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quadrennial, penteteric, crushing, quash, squash, ash, ashen, annulment,

The Great Panathenaia 大泛雅典節was quadrennial, that is, it took place every fourth year, if one counts by starting with zero. The Greeks, however, had no zero and started counting from the number one. They therefore thought of their Great Panathenaia as occurring in the fifth year, making it penteteric.

A machine developed by DeepMind, owned by Google, just beat a top-drawer human player at the ancient Chinese game

Beating a Go champion with machine learning
Students and faculty from CMU are representing the United States at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, the veritable Olympics of theatrical art.

Taiwan Justice Minister Resigns ABC News
Taiwan's justice minister has resigned over allegations he used his influence to quash an attempt by prosecutors to appeal a not guilty verdict against an ...
  Seeking Exposé, Students End Up in Handcuffs


Two journalists from West Islip High School on Long Island set out to examine school security measures, but they were prosecuted for trespassing and their article was quashed.
Emirates Quash Calls for Change
As part of a broader trend in the region, the United Arab Emirates has tried to shut down a group that sought political change and a more Islamic government.
Trial Annulment in Guatemala Rejected by Judge
The confusion surrounding the genocide trial of Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt highlighted divisions raised by testimony about the country’s long civil war.

Europe Bank Quashes Bond-Buy Talk
The German government and the European Central Bank both hit back at a weekend report that the ECB was planning to cap the borrowing costs of fiscally strained countries with its unlimited resources.

Japan Quashes Speculation of Yen Ceiling
Wall Street Journal
By TAKASHI MOCHIZUKI TOKYO—Japanese finance ministry officials on Wednesday quashed any ideas that Japan may follow the Swiss central bank in trying to place a ceiling on the value of its currency, while the central bank disappointed some in the ...


台 湾国防部十六日公布有别於国防白皮书的首部“四年期国防总检讨”报告 (QDR,Quadrennial Defense Review),将於2014年底前将目前六个军种简併为陆海空三军,并大幅裁军至21.5万人;而未来作战的军事战略,就是「不使敌人登陆立足」,也不 轻啟战端发动第一击。Taiwan is hoping to turn a similar trick when it hosts the World Games at the port city of Kaohsiung this week. However, the odds are long that Taiwan will be able to use the quadrennial games – an affiliate of the Olympics for sports not included in the main event such as squash, canoe polo and fistball – as effectively.

crushing victory/ defeat

Make (someone) feel overwhelmingly disappointed orembarrassed:I was crushed—was I not good enough?(as adjective crushingthe news came as a crushingblow


Pronunciation: /ˌpɛntɪˈtɛrɪk/ 
Ancient Greek History


Of a festival, etc.: occurring every fifth year.
  • According to modern calculation actually every fourth year, as both of two consecutive occurrences were counted..


Late 19th century; earliest use found in Journal of Hellenic Studies. From Hellenistic Greekπεντετηρικός occurring every fifth year (counting inclusively) from ancient Greek πεντετηρίςfestival celebrated every fifth year + -ικός.


Pronunciation: /kwɒˈdrɛnɪəl/

Definition of quadrennial

  • recurring every four years: the quadrennial world championships
  • Leap years are quadrennial, like the Olympics or the World Cup.
  • In the quadrennial election year 2000, the Democrats nominated President Clinton's vice-president, Albert Gore Jr.
  • This year, the quadrennial tournament is back in the United States.
    • lasting for or relating to a period of four years.
    • ‘Like all our swimmers, Maggie is on a quadrennial plan,’ Marsh said.



    mid 17th century: from quadrennium + -al


    (ăsh'ən) pronunciation
    1. Consisting of ashes.
    2. Resembling ashes, especially in color; very pale: A face ashen with grief.

    ash·en2 (ăsh'ən) pronunciation
    Of, relating to, or made from the wood of the ash tree.

    Definition of quash

    [with object]
    • reject as invalid, especially by legal procedure:his conviction was quashed on appeal
    • put an end to; suppress:a hospital executive quashed rumours that nursing staff will lose jobs


    Middle English: from Old French quasser 'annul', from late Latin cassare (medieval Latin also quassare), from cassus 'null, void'. Compare with squash1

    quash(kwŏsh) pronunciation
    tr.v., quashed, quash·ing, quash·es.
    To set aside or annul, especially by judicial action.

    [Middle English quassen, from Old French casser, quasser, from Medieval Latin quassāre, alteration (influenced by quassāre, to shatter) of cassāre, from Latin cassus, empty, void.]

    quash2 (kwŏsh) pronunciation
    tr.v., quashed, quash·ing, quash·es.
    To put down or suppress forcibly and completely: quash a rebellion.

    [Middle English quashen, from Old French quasser, from Medieval Latin quassāre, to shatter, from Latin. See squash2.]
    [動](他)((形式))〈反乱などを〉(完全に)抑える, 鎮圧する;〈不安などを〉しずめる.

    [動](他)((形式))〈法律・告発・決定などを〉無効にする, 取り消す, 廃棄する, 却下する.

    [with object]
    • reject or void, especially by legal procedure:his conviction was quashed on appeal
    • put an end to; suppress:a hospital executive quashed rumors that nursing staff will lose jobs


    Middle English: from Old French quasser 'annul', from late Latin cassare (medieval Latin also quassare), from cassus 'null, void'. Compare with squash1



    1. Any of various tendril-bearing plants of the genus Cucurbita, having fleshy edible fruit with a leathery rind and unisexual flowers.
    2. The fruit of any of these plants, eaten as a vegetable.
    [From alteration of Narragansett askútasquash.]

    squash2 (skwŏsh, skwôsh) pronunciation

    v., squashed, squash·ing, squash·es. v.tr.
    1. To beat, squeeze, or press into a pulp or a flattened mass; crush. See synonyms at crush.
    2. To put down or suppress; quash: squash a revolt.
    3. To silence or fluster, as with crushing words: squash a heckler.
    1. To become crushed, flattened, or pulpy, as by pressure or impact.
    2. To move with a splashing or sucking sound, as when walking through boggy ground.
      1. The act or sound of squashing.
      2. The fact or condition of being squashed.
    1. A crushed or crowded mass: a squash of people.
    2. Sports. A racket game played in a closed walled court with a rubber ball.
    3. Chiefly British. A citrus-based soft drink.
    With a squashing sound.

    [Middle English squachen, from Old French esquasser, from Vulgar Latin *exquassāre : Latin ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + Latin quassāre, to shatter, frequentative of quatere, to shake.]
    squasher squash'er n.


    verb (annuls, annulling, annulled)

    [with object]
    • declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result):the elections were annulled by the general amid renewed protests
    • declare (a marriage) to have had no legal existence: her first marriage was finally annulled by His Holiness



    [mass noun]
    the act of annulling something:the applicant sought the annulment of the decision [count noun]:grounds for an annulment