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pocket, deep pocket, shelved, scrimmage

Madden NFL: The 33rd Team
A group of athletes, animators and technicians use motion capture technology to make the football video game Madden NFL as realistic as possible from every tackle to scrimmage line fidget.

Japan’s food supply is safe. But pockets of doubt have crept in, owing to a mishandling of safety inspections. On July 13th the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said that beef contaminated with radioactive caesium more than six times above the safety limit was sold and possibly consumed. It followed initial reports that the meat never made it to market.

Microsoft Tablet Project Shelved
Microsoft has shelved a development project working on plans for a two-screen, touch-sensing device that could be used to read electronic books and take notes.

In the film industry, a film is considered shelved if it is not released for public viewing after filming has started, or even completed.

HP pockets Palm.

China's Pockets Aren't Deep Enough During Crisis: William Pesek
Bloomberg - USA
On June 4, commemorations of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown were splashed across global television screens as China struggled to ...

deep pocket
A source of substantial wealth or financial support. Often used in the plural: “Japanese investors . . . have all but pulled out of the market—and there's no deep pocket outside Japan to take their place” (Larry Martz).

  1. A small baglike attachment forming part of a garment and used to carry small articles, as a flat pouch sewn inside a pair of pants or a piece of material sewn on its sides and bottom to the outside of a shirt.
  2. A small sack or bag.
  3. A receptacle, cavity, or opening.
  4. Financial means; money supply: The cost of the trip must come out of your own pocket.
    1. A small cavity in the earth, especially one containing ore.
    2. A small body or accumulation of ore.
  5. A pouch in an animal body, such as the cheek pouch of a rodent or the abdominal pouch of a marsupial.
  6. Games. One of the pouchlike receptacles at the corners and sides of a billiard or pool table.
  7. Baseball. The deepest part of a baseball glove, just below the web, where the ball is normally caught.
  8. Sports. A racing position in which a contestant has no room to pass a group of contestants immediately to his or her front or side.
    1. A small, isolated, or protected area or group: pockets of dissatisfied voters.
    2. Football. The area a few yards behind the line of scrimmage that blockers attempt to keep clear so that the quarterback can pass the ball.
  9. An air pocket.
  10. A bin for storing ore, grain, or other materials.
  1. Suitable for or capable of being carried in one's pocket: a pocket handkerchief; a pocket edition of a dictionary.
  2. Small; miniature: a pocket backyard; a pocket museum.
tr.v., -et·ed, -et·ing, -ets.
  1. To place in or as if in a pocket.
  2. To take possession of for oneself, especially dishonestly: pocketed the receipts from the charity dance.
    1. To accept or tolerate (an insult, for example).
    2. To conceal or suppress: I pocketed my pride and asked for a raise.
  3. To prevent (a bill) from becoming law by failing to sign until the adjournment of the legislature.
  4. Sports. To hem in (a competitor) in a race.
  5. Games. To hit (a ball) into a pocket of a pool or billiard table.
in (one's) pocket
  1. In one's power, influence, or possession: The defendant had the jury in his pocket.
in pocket
  1. Having funds.
  2. Having gained or retained funds of a specified amount: was a hundred dollars in pocket after a day at the races.
[Middle English, pouch, small bag, from Anglo-Norman pokete, diminutive of Old North French poke, bag, of Germanic origin.]
pocketable pock'et·a·ble adj.
pocketless pock'et·less adj.


Line breaks: scrim|mage
Pronunciation: /ˈskrɪmɪdʒ 


  • 2[MASS NOUN] American Football a sequence of play beginning with the placing of the ball on the ground with its longest axis at right angles to the goal line:Michigan was called for pass interference in the first play from scrimmage
  • 2.1[COUNT NOUN] chiefly American Football a session in which teams practise by playing a simulated game.


[NO OBJECT]chiefly American FootballBack to top  





late Middle English: alteration of dialect scrimish, variant of the noun skirmish.

warning strikes, pending, impending, quants , spymaster, secrecy

Secrecy Behind Executions


A terrible ruling in Missouri allows states to hide the untested drugs they use to put inmates to death.

From a company’s standpoint, it’s never a good sign when investors rejoice a CEO’s impending departure. Nevertheless, Mr. Ballmer’s piggy bank just got much fatter in the process.

Royal Baby's Impending Birth Spawns a Retail Scramble in the U.K.4

China Gazes Over U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff'
China's main appearance in the U.S. election battle was Mitt Romney's threat to name it a currency manipulator. But the real threat to the Asian giant is from Washington's impending "fiscal cliff."
Can Microsoft's OS Versions Survive the Netbook Challenge?
GigaOm - San Francisco,CA,USA
However, its impending arrival is creating challenges for Microsoft at the bottom of the hardware spectrum. Netbooks are a category too successful to ignore ...

Postponement for the Google books settlement
Los Angeles TimesToday a New York judge postponed a scheduled hearing in the Google books settlement because of pending changes to the agreement. Our tech blog reports: In ...

Gerard Depardieu
Gerard Depardieu
When French filmmaker and star Gerard Depardieu announced his impending retirement after his next movie, Michel d'Auber, in 2005, he didn't foresee the offers he wouldn't be able to resist: his return to the part of Obelix in the third film in the Asterix series, Asterix at the Olympic Games, Babylon A.D., and the 15 other movies and TV shows he has taken roles in since.

warning strike 有兩義 WARNING 意思都相同 用意在警告

strike 空襲或罷工等

Warning Strike Against Syria? Video - CBSNews.com
Secrecy about an Israeli attack meant to prevent Syria from advancing a nuclear
weapon raises some serious questions. David Martin reports.

German metalworkers' union launches warning strikes

The first workers have walked off the job in what Germany's main metalworkers' union, IG Metall, says will be a wave of warning strikes meant to back up its demand for an eight percent wage increase. This comes after the union rejected the employers' offer of a 2.9 percent pay rise. The first work stoppage came at the Audi car plant in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt, where 4,000 workers walked off the job shortly after midnight local time. IG Metall, which represents more than 3.5 million workers, has pledged to organise warning strikes across the country in the coming week.

quants and the spymasters

Intelligence Agents Borrow Trading Technology
The worlds of the quants and the spymasters share more than a penchant for secrecy.

n. Slang
An expert in the use of mathematics and related subjects, particularly in investment management and stock trading.

[Probably short for QUANTITATIVE.]

  1. An intimation, threat, or sign of impending danger or evil.
    1. Advice to beware.
    2. Counsel to desist from a specified undesirable course of action.
  2. A cautionary or deterrent example.
  3. Something, such as a signal, that warns.
Acting or serving to warn: a warning light; warning words.
warningly warn'ing·ly adv.impending Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
describes an event, usually something unpleasant or unwanted, that is going to happen soon:
impending disaster/doom
Lineker announced his impending retirement from international football before the 1992 European Championships.

; ━━ a. 差迫った, 今にも起りそうな.


Syllabification: (im·pend)
Pronunciation: /imˈpend/


[no object] (usually as adjective impending)
  • be about to happen:my impending departure
  • (of something bad) loom:danger of collision impends


late 16th century: from Latin impendere, from in- 'toward, upon' + pendere 'hang'

term limits, time off, by fits and starts


After Big Bet, Google Is to Sell Motorola Unit


Though not a total financial loss, the announced sale of the smartphone unit for $2.91 billion, less than two years after Google paid $12.5 billion for it, is a sign of fits and starts at the company in the mobile age.
 He had beed writing the book by fits and starts
Live: Hearings on Term Limits
The City Council is hearing testimony on a change to the term limits law that would allow Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to run for a third term.
Safety Is Issue as Budget Cuts Free Prisoners
Complaints and new arrests have prompted some states to reconsider giving prisoners time off for good behavior.

time off
Meaning #1: a time period when you are not required to work
Antonym: work time (meaning #1)
A break from one's employment or school, as in I need some time off from teaching to work on my dissertation, or He took time off to make some phone calls. [First half of 1900s]
term (TIME) Show phonetics
1 [C] the fixed period of time which something lasts for:
He received a prison term for drunk driving.
The Government's term of office (= The period in which they have power) expires at the end of the year.
See also terms.

2 [C] MAINLY UK (US USUALLY semester or quarter) one of the periods into which a year is divided at school, college or university:
In Britain, the spring term starts in January and ends just before Easter.
We're very busy in term-time (= during the term).

3 [C] FORMAL the period of time which a legal agreement lasts for:
The lease on our house is near the end of its term.

4 [U] SPECIALIZED the end of a pregnancy when a baby is expected to be born:
Her last pregnancy went to term (= The baby was born after the expected number of weeks).
a full-term pregnancy

-term Show phonetics
long/medium/short-term lasting a long/medium/short time:
The project will have long-term benefits.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[fít]
1 (病気の)発作, ひきつけ, けいれん, 差し込み((of ...))
a hysterical fit
cough oneself into a fit
be seized by [=be taken with] a fit of coughing
2 (感情・行動などの)一時的激発, 興奮(状態), 高まり;気まぐれ((of ...))
a fit of rage
in a fit of conscience
in fits (of laughter)
beat [knock] a person into fits
give a person a fit
((略式))〈人を〉びっくり[むっと]させる, ひどく怒らせる.
have a fit/have forty [a thousand] fits
(1) 発作を起こす, 卒倒する.
(2) 動転する;かんしゃくを起こす, かっとなる.
in [by] fits and starts
発作的に, ときどき思い出したように, 断続的に.
throw a fit

in (or by) fits and starts

with irregular bursts of activity:the economy was recovering in fits and starts
  • The poetry is moving forward in fits and starts.
  • Like my wife's slimming programme, this year's harvest is going in fits and starts, punctuated by incredibly hot days of activity and frustrating rest periods.
  • The improvement came slowly, sporadically, in fits and starts.


1 出発, 門出;(行為・競走などの)スタート, 始まり, 開始, (事の)始め, 最初;始動;出発の合図, 起動力, はずみ;((the 〜))出発点, 開始点
(right) from the start
from start to finish
get off to a good [a bad] start
haveget] a lucky start in one's career
make a start on ...
The Nancy festival got its start twelve years ago.
2 最初の部分, 始めのほう
at the start of winter
3 (競走への)参加, 出場, 出走;(競技・試合の)先発メンバーであること;(競技での)先発(権), 優先(権);(…に対しての)リード, 先進(距離)((over, on ...))
Our team had a start on the opposition.
4 ((通例a 〜))(ある位置から)突然動き出すこと;はっとする[驚く]こと
give a person a sudden start
awake with a start
5 門出の祝い, 勇気づけ, 励まし.
6 (材木・部品などの)ずれ, 緩み, 外れ, それ, ゆがみ;(縫い物などの)ほつれ;破れ目, 漏れ穴.
7 ((古))(感情・機知・幻想などの)突発, 激発, ほとばしり.

2014年1月29日 星期三

relax, eased off, ease up, stance, detach

“Extreme inequality, it turns out, creates a class of people who are alarmingly detached from reality — and simultaneously gives these people great power,” writes Paul Krugman in Opinion:http://nyti.ms/1cqbx39

Is China relaxing its Taiwan stance?
The Nation
They also said the Communist Party chief, who cut his political teeth in Fujian and Zhejiang, coastal provinces closest to Taiwan and thriving with Taiwanese businesses, knows the island better than his predecessors and hence also knows which buttons ...

G.M. Shares' Big Day

Shares of General Motors surged on their debut, but eased off earlier highs. DealBook spoke to Jonathan Corpina, a floor trader at the New York Stock Exchange, about the stock.

1. Also, ease up. Lessen in severity, relax; abate. For example, I wish you'd ease off on Harold; he's doing the best he can, or The wind's eased up so I think the storm is just about over. [Late 1800s] Also see let up.
2. Fall away, gradually decrease, as in The market's easing off, so we may get some stocks more cheaply. [Late 1800s]

re • lax
relaxed (過去形) • relaxed (過去分詞) • relaxing (現在分詞) • relaxes (三人称単数現在)
1 〈人・心などを〉くつろがせる, 休ませる
The music will relax you.
2 〈緊張・こわばりなどを〉ゆるめる, 和らげる, ほぐす, (…の)力を抜く
relax one's features
relax the bowels
relax one's grip on the club
3 〈決意・能力などを〉弱める;〈努力・警戒心などを〉ゆるめる, 減じる
relax one's efforts
4 〈法・制限などを〉緩和する, 寛大にする
relax traffic regulations
1 〈人が〉くつろぐ, 息抜きをする, 緊張を解く, ほっとする
relax over coffee
2 ゆるむ, 和らぐ, 衰える, 解ける
The heat has relaxed.
3 〈規則・規律が〉緩和される.
[ラテン語relaxāre (re-再び+laxāreゆるめる). △LAX, RELEASE


stances (複数形)
1 (物事に対する思想的・心情的な)立場, 姿勢, 態度
takeadopt] a detached stance
2 (立った)姿勢, 構え
a fighting stance
3 (ゴルフ・野球などの)スタンス, 打者の足の構え.

2014年1月28日 星期二

off the wall, quirky, confidently eccentric opener

Wonderful museums, world-class architecture, quirky bars and more. See what this small city in northwest Switzerland has to offer.

A British Opener, Confidently Eccentric

A dizzying, hilariously quirky production celebrated the country’s present by including a flock of sheep, the Sex Pistols, Lord Voldemort and dancing nurses.

Europe's largest bell will ring inside the Olympic stadium at 21:00 BST at the start of the £27m extravaganza, featuring a cast of 10,000 volunteers and said to be a quirky take on British life.

 When Getting Directions, It Helps To Know Where the Fig Tree Was
Costa Rica is on a quest to end the colorful life of its quirky yet costly address system, but there are roadblocks ahead. People use distances from landmarks to guide taxis, delivery trucks and, of course, postmen.

While companies have long employed quirky advertising tactics and seemingly overgenerous rewards to entice customers via print media or broadcasting, the advent of online services such as Twitter have spawned extreme, sometimes off-the-wall campaigns.

off the wall

(ôf'THə-wôl', ŏf'-)
adj. Informal
  1. Very unconventional or unusual: manic, off-the-wall creativity; off-the-wall humor.
  2. Exhibiting bizarre behavior; crazy: their off-the-wall friends.

Company officials say that unlike traditional advertising mediums, online services provide an opportunity to reach millions of consumers at very little cost. The savings, they say, allow them to use their ad budgets for even more high-profile, at times, hair-raising stunts.

Causing excitement, terror, or thrills.

hair-raising stunts,
stunt (stŭnt) pronunciation

  1. A feat displaying unusual strength, skill, or daring.
  2. Something done to attract attention or publicity.
intr.v., stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts.
To perform stunts or a stunt.

[Origin unknown.]


Syllabification: quirk·y
Pronunciation: /ˈkwərkē

adjective (quirkier, quirkiest)



Pronunciation: /-kəlē/


Pronunciation: /-kēnis/


  • 発音記号[kwə'ːrki]
[形](-i・er, -i・est)癖のある;ごまかしの多い;奇抜な;曲がりくねった.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[kɑ'nfədənt | kɔ'n-]
1 自信のある;大胆な, 度胸のある
a confident politician
be confident about ...
be confident in oneself
2 (…を)確信して((of ...));(…ということを)固く信じて((that節)). ⇒SURE[類語]
be confident of victory
He is confident (that) his patient will recover.
3 生意気な, 無礼な.
━━[名]腹心の友, 親友(confidant).
[副]確信して, 自信をもって, 大胆に.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[óupənər]
1 あける道具, カキむき用具;(…を)開く人;開始者
a can [((英))a tin] opener
a bottle opener
2 (番組の)最初の出し物;開幕試合, 初戦, 第一戦
The Giants lost the opener.
3 ((〜s))《ポーカー》最初の賭(か)けに参加するのに最低限必要な手.
for openers

adulteration, dirge, elegy, mourn, mourning, Ariel, fertilizer, counterfeit or adulterated , as one (man)

The adulteration of Italian olive oil.

Can you imagine any country today in national mourning over the death of a classical composer?

When Giuseppe Verdi, born 200 years ago next week, died in January 1901, Italy wept as one. Verdi’s operas are well known – but what about his work as a member of parliament and fervent supporter of Italian unification?


On April 16, 1947, America's worst harbor explosion occurred in Texas City, Texas, when the French ship Grandcamp, carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer, caught fire and blew up, devastating the town. Another ship, the Highflyer, exploded the following day. The explosions and resulting fires killed more than 500 people and left 200 others missing.

Counterfeit Food More Widespread Than Suspected
Investigators have uncovered thousands of schemes involving counterfeit or adulterated food, some on an industrial scale and in developed countries.

Rat poison, fertilizers and bleach are all used to adulterate India's meat, fruit and vegetables, with health consequences that are potentially devastating.

Grieving on Facebook: How the Site Helps People

By Lauren Katims
Facebook doesn't just bring together long-lost friends; it also provides an outlet for mourning people who have died

Even as technology is drastically changing the process by which books are made, with the computerisation of printing and typesetting, the club is hardly singing dirges. "If there was never, from this moment on, another book published, there would be fodder for people who wanted to collect books—and do interesting things with books—for the next 200 years," says its director, Eric Holzenberg.


緣起 我(HC)上周讀巴特(R. Barthe)的《文之悅》,它引的霍布斯詩為題詞:「恐懼是我唯一激情。」我查The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations 時,發現該書有一段引言,初讀幾乎不懂,就向瑞麟兄求救,經他提示之後,我幾乎通了。本周更進一步查些資料,現在將我們的通信記錄下來。特別謝謝RL。
Dear RL, 這引言出自 The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
John Skelton(1460?-1529)

For the soul of Philip Sparrow,
That was late slain at Carrow
Among the Nunnes Black,
For that sweet soul's sake
And for all sparrows' souls
Set in our bread-rolls,
Pater noster qui
With an Ave Mari.
--The Sparrow's Dirge

底下是hc查些網路上的資料。讀者應先讀下面rl解釋的故事大要(也可參考許多版本的原文『英國文學文選』中的作者身世和作品大要,以及本本文最後指出The New Penguin Book of English Verse 的1500年中 有此詩節選),再回來了解細節。

slay verb [T] slew or slayed, slain
1 UK OLD USE OR LITERARY to kill in a violent way:
St George slew the dragon.

2 (used especially in newspapers) to murder someone:
He was found slain in an alley two blocks from his apartment.

noun [C] MAINLY US
a murder】

--- 主禱文Pater noster, qui…
Sign of the Cross and the Our Father. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. ... Pater noster, qui es in caelis, Father our who are in Heaven sanctificetur nomen tuum. may-be-hallowed name Your Adveniat regnum tuum


--- Ave Mari 聖母頌
The Holy Rosary - Ave Mari 聖母頌,它為基都教失傳的prayer and devotion.法
Two Renaissance Chorals (Adoramus Te / Ave Maria) - SSA, a ...

要解這段文字可得先把John Skelton作The Book of Philip Sparrow的來龍去脈弄清楚,似乎找個對英國文學有深入研究的人比較恰當,不過明晨我會約略整理回覆。
引文中的Nunnes Black應該跟nunnery有關,
而For that sweet soul sake我看For that sweet soul's sake才對。

21:00 2004/5/30
查閱手邊的兩大本Dictionary of Quotations (Oxford和Bartlett's Family),並沒有你函中所引的文句。
再查手邊的協志叢書:英國文學史,John Skelton的相關資料也寥寥無幾(總共三行,卷一p.133),茲鈔錄如下:
6.雀兒菲麗普之死(The Boke of Phyllyp Sparowe)作於1510年左右。女學生珍‧斯克魯帕所寵愛的一隻雀兒被她所豢養的貓給吃掉了。詩人代她寫這首哀悼的詩。一千四百行的遊戲之作,但是也諷刺了羅馬教會的飾終典禮。
協志叢書所記之作品名稱,我想(未經查證)應該是當時的英文,現在都寫成The Book of Philip Sparrow。
女學生珍‧斯克魯帕的原文名字為Jane Scrope【Scroupe-hc】,我猜她是Carrow Abbey的修女,這是由Nunnes Black推斷的,但是我目前不知道Black代表什麼意思(膚色嗎?),我昨晚說nunnes跟nunnery有關,或許是nun的複數?

那隻咬死雀兒的貓是不是女孩飼養的,我不確定,有一說是在Carrow Abbey的貓。
這篇出眾的詩是史克爾頓(協志叢書譯作斯凱爾頓)決定嘗試以新格式(現在稱為史克爾頓體)作詩的最好範例,當時正值英語在快速改變的時候,這一首詩是傳統和新潮之間的一個超級妥協。就好像許多孩子有時候會煞費苦心地為他們死去的寵物舉行埋葬儀式一樣,Jane Scrope也不例外。整首詩大致瀏覽了一遍,應該只是一種模擬彌撒吧。

暫時還沒有著手逐行翻譯,正在思考引文中的 qui 是否和法文的 qui 同一個字?也正在想 dirge 和 elegy 的差異?但是應該對你有丁點兒幫助才是。
08:30 2004/5/31


挽歌:解釋 哀悼死者的歌【中文「牽引」義】。《南朝宋˙劉義慶˙世說新語˙任誕》:「袁山松出遊,每好令左右作挽歌。」亦作「輓歌」【hc:據辭海解釋:漢武帝勞役之人的喪歌,後來李延年有二曲】。相反詞「頌歌」 【hc:不知道中文的名作為何?】

Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms
Dirge, a song of lamentation in mourning for someone's death; or a poem in the form of such a song, and usually less elaborate than anelegy. An ancient genre employed by Pindar in Greek and notably by Propertius in Latin. The dirge also occurs in English, most famously in the ariel's song 'Full fathom five thy father lies' in shakespear's The Tempest.


  • 発音記号əriəl]
1 エアリアル:Shakespeare作Tempestに登場する空気の精.
2 《天文》アリエル:天王星(Uranus)の衛星の一つ.

我抄這段,才恍然大悟梁兄翻譯的;大海,大海;之作者Iris MURDOCK的先生John Bayley所寫的《輓歌》(Elegy for Iris,有天下文化出版社翻譯本),實在有典故,都沒被翻譯和導讀人員點破,因為Iris 酷愛莎士比亞的Tempest
我抄的沒錯。英國文學中當然有許多人寫dirges,莎士比亞作品中的,只不過是較為出名。據M. H. Abram的The Glossary of Literature Terms,輓歌(dirge)不同於哀歌(elegy—hc:我們或聽過Thomas Gray 於1751年寫的Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard,The New Penguin Book of English Verse,p. 484;美國總統甘迺迪遇刺後,名詩人Auden寫Elegy,由斯特拉文斯基譜曲)的地方,是輓歌較短、較不茍形式、並且,通常輓歌可配曲唱。除了前引的莎士比亞之「海下長眠」,還可舉William Collins的A Somg From Shakespeare's Cymbeline.


Table of Contents
The New Penguin Book of English Verse-
This is an anthology of English verse. Poems are ordered by date of composition rather than in monolithic slabs devoted to individual poets. It also includes a high proportion of anonymous poetry and written on surfaces other than paper.
Skeltonics are the prime effect used in "The Tunning of Elinour Rumming", which is a rollicking satire of an alewife who adulterates her brew. An example of skeltonics can clearly be seen in the following short excerpt from Phyllyp Sparrowe:
Somtyme he wolde gaspe
Whan he sawe a waspe;
A fly or a gnat,
He wolde flye at that
And prytely he wold pant
Whan he saw an ant;
Lorde, how wolde hop
After the greesop!
And whan I sayd, Phyp, Phyp,
Than he wold lepe and skyp,
And take me by the lyp.

This essay written by Karen Elaine Smyth, Queen's University of Belfast

Title: From Chaucer to Tennyson
Author: Henry A. Beers
Release Date: March 17, 2004 [eBook #11618]
Language: English
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v., mourned, mourn·ing, mourns. v.intr.
  1. To feel or express grief or sorrow. See synonyms at grieve.
  2. To show grief for a death by conventional signs, as by wearing black clothes.
  3. To make a low, indistinct, mournful sound. Used especially of a dove.
  1. To feel or express deep regret for: mourned the wasted years.
  2. To grieve over (someone who has died).
  3. To utter sorrowfully.
[Middle English mournen, from Old English murnan.]
mourner mourn'er n.
mourningly mourn'ing·ly adv.


Syllabification: (a·dul·ter·ate)
Pronunciation: /əˈdəltəˌrāt/
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Definition of adulterate


[with object]
  • render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one:the meat was ground fine and adulterated with potato flour





Pronunciation: /-ˌrātər/


early 16th century (as an adjective meaning 'spurious'): from Latin adulterat- 'corrupted', from the verb adulterare


verb \ə-ˈdəl-tə-ˌrāt\

Definition of ADULTERATE

transitive verb
: to corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element; especially : to prepare for sale by replacing more valuable with less valuable or inert ingredients
adul·ter·a·tor noun

Examples of ADULTERATE

  1. The company is accused of adulterating its products with cheap additives.
  2. adulterating its all beef frankfurters with cereal>


Latin adulteratus, past participle of adulterare, from ad- + alter other — more at else
First Known Use: 1531

as one man

with everyone acting together or in agreement:the crowd rose to their feet as one man