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hemline, flare (MAKE WIDER), trapeze, publicity, wheelie, defy, brave, challenge, dare, face

"You don't have to write anything down to be a poet. Some work in gas stations. Some shine shoes. I don't really call myself one because I don't like the word. Me? I'm a trapeze artist."
-- A paraphrased statement of Bob Dylan, used by the Arthur Rimbaud characterization of Dylan in I'm Not There.

Anti-Putin Stunt Earns Punk Band Two Years in Jail

Three women who staged a protest against Vladimir V. Putin, Russia's president, in a cathedral and became a cause célèbre of artists around the world were convicted of hooliganism.
Rally Defying Putin’s Party Draws Tens of Thousands
By ELLEN BARRY 42 minutes ago

Mass protests on the streets of Moscow forced the Kremlin to confront a level of public discontent that has not been seen in Russia since Vladimir V. Putin first became president.

On Russian TV, a Straightforward Account Is Startling
By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ 47 minutes ago

Government television covered the protests much as they had occurred — to the surprise of many. photoMail delivery bikes waiting for postage
Hundreds of motorcycles previously used for delivering mail sit in the lot of a motorcycle dealer in Sapporo's Shiroishi Ward. In previous years, the second-hand machines would have been in high demand in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. However, the strong yen and sluggish global economy have stunted demand, leaving the bikes without a buyer. The motorcycle dealer, headquartered in Katano, Osaka Prefecture, has about 1,200 of the bikes waiting to be exported. A manager in charge of sales said he would be willing to "dig up the motorcycles from under the snow, if a prospective buyer shows up."(IHT/Asahi: December 21,2009)

German Driver Crash Lands on Church Top

It was a stunt worthy of a James Bond film -- except it wasn't a stunt! A
German man lost control of car, flew up and over an embankment and put his
vehicle through the roof of a house of worship.

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Local councillor Sandy Ford-Pain, who is Miss December, said that locals had raised 1,000 pounds last year when men in the village posed nude in a similar stunt.
《中英對照讀新聞》101-year-old Briton poses topless for calendar/101歲英國辣嬤拍上空月曆照◎ 魏國金

Skateboards now hang in galleries in the U.S., but are they wheelie art?
The lowly skateboard, toy and transport of adolescents and the adolescent-minded, has found a second calling as a platform for art.

Mr. Saint Laurent’s first collection in his new position, shown on Jan. 30, 1958, was based on the trapeze, a youthful silhouette that started with narrow shoulders and a raised waistline, then flared out gently to a wide hemline. The collection was received with great enthusiasm, and Mr. Saint Laurent’s name was well on its way to becoming a household word across Europe and America.

flare (MAKE WIDER)
verb [I or T]
to (cause to) become wider:
The horse's nostrils flared.
The skirt fits tightly over the hips and flares just below the knees.

noun [C usually singular]
This skirt has a definite flare.

flared trousers

plural noun UK

The hemline of a garment is its lower edge. The term most often refers to the lower edge of a skirt or dress.
noun [C]
the length of a skirt or dress, or the lower edge of a skirt or dress:
In the 1960s hemlines suddenly shot up with the introduction of the miniskirt.

明尼蘇達州Brooklyn Park的舒爾特表示,自己已經習慣了食指沒有知覺,但他臉上的傷痕無情地述說著另一個故事。有一次,他去一個養老院表演悠悠球,當他在做一個名為“吊秋 千”(the trapeze)的動作時,繩子遇到阻礙,邊緣銳利的金屬悠悠球彈了回來,劃上他的右臉,當時就流出血來。然而,表演還得繼續,這是行規。“我只能一邊流 血一邊表演。” 舒爾特說道。

A trapeze is a short horizontal bar hung by two cords from a support to form a trapezoid. Trapezes are used by acrobats (more specifically, "aerialists") and are commonly found in circus performances.
  1. A short horizontal bar suspended from two parallel ropes, used for gymnastic exercises or for acrobatic stunts.
  2. An article of women's clothing, such as a jacket, dress, or coat, that is cut so as to hang down from the shoulders and swing out and away around the hips and legs.
[French trapèze, from Late Latin trapezium, trapezoid. See trapezium.]

Trapeze artists, in lithograph by Calvert Litho. Co., 1890.

A stunt in which the front wheel or wheels of a vehicle, such as a bicycle or motorcycle, are raised so that the vehicle is balanced momentarily on its rear wheel or wheels.

[WHEEL + -IE.]

A motorcycle wheelie on a closed track

(EXCITING ACTION) Show phonetics
noun [C]
an exciting action, usually in a film, that is dangerous or appears dangerous and usually needs to be done by someone skilled:
It's a typical action film with plenty of spectacular stunts.
Tom Cruise has performed his own stunts for Mission Impossible 2, defying warnings from professionals.stunt (GET ATTENTION) Show phonetics
something that is done to get attention for the person or people responsible for it:
an advertising stunt
Their marriage was just a cheap publicity stunt.

 publicity stunt
stunt︰引人注意的花招、噱頭、手腕。a political stunt(譁眾取寵的政治噱頭)。
━━ vt. 発育を妨げる.
━━ n. 発育を妨げること[妨げられた動植物]; (植物の)萎縮病.
stunt・ed ━━ a. 発育不全の; いじけた.

stunt word,
References to Wikipedia articles or to Wikipedia as a whole are an occasional theme in xkcd.[23] For example, a facsimile of a made-up Wikipedia entry for "Malamanteau" (a stunt word created by Munroe to poke fun at Wikipedia's writing style[24]) appeared, provoking a controversy within Wikipedia that was picked up by various media.[25] [26] xkcd also frequently makes reference to Munroe's "obsession" with potential raptor attacks,[27][28] and many "your mom" jokes.[29] There have also been several strips featuring "Red Spiders"[30] and Joss Whedon's short-lived series Firefly.[31]

A stunt word is a neologism created to produce a special effect, or to attract attention.[1] Examples are gloatation, titterosity, and truthiness (the last generally being attributed to Stephen Colbert). Some stunt words are portmanteau words, such as brunch and malamanteau. [2][3]

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publicity is bad publicity.」這樣想,或許會心平氣和些。

1 広告, 宣伝, 広報, 宣伝[広告]方法, 宣伝[広告]業
a publicity campaign
a publicity stunt
The movie received national publicity.
2 [U]宣伝記事, 映画の宣伝ビラ.
3 知れ渡っていること, 周知, 評判
bad [adverse] publicity
seek publicity
get a lot of publicity

publicity agent


(dĭ-fī') pronunciation
tr.v., -fied, -fy·ing, -fies.
    1. To oppose or resist with boldness and assurance: defied the blockade by sailing straight through it.
    2. To refuse to submit to or cooperate with: defied the court order by leaving the country.
  1. To be unaffected by; resist or withstand: "So the plague defied all medicines" (Daniel Defoe).
  2. To challenge or dare (someone) to do something: She defied her accusers to prove their charges.
[Middle English defien, from Old French desfier, from Vulgar Latin *disfīdāre : Latin dis-, dis- + Latin fīdus, faithful.]
SYNONYMS defy, brave, challenge, dare, face. These verbs mean to confront boldly and courageously: an innovator defying tradition; braving all criticism; challenged the opposition to produce proof; daring him to deny the statement; faced her accusers.