2009年9月29日 星期二

try one's patience, spare a thought

《中英對照讀新聞》’I can’t take it!’ cried Kadhafi interpreter 格達費的口譯員高喊「我受不了了」!
If Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s rambling, podium-hogging speech at the United Nations tried the patience of many UN delegates, spare a thought for his simultaneous interpreter.
The Libyan’s interpreter managed to hang on for the first 75 minutes of Wednesday’s epic before crying: "I just can’t take it anymore!" reported the New York Post daily.
Spotting the emergency, the UN’s Arabic section chief, Rasha Ajalyaqeen, took over for the final 20 minutes.


try the patience of a saint(Job)︰即使聖人(約伯;聖經中備受命運捉弄的義人)也無法忍受,意即令人受不了。本文的句子衍生自此句,意指許多聯合國代表失去耐性。

try one's patience

Put one's tolerance to a severe test, cause one to be annoyed, as in Putting these parts together really tries my patience, or Her constant lateness tries our patience. This idiom uses try in the sense of "test," a usage dating from about 1300.

spare a thought︰片語:想一想、思及。例句︰We should educate the children to spare a thought for those in need.(我們應教育孩子們多為需要的人想一想。)

save/spare sb's blushes
British & Australian

to do something to prevent someone feeling embarrassed

Granger saved the team's blushes by scoring the only goal in the last five minutes of the game.
The audience's blushes were spared because the censors had removed all the explicit sex scenes from the film.

at this time, bookbag

at one time
  1. Simultaneously.
  2. At a period or moment in the past.
at the same time
  1. However; nonetheless.
at times
  1. On occasion; sometimes.

Sgt. Mark Roberts said police were suspicious that the boy was able to "escape" with his band instrument, but not his bookbag.


Roberts said the boy faces no charges at this time.



at this time:片語,此時、現在。例句:Authorities say they do have more information concerning the deaths but would not elaborate at this time.(當局表示他們確實在這些命案方面掌握更多的情報,但此刻不會詳細說明。)

2009年9月27日 星期日

come of

Mr. Fager said, “We’re combining our collective brainpower.”

“Such as it is,” Mr. Carter said jokingly.

“And we’ll see what comes of it,” Mr. Fager said.

come out of
Also, come from or come of. Issue, proceed, or result from, as in What good can come out of all this wrangling? or Where are these questions coming from? or What do you think will come of this change? The first term dates from the early 1600s, the second from the early 1200s, and the third from the late 1500s. Also see where one is coming from.

2009年9月26日 星期六

goods bearing the Fair Trade label

Is the economic crisis giving Fair Trade a fair go?

When you shop for groceries in your local supermarket, do you spare a
thought for producers in poorer countries? If you do, it’s likely that at
one time or another you’ve bought goods bearing the Fair Trade label.

The DW-WORLD Article

2009年9月25日 星期五

counterinsurgency, Replacing a four-star commander of a warzone,

The Afghan Imperative
Fighting the Afghan war the easy way hasn’t worked. Only the full counterinsurgency doctrine offers a chance of success.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal's world-wide newsbox lead with the firing of the top American commander in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced yesterday that he had requested the resignation of Gen. David McKiernan, who had been in the job for less than a year, because the Pentagon needs "fresh thinking" and "fresh eyes" on Afghanistan. McKiernan will be replaced by Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the director of the Pentagon's Joint Staff who recently ran the secretive special operations forces in Iraq. McChrystal has lots of experience in counterinsurgency operations and is widely expected to quickly institute changes to U.S. and NATO strategy in Afghanistan. Replacing a four-star commander of a warzone is exceedingly rare, and several papers mention that it looks like it's the first time this has happened since President Harry Truman removed Gen. Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War.


Political and military strategy or action intended to oppose and forcefully suppress insurgency.

counterinsurgent coun'ter·in·sur'gent n.

capital position, leftward, tug of war

 tug of war, white or colored holiday light
A Tug of War, With Strings of Lights
The origins of the debate over white or colored holiday light are vague, but the battle is renewed every year.

tug of war
n., pl., tugs of war.
  1. Games. A contest of strength in which two teams tug on opposite ends of a rope, each trying to pull the other across a dividing line.
  2. A struggle for supremacy: a political tug of war between those in favor of the proposal and those against it.

MF Global Fights to Stay Afloat After Two Credit Downgrades MF Global, the commodities and derivatives brokerage house, was in a fight for its life Thursday night after the firm drew down its main credit line and two major credit ratings agencies cut their ratings on the firm to junk.

MF Global is scrambling to sell some or all of itself. The firm has enough assets to survive for at least the next few days, said a person outside the firm who was briefed on its condition.

The pressure on MF Global is mounting even as a deal over Greece's debt has provided market relief to other American financial institutions. Investors have grown increasingly worried about MF Global's capital position, given its exposure to $6.3 billion in debt from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal.

Merkel's Leftward Shift Positions Her to Win
When German voters go to the polls, Angela Merkel is almost assured re-election -- not for keeping the campaign promises she made four years ago, but for breaking most of them.

adv. & adj.
To or on the left.
━━ a., ad. 左の方の[へ].

2009年9月24日 星期四



The sound made by each hoof of a hoofed animal as it moves.

2009年9月22日 星期二

scoop (detail), candlelit vigil, stay awake



"My generation of Catholics have paid, prayed and obeyed, but you get to a point where you’ve had it."
MARGY O’BRIEN, who has helped keep a vigil at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church for four years to stop the Archdiocese of Boston from selling it.

"My generation of Catholics have paid, prayed and obeyed, but you get to a point where you’ve had it."
MARGY O’BRIEN, who has helped keep a vigil at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church for four years to stop the Archdiocese of Boston from selling it.

"What does the quotation at the end of The Magus mean?"
So, in order to save time (for both those asking the question and us), here's the scoop:

cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet

The opening lines of an anonymous Latin lyric titled The Vigil of Venus (3rd century A.D.), it translates to:

"Tomorrow let him love, who has never loved; he who has loved, let him love tomorrow."

An alternate translation, submitted by Professor Andrey Kravtsov of New Mexico State University, is:

"Let those love now who've never loved; let those who've loved, love yet again."

It seems fairly clear that Fowles is indicating, through the quote, his preferred resolution to the story as it pertains to Nicholas and Alison. Although ultimately, as Fowles has noted, it is up to the reader to come up with his or her own interpretation.
這 scoop是另外一日常用語
  1. Informal. Current information or details: What's the scoop on the new neighbors?

scoop (NEWS)

Informal. An exclusive news story acquired by luck or initiative before a competitor.

vigil Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
(an act of) staying awake, especially at night, in order to be with an ill person, or to express especially political disagreement, or to pray:
His parents kept vigil beside his bed for weeks before he died.
Supporters of the peace movement held an all-night candlelit vigil outside the cathedral.

Exhausted Australian doctors have been told to drink up to six cups of coffee a day to stay awake during extended shifts, building pressure on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to seize control of state-run hospitals.

stay awake:片語,例句:保持清醒。例句:I try to stay awake and remember my home address.(我試圖保持清醒,並記得家裡的地址。)


━━ n. 徹夜, 寝ずの番; 不眠; 通夜; 監視; (the ~) 教会祭日の前日[前夜] ((断食や祈りで過す)); (普通pl.) 祭日前夜の徹夜の祈り.
keep vigil (見張り・看病などで)寝ずの番をする.

2009年9月21日 星期一


The Art Newspaper
The French have a word for it, insaissable, impossible to catch. So why is he
setting up in London, and why now? “I've always loved London, I love England,

alert, disruption, disruptive, problematic, rocky, messiness

Distributed Leadership Model, a unique approach to executive leadership designed to help you drive innovation, maximize team performance, and succeed in a complex world of disruptive change.

Putin Orders Cut in Gas Sent Via Ukraine as Disruptions Spread

MOSCOW, Jan. 5 -- Russia said Monday that it is sharply reducing the amount of natural gas it ships to Europe through Ukraine, deepening its fuel embargo of the former Soviet republic as supply disruptions spread to other countries and a top Ukrainian official warned of "catastrophe" for the pipe...
(By Philip P. Pan, The Washington Post)

Metro Posts Alerts for Bus Riders
Metro has begun posting service-disruption information for Metrobus on its Web site as a way to improve communication with riders on its more than 350 bus routes. The agency has been posting such information for rail riders for years.
(By Lena H. Sun, The Washington Post)

Aside from the disruption and trauma the practice can cause, Graff warns that the pictures potentially violate child pornography laws that ban sexually suggestive pictures of underage children.

None of the legal messiness is surprising given the nature of the business, said Gerald Peters, an art dealer in Santa Fe, N.M., who said he had bought paintings from Art Capital. “The game they have to play is rough,” he said. “But the service they are providing is real, and there’s demand for it.”

Messy Washington Tests ‘the Professor’

Lawrence H. Summers, the chief White House economic adviser, has had a rocky week. “Politics are hard to predict,” he said in an interview.

A Shift in South Africa
A ground-breaking democratic election elevates a potentially problematic leader.
(The Washington Post)

Patients here were more likely to get appointments quickly for elective surgery than those in nearly all the other countries. But access to primary care doctors, the mainstay of medical practice, was often rocky. Only half of the American adults were able to see a doctor the same day that they became sick or the day after, a worse showing than in all the other countries except Canada. Getting care on nights and weekends was problematic.

 Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a situation, person or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved:
financial/health problems
Our main problem is lack of cash.
I'm having problems with my computer.
No one has solved the problem of what to do with radioactive waste.
The very high rate of inflation poses/presents (= is) a serious problem for the government.
When is the government going to tackle (= deal with) the problem of poverty in the inner cities?
[+ ing form of verb] Did you have any problems (= difficulties) getting here?
I'd love to come - the only problem is I've got friends staying that night.

2 a question in mathematics which needs an answer:
We were given ten problems to solve.

3 problem child/family, etc. a child, etc. whose behaviour is bad

problematic Show phonetics
adjective (ALSO problematical) ━━ a. 問題の, 疑問の, 不確かな; 未決の.
full of problems or difficulties:
Getting everyone there on time might prove problematic.

problematically Show phonetics


Meaning #1: a state of confusion and disorderliness
Synonyms: messmussmussiness
Meaning #2: the trait of being untidy and messy
Synonym: untidiness

mess (UNTIDINESS) Show phonetics
1 [S or U] Something or someone that is a mess or is in a mess, looks dirty or untidy:
He makes a terrible mess when he's cooking.
Jem's house is always in a mess.
Go and clear up that mess in the kitchen.
Ian can't stand mess.
look a mess - I can't go out like this!
My hair's such a mess today!

2 [S] a situation that is full of problems:
She said that her life was a mess.
got myself into a mess by telling a lie.
The company's finances are in a mess.

3 [S] a person whose life is full of problems they cannot deal with:
After the divorce he was a real mess and drinking too much.

4 [C] an animal's excrement:
Fido left another mess on the carpet.

mess Show phonetics
1 [T] MAINLY US (UK mess upINFORMAL to make something untidy:
Don't you dare mess my hair!

2 [I] to leave excrement somewhere:
Next door's dog has messed on our steps again!

messy Show phonetics
1 untidy:
a messy kitchen
messy hands/hair
His bedroom's always messy.

2 producing or causing dirt and untidiness:
Eating spaghetti can be a messy business.
Vicky cooks really well but she's rather messy.

3 describes a situation that is confused and unpleasant:
A war will be a long and messy business.
They had a bitter, messy divorce.

messily Show phonetics

rocky Show phonetics
1 unable to balance very well:
After two months in a hospital bed, I felt a bit rocky on my feet.
See also rocky at rock (STONE).

2 uncertain and difficult and not likely to last long:
Their relationship got off to a rocky start.

disrupt Show phonetics
verb [T]
to prevent something, especially a system, process or event, from continuing as usual or as expected:
A heavy fall of snow had disrupted the city's transport system.
The meeting was disrupted by a group of protesters who shouted and threw fruit at the speaker.

disruption Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
The accident on the main road through town is causing widespread disruption for motorists.

disruptive Show phonetics
causing trouble and therefore stopping something from continuing as usual:
His teacher described him as a noisy, disruptive influence in class.

alert PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
quick to see, understand and act in a particular situation:
I'm not feeling very alert today - not enough sleep last night!
A couple of alert readers wrote in to the paper pointing out the mistake.
Parents should be alert to sudden changes in children's behaviour.

alert PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
noun [C or U]
a warning to people to be prepared to deal with something dangerous:
a bomb alert
The army was put on (full) alert as the peace talks began to fail.
The public were warned to be on the alert for (= watching carefully for) suspicious packages.

alert PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
verb [T]
to warn someone of a possibly dangerous situation:
An anonymous letter alerted police to the possibility of a terrorist attack at the airport.

alertness PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
noun [U]


━━ a., n. 油断のない; 敏活な; 警戒警報; 警報発令期間; 【コンピュータ】アラート, 警告.
on the (high) alert 警戒して; 待機して.
━━ vt. (非常)警戒させる; 警報を出す.
alert box 【コンピュータ】(画面上の)アラートボックス, 警告ボックス.
a・lert・ly ━━ ad. 油断なく; 機敏に.
a・lert・ness ━━ n. 油断のなさ; 素早さ.

alert 現在在電腦手機 等email提醒想知道的"關鍵字"相關資訊
通常稱為 "新聞快訊"
Google 新聞快訊關於: 衛生署
中央通訊社 - Taiwan
(中央社記者陳舜協台北十一日電)行政院衛生署疾管局今天表示,漢他病毒在自然 界的宿主是囓齒類動物, 尤其是平時出沒下水道、垃圾堆、非人工飼養的老鼠帶原 機率最高。至於寵物鼠是否會帶原漢他病毒?疾管局說, 寵物鼠自小被人工飼養,帶原漢他病毒機率低,但仍須嚴 防被 ...
東森新聞報 - Taiwan
常用於術後止痛用的Ketorolac非類固醇類抗發炎劑的注射劑 型藥品,衛生署在10年來接獲7件案例通報疑似因使 用後,導致過敏性休克,4人因此死亡。衛生署提醒,醫護人員應小心使用,藥品 口服及注射劑型仿單並應加註「不可用於退燒」警語。 目前衛生署核准含ketorolac成分藥品 ...
中央日報 - Taipei,Taiwan
中新網1月11日電,香港衛生署衛生防護中心10日表示,今年發現 兩種新流感病毒,但香港流感病毒未有變種;現時市民注 射的流感防疫針,對病毒有一定作用。 據香港大公報報導,對於近日流行性感冒個案有輕微上升 的情況,防護中心稱,現階段難以斷定香港已進入流感高 峰期,市民 ...
聯合新聞網 - Taiwan
衛生署公布新竹查獲戴奧辛牛肉來自苗栗 縣公館鄉的劉姓養牛戶,他昨天喊冤,懷疑遭掉包,否則 他的飼料、牧草都是進口,怎麼可能會養出戴奧辛牛。 苗栗縣府農業局畜產課人員昨天再度到公館鄉劉姓養牛戶 調查、採樣,課長邱其彥說,劉姓養牛戶目前圈養63頭牛 ,其中有39頭大 ...
中時電子報 - Taiwan
衛生署拿不出真正有料的政策,針對實質 上可能造成的防疫疏漏問題及責任卻又左閃右躲,宛若女 明星刻意穿低胸、露點甚至不惜露底,吸引了目光卻得不 到讚賞,顯然失格也失焦。 星座與壽命的關連性研究,全世界都有人在做,也的確是 有趣的話題。但這樣的研究如果是出自於 ...
亞視新聞 - Hong Kong
衛生署人員早前於「修身堂健康纖體服務 中心」中環分店內的張英傑醫生診所,搜出大量深綠色的 藥丸膠囊。化驗顯示,這些膠囊含氟苯丙胺,服用後可引 致嚴重副作用,例如心瓣疾病。本港由九八年起已撤銷含 這種成份的藥物註冊。 衛生署呼籲曾使用此藥物的市民,無論服 用多久, ...
自由時報 - Taipei,Taiwan
〔記者胡清暉、羅碧/台北報導〕衛生署於去年十二月底舉辦「內外科專科 護理師甄審考試」,許多應考的護理人員考完後罵聲不斷 ,認為考題冷門,「看了也是白看」,集體反彈,並上網 到衛生署署長信箱、出題的台灣專科護理師 學會網站討論區留言,痛批衛生署、學會大老 ...
商業電台 - Hong Kong
衛生署人員在修身堂健康纖體中環分店內 的張英傑診所,搜出大量深綠色的減肥藥丸膠囊,含有未 註冊藥物,這種名為「Apisate」的藥丸膠囊,含氟苯丙胺 ,可引致嚴重的副作用,例如心瓣疾病,本港由一九九八 年起已撤銷這種藥物註冊。 衛生署呼籲曾使用這種藥物的市民,無論 服用 ...
自立晚報 - 台北,Taiwan
年關近,衛生署公布新竹市林姓攤商的牛肉檢體, 戴奧辛含量超過法定標準四倍。衛生單位追查,肉源來自 苗栗縣公館鄉的劉姓飼養主,他懷疑自家牛肉被掉包。竹 市衛生局強調,這件含戴奧辛的牛肉屬於個案,而且劑量 尚不致於對人體造成傷害,大家不必過於緊張,問題牛肉 也已封存 ...