2016年11月30日 星期三

tale, reckon, reckoning, tally, tall tale, the day of reckoning

Of monarchs who e’en have merry been
the something I have reckoned
For never was seen a King or Queen
as potty as Charles the Second. 
The something is fine in wenches and wine
Whatever their age or shade is
And none can surpass our play with the glass
Or out-tickle us with the ladies 
 wenches and wine是「酒色」


Is Alex Tsipras about to announce a U-turn and accept Europe's last-last-minute offer? Perhaps http://econ.st/1Ns2rTs

The man may be for turning

BY ANY reckoning today is a crucial moment in the extraordinary Greek debt-crisis drama, as two deadlines pass, with fateful consequences. The first is a payment...

Jay Wang Reckoning with Colin Rowe: Ten Architects Take Position
ISBN-13: 978-0415741552查看翻譯

Having known for months that America's debt ceiling had to be raised in the autumn to avoid a default, and having known for a few weeks that the Treasury reckoned that October 17th was the magic day, Senators have struck a deal. Disaster appears to have been averted, for now http://econ.st/1bXk3I7

The bishop of London, Richard Chartres, presiding at the funeral, said that while Mrs. Thatcher had become “a symbolic figure — even an ‘ism’ ” in her 11 years in power, the funeral was “neither the time nor the place” for a political reckoning.
 主持葬禮的倫敦主教理乍得·查特斯(Richard Chartres)說,在11年的執政生涯中,撒切爾夫人已經成為了“一位具有象徵意義的人物,甚至誕生了撒切爾主義”,葬禮不是“合適的時機或場所”來 對她進行政治上的評判。

Japan could face "the day of reckoning" sooner than expected if the government fails to raise the sales tax and investors demand higher returns on government bonds, Moody's Investors Service said on Wednesday, ...

Take no pleasure in Toyota's reckoning
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
As recounted in David Halberstam's 1988 book "The Reckoning," this was the company, inspired by the post-war quality-control theories of W. Edwards Deming, ...
"Early Christmas shopping could explain part of the strength, but it doesn't really tally with the weakness in consumer confidence nor the data seen in the CBI and British Retail Consortium (BRC) surveys," said James Knightley, an economist at ING.
BRC director general Stephen Robertson said the rise in the official figure for November was "hard to explain".


欧盟食品安全警报去年创新高--hc案 少"總數"

Mr Reader's tale ends with the modern efforts to understand the genetics of the potato, which could lead to more disease-resistant varieties. The propitious esculent, he explains, is likely to feature in the diets of space-farers who will have to grow their own food.

  1. A recital of events or happenings; a report or revelation: told us a long tale of woe.
  2. A malicious story, piece of gossip, or petty complaint.
  3. A deliberate lie; a falsehood.
  4. A narrative of real or imaginary events; a story.
  5. Archaic. A tally or reckoning; a total.
[Middle English, from Old English talu.]
tell tales (out of school) 告げ口する, 秘密を言いふらす; うそをつく.揭人隱私, 散佈流言
Thereby hangs a tale. それにはいささかわけがある.
tale・bearer, tale・teller 告げ口屋.
tale・bearing a., n.
old wives' tale たわいもない話[考え,迷信].

Archaic. A tally or reckoning; a total.
TALE 【古文】 計算;總計,總額
• The shepherd tells his tale [the tale of his sheep].
• The tale is complete.
數目不錯 ,並無短缺.
2. A number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration; a count, in distinction from measure or weight; a number reckoned or stated.

The ignorant, . . . who measure by tale, and not by weight. --Hooker.
And every shepherd tells his tale, Under the hawthornn in the dale.
In packing, they keep a just tale of the number --Carew.典故:There shall no straw be given you, yet shall ye deliver the tale of bricks.「強人所難」「逼人做無米之炊」

tall tale ほら話.說大話。

a teller of tall tales.

reck·on·ing (rĕk'ə-nĭng) pronunciation
  1. The act of counting or computing.
  2. An itemized bill or statement of a sum due.
  3. A settlement of accounts: a day of reckoning.
    1. The act or process of calculating the position of a ship or an aircraft.
    2. The position so calculated.
━━ n. 計算; 勘定(書); 清算; 【海事】船位推算.
out in one's reckoning 計算を間違えて; 当てが外れて.
the day of reckoning 悪事の清算日; 最後の審判の日.
v., -oned, -on·ing, -ons. v.tr.
  1. To count or compute: reckon the cost. See synonyms at calculate.
  2. To consider as being; regard as. See synonyms at consider.
  3. Informal. To think or assume.
  1. To make a calculation; figure.
  2. To rely with confident expectancy. See synonyms at rely.
  3. Informal. To think or assume.
phrasal verbs:
reckon with
  1. To take into account or deal with: a man to be reckoned with.
reckon without
  1. To fail to consider or deal with; ignore.
[Middle English reknen, from Old English gerecenian, to recount, arrange.]

reckon with someone or something

to deal with someone or something; to cope with someone or something. have to reckon with the troublesome Mr. Johnson thisafternoon. Mary knew just exactly how she had to reckon with the bill collector.

tally (COUNT) Show phonetics
noun [C usually singular] SLIGHTLY OLD-FASHIONED
a record or count of a number of items:
Will you keep a tally of the number of customers going in and out?

tally (AGREE)
verb [I]
to match or agree with something else:
Our figures don't tally - you've made it twenty pounds more than me.
Your plans don't tally with mine.

potty, Shit or Get Off the Pot!

Of monarchs who e’en have merry been
the something I have reckoned
For never was seen a King or Queen
as potty as Charles the Second. 
The something is fine in wenches and wine
Whatever their age or shade is
And none can surpass our play with the glass
Or out-tickle us with the ladies 
 wenches and wine是「酒色」

Lead or Get Off the Pot!: The Seven Secrets of a Self-Made Leader
書名取自美國俚語 Shit or Get Off the Pot!
意思近"好好領導 不要佔著毛坑不拉屎"

1. toilet 
2. having to go to the toilet
Mom i have to go to the bathroom!!! Mom!! i have to go now!!! Not now honey, you should have gone at home. But i have to go now!!!! MOM!!! ssss too late now

pot (TOILET) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a potty (= bowl used by children as a toilet)

2016年11月29日 星期二

stake, wide-ranging , stakeholder, titleholder, account-holder

The attackers are said to be demanding 10 per cent of the contents of each account in return for not revealing who owns what. Account-holders' data will be published if ransoms are not paid by December 7.

AT&T-Union Alliance Frays
Despite their alliance during AT&T's failed bid to acquire T-Mobile USA last year, the phone company and its union are now at odds over AT&T's call for wide-ranging benefit cuts

In the short term he needs to hold China to its promises and to scold it for its lapses: Mrs Clinton should have taken it to task over Tibet and human rights when she was there. The Bush administration made much of the idea of welcoming China as a “responsible stakeholder” in the international system. The G20 is a chance to give China a bigger stake in global decision-making than was available in the small clubs of the G7 and G8. But it is also a chance for China to show it can exercise its new influence responsibly.

Dame Black was commissioned in March 2007 by the Secretaries of State for Health and Work and Pensions to undertake a wide-ranging review of the health of Britain’s working age population.
The purpose of this commission was to develop a baseline understanding of the health of working age people and the impact this has on government, the economy and society; and to make recommendations to Government and wider stakeholders on how to improve the health of the working age population.

Sony Kindles Ebook Contest
In the contest to dominate ebooks, Sony has so far served as a sparring partner to keep the titleholder, Amazon, on its toes. The real challenger is Apple, yet to step into the ring.


  1. One, especially a champion, who holds a title.
  2. One that holds legal title to something, such as a motor vehicle.

wide-ranging Show phonetics
covering many subjects:
a wide-ranging discussion

stake (SHARE) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a share or a financial involvement in something such as a business:
He holds (= owns) a 40% stake in/of the company.

stakeholder Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a person or group of people who own a share in a business

2 a person such as an employee, customer or citizen who is involved with an organization, society, etc. and therefore has responsibilities towards it and an interest in its success 利害關係者

Two main senses, one more collective, the other more individual. In the first sense, one who has a stake in a business or a policy. In its modern usage, the word is deliberately contrasted with shareholder. A shareholder has a particular kind of stake, namely a share in capital. A stakeholder's stake may be labour, or land, or a consumer interest in the business or policy. Political writers who talk of a ‘stakeholder society’ therefore mean one in which interests over and above shareholders are effectively represented. The less well-defined the interest, the harder it is to see how the stake is to be claimed or protected. Workers' stake in a firm may be acknowledged in a supervisory board as in Germany and to a limited extent in the UK; but how are consumers' stakes to be claimed? Therefore, although in the early years of New Labour, there was much talk of a stakeholder society, it is hard to point to institutions that have changed as a consequence of such rhetoric.

In the second sense, the term is increasingly used in connection with new forms of social policy based on individualized assets/accounts (‘stakes’). In contemporary academic debate, this use of the term is exemplified by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott's book, The Stakeholder Society (1999), which argues that each citizen (of the USA) should receive an $80,000 grant as of right on maturity. The New Labour government's proposals for a Child Trust Fund, while much more modest than the policy Ackerman-Alstott propose, can be seen as a clear example of a stakeholding policy in this second sense. Another example was the invention of ‘Stakeholder Pensions’ under the first Blair government: these were designed to be personal pensions for middle income people not in an employer's pension scheme.

stake・holder 賭金預り人; 【法】係争物保管人.
"a third party chosen by two or more persons to keep in deposit property or money the right or possession of which is contested between them, and to be delivered to the one who shall establish his right to it." 162 S.E. 2d 765, 770. See interpleader.

2016年11月28日 星期一

oblivious, a run-up for a shake-up, turmoil, shakeout, embassy warning

From the French right’s selection of Fillon to the Italian referendum and Austrian election, Europe’s centre is oblivious to its own existential crisis. They might want to dust off their copies of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice

"Oblivious to the fact that she was considered by experts to be the world’s worst classical singer, Florence Foster Jenkins bulldozed her way to a legendary, self-financed 1944 Carnegie Hall recital," writes Martin Filler in his review of the 2016 film 'Florence Foster Jenkins.'

Florence Foster Jenkins offers some marvelous set pieces, including Meryl Streep’s hilariously inept version of “The Laughing Song” from Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus.

Can Europe and the US reconcile their differences ahead of the G20

In the run-up to next week’s G20 summit, there seems to be a split
emerging between the US/UK on one side and the rest of Europe on the
other. The Czech EU Presidency described US plans to spend hundreds of
billions of dollars to revive its economy as a "way to hell".

The DW-WORLD Article

US issues embassy warning in Sudan
The United States embassy in Sudan has authorised non-essential staff and family to leave the country voluntarily. The decision follows Sudan's expulsion of 13 aid groups from the country after a warrant was issued for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. The US embassy message to its staff falls short of a full evacuation order, but says the embassy could close for security reasons at short notice. All Western embassies tightened security in the run-up to the International Criminal Court's decision last week to indict Bashir for alleged war crimes in Darfur.

TV Makers Confront a Shakeout
Sony, Samsung and other larger manufacturers are starting to squeeze out smaller rivals in the flat-panel TV market.

FCC Advances Airwave Auction
The FCC is pushing ahead with plans to put valuable chunks of airwaves up for sale, despite turmoil that could make it difficult for bidders to raise financing.

The Changs were both well-bred and well-to-do and so were hardly a typical family. But they were also not one of the first families of China, and much of the political turmoil swirled around them. Rather as local teenagers go to the beach in the run-up to a typhoon to surf the bigger waves, the sisters seem to have used the waves of change for personal development while remaining rather oblivious of the upcoming storm which swept over them, as it swept over just about everyone, in 1949.
--- Peter Gordon (editor of The Asian Review of Books.)書評 (08/11/2002)
Four Sisters of Hofei : A History by Annping Chin , Scribner, 2002
(金安平 『 合肥四姐妹』鄭至慧譯,台北:時報出版公司,2005)

這標題,除了要說明” run-up “和” shake-up”意思之外,也提醒注意 “up”的用法。

That is the kind of news that would typically brighten the mood of investors. But it was eclipsed by word that advertising on the Yahoo portal was going to be weaker than expected, erasing for now any gains from improvement in search advertising.

So after a brief run-up in its share price after hours on Monday, following the announcement of Mr. Yang’s appointment, Yahoo shares fell 49 cents yesterday, to $27.63; the company’s shake-up seems to have left investors with more questions than answers.
(取自 紐約時報: After Shake-Up, What Now for Yahoo?)
run up 可不只是一般辭典隨便說的算:
n. - 迅猛增長, 發動機高速運轉, 助跑【the approach run during which an athlete gathers speed】
日本語 (Japanese) n. - 急騰, 急増, 助走, 準備期間

  1. not aware of or concerned about what is happening around one.
    "she became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time"

1 [C] In some sports, a run-up is a period or distance of running that you do in order to be going fast enough to perform a particular action:
The longer and faster your run-up is, the higher you can jump.

2 [S] MAINLY UK the final period of time before an important event:
Everyone is very busy during the run-up to publication.

--- 除了股市價格跳升之外,還多義

run up
1. Make or become greater or larger, as in That offer will run up the price of the stock. [Late 1500s] 【hc評:這年代令人困惑,因為那時候,各國股市可能還沒開張?】
2. Accumulate, as in She ran up huge bills at the florist. [First half of 1700s]
【例子:Movement preoccupied the painter in the run-up to the Dance. Sembat was struck by the intensity and accuracy of Matisse's response to the violent swirling currents, "the clash of creative contrasts we talked about together."】當時馬蒂斯醉心於”動作”,這在Dance(一幅畫) 總成之…….
取材:'Matisse the Master' By HILARY SPURLING

3. Sew rapidly, as in I can run up some new curtains for the kitchen. [Mid-1800s] 4. Raise a flag, as in Let's run up the flag in time for the holiday. This usage, originating in the navy about 1900, gave rise to the slangy phrase, Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes, meaning, "Let's try this out." The latter originated about 1960 as advertising jargon.
(The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer. Copyright © 1997)

**** 本次談Yahoo公司更換高階主管採下述第三義:
shake up
1. Agitate in order to mix or loosen, as in This cough medicine needs to be thoroughly shaken up, or Please shake up these pillows. 2. Upset greatly, as in Even though no one was hurt, he was greatly shaken up by the accident. This usage alludes to being agitated like a liquid being shaken. Also see all shook up. [Late 1800s] 3. Subject to drastic rearrangement or reorganization, as in New management was bent on shaking up each division.
n. - 動搖, 劇變, 騷動, 大改組
日本語 (Japanese) n. - 大異動, 再編成, 大整理


turmoil Show phonetics
noun [S or U]
a state of confusion, uncertainty or lack of order:
The whole region is in turmoil.
The country is in a state of political turmoil.
The Stock Exchange is in turmoil following a huge wave of selling.

tur・moil ━━ n. 騒動, 混乱.

noun [C usually singular]
a situation in which people lose their jobs, or companies stop doing business, because of economic difficulties:
The shakeout in the labour market after Christmas usually makes January a bad month for unemployment.
There has been a shakeout of inefficient corporations.

representations, make representations/a representation to sb/sth

雖然新加坡媒體用make representations 來迴避protest,但新加坡代表在委內瑞拉召開的「不結盟國家組織」大會上拿南海仲裁案説事還要求列入會議紀錄的作法,終於面對中方的報復。秘魯亞太經合組織領導人非正式會議期間,李顯龍會晤宋資政後公開照片,李太太把宋的女兒介紹給習太太,李還在開幕式上把宋介紹給其他八杆子打不著的領導人,你想會是宋的個人魅力嗎?

China said on Monday it had made representations to Singapore after Singaporean armoured troop carriers were seized by Hong Kong customs…

3 representations Formal statements made to an authority, especially so as to communicate an opinion or register a protest:
‘the Law Society will make representations to the Lord Chancellor’
3.1[count noun] A statement or allegation:
‘any buyer was relying on a representation that the tapes were genuine’

make representations/a representation to sb/sth


We made representations to the boss about the long working hours.

temple, Athenaeum, Athena/Athene, Unity Temple, unitarianism

Graduate students from around the country came to Princeton to improve the experiences of women in philosophy.

Nearly 50 graduate students from around the country and beyond gathered at Princeton University for "Athena in Action: A Networking and Mentoring…
美 國南卡州查理城、查爾斯敦(Charleston:Charles=Charles II of England; ton=town)的一位一體論(Unitarianism)教會之美。這教派不接受基督宗教信仰中的三位一體論(Trinity, Trinitarism: Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit是三又是一)。
Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina.



Unity Temple is a Unitarian Universalist church in Oak Park, Illinois, and the home of the Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation. It was designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and built between 1905 and 1908. Unity Temple is considered to be one of Wright's most important structures dating from the first decade of the twentieth century.[3] Because of its consolidation of aesthetic intent and structure through use of a single material, reinforced concrete, Unity Temple is considered by many architects to be the first modern building in the world. This idea became of central importance to the modern architects who followed Wright, such as Mies Van Der Rohe, and even the post-modernists, such as Frank Gehry.
Unity Temple is located at 875 Lake Street, Oak Park Illinois. (The Unitarian Universalist congregation that owns and worships in Unity Temple was formed in 1871, and has no connection with Unity Church, a religious organization founded in 1889.)

Exterior of the Unity Temple.

英國倫敦市中心著名的五星級酒店「雅典娜神殿」(Athenaeum)在聖誕日發生火警,大約150名住客要緊急疏散,當中一人因為吸入過量濃煙,感到不適,要即場接受治療。火警在清晨接近7時半的時候發生,首先是酒店的地庫起火,該處有四分一的地方火光熊熊。 ...


(also Athena)


Greek Mythology 
  • The patron goddess of Athens, typically allegorized into a personification of wisdom.
    Also called Pallas
    Roman equivalent Minerva
ath·e·nae·um ath·e·ne·um (ăth'ə-nē'əm) also
  1. An institution, such as a literary club or scientific academy, for the promotion of learning.
  2. A place, such as a library, where printed materials are available for reading.
  3. (initial capital lettera sanctuary of Athena at Athens, built by theRoman emperor Hadrian, and frequented by poets and scholars.
[Late Latin Athēnaeum, a Roman school, after Greek Athēnaion, the temple of Athena, from Athēna, Athena.]
As if tailor-made for a weekend getaway, a series of historic athenaeums lines up in New England.


  • 1

    Used in the names of libraries or institutions for literary or scientific study:
    ‘the Boston Athenaeum’

    More example sentences1.1 Used in the titles of periodicals concerned with literature, science, and art.

    Example sentences1.2 A London club founded in 1824, originally for men of distinction in literature, art, and learning.


Mid 18th century: via Latin from Greek Athēnaion, denoting the temple of the goddess Athene in ancient Athens (which was used for teaching).


━━ n. (the ~) アテナ神殿 ((詩人・学者が集まった)); (a-) 文芸[科学]研究会; (a-) 読書室, 図書室.

Definition of temple

  • a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.
  • (the Temple) either of two successive religious buildings of the Jews in Jerusalem. The first (957–586 bc) was built by Solomon and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar; it contained the Ark of the Covenant. The second (515 bc- ad 70) was enlarged by Herod the Great from 20 bc and destroyed by the Romans during a Jewish revolt; all that remains is the Western Wall.
  • (the Temple) a group of buildings in Fleet Street in London that stand on land formerly occupied by the headquarters of the Knights Templar. Located there are the Inner and Outer Temple, two of the Inns of Court.
  • a synagogue.
  • a place of Christian public worship, especially a Protestant church in France.


Old English templ, tempel, reinforced in Middle English by Old French temple, both from Latin templum 'open or consecrated space'


tem • ple1
temples (複数形)
1 (古代ギリシャ・ローマ・エジプトの)神殿;(ヒンズー教・仏教の)寺院
the Hōryūji Temple
2 ((The T-))(聖書時代のJerusalemの)エホバの神殿.
3 ((米))ユダヤ教の礼拝堂(synagogue).
4 (キリスト教の)礼拝堂, 教会堂(▼church, chapelが一般的);(フランスの)プロテスタントの教会堂;モルモン教の神殿.
5 神のいます所[物]:特にキリスト教徒の体〈《聖書》1コリント書6:19〉.
6 殿堂, りっぱな催し会場
a temple of the arts
(1) ((T-))(中世の)神殿[聖堂]修道騎士団の殿堂:LondonとParisにあった.
(2) 法学院:LondonのInns of CourtのうちInner TempleとMiddle Templeのいずれか.
[ラテン語templum「聖所」←ギリシャ語témnein(切る)と同系で, 原義は「切り離された土地」]

field trip, spread like wildfire/weeds, pot (or crock) of gold

As pot entrepreneurs face the thrilling prospect of normality, start-ups are spreading like weeds

America’s cannabis industry prepares for new highs

  • ‘Later on, in class, the actual map and the historical map are merged with the landmarks the students defined on their field trip.’



  • [mass noun] Cannabis:
    ‘we smoked pot at football games’


1930s: probably from Mexican Spanish potiguaya cannabis leaves.

  • pot (or crock) of gold
    • A large but distant or imaginary reward:
      ‘the prospect of a pot of gold when the statue was sold’

1.2informal [mass noun] Cannabis.

spread like wildfire


  • Spread with great speed:
    ‘the news had spread like wildfire’

field trip


  • 1(学生・生徒の)実地見学[自然観察]旅行;(博物館・工場などへの)校外見学.
  • 2(学者・研究者の)現地調査旅行.
  • A trip made by students or research workers to study something at first hand.