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NB, Hall of Fame, raconteur, U-turn

David Tang, Fashion Retailer and Raconteur, Dies at 63

Humphrey Lyttelton was perhaps the UK's most influential jazz performer.Beyond this, he was a noted raconteur and wit and chairman of BBC Radio 4's long-running I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Australia welcomes Japan whaling U-turn but lodges protest
AFP - 
SYDNEY (AFP) — Australia welcomed Saturday Japan's backdown on plans to hunt humpbacks but said it had still lodged a formal protest with Tokyo calling for ...


NB, Hall of Fame

NB 3 Line breaks: NB


1New Brunswick (in official postal use).
2Nota bene; take special note.

2008.06.15 02:24 am
六 月初,美國NBA職籃進入總冠軍戰,開打兩個月的美國職棒大聯盟MLB也逐漸加溫。球壇上新秀登場,也有名將高掛運動鞋退休;他們可否在運動史上留名,退 休五年後能不能擠進名人堂將是重大指標。像五月二十一日剛退休的大都會隊強打捕手皮亞薩(Mike Piazza),是大聯盟史上最多全壘打的捕手,還連續十個球季入選明星賽,預估未來很有機會進入棒球名人堂,留名棒球史。


以美國國家棒球名人堂為例,1936年開始票選傑出選手,1939年在紐約州古柏鎮成立博物館,館藏包括棒球相關文物、藝術品、文學作品、相片、紀念品 等,還有入選名人堂英雄們的各類物件、紀錄等。進入名人堂的入選標準是:球員必須具備十年以上資歷,退休五年後經美國棒球記者協會會員四分之三以上同意, 才可以留名在此棒球聖殿。

棒球名人堂成立後,冰上曲棍球/1945年、足球/1950年、籃球/1959年、美式足球/1963年,也紛紛成立名人堂。五大運動名人堂到目前究竟有 哪些運動明星上榜,關心的球迷可參閱稻草人出版社(Scarecrow Press)新近出版的《運動名人堂百科全書》(The Sports Hall of Fame Encyclopedia)一目瞭然。《運動名人堂百科全書》由2004年編過《國際名人堂指南》(Hall of Fame: An International Directory)的專業工具書編輯布雷文斯(Dave Blevins)主編,他以姓名字母A-Z排序,羅列從全壘打王漢克‧阿倫(Hank Aaron)到活塞隊老闆佐納(Fred Zollner),收錄五大球類運動名人堂運動英雄計一千四百多人,兩大冊厚達一千五百頁。除以運動員查檢,也有按球類和年代順序編排簡目的附錄和索引可 用。

hall of fame (sometimes HOF) is a type of museum established for any a field of endeavour to honour individuals of noteworthy achievement in that field. In some cases, these halls of fame consist of actual halls or museums which enshrine the honourees with sculptures, plaques, and displays of memorabilia. In other cases, the hall of fame is more figurative, and simply consists of a list of names of noteworthy individuals maintained by an organization.
The opposite of hall of fame is called hall of shame (sometimes HOS).
Wikipedia article "Hall of fame".
hall was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.


━━ n. Uターン; 180度の転換, 大転換.

U-turn lane 迴轉道


U-turn Show phonetics
1 a turn made by a car in order to go back in the direction from which it has come:
It is illegal to do/make a U-turn on a motorway.

2 MAINLY DISAPPROVING a complete change from one opinion or plan of action to an opposite one:
The Prime Minister did/made a quick U-turn in response to all the adverse publicity.

David Tang, Fashion Retailer and Raconteur, Dies at 63 ,採用的善說軼事、故事的人的法語源 raconteur:


(răk'ŏn-tûr') pronunciation
n.n. 話上手な人.
One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit.
[French, from raconter, to relate, from Old French : re-, re- + aconter, to count up, reckon; see account.]

"a colourful raconteur"

synonyms:storyteller, teller of tales, spinner of yarns, narratorrelater, recounter; More

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outdoor, cooped up, canon (PRIEST), security system, bandstand, hole up (somewhere)

I was moved into a general intensive care unit that evening and, for the first time in my life, experienced sleeping in an open ward in a long room with five beds on one side facing a long counter of doctors and nurses. In the middle of the night, in my half slumber and weak waking moments, I realised that sleeping in a space like an open office was rather nicer than being cooped up in a private room. 

"While the house is being dusted/ People not involved escape outdoors."
While able-bodied family members worked busily around the house, the elderly, the infirm and the children were cooped up in a room or told to stay outside. Apparently, those who wanted to goof off simply made themselves scarce.

Living Planet | 06.03.2008 | 04:30

"Forest Kindergartens" are Booming in Germany

It is a Scandinavian concept, but it is booming in many countries. At Forest kindergartens, children spend the entire day outdoors, rain or shine. Living Planet visits one such kindergarten in Osnabrück, Germany.

Many children these days have little chance to experience nature. Their lives are spent holed up in classrooms or seated in the backseats of cars on their way from one scheduled activity to the next.
In Germany, however, a growing number of parents and educators are making the connection between early childhood learning and the outdoors. The growth of so-called "Forest Kindergartens," where children play entirely outside, rain or shine, is helping develop their bodies and brains as well as creating a lasting appreciation of nature.
Living Planet visits one such kindergarten in Osnabrück in the German state of Lower Saxony.
Reporter: Alison Hawkes

After lead worth £7,500 was taken from the roof of St. Peter & St. Paul, in Rutland, a county neighboring Leicestershire, the church canon, Stephen Evans, installed a security system with outdoor cameras. Movement on the roof sets off warnings that are sent to up to six mobile phones.

As Price of Lead Soars, British Churches Find Holes in Roof

類似 lead sheet或 leadwork等在"歐洲和近東之羅馬文化圈都很平常

canon (PRIEST) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a Christian priest with special duties in a cathedral
secure (PROTECTED)

  1. An outdoor stand or platform, often roofed, for a band or orchestra.
  2. An indoor stand or platform for musicians and other performers.

Wikipedia article "Bandstand".

hole up (somewhere) phrasal verb INFORMAL
to stay in a safe place, often as a way of escape:

We'd better find some shelter and hole up until the storm passes.

cooped upadjective

 UK  /ˌkuːpt ˈʌp/ US  /ˌkuːpt ˈʌp/

If you are cooped up somewhere, you are in a small closed spacefrom which you cannot escape, or you feel as if you are:

hate being cooped up inside working when its a sunny day outside.
It's such a tiny office - don't you ever feel cooped up here?

coop sb/sth up phrasal verb [M]
to keep someone or something in an enclosed space:
I feel like I've been cooped up in this flat for days.

outing, tout, the long and the short of it

The long and the short of it was five doctors and 10 nurses saved my life at Hillingdon that Sunday afternoon.

Boris Johnson’s past as a colourful newspaper columnist caught up with him.
US journalists accused him at a Foreign Office press conference of insulting President Barack Obama and telling “outright lies”.

the long and the short of it

said when you want to explain the general situation without givingdetails:
The long and the short of it is that they are willing to start the work in January.

Testifying under oath in the Upper House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense on Thursday, Moriya had tears in his eyes as he defended the ministry and its officials, insisting that he alone was to blame for repeatedly accepting paid golf outings and other forms of entertainment lavished on him by the defense contractor.

noun [C]
when a group of people go on a short journey, usually for pleasure or education:
Rosie's going on a class/school outing to the Museum of Modern Art. ━━ n. 遠足, 遊山(ゆさん);


See also outing at out (MADE PUBLIC).out (MADE PUBLIC) Show phonetics
adjective [after verb], adverb INFORMAL
1 (of information) no longer kept secret:
You can't hide your gambling any longer - the secret's out.

2 (of a homosexual) not keeping their sexual preferences a secret:
She's been out for three years.
Don't let his sister know he's gay, because he hasn't come out to his family yet.

verb [T often passive]
If a famous person is outed, their homosexuality (= sexual attraction to people of their own sex) is made public when they want to keep it secret:
Hardly a week went by without someone famous being outed.

noun [C or U]
There have been several outings of well-known film stars recently.


Pronunciation: /ˈaʊtɪŋ/ 


1trip taken for pleasure, especially one lasting a day or less:a family outing to Weston-super-Mare
1.1brief journey from home:her daily outing to the shops
1.2informal An appearance in something, especially a sporting event or film:Madonna’s first screen outing in three years
2[MASS NOUN] The practice of revealing the homosexuality of a prominent person:the outing of gays by the press


Late Middle English (in the sense 'the action of going out or of expelling'): from the verb out-ing1.


1 [T] to advertise, make known or praise something or someone repeatedly, especially as a way of encouraging their sale, popularity or development:
As an education minister, she has been touting these ideas for some time.
He is being widely touted as the next leader of the Social Democratic party.
Several insurance companies are now touting their services/wares on local radio.The Circulation report is the latest in a string of studies touting the benefits of chocolate. The flavonoids in chocolate, which include the antioxidants called flavanols, are similar to those found in tea, red wine and some fruits and vegetables, foods also known for their heart-healthy effects.

2 [I] to repeatedly try to persuade people to buy your goods or services:

There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business/custom.

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upbraid, chastise, slovenly, bacchic, top up, moot, EMEA, bra, brassiere, tepid, stalemate

Chastised by E.U., a Resentful Greece Embraces China's Cash and Interests


Chinese investments in Greece are beginning to pay off, not only economically, but also by providing Beijing with a seemingly reliable ally in Brussels.

In Rare Move, Chinese Think Tank Criticizes Tepid Pace of Reform


Efforts to overhaul the world's No. 2 economy have "fallen into stalemate," contends a report that chastises national policy makers and local officials.

"Dear Heart, Why Will You Use Me So?" by James Joyce

Dear heart, why will you use me so?
Dear eyes that gently me upbraid,
Still are you beautiful -- - but O, 
How is your beauty raimented!

I placed a jar in Tennessee, 
And round it was, upon a hill. 
It made ​​the slovenly wilderness 
Surround that hill.

Laura gorges on the delicious fruit in a sort of bacchic frenzy, then once she is finished, after picking up one of the seeds, returns home in an ecstatic trance. Lizzie, waiting at home, and "full of wise upbraidings," reminds Laura about the cautionary tale of Jeanie, another girl who, having likewise partaken of the goblin being's fruits, died just at the beginning of winter, after a long and horrible decline, and strangely no grass grows over her grave. 

Court Upbraided N.S.A. on Its Use of Call-Log Data


Secret documents showed that the National Security Agency was reprimanded for violating its own rules and misleading the nation's intelligence court about how it used data.
With Boston Manhunt, Media Is Part of the Story
Reporters found themselves in a complex relationship with the authorities, being thanked and chastised at the same time.
The religious disagreement between the Vatican and the LCWR has a lot to do with end-of-life and abortion debates in the U.S., especially in the context of President Obama's health care reform law. As the BBC notes, the Vatican chastised the group for ignoring the church's stance on euthanasia and abortion, and for making public statements that "disagree with or challenge positions taken by the bishops" in the U.S. The Vatican is also upset with the group for apparently challenging church teaching on homosexuality and male-only priesthood.

Miss O'Keeffe stormed up from Texas and upbraided Stieglitz for showing her work without her permission. His answer was to persuade her to move to New York, abandon her teaching and devote herself to painting. He presented one-woman shows of her work almost annually thereafter until 1946, the year of his death. He and Miss O'Keeffe had been married 21 years.

verb [T] FORMAL ━━ vt. 叱る, 非難する.
to forcefully or angrily tell someone they should not have done a particular thing and criticize them for having done it:
In newspaper articles she consistently upbraided those in authority who overstepped their limits.


IN BRIEF: To scold.

pronunciation It is better to advise than upbraid, for the one corrects the erring; the other only convicts them.— Epictetus (c. 50-120).


  • 発音記号[brɑ'ː]
n. - 胸/奶罩
日本語 (Japanese)
n. - ブラジャー

I remember meeting Craig at a book party during the campaign. He upbraided me for writing critical things about Obama. I didn’t like being chastised, but I admired his loyalty.

up·braid (ŭp-brād') pronunciation

tr.v., -braid·ed, -braid·ing, -braids.
To reprove sharply; reproach. See synonyms at scold.

[Middle English upbreiden, from Old English ūpbrēdan, to bring forward as a ground for censure : ūp-, up- + bregdan, to turn, lay hold of.]
upbraider up·braid'er n.
upbraidingly up·braid'ing·ly adv.


Syllabification: (up·braid)
Pronunciation: /ˌəpˈbrād/
Translate upbraid | into Spanish


[with object]
  • find fault with (someone); scold:he was upbraided for his slovenly appearance


late Old English upbrēdan 'allege (something) as a basis for censure', based on braid in the obsolete sense 'brandish'. The current sense dates from Middle English


Wendi Deng Twitter Account is Fake

Rupert Murdoch's wife did not actually chastise the mogul on Twitter.

If Labour has already signaled its willingness to barter a new voting system as the price of winning the Liberal Democrats’ support, the Conservatives are said to be weighing the possibility of assuring unionists in Northern Ireland not to make a $300 million cut in government subsidies mooted as part of a Conservative program to cut Britain’s record-high levels of debt.

The SEC and the hundreds of investors he duped appear to have missed a sea of red flags. The returns he achieved were suspiciously smooth. He allegedly has now confessed that this was achieved by creating a pyramid scheme in which existing clients’ returns were topped up, as needed, with money from new investors.

top up

IN BRIEF: n. - An amount needed to restore something to its former level.

moot (mūt) pronunciation
  1. Law. A hypothetical case argued by law students as an exercise.
  2. An ancient English meeting, especially a representative meeting of the freemen of a shire.
tr.v., moot·ed, moot·ing, moots.
    1. To bring up as a subject for discussion or debate.
    2. To discuss or debate. See synonyms at broach1.
  1. Law. To plead or argue (a case) in a moot court.
  1. Subject to debate; arguable: a moot question.
    1. Law. Without legal significance, through having been previously decided or settled.
    2. Of no practical importance; irrelevant.
[Middle English, meeting, from Old English mōt, gemōt.]
mootness moot'ness n.
USAGE NOTE The adjective moot is originally a legal term going back to the mid-16th century. It derives from the noun moot, in its sense of a hypothetical case argued as an exercise by law students. Consequently, a moot question is one that is arguable or open to debate. But in the mid-19th century people also began to look at the hypothetical side of moot as its essential meaning, and they started to use the word to mean "of no significance or relevance." Thus, a moot point, however debatable, is one that has no practical value. A number of critics have objected to this use, but 59 percent of the Usage Panel accepts it in the sentence The nominee himself chastised the White House for failing to do more to support him, but his concerns became moot when a number of Republicans announced that they, too, would oppose the nomination. When using moot one should be sure that the context makes clear which sense is meant.
1 議論の余地がある, 論争中の, 未解決の
a moot question
a moot point
2 ((米))ほとんど実際的価値のない;純粋に学問的な, (純)理論上の, 仮説的な.
1 ((通例受身))〈問題・計画などを〉議題にのせる;…を討議[討論]する.
2 …の実際的な意味を減じる[なくす];…を純粋に理論的にする;((古))(特に模擬法廷で)…を論じる.
1 (アングロサクソン時代の)人民集会.
2 (英国の小都市の)市公会堂.
3 (特に模擬裁判での)討論, 弁論;判例.
[古英語gemōt(会議). 「会議で議論する」]

-(美國商業資訊)--Moelis公司(Moelis & Company)今日宣佈,Geoffrey Austin將於8月加盟公司,出任董事總經理。他將會常駐公司的倫敦辦事處,主要為歐洲、中東及非洲(EMEA)的媒體業客戶提供高階諮詢服務。 ...

Europe, the Middle East and Africa, usually abbreviated to EMEA, is a regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes. It is particularly common amongst North American based companies, who often divide their international operations into the following regions:
  • The Americas, being North, Central, and South America (NCSA, AMER, AMS, or NALA)
  • North America, being Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico (NORAM)
  • North America, meaning Canada and the United States of America only (NA; or North American Region, NAR)
  • Latin America, and the Caribbean (LATAM, or LAC or CALA)
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).
    • Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EEMEA). Increasingly, companies are separating their Eastern European business from the rest of Europe, and refer to the EEMEA region separately from the Western/Central European (mostly European Union) region.
  • Asia Pacific, and Japan (AP, APAC, JAPA or APJ or JAPAC)

Barry Byrne, who came to work in the studio in 1902, reminisced in several articles after Wright’s death about the informal design competitions among that architect’s employees. He recalled that Mahony won most of them and that Wright filed away her drawings for future use, chastising anyone who referred to them as “Miss Mahony’s designs.”

At the end of the chapter, Lawrence chastises Melville for coming back to prim New England, to be boxed in by family, career and a false civilization. The essay concludes with Lawrence admitting that he is talking as much about himself as Melville:

verb [T] FORMAL ━━ vt. 罰する; きびしく非難する.
to criticize someone severely:
Charity organizations have chastised the Government for not doing enough to prevent the latest famine in Africa.

noun [U] FORMAL


(chăs-tīz', chăs'tīz') pronunciation
tr.v., -tised, -tis·ing, -tis·es.
  1. To punish, as by beating. See synonyms at punish.
  2. To criticize severely; rebuke.
  3. Archaic. To purify.
[Middle English chastisen, alteration of chasten, chastien. See chasten.]
chastisable chas·tis'a·ble adj.
chastisement chas·tise'ment (chăs-tīz'mənt, chăs'tĭz-mənt) n.
chastiser chas·tis'er n.


  • 発音記号[tʃæstáiz]

1 ((形式))〈人を〉(…の理由で)手きびしく非難する((for ...));((古風))〈人を〉(…のかどで)せっかんする((for ...)).
2 ((古))=chasten 2, 3.

Line breaks: Bac|chus
Pronunciation: /ˈbakəs    /
Greek Mythology
Definition of Bacchus in English:
Another name for Dionysus.

Latin, from Greek Bakkhos.




slovenlyLine breaks: slov|en¦ly
Pronunciation: /ˈslʌv(ə)nli/

Definition of slovenly in English:


1(Especially of a person or their appearanceuntidyand dirty:fat, slovenly ex-rock star
1.1(Especially of a person or action) careless; excessively casual:slovenly speech