2007年10月31日 星期三

Google Stock Barrels Through $700


, -reled or -relled, -rel·ing or -rel·ling, -rels or -rels. v.tr.

To put or pack in a barrel.

v.intr. Slang.

To move at a high speed or rate of progress: “That the European Union barreled ahead was not surprising” (Richard W. Stevenson).

Google Stock Barrels Through $700
The Associated Press -
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google Inc.'s stock price barreled through $700 for the first time Wednesday, propelled by a belief that the Internet search leader ...

watershed (BIG CHANGE)

分水界; (川の)流域; 転機, 分岐点.
Show phonetics
noun [S]
an event or period which is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something:
The year 1969 was a watershed in her life - she changed her career and changed her partner.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Pound leaps to post 1981 high against dollar

Sterling nears the watershed $2.07 mark after a senior Bank of England official questioned the need for a rate cut

2007年10月29日 星期一

'Wow' Factor

Nokia Takes 'Wow' Factor to Shanghai
Nokia opened its seventh full-service retail store world-wide in China, now the mobile-phone maker's largest market for multimedia devices. (wsj)

A dazzling, often sudden instance of success: hit, sleeper. Informalsmash, smash hit, ten-strike. Slangboff, boffo, boffola. Seethrive/fail/exist.

wow (SUCCESS) Show phonetics
a person or thing that is very successful, attractive or pleasant:
He's not particularly good-looking, but he's a real wow with the girls in his class.

wow Show phonetics
to impress and excite someone greatly:
The movie wowed audiences throughout the States with its amazing special effects.

wow1 (wou) pronunciation Informal.

Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.


An outstanding success.

tr.v., wowed, wow·ing, wows.

To have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on: a performance that wowed the audience.


But according to the current edition of Business Insight, crossbreeding dissimilar products--like a shoe-and-iPod combination from Apple and Nike--makes for the inspired product breakthroughs.


noun [C]
an animal or plant that is a mixture of breeds and is therefore a new variety

But according to the current edition of Business Insight, crossbreeding dissimilar products--like a shoe-and-iPod combination from Apple and Nike--makes for the inspired product breakthroughs.

verb [I or T] crossbred, crossbred


2007年10月27日 星期六

stuff (EAT), chew, spoilsport, granola

Do our kids need yet another bag of Doritos and a juice box with enough sugar to coat a Honda Odyssey? Can't they just finish playing and have some water?
Call me a spoilsport, but I don't want to bring a team snack. I hate that first day, when the coach's spouse passes around the sign-up sheet so we can schedule what parent brings the communal snack on what day.
Op-Ed Contributor 紐約時報 By HARLAN COBEN , Published: October 27, 2006
Will Play for Food

Canada.com - Don Mills,Ontario,CanadaAmong the latest was by NutriSystem Inc, which announced on Wednesday a voluntary recall of its peanut butter granola bar. On Tuesday, PetSmart Inc, ...

He who stuffs his mouth full cannot chew.

chew Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
1 to crush food into smaller, softer pieces with the teeth so that it can be swallowed:
This meat is difficult to chew.
You don't chew your food enough - that's why you get indigestion.

2 to bite something with your teeth, usually in order to taste its flavour:
Would you like some gum to chew?
She gave the children some sweets to chew (on) during the long car journey.
She sat in the dentist's waiting room, nervously chewing (at) (= biting) her nails.

chew Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 an act of chewing something

2 a hard sweet that gets softer the more you chew it

chewy Show phonetics
describes food that needs to be chewed a lot before it is swallowed:
The meat was tasteless and chewy.

stuff (EAT) Show phonetics
stuff yourself to eat a lot:
They'd been stuffing themselves with snacks all afternoon, so they didn't want any dinner.


Rolled oats mixed with various ingredients, such as dried fruit, brown sugar, and nuts, and used especially as a breakfast cereal.
[Originally a trademark.]

Granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oatsnutshoney and sometimes rice, which is baked until crispy. During the baking process the mixture is stirred to maintain a loose, breakfast cereal type consistency. Dried fruit, particularly raisins or dates, are sometimes also added.

A bowl of granola


他人の興をそぐ人. (掃興者)
The noun spoilsport has one meaning:
Meaning #1: (informal) someone who spoils (mars) the pleasure of others
Synonyms: killjoy, wet blanket, party pooper

"Don't cease your dance, sweet girls! No spoil-sport has com to you with an evil eye, no enemy of girls.
I am God's advocate with the Devil; he, however, is the Spirit of Gravity. How could I be enemy to divine dancing, you nimble creatures? or to girls' feet with fair ankles?"


to snap and print all foreigners, ecclesiology, "Ecclesiological Society"

Today's News
Japan: to snap and print all foreigners entering the country (story)

Ecclesiology (from Greek ἐκκλησίᾱekklēsiā, "congregation, church"; and -λογία-logia) is the study of the theological understanding of the Christian church. Specific areas of concern include the church's role in salvation, its origin, its relationship to the historical Christ, its discipline, its destiny, and its leadership. Ecclesiology is, therefore, the study of the church as a thing in itself.
Different ecclesiologies give shape to very different institutions. Thus, in addition to describing a broad discipline of theology, ecclesiology may be used in the specific sense of a particular church or denomination’s character, self-described or otherwise. This is the sense of the word in such phrases as Roman Catholic ecclesiologyLutheran ecclesiology, and ecumenical ecclesiology.


Ecclesiology comes from the Greek ἐκκλησία (ekklesia), which entered Latin as ecclesia. In the Greco-Roman world, the word was used to refer to a lawful assembly, or a called legislative body. As early as Pythagoras, the word took on the additional meaning of a community with shared beliefs.[1] This is the meaning taken in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Septuagint), and later adopted by the Christian community to refer to the assembly of believers.[2]
教会論{きょうかい ろん}

The Cambridge Camden Society, known also as the "Ecclesiological Society", was a learned architectural society founded in 1839 by undergraduates at Cambridge University to promote "the study of Gothic Architecture, and of Ecclesiastical Antiques." Its activities would come to include publishing a monthly journal, The Ecclesiologistadvising church builders on their blueprints, and advocating a return to a medieval style of church architecture in England. At its peak influence in the 1840s, the Society counted over 700 members in its ranks, including bishops of the Church of England, deans at Cambridge University, and Members of Parliament. The Society and its publications enjoyed wide influence over the design of English churches throughout the 19th century.

  • to snap
snap (PHOTOGRAPH) Show phonetics
an informal photograph which is not particularly skilful or artistic:
holiday snaps
Did you take many snaps while you were away?

verb [I or T] -pp-
to take a lot of photographs quickly:
He was arrested for snapping photos of a military parade.
She's very pleased with her new camera and was snapping away the whole time we were abroad.

  • to print
print (FINGER) Show phonetics
noun [C]
INFORMAL FOR fingerprint:
The burglar had left his prints all over the window.

Japan to take fingerprints, photos of foreigners


2007年10月26日 星期五

Setting the Table

lay/set the table
to put a cloth, knives and forks, etc. on the table in preparation for a meal:
Could you lay the table for lunch, please?


Setting the Table : The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business by Meyer, Danny (HarperCollins )


能讓這位美國知名的餐飲大亨如此成功的原因,是因為他深信人類具有提供並接受款待(hospitality)的強烈本能需要。 本書敘述引領作者走進餐飲業的真實人生經驗,不僅為餐飲服務業提供借鏡,也值得創業者和經理人參考。

作者指出,善於款待別人極為重要,對象從為自己工作的人開始,接著依序是顧客、社區鄰里、供應商以及投資人。這與某些傳統商業模式恰好相反,他稱之為「有 智慧的殷勤款待」(enlightened hospitality)。也因此,他所有的商業決策和一切成就,都以此為基礎。

tycoon 大君

tycoon 大君

2007年10月25日 星期四

high-octane, octane number

high-octane Show phonetics
adjective [before noun] 高辛"皖"值
1 describes fuel that is of very good quality:
high-octane fuel
high-octane UK petrol/US gas

2 full of energy or very powerful:
a high-octane performance


━━ n. 【化】オクタン ((石油中の無色液体炭化水素)); =octane number.
octane number [rating, value] オクタン価.

William Cohan's high- octane history of “the world's most elite and enigmatic investment bank” was awarded the £30,000 ($61,500, €43,000) prize at a gala dinner last night in London.


The Last Tycoons



hc譯評:此書名為複數 tycoons

不應與 F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished final novel, The Last Tycoon混為一談

Insider-selling at Harley-Davidson may be a reason to gear down expectations for the company's high-octane stock price, particularly considering the slowdown in Harley's U.S. motorcycle sales and its aging customer base.

2007年10月24日 星期三

*been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy

Competitiveness, determination, willpower and stamina are attributes common to both athletes and politicians. So, it's not surprising that many athletes turn to politics when their playing career fades. Jack Kemp, Bill Bradley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Largent and Tom Osborne are just a few of those who made the transition from sports arena to political office.



"Pro football gave me a good perspective. When I entered the political arena, I had already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy."Jack Kemp


cut 多義 要請教丁丁等專家
〔米俗〕 ((否定文で)) 処理する; 【球技】(球を)切る, カットする;

梁: "cut除了是「被弄傷」還另有深意乎?願聞丁詳。"
Bill Scherkenbach曰:"Cut means that he was dropped from the team."

To strike (a ball) so that it spins in a reverse direction.

ef·fi·gy (ĕf'ə-jē) pronunciation
n., pl. -gies.
  1. A crude figure or dummy representing a hated person or group.
  2. A likeness or image, especially of a person.
━━ n. 像, 肖像; (憎い人をのろうための)人形.
burn [hang] … in effigy 人の人形を焼く[縛り首にする].

in effigy

  1. Symbolically, especially in the form of an effigy: The deposed dictator was burned in effigy by the crowd.

[French effigie, from Latin effigiēs, likeness, from effingere, to portray : ex-, ex- + fingere, to shape.]

2007年10月23日 星期二

not be set/carved in stone

not be set/carved in stone UK (US not be carved/etched in stone)
to not be fixed and to be able to be changed:
These are just a few ideas - nothing is set in stone yet.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

far from sth

certainly not something:
The situation is far from clear.

不過,報道也引述一些分析人士的話說,習近平與李克強同時獲得提拔說明了領導人的繼任人選“還遠遠未有定案”(far from set in stone)。



unrestrained by convention or propriety: "an audacious trick to pull"
print in boldface

━━ a. 大胆な; 無遠慮な; (文字・輪郭など)太い, きわだった; けわしい. in bold outline against (the sky) (空に)くっきりと. make (so) bold (as) to do あえて…する. make bold with …を勝手に使う; なれなれしくする.━━ n. =boldface. bold・face ━━ n., a. 【印】太字(の).bold-faced a. ずぶとい; 【印】太字の.bold-faced type 肉太活字.

ずぶとい 図太い
audacious; impudent; bold. ⇒図々しい.

Last Night in One Room: Kravis, Milken & Whitehead
Not since Michael Milken's Predators' Ball in the 1980's have so many of Wall Street's bold-faced names dared to mingle together. Until last night.

2007年10月22日 星期一

Websters and Rotarians

>要請教rl 去年常去的一mw英文字典大詞庫網址 可節省時間:

奇怪 似乎不是這辭典 之前的連使用頻率各種quotations等都有
想應該請rl或 ch撰一文介紹網路辭典


Rotary Club
1. A group of businessmen in a town organized as a service club and to promote world peace.

1. A member of a Rotary Club.

Rotarians present dictionaries
Press & Sun-Bulletin - Binghamton,NY,USA
The donation is part of the Rotary Club's Dictionary Project, a nationwide effort to present a personal dictionary to every third-grader in the United ...

prior vs future, clunky, pry, sinister, tumultuous, dripping feed


Prior Loans, Future Pain?

Bank Lending Jumps,
Providing a Cushion,
But Outlook Isn't Good
Since midsummer, bank lending to businesses has risen at the fastest rate in more than 30 years, providing a cushion for the economy as lenders cut back on mortgages and other forms of loans.

clunky, pry, sinister, tumultuous, dripping feed

Flat-screen-television sales, including those of Sony's Bravia-branded liquid-crystal-display models, have been growing strongly world-wide as more consumers trade in their clunky tube-based sets for sleek new models with high-definition screens. But that has come hand in hand with steep price declines as many producers vie for a slice of the market.

A decade after the birth of e-commerce, some retailers are still struggling to get their online acts together. Some companies frustrate shoppers with clunky checkouts and limited selections, while others still don't sell anything online.

When you look at Second Life today, you may say, "I don't like the graphics." Or, you know, "It's clunky. It runs too slow." But you have to bear in mind that in just a few years, this is gonna look like walking into a movie screen. And that's just gonna be such an amazing thing.

Prying Open European Pharmacies 
For the first time in many European countries, nonprescription drugs are being sold over the counter at outlets other than pharmacies.

Summoned before a U.S. House subcommittee investigating the computer-and-printer maker's prying into personal phone records and what one House member called "sleaze" tactics, a cast of nearly two dozen top H-P executives, lawyers, security officials and outside investigators jammed the front rows of a Capitol Hill hearing room.

Technology is also opening up new formats. Serialisation is making a comeback: a firm called DailyLit divides e-books into small chunks for drip-feeding by e-mail. Harlequin, a Canadian publisher of romantic fiction, sells short-fiction e-books for reading on PCs or other devices in a lunch hour.
The second room in the show is full of his drawings dating from 1968 on. Many of these pictures—of sinister heads and hands, and ordinary boots, clocks and sandwiches—are painted in that distinctive fleshy pink of his, at once cheerful and bloody. He drew them with dark outlines, like moody comic strips, but they are also sinister. The Vietnam war was raging on and the president, he thought, was an embarrassment. Guston was no longer satisfied with black marks on paper. Time was running out, he felt, and he still had stories to tell.

Philip Guston 

Philip Guston 圖示

Episode Two: The Glory Of Byzantium

Andrew travels to Istanbul to immerse himself in the tumultuous world of the Byzantine Empire. He decodes the iconography of the art of the period and explains its continuing relevance.


noun [C or U] FORMAL
a loud noise, especially that produced by an excited crowd, or a state of confusion, change or uncertainty:
You couldn't hear her speak over the tumult from the screaming fans.
From every direction, people were running and shouting and falling over each other in a tumult of confusion.
The financial markets are in tumult.

very loud, or full of confusion, change or uncertainty:
Dame Joan appeared to tumultuous applause and a standing ovation.
After the tumultuous events of 1990, Eastern Europe was completely transformed.

sinister Show phonetics
making you feel that something bad or evil might happen:
The ruined house had a sinister appearance.
A sinister-looking man sat in the corner of the room.


━━ a. 不吉な; 邪悪な; 【紋】盾の左〈向かって右〉の; 〔まれ〕 左(側)の.
 sin・is・ter・ly ━━ ad.
 sin・is・ter・ness ━━ n.
 ━━ a. 左の; 左ききの; 左巻きの ((貝など)).

drip (LIQUID)
verb -pp-
1 [I or T] If a liquid drips, it falls in drops, or you make it fall in drops:
Water dripped down the wall.
She dripped paint on the carpet.

2 [I] to produce drops of liquid:
Watch out - the candle's dripping.

1 [C] a drop of liquid:
drips of paint/sweat

2 [S] the sound or action of liquid falling in drops:
All I could hear was the drip of the rain from the roof.

3 [C] UK (ALSO IVa method of slowly giving someone liquid medicine or food through a tube into one of their veins, or a piece of equipment for doing this:
He was on a drip for three days.

adjective [after verb]
very wet:
It's so hot outside - I'm absolutely dripping (wet).
Jim had just been on a run and was dripping with sweat.

pry (OPEN)
verb [T] MAINLY US
to move or lift something by pressing a tool against a fixed point:
[+ adjective] The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone.

to try to obtain private facts about a person:
As a reporter, I was paid to pry into other people's lives.
I hope you don't think I'm prying, but has your boyfriend ever lived with anyone before?
She wanted a private holiday away from prying eyes (= where no one would be trying to see her).
Main Entry:
clunky Listen to the pronunciation of clunky
Inflected Form(s):
: clumsy in style, form, or execution clunky thriller> <clunky earrings>

prior (EARLIER) Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
1 SLIGHTLY FORMAL existing or happening before something else, or before a particular time:
The course required no prior knowledge of Spanish.
They had to refuse the dinner invitation because of a prior engagement (= something already planned for that time).
See also prior at priory.

2 prior to sth before a particular time or event:
the weeks prior to her death

the future noun [S]
1 a period of time that is to come:
Sometimes I worry about the future.
I wonder what the future holds for (= what will happen to) you and me.
I'm sure at some point in the future I'll want a baby.
We need to plan for the future.
Do you plan to leave London in the distant future or the near future?
I can see those two getting married in the not too distant future (= quite soon).

2 in grammar, the form of a verb which you use when talking about something that will happen or exist:
In the sentence 'Who will look after the dog?' the verb phrase 'will look' is in the future.

future Show phonetics
1 [C] what will happen to someone or something in the time that is to come:
Torn apart by war, its economy virtually destroyed, this country now faces a very uncertain future.
She's a very talented young singer, Mike and I personally think she's got a great future ahead of her!
The future isn't looking too rosy for these companies.

2 [S or U] the chance of continuing success or existence for something:
With falling audiences, the future of this theatre is in doubt.

future Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
1 happening or existing in the future:
Of course we'll keep you up to date with any future developments.
There's an old superstition that young girls going to bed on this night dream of their future husbands.

2 In grammar, the future form of a verb is used when talking about something that will happen or exist:
How do you say that in the future tense?

futurism Show phonetics
noun [U]
a new way of thinking in the arts that started in the 1920s and 1930s which attempted to express through a range of art forms the characteristics and images of the modern age, such as machines, speed, movement and power

futurist Show phonetics
adjective, noun [C]
a futurist painter

futuristic Show phonetics
strange and very modern, or intended or seeming to come from some imagined time in the future:
At the unspoiled North Bay, three white pyramids rise like futuristic sails from the sea.
Her latest novel is a futuristic thriller, set some time in the late twenty-first century.

注意l 期貨為 futures Show phonetics
plural noun
agreements for the buying and selling of goods, in which the price is agreed in advance of a particular future time at which the goods will be provided:
the futures market
She works in futures.

2007年10月21日 星期日

force of nature

force of nature 自然之威力 等等 在此文為雙關語


吳儀退休 中國危機管理傳承現懸念




吳儀是中國政壇少數位居要職的女性。她硬朗的形像為國際社會所熟悉,更被美國財長保爾森形容為“魅力天成”(force of nature)。