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pass, long pass, the authorities

日本通運/『TOYOTA LONG PASS EXPRESSによる自動車部品輸送』が(社 ...

日本通運/『TOYOTA LONG PASS EXPRESSによる自動車部品輸送』が(社)日本物流団体連合会の第9回「物流環境大賞」を受賞 - 『TOYOTA LONG PASS EXPRESSによる自動車

LONG PASS 可能是傳長(遠)球
這TOYOTA LONG PASS EXPRESS 指用火車長途 快速運送汽車部落品等

Nigerian Authorities Prevent NGOs From Helping Niger

Many non government organisations are operating in Niger, but their job is getting more difficult. Now the medical aid organisation Doctors without Borders is forced to leave the country.

the authorities 公權力
Nigerian Authorities 奈及利亞 當局

authority Show phonetics
1 [U] the moral or legal right or ability to control:
The United Nations has used/exerted/exercised its authority to restore peace in the area.
We need to get the support of someone in authority (= an important or high-ranking person).
They've been acting illegally and without authority (= permission) from the council.
[+ to infinitive] I'll give my lawyers authority (= permission) to act on my behalf.
He's got no authority over (= ability to control) his students.
She spoke with authority (= as if she was in control or had special knowledge).

2 [C] a group of people with official responsibility for a particular area of activity:
the health authority
the local housing authority

3 [C] an expert on a subject:
She's a world authority on 19th-century Irish history.

the authorities plural noun
the group of people with official responsibility for a particular area:
I'm going to report these holes in the road to the authorities.

local authority group noun [C] UK
the group of people who govern an area, especially a city


vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)
  1. 前進;通過;經過;超過
  2. 你不能過去。停在原處。
  3. (路)延伸;(消息)傳開[Q]
  4. 終止,消失;離開,死亡[(+away)]
  5. 疼痛消失了。
  6. (球類運動中)傳遞[(+to)]
  7. (時間)推移,流逝;變化,轉化[Q][(+from/to/into)]
  8. 這十天很快就過去了。
  9. (考試等)及格;通過;被批准
  10. 法案最終通過了。
  11. (財產,權力等)轉讓;相傳[Q][(+to/into)]
  12. 不叫牌,放棄叫牌
  13. (事情)發生
  14. 我不知道他們之間發生了什麼事。
vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)
  1. 經過,穿過,越過,超過
  2. 我們走過幾家商店才到了理髮店。
  3. 超出,超越(能力,範圍,限度等)
  4. 傳遞;傳達;傳(球)[O1][(+to)]
  5. 請把鹽遞給我。
  6. 度過(時間等)
  7. 通過(考試;檢查等);使及格;批准(議案等)
  8. 這項議案是一九○八年通過的。
  9. 使(貨幣等)流通;傳播(謠言等)
  10. 宣佈(判決等);提出(批評,意見等)[(+on/upon)]
  11. 他不肯對委員會的決定作任何評論。
  12. 排泄;通(大,小便)
n. (名詞 noun)
  1. 穿過,經過[C]
  2. 通行證;護照;入場證[C]
  3. 沒有通行證不得通過。
  4. 及格;及格分數[C]
  5. 他英語考試得了個及格分數。
  6. 傳球動作[C]
  7. 山隘;關口;海峽[C]
  8. 困境,難關[S]
  9. 過去她身陷困境時,總是請姨媽幫忙。
  10. 一次操作,一次動作[C]
  11. 勾引手段,過分舉動[(+at)]

turn sth around/round, on the table

Tommy Hilfiger has taken its plans for a possible initial public offering off the table, and instead plans to focus on expansion after turning around its U.S. business.

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turn sth around/round phrasal verb [M]
to change an unsuccessful business, plan or system so that it becomes successful:
The new management team turned the ailing company around in under six months.

turnaround Show phonetics
noun [S] (UK ALSO turnround)
1 when a business, plan or system suddenly becomes successful:
The chairman, Tony Bramall, was responsible for the turnaround in the company's fortunes.

2 any change from one thing to its opposite:
What a turnaround - at halftime they were losing 3-0, but in the end they won 4-3.


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on the table
If a plan or suggestion has been put/laid on the table, it has been made available for people to hear, read or discuss.

outstanding (NOT FINISHED)

The NYT leads with a potential deal between the U.S. and Europe that would allow American law enforcement and security agencies to access information about European citizens. Credit card transactions, travel histories and internet browsing habits might be shared, but there are still about half a dozen outstanding issues to be dealt with.

outstanding (NOT FINISHED)


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outstanding (NOT FINISHED) Show phonetics
not yet paid, solved or done:
$450 million in outstanding debts
There are still a couple of problems outstanding.

insider dealing, grapple with sth (PROBLEM)

Lawsuits Accuse EADS
Of Insider Trading

Class-Action Status
Sought in U.S. Cases
Following French Probes

U.S. tort lawyers are taking up a challenge that French prosecutors and stock-market regulators have been grappling with for almost two years: Proving that executives and core shareholders of Airbus parent European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. knowingly traded on insider information, and weren't simply bad managers.

As Wall Street grapples with its latest, increasingly bloody round of job cuts, DealBook surveys layoffs from the years past.


grapple was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.

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insider dealing noun [U] (ALSO insider trading)
the illegal buying and selling of company shares (= a financial part of the ownership of a company) by people who have special information because they are involved with the company

The unlawful practice of using information that comes from a source “inside” the business but is not available to the general public to trade on the stock market. This activity is prohibited by law and is policed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • In the mid-1980s, several revelations of insider trading rocked Wall Street.

  • in・sid・er

    ━━ n. 内部の人, 仲間; 主流[体制]派; 内幕に通じた人, インサイダー.
    insider dealing [trading] インサイダー取引.

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    seal your fate, seal the deal, Strike a Deal

    Novelist Ryotaro Shiba (1923-1996) once noted that "being able to compromise wisely" was a superior political ability. I believe "compromise" here means the same as "agreement." To strike a wise compromise, one must have the wisdom to draw concessions out of the negotiating partner, as well as the ability to bury one's differences for the broader perspective. Lacking either of these attributes, one cannot really hope to seal the deal.

    Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal

    seal (MARK) Show phonetics
    noun [C]
    an official mark on a document, sometimes made with wax, which shows that it is legal or has been officially approved:
    The lawyer stamped the certificate with her seal.

    seal Show phonetics
    verb [T]
    to make an agreement more certain or to approve it formally:
    The two leaders sealed their agreement with a handshake.

    seal your fate
    If an action, event or situation seals your fate, nothing can stop some unpleasant thing happening to you:
    From the moment she stepped into the busy road her fate was sealed.

    Decide what will become of one, as in The letter of rejection sealed his fate; he'd have to apply to other medical schools.

    This term employs seal in the sense of "permanently fix or fasten something," a usage dating from the mid-1600s.

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    do (cook)

    At KCF, We do chicken right!

    to cook or prepare food
    Who's doing the food for your party?
    [+ two objects]I'll do you some scrambled eggs.

    Show phonetics
    adjective [after verb]
    Are the vegetables done (= Have they finished cooking) yet?
    "How would you like your steak done?"
    "Well-done (= Cooked for a long time), please."

    Compare medium (VALUE); rare (COOKED)

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    bridge, crisis, ratification, plagiarism

    要是换一张不像他那样引人注目的面孔,那么别人很可能看到的只有鼻子。就是在他的脸上,人们最先看到印象最深的也是他的鼻子。伊尔瑟·卢宾说那是个“巨型 鼻”,奥斯卡接着说,是个“大象鼻子”。英格丽说:“你简直可以把你这个鼻子架在水上过河了。”(他的鼻梁很宽。)[5]

    [5]“ 鼻梁”在英语中与“桥” 是同一个字,均为 bridge。

    Israeli Political Crisis Overshadows Rice’s Trip
    Commentators said that a police investigation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel seemed quite serious.


    Pilots at Delta Air Lines and the Northwest Airlines have approved a collective bargaining agreement. Ratification has been an element of Delta's efforts to achieve a smooth integration when it acquires Northwest later this year.

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    France Sees Irish No-Vote As Wake-Up Call

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called Ireland's "no" to the
    EU's Lisbon Treaty a call to change the way Europe was being
    constructed. But he has also urged other states to continue the
    ratification process.

    To read this article on the DW-WORLD website, just click on the
    internet address below:

    Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism

    US Democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
    have debated in Texas, the largest state contest left in the race for
    the party's nomination. The sharpest words came from Clinton who now
    finds herself behind in the nomination process. She accused Obama of
    plagiarism for taking a portion of a speech from Massachusetts governor
    Deval Patrick. Obama defended his use of Patrick's words, saying he is
    co-chair of his campaign and that Patrick asked him to use the passages.
    Clinton's attack was greeted with boos from the Austin, Texas audience.
    The Texas primary will be held on March 4.


    ━━ v. (他人の文章・考案などを)盗む, 剽窃(ひょうせつ)する ((from)).
     pla・gia・rism ━━ n. 剽窃(物).
     pla・gia・rist ━━ n. 剽窃者.
     ━━ n. 剽窃(者).


    ━━ vt. 批准する.

    ratify Show phonetics
    verb [T] FORMAL
    (especially of governments or organizations) to make an agreement official:
    Many countries have now ratified the UN convention on the rights of the child.
    The decision will have to be ratified (= approved) by the executive board.

    ratification Show phonetics
    noun [U] FORMAL


    ━━ n. (pl. cri・ses  ) 危機, 重大な局面; (病気の)境目; 転機.
     crisis center 電話緊急相談センター.
     crisis line 〔米〕 =hot line.
     crisis management (雇用者・政府などのストライキ・暴動などに対する)危機管理.


    ━━ n. 橋; 船[艦]橋; 鼻柱; 歯橋; (バイオリンなどの)こま; (めがねの)橋梁(りょう)部; (放送劇などの場面間の)つなぎ音楽; 【トランプ】ブリッジ; (ビリヤードの)キュー架; 【化】架橋; 【石油】棚; 【電気】ブリッジ(回路); 【コンピュータ】ブリッジ ((ネットワークの橋渡し)); 【服】ブリッジ ((最高級品と一般の顧客を橋渡しするためのやや安価に設定した商品)).
    build bridges (between) (…の)橋渡しをする.
    burn one's bridges (behind one) 背水の陣を敷く.
    cross one's bridges when one comes to them / not cross one's bridges before one comes to them 取り越し苦労をしない.
    ━━ vt. 橋をかける; 橋渡しをする.
    bridge over (一時的に)しのがせる.
    bridge・head 橋頭堡(ほ); 足がかり ((for)).
    bridge loan つなぎ融資 (bridging loan).
    bridge of boats 浮き橋, 舟橋.
    Bridge of Sighs (the ~) 嘆きの橋 ((Veniceにある橋;昔罪人が刑務所に入るときに渡った)).
    bridge rectifier 【電子工】ブリッジ整流器.
    bridge・ware 【コンピュータ】ブリッジウェア ((「橋渡し」用のソフトウェア)).
    bridge・work 架橋工事; 架工義歯.
    bridg・ing ━━ n. 【コンピュータ】ネットワークを橋渡しすること.
    bridge loan (銀行の)つなぎ資金融資.
    bridge product 【コンピュータ】=bridgeware.