2007年7月31日 星期二

'Mashups', haptics, ditty, application suite

'Mashups' Sew Data Together
Mashup technology is making inroads at more companies, providing an inexpensive and simple way to combine existing applications.

A mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.


Content used in mashups is typically sourced from a third party via a public interface or API, although some in the community believe that only cases where public interfaces are not used count as mashups. Other methods of sourcing content for mashups include Web feeds (e.g. RSS or Atom), web services and Screen scraping.
Many people are experimenting with mashups using Google, eBay, Amazon, AOL, Windows Live, and Yahoos APIs.


a lot of talk about Web 2.0, web mashups, Ajax, etc., which in my mind are all facets of the same phenomenon: that information and presentation are being separated in ways that allow for novel forms of reuse.

Using methods from the relatively new science of haptics -- that is, how the subjective perception of touch connects to objective surface properties of hair and other materials --.they have developed the first detailed microscopic analysis of what happens to individual hair fibers when they get tangled up and won't let go.

Can TamTam Teach the World to Play?
When OLPC's XO laptop starts up, its Linux-based user interface plays a four-note ditty, composed by the band U2, that stands for the letters O, L, P, and C – an indication of how important music is to the little green computer's mission.

application suite

Microsoft takes global view of its online business productivity suite
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
by Dawn Kawamoto Microsoft announced Monday it was expanding its footprint of online services to businesses worldwide, adding to its efforts it began last ...

A group of items. Pronounced "sweet."
See application suite.

A group of programs that are sold as a package to solve common problems. Although there are suites for graphics, mathematics and other applications, the most popular are "office suites." Also known as "productivity suites," they are a set of basic business programs designed with a uniform user interface and common functions such as spell checking. The primary programs are word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database and e-mail, although each suite has its own mix, and a variety of other programs and utilities may also be included. Some of the programs may be for sale as individual products. See Microsoft OfficeWordPerfect OfficeLotus SmartSuiteStarOfficeOpenOffice.orgGoogle Apps and graphics suite.

noun [C]
a short simple song


(′hap·tiks) (computer science) The study of the use of touch in order to produce computer interfaces that will allow users to interact with digital objects by means of force feedback and tactile feedback.

The science that deals with the sense of touch.

frisk, capacity (POSITION) , stand pat, the faithful

新聞 (WSJ)
Bank of England Might Stand Pat on Rates
The slide in stocks makes it more likely the Bank of England will keep its key rate on hold at its meeting this week.

Three Arabian-style mosques, constructed in Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Lungkang 龍崗, have joined Taipei's two mosques in meeting the needs of Muslim faithful.


hc案 不知是否用 the needs of the (Muslim) faithful比較好

Can He Take a Frisk? 
Barack Obama knows that he is left with one final roll of the dice. So, he sets up a secret meeting with Bill Clinton.

capacity (POSITION)
noun [S] FORMAL
a particular position or job:
In his capacity as secretary of the residents association, he regularly attends meetings of the community policing committee.
She was speaking in her capacity as a novelist, rather than as a television presenter.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

verb [T]
to use your hands to search someone's body when they are wearing clothes for hidden illegal objects or weapons:
We were all frisked at the airport.

the faithful plural noun
the followers of a particular religion:
We heard bells calling the faithful to prayer.


━━ a. 誠実な ((to, in)); 信頼できる; 貞節な; 正確な ((to)).
━━ n. (the ~) ((複数扱い)) 信者たち; 熱心な信奉者[支持者].
faith・ful・ly ad. 忠実に; 正確に.
faith・ful・ness n. 忠実(であること); 貞淑; 正確さ.

stand pat
Refuse to change one's position or opinion, as in We're going to stand pat on this amendment to the bylaws. This expression may be derived from the verb pat in the sense of "strike firmly and accurately." [Late 1800s]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms

go down to the wire

新聞:道瓊公司的最大股東家族對於News Corp提出的50億美元收購案仍舉棋不定。Goes Down to the Wire 是以前賽馬的最後用線來決定先後名次。So, a race that was undecided until the very last moment was said to go down to the wire.

Bancrofts' Jockeying Goes Down to the Wire

Dow Jones's controlling shareholders, the Bancroft family, were still deliberating late Sunday whether to sell to News Corp., which has offered $5 billion for the publisher.

2007年7月30日 星期一




  1. The act of interning or confining, especially in wartime.
  2. The state of being interned; confinement.

Representative Mike Honda, a California Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, introduced the resolution. Honda, 66, a Japanese-American, spent his early childhood in an internment camp in Colorado with his family during World War II.

Burial, also called interment and (when applied to human burial) inhumation, is the act of placing a person or object into the ground. This is accomplished by digging a pit or trench, placing the person or object in it, and replacing the soil.

2007年7月29日 星期日

Hermes and Nike

"...And though when we returned to London six weeks ago, no one signed up for Greek lessons or wrote a paper on Pericles, the kids now know that Hermes, the messenger god, is not just a maker of luxury goods, and that Nike is not only a sporting brand but the winged Greek goddess of victory.

Which, to me, felt like victory indeed.'

--The Zeus Trip

Yannis Kontos/Polaris, for The New York Times

Taking a leap into the fourth century B.C. at the amphitheater in Epidaurus.

Published: July 29, 2007

2007年7月28日 星期六

Lock· step


注音一式 |ˋ ㄅㄨˋ |ˋ ㄑㄩ

相似詞 馬首是瞻、密切追隨、極力模倣

相反詞 別出心裁

解釋 本指學生跟隨老師的腳步。語本莊子˙田子方:夫子步亦步,夫子趨亦趨,夫子馳亦馳。用以形容事事仿傚或追隨別人。如:我們若老是跟在先進國家的後面亦步亦趨,永遠不會有自己的成就。亦作一步一趨。

Lock· step

1. A mode of marching by a body of men going one after another as closely as possible, in which the leg of each moves at the same time with the corresponding leg of the person before him.

2. Hence: (fig.) The slavish copying of one person's actions by another; as, party members who vote in lockstep with the leadership.

Markets Around the World Are Marching in Lock Step
Major markets around the world now tend to move more in line with one another than ever before, reflecting the dominance of global companies.

Drunken Driving and Drunken-Flying


Driving under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving, drinking and driving (American English), or drink-driving (Australian, Irish, British or New Zealand English),

a drunk driver

Drunken driving sensors ()飲酒運転防止装置

NASA Opens Inquiry Into Drunken-Flying Reports
Officials say they have asked NASA’s safety chief to interview astronauts, flight surgeons and others to determine whether the agency has an alcohol problem.

4月に飲酒運転で交通事故死したカージナルスのジョシュ・ハンコック投手(享年29)の父ディーン・ハンコック氏が24日(日本時間25日)、酒類を提供したレストランや衝突したレッカー車の会社などを相手に訴訟を起こした。レストランは元カージナルス選手で現在 ...

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road maps for reform and turnaround

road map

road map

  1. map, especially one for motorists, showing and designating the roads of a region.(駕車旅行者用的)公路圖
  2. A set of guidelines, instructions, or explanations:wrote an ethics code as a road map for the behavior of elected officials.準則;指示;說明
  3. Aplan, e.g.
    1. Road map for peace, to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    2. Technology roadmap, a management forecasting tool

To view our road map for Pb-free and RoHS compliant products, please go to:

RoHS:歐盟危害物質限用指令(Restriction o f Hazardous Substance )

Road Map for Turnaround (Ford)


"With Vision Strategist, we can create multi-dimensional views of roadmaps that set our expectations for the minimum set of information needed to make better decisions."

Road Map for Turnaround (Ford)

The new management plan is a golden opportunity for NHK to draw up a road map of reform and start afresh. Before politicians or government officials start meddling, NHK needs to embark on its own bold reform vision. In the absence of such efforts, the organization will never gain the status of "everyone's NHK."

--The Asahi Shimbun, July 27(IHT/Asahi: July 28,2007)

2007年7月26日 星期四

theories on what makes a great leader

這是MITSloan Management Review 廣告

SloanSelect: Six New and Classic Leadership Articles

Dear hanching,

We've just updated our most popular article collection, the SloanSelect Leadership Collection, with the best new thinking on guiding people and organizations.

As always, MIT SMR content melds the most current theories on what makes a great leader with real-world research into, and practical applications of, those theories.

2007年7月25日 星期三


  1. mean 20世紀上半葉(1920)美國的 Slang. 用法還表示Excellent; skillful: She plays a mean game of bridge.

coffee table and coffee-table book 之翻譯和對應

茶几 與 "茶卓"與 coffee table

「茶几」解釋一種放置茶具的小桌。等於日本的 “tea table 茶卓.”

大陸現在稱的「沙发和茶几的巧妙搭配」之「茶几」,為西方約1868年才有之coffee table ( 居間用の低い小型テーブル.)

The noun cocktail table has one meaning:

Meaning #1: low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served
Synonym: coffee table


coffee-table book 大型の豪華本.
The noun coffee-table book has one meaning:

Meaning #1: a elaborate oversize book suitable for displaying on a coffee table

flinch and flinching

verb [I]
to make a sudden small movement because of pain or fear:
He didn't even flinch when the nurse cleaned the wound.

flinch from sth/doing sth phrasal verb
to avoid doing something that you consider unpleasant or painful:
We must not flinch from difficult decisions.
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

  1. 畏懼;退縮[(+from)]

You mustn't flinch from a difficulty.


She didn't flinch once when the doctor was cleaning the wound.


flinching QC)專門用語(應該是 J. M. Juran 先提出)

DHsu to HC,, flinching有無適當的中譯?

文章: Flinching
連結: http://xquality.blogspot.com/2007/07/flinching.html

另外一家供應商,每隔四個小時記錄了某射出成形機的堆乾燥溫度,之後就將其歸檔放進辦公櫃。因為這些讀值都在規格之內( 然太多點正巧落在接近規格上限,表明可能有人因畏懼而採人為操控數據作法 flinching) ,所以並未採取任何措施。我將大約60天的數據以I-MR 圖畫出它們,如下所示。此等數據清楚地表示,在第53數據點附近,溫度向上偏移了。沒人知道關於溫度上的變化。沒人能確認是否更高的溫度會使該零組件更 好。(不過)大家同意溫度更高會導致更高的能源費用。務必將數據作圖。並務必採取行動。"

大陸的蒲倫昌先生主編的"質量管理辭典"將它翻譯為 "檢驗員縮小問題" (......對少量不合規格產品測量結果弄虛作假的傾向" (p.92)

All The News That's Fit To Print



我對這份報紙的(買報)貢獻,絕無僅有(倫敦的The Times倒是有一些)。1997年在網路看到它的第一版(其他要付費)。數年之後它決定免費開放閱讀,我就變節(之前我是LATIMES忠實讀者)。

因為哈哈 去年 我的大名竟然出現在 紐約時報雜誌上 談外交術語

特別參考Wikipedia article "The New York Times". 和新聞簡介這大報:

社銘(motto slogan 參考如下):

"All The News That's Fit To Print"



類似的精神發揚到關係企業 所以它的古典音樂電台WQSR的Slogan為:
""All The Music That's Fits To Play"

漲價通知: The New York Times: "all the news that's fit to print" will cost more starting July 16 (story) 售價 USD 1.00 1.25】週一至週六;USD 3.50 週日【4.0周日版發行168萬份】;USD 3.50/5.00 特別版本


The New York Times was acquired by Adolph Ochs, publisher of The Chattanooga Times, in 1896. In 1897, he coined the paper's celebrated slogan, "All The News That's Fit To Print," widely interpreted as a jab at competing papers in New York City (the New York World and the New York Journal American) that were known for lurid yellow journalism.


2007年7月24日 星期二

“F* You China”又怎样?

由於 fuck 是禁忌語
所以有許多側寫如 F WORD 或 F*......等等

德语媒体 | 2007.07.24

“F* You China”又怎样?

德国第一大订阅量报纸“南德意志报”载文评论“F-U-C-K You china”体恤衫事件,言辞间明显偏袒设计师菲利普-普莱:

德国设计师菲利普-普莱突发奇想,在其新款体恤衫上印上了具有侮辱意味的“F-U-C-K You china”字样。南德意志报一篇报道称,一周来,菲利普-普莱设在瑞士的公司总部每天都会收到数以万计的恐吓信和电话,因为,这位设计师的这份”创意 “显然极大地伤害了许多中国爱国主义者的民族感情。南德意志报发表署名Henrik Bork的文章写到:


这些愤怒的中国“爱国主义者”完全忽视了一个事实,那就是,正是日益严重的产品仿冒问题催生了这款倒霉的体恤衫。从宝马豪华轿车,到彪马运动鞋,及 至Hugo Boss牌的内裤,德国所有的名牌产品在中国都无一幸免遭到仿冒。菲利普-普莱也深受其害。他设计的牛仔裤在专卖店里售价850欧元,而中国仿冒者却以 250欧元的价格在因特网上兜售赝品。普莱说:为了我的小公司为付出了大量的心血,而防不胜防的仿冒实在让我们走投无路。



2007年7月23日 星期一





(mĭk-jŏb') pronunciation
n. Slang.

A job, usually in the retail or service sector, that is low paying, often temporary, and offers minimal or no benefits or opportunity for promotion.

[Mc(Donald's), trademark of a fast-food restaurant chain (from its mass-produced nature) + JOB1.]

2007年7月22日 星期日

set piece 或 setpiece 或 set-piece

set piece

. (片語 phrase)

1. 舞臺立體布景(如:樹,門,岩石等);舞台セット; 凝った

2. (文學、音樂等作品中)具有強烈效果的片斷; 型通りの芸術作品

3. (軍事、外交)事先佈置好的行動; 綿密な計画に基づく軍事行動.

4. 花式煙火; 仕掛花火


They're lovely, these almost accidental observations that interrupt the setpieces on language and difference, and when Z has been allowed to throw off the faux-naivety of the early chapters, she comes much more fully to life. And as with all good textbooks, there's the satisfaction of learning and understanding.

幾年前,hc在 bog (simon university )一文:淺談 set piece

「謝謝「路人」的set-piece 為「橋段之英文」之指引。它可以寫篇關鍵字。小讀者等人有沒興趣?」我自己來,因為我碰到這字眼已兩年,剛好可以趁機整理一下。

我起先不認為set piece是「橋段」,不過它值得我們認識。或許我錯了,詳後文。

兩年前比較過兩本辭典對於set piece的翻譯。【朗文當代高級英語詞典】的解釋:A set piece以固定程式和風格安排的具有特殊效果的場面、片段。

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary:有特殊效果的場面、片段,不必然與主題相關。 set piece is part of a film, play, etc. which is exciting and attracts attention, but is often not a necessary part of the story or does not cause the story to develop.


The musical has no real story - it just consists of a series of set pieces




我還收一比較難的句子:Mr. Columbus, in contrast, is a master of the obvious and the emphatic. After the boisterous clowning of the opening set piece -which involves the ritual humiliation of the Dursleys, Harry's swinish Muggle guardians -the picture settles down into a plodding, heavy rhythm.


Toget 軟體下載:... 你可以扮演其中歷史上留名的人物。 遊戲中涵蓋了美國歷史上十多個有名的戰爭,包括:: classic set piece battles at Dettingen (1743(軍事、外交)事先佈置好的行動); Almanza (1707); wide-ranging(1777);&

The idea is that you used *some* of your 10 seconds of maneuvering to get a bead on your foe, but you weren't able to just sit there aiming. Weapon Acc is mostly used for carefully placed shots in "realistic," wargames-style set-piece battles. (軍事、外交)事先佈置好的行動

昨天查WordNet Dictionary

「Definition: [n] a piece of scenery intended to stand alone as part of the stage setting n. set piece, n. 【物】 (舞台上的)單件立體佈景. See Also: scene, scenery」


 最讓我滿意的是 The New Oxford American Dictionary【這一說法可以當"橋段"的定義】

set piece

'a thing that has been carefully or elaborately planned or composed, in particular:

 a self-contained passage or section of a novel, play, film or piece of music arranged in an elaborate or conventional patterned for maximum effect. 這一說法可以當"橋段"的定義。其他如一篇精心設計或準備的演講稿。

Three years before, he had enjoyed a Two Ronnies Reunion Night on BBC One. Barker joined Corbett to introduce the best of their sketches, and the hardware shop "Four candles - Fork handles!" set-piece was judged the most popular by a television audience of millions.

看一段影評談 quality set piece.

"Bourne Identity" is classified as an action flick, but the action is decidedly different than that in other movies of the same genre. Containing very few special effects or CGI, the action centers on motion and pursuit, endowing the film with a edgier, more physical tone that is highlighted by a stellar car chase. Set in the middle of the movie, the sequence featuring a beat-up MG racing through the streets and alleys of Paris is the best cinematic chase since at least The Rock, if not long before that. The cat-and-mouse concept of the entire film is encapsulated in this quality set piece, which is more than just eye candy, serving also as a key turning point in the plot.

* 這在足球賽的free kick或scrum精心安排的戰術:妨礙敵隊得分set piece。其他類似:「當在比賽中你獲得了一個任意球之後,先仔細觀察場上隊員的位置。如果你覺得當前隊員的站位不甚理想時,可以按下空白鍵注意,此時並不是在變換陣形,而是在做罰球前的戰術扯動(set piece)」;

Henry surprised with dominance | ALL BLACKS| ONE SPORT | tvnz.co.nz
"We were able to provide quality set piece ball and that's what's been lacking in recent times," Henry said. "So the quality of the set piece was the big ...

graffiti, latticework, fretwork, corned beef

Backjumps Festival Turns Berlin's Streets Into A 3-D Magazine

Graffiti has come a long way since the spray can and the Brooklyn hip hop scene. These days it's morphed into the catch-all genre of "street art", where artists from all over the world stencil, sticker and install sculptures in public spaces. Celebrating this artistic diversity is a Berlin-based exhibition called "Backjumps, The Live Issue". It initially began as an underground graffiti magazine about hip hop and aerosol culture. But then five years ago, its founder and curator Adrian Nabi, decided he wanted to take the concept further by turning Berlin into a 3-dimensional magazine. Backjumps now features all kinds of street art, exhibited in different venues around Germany's capital.

Corned beef is a cut of beef (usually brisket, but sometimes round or silverside) cured or pickled in a seasoned brine. The "corn" in "corned beef" refers to the "corn" or grains of coarse salts used to cure it. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the usage of "corn," meaning "small hard particle, a grain, as of sand or salt," to 888, and the term "corned beef" to 1621.[1] The term "corned beef" can denote different styles of brine-cured beef, depending on the region. Some, like American-style corned beef, are highly seasoned and often considered delicatessen fare. In Britain, corned beef is usually bought at the delicatessen, or may be in chilled packs or can be found in trapezoid cans, imported from South America.

But Mr. Obama proposes to charge ahead, asserting that extensive government support is needed to preserve and create jobs while building the latticework of a 21st century economy.

Meaning #1: framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal
Synonyms: latticefretwork
lattice Show phonetics
noun [C] (ALSO latticework)
a structure made from strips of wood or other material which cross over each other with spaces between

fretwork Show phonetics
noun [U]
decorative open patterns especially cut out of wood or metal or made in embroidery

corned beef Show phonetics
noun [U]
cooked beef which has been preserved in salty water and spices, and which is often sold in tins (= metal containers)


━━ vt. (肉を)塩づけにする.
 corned ━━ a. 塩漬けの.
 corn(ed) beef コンビーフ.

這backjumps 應該是德文或德製英文(Shorter OED沒收)
backjumping 是搜索運算法

Graffiti 是塗鴨(隨意的亂塗亂寫。【在電腦塗鴉板中隨意寫字、畫圖的動作。塗鴉板往往是一個簡單的繪圖程式。】)
from Italian
This word originated in Italy
In ancient Rome, when you had a written message for the public, you scratched it on a wall. What else could you do? You didn't have a fax machine, a photocopier, or the World Wide Web. You couldn't even take out an ad in a newspaper.
The walls of Pompeii, preserved for two thousand years under volcanic ash, are marked with numerous examples of this Roman custom. Here are some translated graffiti:
• Successus was here.
• Gaius Julius Primigenius was here. Why are you late?
• Lovers, like bees, lead a honey-sweet life.
• I don't want to sell my husband.
• Burglar, watch out!
• Someone at whose table I do not dine, Lucius Istacidius, is a barbarian to me.
• The fruit sellers ask you to elect Marcus Holconius Priscus as aedile.
• I am amazed, o wall, that you have not collapsed and fallen, since you must bear the tedious stupidities of so many scrawlers.

2007年7月21日 星期六

Trying times test our politicians' mettle

Trying times test our politicians' mettle


(mettle pronunciation

IN BRIEF: Quality of endurance or courage.

pronunciation It takes a lot of mettle to run in the Boston Marathon.

Tutor's tip: Don't "meddle" (to interfere) with him for he has a "mettle" (inherent character) of "metal" (opaque conductive substances such as iron, gold and silver) and was awarded a "medal" (decoration or award) for bravery.)

In the spring of 1997, then U.S. President Bill Clinton was on crutches as the result of a knee injury he suffered from slipping on some steps. One day, Clinton hobbled into the White House press room, unannounced. The unexpected appearance of the president on crutches, in lieu of his press secretary, sent ripples of tension among the reporters, who braced themselves for some sort of critical announcement.

Clinton said gravely, "My press secretary has also slipped on steps." In no time, the reporters realized it was April Fool's Day. As the press room erupted in laughter, the grinning press secretary made his entrance on crutches.

Farm minister Norihiko Akagi came to a news conference Tuesday with gauze pads covering his left cheek and brow. Asked what had happened, Akagi replied tersely, "Nothing serious. Don't worry. It's really nothing."

His flat refusal to discuss the matter made everyone all the more suspicious, given the cloud of suspicion he is already under since the discovery that he listed his family home as an office of his support group and claimed operating expenses for it.

Perhaps sensing he had better explain about his face, Akagi later issued a comment to the effect that he "probably had a rash" because of his "sensitive skin." But if that was the case, surely he could have just said so during the news conference.

Cabinet ministers should take each news conference seriously. Had Akagi handled the "mystery of the gauze pads" adroitly with wit and charm, he could have impacted public opinion. Instead, he only reinforced his image as a stubborn and introverted character. This was less a matter of accountability than his reflexive behavior and caliber as a politician.

There were only two gauze pads on Akagi's face, but at a scene of major disaster where gauze pads are needed in huge quantities, the true strength of politics and society is tested.

In the areas stricken by Monday's earthquake in Niigata Prefecture's Chuetsu region, several thousand people camped out at emergency shelters for three nights. It is said that the earliest these people will be able to move into temporary housing is August.

In this sweltering heat, it must be miserable to have to worry about the costs of demolishing their damaged homes. Their will to overcome the current predicament arises from their hope for the future.

This is exactly the sort of time when the caliber of politicians is being tested. While it is the job of administrative authorities to support quake victims in their daily lives, it is the duty of politicians to listen to these people's long-term needs, discuss them, and take action.

--The Asahi Shimbun, July 19(IHT/Asahi: July 20,2007)

Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. Its name may derive etymologically from the Persian word for silk, via the Spanish word "gasa".

Uses and types

  • Gauze was originally made of silk.
  • When used in film and theatre, gauze is often fashioned into a scrim.
  • Gauze is also made of cotton, especially for use in bandages. It is especially useful for dressing wounds where other fabrics might stick to the burn or laceration.
  • Modern gauze is sometimes made of synthetic fibers, especially when used in clothing.
  • Gauze can also be made of metal, such as a wire gauze placed on top of a Bunsen burner, used in a safety lamp, or used as fence.



━━ n. (しゃ); (); ガーゼ; (細い)金網; 薄もや.

A Stern Line on Race and Politics

想競選總統,。就必須把許多敏感問題交代定位清楚。這在英文用 a stern line表示:靠碼頭的船尾要對齊岸上定點


n. the rearmost part of a ship or boat: he stood at the stern of the yacht.

Stern Line - A docking line leading from the stern.

Definition: A line that runs from the aft end of a boat to a fixed object for the purpose of securing the boat to a mooring.

紐約時報:A Stern Line on Race and Politics

By MICHAEL POWELL 38 minutes ago

More than any other Republican running for president, Rudolph W. Giuliani has confronted the question of race, that most torturous of American legacies.

Playskool Sippy Cups 的描述:spout, trim, aqua, tip,


下例中,我們會碰到文末的單位、 功能和顏色等等的難題

Recall of Playskool Sippy Cups; Poses Choking Hazard

分類:CPSC Recalls
2007/07/21 09:19

CVS/pharmacy Announces Recall of Playskool Sippy Cups; Poses Choking Hazard To Young Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Product: Playskool Toddler “NoSpill” Sippy Cups
Units: About 84,000
Importer: CVS/pharmacy, of Woonsocket, R.I.
Hazard: Young children can chew through the plastic spout of the sippy cup, which can pose a choking hazard.
Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received 36 reports of toddlers chewing through the plastic spout of the sippy cup, resulting in one choking incident and three near-choking incidents. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves the Playskool Toddler “NoSpill” Sippy Cup. The 8-ounce cup is clear plastic with red trim, red and yellow handles, and a yellow tip; blue trim, blue and green handles and a green tip; or purple trim, purple and aqua handles, and an aqua tip. The serial number of the recalled cups is 382814, which appears on the back of the packaging.
要了解標點";" (分號)表示跳到另外一圖
Sold by: CVS stores nationwide from September 2006 through April 2007 for about $5.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should stop their children from using the cup immediately and return it to any CVS store for a refund, or throw the product away and bring a proof of purchase of the product to any CVS store for a refund.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact CVS/pharmacy toll-free at (866) 434-0098 between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, visit CVS/pharmacy’s Web site at www.cvs.com, or e-mail the company at playskoolinfo@cvs.com


讀這篇 我們可以由看圖和說明來學習許多英文單字的實際應用

· 噴口;(茶壺等的)嘴
This teapot's got a broken spout.
spout (OPENING) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a tube-shaped opening which allows liquids to be poured out of a container

noun [C or U] (ALSO trim)
(a piece of) decorative material added around the edge of something:
I want a plain black jumper with no fancy trimmings.
I wore my red jacket with the black trim.

aqua 淺綠色,水綠色 --Yahoo 辭典此翻譯有問題
應是"藍中帶點綠" :
noun [U]
1 UK SPECIALIZED water, when it is used in make-up and beauty products

2 US a greenish-blue colour

tip 頂端;尖端

fluid ounce

fluid ounce
n. (Abbr. fl. oz.)
  1. A unit of volume or capacity in the U.S. Customary System, used in liquid measure, equal to 29.57 milliliters (1.804 cubic inches).
  2. A unit of volume or capacity in the British Imperial System, used in liquid and dry measure, equal to 28.41 milliliters (1.734 cubic inches).

2007年7月20日 星期五

The Goldilocks phenomenon

“……匯豐(HSBC)英國經濟學家卡倫•沃德(Karen Ward)表示,可用勞動力的增長“正是(英國央行(Bank of England))行長所要求的”。她將當前的趨勢描述為“金髮勞動力市場”(Goldilocks labour market)——一切都“剛剛好”,年長者和移民數量的增加滿足了對工人需求的增長。……”RECORD NUMBERS WORK PAST PENSION AGE By Andrew Taylor, Employment Correspondent Friday, July 20, 2007 (FT)

【原文 She described current trends as a “Goldilocks labour market” where everything was “just right” with rising demand for workers being met by increasing numbers of older people and migrants.

這GOLDILOCKS 翻譯有問題,應參考:這是標準的文化落差( 原出自著名的童話故事)
The Goldilocks phenomenon, something being just right, not too big or hot or small or cold, a concept used in astronomy and economics.】

The "Goldilocks phenomenon" refers to the necessity that planetary conditions such as size or temperature be "just right" in order to sustain life.

The term derives from the story of Goldilocks, who preferred porridge which was "not too hot, and not too cold".

2007年7月19日 星期四

PowerPoint, power point

PowerPoint 商標 推薦文章 從PowerPoint談起

power point UK noun [C] (US electrical outlet)
a device to which an item of electrical equipment can be connected in order to provide it with electricity

shaver point UK noun [C] (US shaver outlet)
a socket (= electrical opening in a wall), often in a bathroom, which is used to connect an electric razor to a supply of electricity

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

bra (1936) 'Bra wars' (2005/2007) 雙重監督

( bra (1936)
noun [C] (FORMAL brassiere (1909))
a piece of women's underwear that supports the breasts )

'Bra wars' overshadows EU-China summit

EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson is attempting to end a dispute over Chinese textiles stranded in European ports.
Pressure is on to end the row before UK Prime Minister Tony Blair chairs an EU-China summit. Fergal Parkinson reports.




























下文的 The Chinese Diaspora 數十年前唐君毅翻譯成"中華兒女 花果飄零" (記憶猶新 不見得可靠)

noun [U] FORMAL
the spreading of people from one original country to other countries

the Diaspora group noun [U]
the Jews living in different parts of the world outside Israel, or the various places outside Israel in which they live

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)



這次大都會博物館(Metropolitan Museum of Art)特展主題「腳踏東西文化的華裔作家林語堂」(Bridging East and West:The Chinese Diaspora and Lin Yutang),展期自今年9月15日至2008年2月10日。展出期間除書畫展示和介紹,也舉辦配合特展主題的相關活動,並將林語堂生平及所展出文物編印成冊,供參觀者購買收藏。

hop 酒花

hop 酒花(啤酒用)
━━ n. ホップ; (pl.) その実 ((ビールに苦味をつける)); 〔俗〕 麻薬, アヘン.
━━ v. (-pp-) ホップの実をつむ; ホップで風味をつける; 〔俗〕 麻薬を飲ませる; (エンジン出力を)強化する.
hop・head 〔俗〕 麻薬患者.
hopped-up ━━ a. 〔米俗〕 (麻薬で)酔いしれた; (エンジンが)パワーアップされた.
hop・per2 ━━ n. ホップを摘む人[機械].
hop picker =hopper2.
hop pole (つるをからませるための)ホップの支柱.

德中经济 | 2007.07.18
中国人民喝啤酒 酒花价格全球抖
Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: 去年人均啤酒消费量德国为116升,中国为25升



据该报告统计,去年全球啤酒生产量比上年增长6%,达1700亿升,增长量为100亿升,其中近一半(45亿升)是在中国实现的。该公司总经理巴特 (Stephan Barth)在新闻发布会上表示,就啤酒消费而言,中国还大有发展潜力。他说:“2006年,中国人均啤酒消费量是25升。与此相比,德国是116升。”



据该报告统计,德国仅有3家啤酒集团跻身全球40强行列,它们分别是拉德贝尔格(Radeberger,第23名;2005年位居第20名)、碧特博格 (Bitburger,又称比特堡,第33名;2005年位居第30名)、澳汀格(Oettinger,第34名;2005年位居第33名)。


除消费增长外,目前酒花价格的上涨也和德国作为世界上最大酒花生产国近10年来酒花种植面积减少20%多的情况不无关系。巴特解释说,多年来啤酒酿制行业渐渐放弃了过去的预购方式采购酒花,而更多地采取短期采购方式,拉低了酒花价格,迫使许多酒花农放弃种植,情愿申请政府的退耕还草奖金。目前,德国的酒花种植面积保持在17170公顷的水平。巴特说:“啤酒酿制业现在显然意识到了时代发展潮流,已经和德国主要种植区的酒花农签订了预购合同,将2007年和 2008年的酒花收成采购一空。”酒花紧缺,必定造成价格上涨,只不过,酒花价格在啤酒价格中仅占大约1%的份量。


约翰· 巴特父子有限公司录属国际巴特-哈斯酒花集团(Barth-Haas Group),是该集团旗下最大的子公司。这家集团加工、销售世界上三分之一的酒花,其产品从传统酒花颗粒到酒花制品,还有其它适于制啤的各种专业香油和香精等,范围广泛。中国的新疆绿宝酒花有限公司也录属该集团旗下。

purported copies of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Scholastic filed suit after purported copies of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" turned up despite extraordinary security measures.

(purport (CLAIM)
verb [+ to infinitive] FORMAL
to pretend to be or to do something, especially in a way that is not easy to believe:
They purport to represent the wishes of the majority of parents at the school.
The study purports to show an increase in the incidence of the disease.
The tape recording purports to be of a conversation between the princess and a secret admirer.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
━━ n. 意味, 主意, 意図 ((of)).
━━ vt. …と称する, 主張する ((to do)); 意味する, 主意とする.
pur・port・ed・ly ━━ ad. 言われるところによれば.)

Mischief Unmanaged
Carefully Plotted Logistics
To Deliver Final Harry Potter
Fail to Dispel Rash of Leaks

━━ n. 【医】(単数形で) 発疹(はっしん), 吹出物; (事件などの)多発.
a rash of sth a large number of unpleasant events of the same type:
There has been a rash of robberies/accidents/complaints in the last two months.)

July 19, 2007; Page B1

Scholastic Corp. needs Hermione's fabled Time Turner device.

The publisher would dearly love to go back and prevent the premature distribution of as many as 1,200 copies of J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in the U.S. as well as the apparent leak online of a copy of the book.

Despite extraordinary security measures, purported Potters were turning up all over yesterday. One version allegedly delivered early sold for $250 on eBay. At least one was delivered to a home in Maryland, and the Baltimore Sun posted a brief review of the book online yesterday afternoon, though it didn't explain how it obtained its copy.

[Discuss Harry Potter]
• Scholastic's lawsuit and contracts
• Scholastic's statement
• Potter Notebook: A Curious Muggle's Confession
• Harry Potter Guide: Books, films, sales, reviews

It seemed to be going so well. Over the span of the seven-book series, as the Harry Potter books have exploded in popularity, retailers have grown increasingly sophisticated in getting them into the hands of eager readers not a minute before their release time.

Barnes & Noble Inc., the nation's largest book retailer, for instance, uses an algorithm to help ensure that the more than 500,000 copies it ships out to individual buyers arrive on the appointed day. The retailer received more than 1.3 million pre-orders for the book, but many of those will be picked up at its stores by customers.

Copies of "Deathly Hallows" began arriving at the retailer's two major warehouses several weeks ago. There, they are separated by zip code and shipped out using a complex mathematical formula to compute exactly how long it takes to deliver a book to a specific neighborhood. "We have all this built in to our system," says Marie J. Toulantis, CEO of Barnes&Noble.com. "We know, depending on the shipper and zip code, exactly how long it will take to get the book to a customer's home on time."

But such clockwork accuracy appears to be lacking at some other companies.

The Baltimore Sun reported yesterday that a man in Maryland had received a copy early from online retailer DeepDiscount.com, mailed from the retailer's warehouses in Chicago. Rob Broggi, director of merchandising at DeepDiscount.com, described the event to the Sun as a "freak accident" and said the matter was being investigated. (Baltimore Sun's site)
[Harry Potter featured on the Baltimore Sun site]
Harry Potter featured on the Baltimore Sun site

Scholastic believes that DeepDiscount.com and its supplier, Chas. Levy Co.'s Levy Home Entertainment distribution arm, violated their contractual obligations to ensure that "Deathly Hallows" went on sale no sooner than one minute after midnight on Saturday. In a suit filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill., Scholastic alleged that Infinity Resources Inc., doing business as DeepDiscount.com, shipped "Deathly Hallows" as much as a week "before the contractually permitted shipping date." (Text of the suit)

This could explain how some readers are getting early copies. Despite its security efforts, Scholastic lost control during the virtual last leg of the process -- the distance between retailer and consumer.

"This isn't just one copy that got out by accident," says Kyle Good, a spokeswoman for Scholastic, which estimated that the number of copies shipped is around "one one-hundredth of one percent" of the total U.S. copies. Ms. Good added that the number could be considerably less. (Text of Scholastic's statement)

"We're asking for damages but can't yet quantify them," says Lisa Holton, president of Scholastic Trade and Book Fairs.

Neither Levy Home Entertainment nor DeepDiscount.com would comment.

As for the book auctioned on eBay, Kim Ruby, a spokeswoman for eBay Inc., said that "this transaction abided by the policies at eBay," but they were looking into it further. Ms. Ruby added that "there is no way for us to verify," whether the book is real or not.

Many fans are upset. Melissa Anelli, who owns The Leaky Cauldron, a popular Harry Potter Web site (www.the-leaky-cauldron.org), said that her site is being flooded with emails from concerned readers. "I can't believe the intensity of some people's desire to ruin it for other people," she says.
Amazon.com employees pack copies of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'; inset, a close-up of the writing on the book boxes from Scholastic

Book sellers were instructed by Scholastic to keep tight-lipped about the logistics of shipping the highly coveted book. Kim Sutton, the brand-marketing coordinator with Powell's Books, an independent bookstore and online retailer based in Portland, Ore., said that her company can't even disclose where the books are warehoused. "People might know where the books are and access them and leak them," she said.

Scholastic offered Powell's Books two options for shipping the book -- either agree to use FedEx Corp. to distribute the books in time for the Saturday release, or wait and use any carrier they chose to deliver the book after the release date. The latter option would have meant that some of Powell's customers wouldn't be able to get a copy until a week after its release date. Powell's agreed to let FedEx handle the shipping. "FedEx is ultimately responsible for the routing of the books so that they arrive on the exact day," Ms. Sutton said.

Carla Boyd, a spokeswoman for FedEx, wouldn't confirm the company's agreement with Powell's and Scholastic, saying that the company doesn't comment on their business partners' practices. The company's FedEx Freight unit expects to deliver 2.7 million books to bookstores across the country. Ms. Boyd said the company is using a variety of safeguards to ensure that the books aren't stolen or shipped ahead of Saturday's release, including placing the books in unmarked boxes, using cameras to record the books, and having an internal security force that accompanies the books every step of the way.

Those familiar with the direct-mail business weren't shocked that some customers have gotten early copies, but said some would be upset. "This is a big oops," says Denny Hatch, who writes an enewsletter called BusinessCommonSense.com. John Schulte, president of Minneapolis-based National Mail Order Association, a professional organization of people involved in direct marketing, says mistakes happen. "Everything is run by humans, and if somebody typed in the wrong ship date, then you have a problem," he says.

Even the author seems unhappy. In a posting yesterday on her Web site, jkrowling.com, Ms. Rowling wrote: "We are almost there! As launch night looms, let's all, please, ignore the misinformation popping up on the web and in the press on the plot of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'd like to ask everyone who calls themselves a Potter fan to help preserve the secrecy of the plot for all those who are looking forward to reading the book at the same time on publication day. In a very short time you will know EVERYTHING!"

Meanwhile, Scholastic continued to "actively pursue the people involved" in placing what are purported to be photographed pages of the book online. In a sign that any publicity may be good publicity, Ms. Good said that "several said their reservations for their Harry Potter parties are spiking, and they are concerned about having enough books."

Write to Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg at jeffrey.trachtenberg@wsj.com and Joseph De Avila at joseph.deavila@wsj.com

2007年7月18日 星期三

coffee-maker, coffeehouse, coffee bar

coffee-maker, coffeehouse, coffee bar

Atico International USA Recalls Coffeemakers Due to An Electrical Failure (made in China)
查不出coffee-maker或 coffeemaker開始使用的年份,不過倒可以知道美國1956年才大量用coffee bar這字眼,更可以知道英國從17世紀開始、18世紀著名的文人聚會的coffeehouse簡史。


The noun coffeehouse has one meaning:
Meaning #1: a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold
Synonyms: cafe, coffee shop, coffee bar


搞bloggers好處之一 就是偶爾會注意這套系統的殘留外文--它們幾乎已都中譯了

剛剛碰到 "navbar" 我一下猜出它是 Navigation Bar 的縮寫
就是這頁最左上有 Blogger的小方框 供讀者輸入欲瀏覽網址的

enquête or opinion poll

survey 在日本採用法語 enquête

アンケート 【(フランス) enquête 】〔調査・質問の意〕

三省堂提供「デイリー 新語辞典」




enquête f 1. (étude) ~ sur qc survey on sth 2. (sondage d'opinions) survey 3. ADMIN, JUR inquiry; ouvrir une ~ to open an inquiry

(from Dictionnaire Cambridge Klett Compact)

即意見調查 Opinion poll

2007年7月17日 星期二

Procedure 與 Proceduralist

Procedure 與 Proceduralist
(取材 To Reduce Risks, Hospitals Enlist 'Proceduralists' By LAURA LANDRO, WSJ, July 11, 2007; Page D1)

定義:procedure - 程式, 手續, 過程 。日本語 (Japanese) 進行, 手順, 処置, 手続き, 行為

A procedure is a specification of the series of actions, acts or operations which have to be executed in the same manner in order to obtain always the same result in the same circumstances (for example, emergency procedures). Less precisely speaking, this word can indicate a sequence of activities, tasks, steps, decisions, calculations and processes, that when undertaken in the sequence laid down produces the described result, product or outcome. A procedure usually induces a change.

外科手術之程序: Surgical procedure, in medicine, treating diseases through an operation; see also List of surgical procedures

例:現在美國一些醫院將處理某手術程序的專家集合成立procedure center,其中的諸專家稱為 proceduralists.
With a steady decline in the number of doctors trained to perform such skills-intensive medical procedures in recent years, Cedars and other large academic medical centers are looking for ways to fill the gap. They are creating special procedure services and new procedure-training programs for medical residents. Teams of doctors known as proceduralists are now available at some centers with special expertise in tunneling a catheter into a vein, slicing an incision in the neck for an airway, or plunging a needle into a patient's back for a spinal tap.