disputing the politicians' appropriation of 'values,' he emphasizes the importance of community and communitarianism. He also raises the controversial question of women's dignity and position in a Confucian society. An informative and provocative book.
--Julia Ching, University of Toronto
これは『文化資本の専有-中国「五・四」運動の企て』(Milena Doleželová and Oldřich Král, editors with Graham Sanders, assistant editor ed. The Appropriation of Cultural Capital : China’s May Fourth Project , Harvard University Press 2001)と題する論文集に収められる。同題の共同研究の一部をなすものである。「文化資本の専有」――この標題は本論集の方向性を端的にあらわしてい る。「文化資本」(P・ブルデューの社会学にもとづく言葉)とは、具体的には中国前近代(じつはこの前近代という言い方も本論集の問題意識に立つならば注 意して用いなければならないのだが)の文学作品をはじめとする各種文化遺産を指している。その前近代の「文化資本」を「五・四」の知識人たちはどのように して自らのものとして「専有」していったか。換言すれば、どのような「前近代中国」を「専有」することによって「近代中国」は成立したか――それをテーマ とした八名の論文八篇と編者の序論とからなる。

 In Chapter XXII Leverkühn develops the twelve-tone technique or row system, which was actually invented by Arnold Schoenberg. Schoenberg lived near Mann in Los Angeles as the novel was being written. He was very annoyed by this appropriation without his consent, and later editions of the novel included an Author's Note at the end acknowledging that the technique was Schoenberg's intellectual property, and that passages of the book dealing with musical theory are indebted in many details to Schoenberg's Harmonielehre.[9]

In 2005, Gore returned to the studio to record what would be her comeback album,Ever Since, which won critical acclaim. "She was a broad, she had moxy, she was tough," said friend and record executive Blake Morgan. He helped Gore record and produce Ever Since. Morgan said he had to reach for words from bygone eras to describe Gore's talent. "She had all of that," Morgan said. "And she had a strength ... There was something incredibly compelling about just who she was, on or off the record."

Robert Reich
The decision by a federal district judge in Texas to block the President’s executive order on immigration until the states have contested it through the courts isn’t as serious a blow as it looks. The Justice Department is appealing it, and I doubt it will survive in the appellate courts. A more serious threat comes from House Republicans who say they'll shut the Department of Homeland Security if the executive order isn’t gutted in the Department’s appropriation (the Department’s funding runs out February 27).

The Tea Party wing of the GOP instigated the lawsuit and are behind the House Republican shutdown threat. But they’re playing with fire because:

(1) The executive order well within the President’s authority to set enforcement priorities.

(2) The President has broad support on this. According to recent polls, 72% of Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants who are the parents of children with legal status to stay in the U.S. for three years without being subject to deportation if they pass a background check and have lived in the country at least five years, and only 27% of Americans oppose this policy.

(3) The policy is overwhelmingly supported by Hispanics who constitute the fastest-growing group of American voters.

(4) The public doesn't want another government shutdown. If it happens, Republicans will be even more severely punished in 2016.

Republicans Senate Republicans know all this and are better insulated from the Tea Party than are House Republicans -- which is why the biggest upcoming fight will be between Republicans in the two chambers.

Your views?

This time-lapse video shows a giant dust storm creeping across Phoenix, Arizona http://bbc.in/Yp6FI1 It's known as a ‪#‎haboob‬ - have you ever experienced one?
(courtesy Dusty Beard Photography)

continuing, radioactive contamination, look at, look to

continuing worries,

Growth of Health Spending Stays Low

Officials could not say for sure whether the low growth reflected the start of a trend or the continuing effects of the recession.

Radiation Is Detected in Rice in Japan
Wall Street Journal
By JURO OSAWA TOKYO—A Japanese regional government said it detected radioactive contamination in rice that was well below levels considered hazardous, amid continuing worries in Japan over food safety following the March 11 nuclear disaster. ...

Japan Looks at Raising Fuel Economy
New York Times
By REUTERS Japan is looking to join the United States and Europe in adopting standards that set fuel economy targets averaged across a carmaker's entire fleet. The draft guideline calls for an improvement of 24.1 percent in the average mileage of ...




Line breaks: ha¦boob
Pronunciation: /həˈbuːb /


A violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer in Sudan and elsewhere, bringing sand from the desert.


late 19th century: from Arabic habūb 'blowing furiously'.

social appropriation 或譯社會利用

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture.[3] Cultural appropriation is seen by some as controversial, as the use of elements of a minority culture by a cultural majority are seen as wrongfully oppressing the minority culture or stripping it of its group identity or intellectual property rights.[4] 

On August 31st Israel's government made its largest appropriation of occupied West Bank land in a generation. The Palestinians who live there may yet be called upon to build homes for Israelis on land they regard as their own http://econ.st/1t91wwn

2005 hc 留言:
appropriation-free 什麼意思?
\"Horror Chase,\" by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy, is appropriation-free but relies heavily on movie convention. -- 2005-07-30 01:41:07 --
Homepage: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/29/arts/design/29smit.html?8hpib

stone;「應該是說:Horror Chase 這部電影沒有抄襲(盜用前人作品橋段)的嫌疑,但是很倚重(承襲)已成的電影公式。

convention 有個比較像劇場或電影界的說法,京劇常用的一種說法的英譯就是這字.... on my tongue 可是現在就是想不起來....啊,來了,<程式>。好笑吧

━━ n. 私用, 盗用, 着服; 充当(金); (所有者の権利主張がない場合の)合法的取得; (議会の)歳出割当承認; (議会の承認した)特別支出(金); 歳出予算.
appropriation account 【会計】(利益の)処分勘定.


ap • pro • pri • a • tion
appropriations (複数形)
1 [U]専有,私用;流用,盗用,横領
His appropriation of the money was illegal.
2 [U][C]充当,割り当て,充当された物;(特に)充当金
make an appropriation of 10,000 dollars for ...
3 (議会で承認された)政府支出金;((米))(議会の)歳出の承認
the Senate Appropriations Committee
large appropriation for national defense


Line breaks: moxie
Pronunciation: /ˈmɒksi /

(also moxy)

Definition of moxie in English:


[MASS NOUN] North American informal
Force of characterdetermination, or nerve:when you’ve got the moxie, you need the clothes to match
1930s: from Moxie, the proprietary name of a soft drink.

Now the stages of decline that he maps out in the book — hubris born of success; undisciplined pursuit of more; denial of risk and peril; grasping for salvation with a quick, big solution; and capitulation to irrelevance or death — offer a kind of instant autopsy for an economy on the stretcher.

Pakistan Makes a Taliban Truce, Creating a Haven By JANE PERLEZ
Critics called the accord a capitulation by a government desperate to stop months of fighting in Swat.
Bill Miller, the Legg Mason stock picker, said on Wednesday financial stocks appear to have hit a "capitulation low" in mid-July, but held off on endorsing them for investors.

Michael McCarthy: Capitulation would be elephants' death sentence
Independent - London,England,UK
If China's application is approved, the resulting huge increase in the legal ivory trade will give the biggest possible shot in the arm to the enormous ...
Art of the deal eludes teachers, BC Premier
Globe and Mail - Canada
By GARY MASON. They predicted it would come to this and so it has. And now, barring a last-minute capitulation by the governing Liberals ...

吊在右下方主翼的引擎、被稱為「PYLON」的部位有負責將燃料由油箱送至引擎的粗大配管通過,引擎在運轉時大量燃料被送進來。日方調查人員指出, PYLON部位的附近可能發生配管損傷等異常而導至大量燃料外洩而引火燃燒,調查人員正進一步調查周邊部份,以期儘快找出漏油處,查明失事的原因。 (中央社)

高壓電纜鐵塔 ; steel pylons 輸電鐵塔
航空太空名詞 pylon 派龍;掛架;路標塔
central pylon 中線派龍; crash pylon 飛機拱架(防碰撞用) ; eight; around pylons 繞目標8字 ; engine pylon 發動機掛架;發動機派龍 ; inboard pylon 內側派龍;jettisonable pylon 可拋式掛架 ;overturn pylon 傾覆派龍 ; pylon eight 目標8字 ; pylon; first 第一路標塔 ; pylon; home終點路標塔 right engine pylon 右發動機掛架

(Greek: "gateway") In modern construction, a tower that gives support, such as the steel towers between which electrical wires are strung or the piers of a bridge. Originally, pylons were monumental gateways to ancient Egyptian temples, either a pair of tall truncated pyramids with a doorway between them or a masonry mass pierced by a doorway.

3. In a theater, a movable tower (usually part of a set) for carrying lights.
━━ n. (古代エジプト寺院の)塔門(高圧線の)鉄塔飛行機の)目標塔.

エンジン接合部で燃料漏れか 中華航空機炎上
 那覇空港の駐機場で中華航空機が炎上した事故で、国土交通省航空・鉄道事故調査委員会は21日、火災原因となった燃料漏れは、右主翼とエンジンとの接合 部(パイロン)内部で起きた可能性があるとの見方を強めた。主翼にエンジンをつり下げて固定するパイロンには燃料タンクからエンジンに燃料を供給する配管 がある。調査委は、ゴム製の配管の継ぎ手部分に何らかの問題がある疑いを強め、22日に現地入りする米国・国家運輸安全委員会と共同で調査を進めるととも に、関係者から事情を聴く。
 調査委の現地調査で、右主翼はエンジンから翼端寄りはあまり燃えていないのに、パイロンの胴体側とパイロンから胴体までの右翼下面は激し く燃えていた。調査委はこれを「漏れていた燃料が火災で発火した証拠」として、漏れた燃料がこの付近にたまっていたとの見方を強めている。


  1. The act of surrendering or giving up. See synonyms at surrender.
  2. A document containing the terms of surrender.
  3. An enumeration of the main parts of a subject; a summary.

make (someone) nervous, worried, or irritated.

"she turned quickly, rattled by his presence"

condemn, curfew, incur, incursion, intrude, intrusive, Bulk Up, immerse, edamame, immersive experiential learning,unjustified intrusion, warning shot

Trump’s Deflections on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies

President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s cyberattacks last year, as well as the threat of future incursions, has dismayed fellow Republicans.

In a bygone era, such incursions might have drawn a quick, even hostile,…

China should plan to take Taiwan by force and make swift preparations for a military incursion, a Communist party-controlled newspaper has said, after US president-elect Donald Trump broke decades of diplomatic protocol in the region.

"It doesn’t look like an accident, and we have seen two violations of Turkish airspace over the weekend."

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday rejected Russian…

The Edamame Economy
The emergence of boutique hotels reflects a broader trend toward a more experientially rich commercial world.

Iran’s Next Leader Advocates a Less Intrusive State

Hassan Rowhani said the government should not meddle in people’s lives, effectively rebuking President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the hard-liners who used to support him.

New Cellphone Ads Crave Entire Screen
Marketers are turning to more immersive—and possibly intrusive—mobile ads, in a gambit to make more money from advertisers who have been skittish about using cellphones.

Prof Sundararajan says that spending a week in India was an eye-opening experience for his students.

I could see them immersed in the context. They gained a clearer understanding of the breadth of vision and they could see what the problem was.

This is the kind of immersive experiential learning that alters the worldview of students.

Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, has presided over a big improvement in relations with China, through increased trade and tourism. But that has not brought much sympathy in Taiwan for any kind of Chinese security umbrella, let alone unification. And in another dispute—over the five, Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea known as the Senkaku islands in Japanese and the Diaoyu in Chinese—Taiwan has incurred China’s wrath.
South Carolina’s Divisive Message
Newt Gingrich took an extremist approach to the South Carolina primary, and the state’s Republicans followed.

Ford Decides Not to Run for Senate Seat

Harold E. Ford Jr., a longtime Tennessee congressman, said he did not want to endanger the Democrats’ Senate majority with a divisive primary fight in New York.

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said legal action, possibly on the grounds of harassment, was a long way off but could be taken if the royal appeals are ignored.
He said: "This is very much a warning shot across the bows. After years of turning a blind eye, senior royals have decided to take a more robust approach to what they see as unjustified intrusion."


The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off
One upside to the economic meltdown — Americans have less patience for the intrusive and divisive moral scolds who thrived during the bubble years.

Russian war plane Japanese violates airspace. Japan has protested to Moscow after a Russian military plane intruded into Japanese airspace. Japan's foreign ministry said theTupolev TU-95 aircraft briefly breached Japanese airspace over the Izu Islands south of Tokyo on Saturday. Kyodo news agency reported 22 Japanese fighter jets scrambled towards the Soviet-era bomber which then turned away. Russia last violated Japanese air space twoyears ago. An air force spokesman in Moscow denied the intrusion.

 Japan Vows Foreign-Policy Response to Territorial Incursions
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signaled he will implement a more robust foreign policy in the midst of disputes with Russia and China that underscore his push to boost defense spending. Japan yesterday said two Russian fighter jets intruded on its ...

European Ties
Cameron fires warning shot ahead of EU summit

British Prime Minister David Cameron piled even more pressure on eurozone
leaders Wednesday by threatening to block any revision of the EU treaty if
the City of London's interests were not protected.

China raises dispute over Senkakus into airspace above
With its first incursion into Japanese airspace around the disputed Senkaku Islands on Dec. 13, the Chinese government is believed to be stepping up its claim to the islets, in addition to its repeated intrusions into Japan’s territorial waters by its ships.
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Israeli officials had said they were prepared to deal with an attack from Lebanon since it began its incursion into the Gaza Strip, but it raises the possibility that the violence could spread and open a second front for Israel.

Israeli Troops Launch Attack on Gaza
Ground Fighting Widens an 8-Day War on Hamas
Israeli tanks and troops swept across the border into Gaza on Saturday night, opening a ground war against Hamas after a week of intense airstrikes.

Mullen Visits Pakistan as U.S. Raids Stir Tensions
KABUL, Sept. 16 -- The United States' top military officer flew unexpectedly into Pakistan on Tuesday night to meet with senior officials amid a tense confrontation between the two allies over recent U.S. military incursions into Pakistan in pursuit of al-Qaeda and Taliban extremists.
(By Pamela Constable, The Washington Post)

Palestinian condemn ongoing Israeli operation in Nablus

Israel has expanded a massive military operation in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Saturday and placed the city centre under curfew. On the operation's third day, Israeli soldiers
arrested six Palestinians and made house-to-house searches. The incursion has angered the Palestinian Authority, which took charge of the town's security as part a deal reached with Israel several months ago. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat described the operation as a systematic process to destroy the Palestinian Authority and the peace process. US President George W Bush will visit Israel and the Palestinian territories next week in an attempt
to boost peace initiatives from November's international conference in Annapolis, Maryland.

Bulk Up (Japanese: ビルドアップ Build-up) is a non-damaging Fighting-type move introduced in Generation III. 

condemn was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.
condemn sb to (do) sth (PUNISH)
condemn sb to sth (MAKE SUFFER)

━━ vt. 非難する ((for)); (罪を)宣告する ((for)); 有罪を物語る; 運命づける ((to)); (医師が)見放す; 不良品[危険物]と決定する; 【米法】(政府が)収用する.
() ━━ a. 非難すべき.
 con・dem・na・tion ━━ n.
 ━━ a. 非難を表す; 有罪宣告の.
 con・demned ━━ a. 非難された; 有罪を宣告された, 死刑囚の; 【米法】接収された.
condemned cell 死刑囚監房.


━━ n. (夜間などの)外出禁止令[時間]; 門限; 日暮れの鐘; 消灯命令.

Turkey's Pursuit of Kurdish Rebels Carries European Implications

Turkey's incursion into northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels may have
far-reaching consequences. As well as destabilizing Iraq's one peaceful
region, the offensive could impact the Middle East and Europe.

The DW-WORLD Article

noun [C]
1 a sudden attack on or entry into a place, especially across a border:
incursions into enemy territory

2 FORMAL when people suddenly involve themselves in another person's private situation


(突然の)侵入襲撃 〔on,upon,into〕.
to experience something, usually something unpleasant, as a result of actions you have taken:
to incur debts/fines/bills
The play has incurred the wrath/anger of both audiences and critics.
Please detail any costs/expenses incurred by you in attending the interview.
━━ vt. (-rr-) …に陥る; (損害などを)招く.
 incur debts 借財する.

  • Edamame
  • Edamame or edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, found in the cuisine of China, Japan and Hawaii. The pods are boiled or steamed and served with salt. Wikipedia
    毛豆日語枝豆,エダマメ羅馬字Edamame學名Glycine max ( L ) Merr.英語Edamame、vegetable soybean、green soybean),大豆屬[1]即未成熟且呈青綠色的食用大豆[2],即全株的鮮莢80%達飽滿時,此時豆莢呈綠色帶有茸毛,故名為「毛豆」,中國稱為「菜用大豆」,日本稱為「日語枝豆,エダマメ」,英文名有「vegetable soybean、green soybean」 或「edamame[註 1][4][3][5][6],種子種皮顏色可分為黃、綠、棕、黑等4種。[7] [8][9][10][11]豆莢和豌豆同形,但是比較硬,而且外皮有很多細毛。一個豆莢內通常有二到三顆豆子,但也有少數情況只有一個豆子或四個豆子以上的。[12]

    Definition of incur

    verb (incurs, incurring, incurred)

    [with object]
    • become subject to (something unwelcome or unpleasant) as a result of one’s own behaviour or actions:I will pay any expenses incurred




    late Middle English: from Latin incurrere, from in- 'towards' + currere 'run'

    warning shot
    A warning shot is a military term describing harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action of compliance. It is recognised as signalling intended confrontations on land, sea and air.
    As an analogy, "warning shot" can be said of any action of declaration, especially a demonstration of power, intended or perceived as a last warning before hostile measures.

    describes something that causes great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people:
    The Vietnam war was an extremely divisive issue in the US.


    noun [U]


    • レベル:社会人必須
    • 発音記号[diváisiv]

    1 区分をなす, 区分のある;区分する.
    2 不和[あつれき]を生じる.
    airspace=air space 領空

    verb [I] to go into a place or situation in which you are not wanted or not expected to be:
    I didn't realise your husband was here, Dr Jones - I hope I'm not intruding.
    Newspaper editors are being urged not to intrude on/into the grief of the families of missing servicemen.

    noun [C]1 someone who is in a place or situation where they are not wanted:
    I feel like an intruder when I visit their home.2 someone who enters a place without permission in order to commit a crime:
    Intruders had entered the house through a back window.

    noun [C or U]
    They complained about excessive government intrusion (= unwanted involvement) into their legitimate activities.
    His phone call was a welcome intrusion into an otherwise tedious morning.

    instusive questioning

    ━━ vt. 押込む ((into)); 押しつける ((on)); 【地学】貫入させる.
    ━━ vi. 押入る, 侵入する ((into)); じゃまする ((on)). in・trud・er 侵入者; 襲撃機(の操縦士). in・tru・sion━━ n. i
    n・tru・sive ━━ a. 押しつける(ような), 差し出がましい; 侵入する; じゃまをする.


    • 発音記号[imə'ːrs]
    1 …を(液体に)浸す, (液面下に)沈める, 漬ける((in ...))
    immerse the film in developer
    2 …に浸礼を施す.
    3 ((通例受身または〜 -self))…を(…に)夢中にさせる, 没頭させる;没入させる((in ...))
    be immersed in difficulties
    be immersed in study


    1. Intruding or tending to intrude.
    2. Geology. Of or relating to igneous rock that is forced while molten into cracks or between other layers of rock.
    3. Linguistics. Epenthetic.
    intrusively in·tru'sive·ly adv.

    These terms refer to computer-generated simulation of reality with physical, spatial and visual dimensions. This interactive technology is used by architects, science and engineering researchers, and the arts, entertainment and video games industry.
    Virtual reality systems can simulate everything from a walk-through of a building prior to construction to simulations of aircraft flight and three dimensional computer games.
    Immersive technologies and virtual reality are powerful and compelling computer applications by which humans can interface and interact with computer generated environments in a way that mimics real life sense engagement.
    Although mostly known for its application in the entertainment industry the real promise lies in such fields as medicine, science, engineering, oil exploration, data visualization and the military to name just a few.
    As 3D and immersive technology becomes more integrated and available for a wide range of applications. It l requires well-designed user interfaces and innovative content for the next generation of computer games and integrated technology like mobile devices, distributed web systems and desktop applications.



    • involving or based on experience and observation:the experiential learning associated with employment





    early 19th century: from experience, on the pattern of words such as inferential