2010年8月31日 星期二

Heat Sink

本文將以此為前提來設計散熱片。從求出熱傳導率及散熱量的公式來考慮即可得知,散熱片(Heat Sink)的大概性能可通過簡單的手工計算來求得。下面將結合首款PS3的實例,證實手工計算得出……

2010年8月30日 星期一

presell, wipe out, asking price, to ready,

Internet wiping out printed Oxford Dictionary
LONDON — The publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary says waning demand for printed versions means that the authoritative guide to the English language may only live online in the future.
The Oxford University Press says Sunday because of the increasing market for the dictionary's online version, the latest edition of the dictionary will only go to print if there is enough demand for the printed volume when it becomes ready.
A team of 80 lexicographers are preparing the third edition of the dictionary. The current edition of the dictionary — 20 volumes costing 750 pounds ($1,165) — was printed in 1989 and has sold about 30,000 sets.
The publisher says that 2 million entries from the online dictionary are viewed each month.
asking price
It’s 9.5 feet wide and 42 feet long (2.9 meters wide by 12.8 meters long) and is billed as the narrowest house in New York City. But there’s nothing small about its asking price: $2.7 million.

asking price
The price at which an item is offered for sale.

 presell, to ready
Sony Readies Gadgets to Rival Apple
Sony is developing new portable gadgets, including a smart phone and a multifunction device, designed to compete with Apple.

-Mobile has already pre-sold 1.5 million Google G1!
TechWhack (press release) - New Delhi,Delhi,IndiaGoogle has a brand that can now sell mobile phones even before they are available in the market! T-Mobile USA has stated that they have already pre-sold ...


tr.v., -sold (-sōld'), -sell·ing, -sells.
  1. To sell (a house, for example) in advance of construction.
  2. To promote (a product not yet on the market) by means of advertising.
  3. To condition (a potential customer) in advance for later purchase of a product.

adj., -i·er, -i·est.
  1. Prepared or available for service, action, or progress: I am ready to work. The soup will be ready in a minute. The pupils are ready to learn to read.
  2. Mentally disposed; willing: He was ready to believe her.
  3. Likely or about to do something: She is ready to retire.
  4. Prompt in apprehending or reacting: a ready intelligence; a ready response.
  5. Available: ready money.
tr.v., read·ied, read·y·ing, read·ies.
To cause to be ready.

at the ready
  1. Available for immediate use: soldiers with machine guns at the ready; students with notebooks at the ready.
make ready
  1. To make preparations.
[Middle English redy, from Old English rǣde.]
readiness read'i·ness n.

2010年8月29日 星期日

megachurch, widow's walk

 Mega-church pastor Rick Warren, who was mentored by Peter Drucker, was helpful in this regard, as he got all of the churches across the globe on board for ...

A megachurch is a church having around 2,000 or more attendants for a typical weekly service.[1][2] The Hartford Institute's database lists more than 1,300 such Protestant churches in the United States. According to these data, about 50 churches on the list have attendance ranging from 10,000 to 47,000.[3] Additionally, while some 3,000 individual Roman Catholic parishes (churches) have 2,000 or more attendants for a typical weekly service, these churches are not seen as part of the megachurch movement.[4]

widow's walk (WID-oz wok)

A railed platform atop a roof, typically on a coastal house, that was used to look out for returning ships.

In the 18th and 19th centuries sailors' wives used such platforms to look for signs of their husbands returning home

A painting of a widow's walk: www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=12486.
Other terms involving widows: widows cruse, widows peak.

"The second level of this home features a widow's walk that allows an open view to the great room and front foyer." — Colleen Toms; Magnificent Features in Custom Built Home; The Expositor (Brantford, Canada); Feb 1, 2008.

2010年8月28日 星期六

4-H competitions, circuitousness


A Looking Glass Steer

Being a farm kid used to be simpler. That was our thought upon learning that this year’s grand champion steer at the Iowa State Fair’s 4-H Market Beef competition is a clone of the 2008 grand champion steer. This year’s winner — who weighs 1,320 pounds and is named Doc — was “conceived” from an ear punch taken from his esteemed predecessor. The result was a cloned bull that was then neutered to produce Doc the steer.

Both winning animals were owned by the Haber family, from Sioux Center, Iowa, which runs a livestock reproduction company and is partners with an agriculture cloning firm. So far, there is no rule against showing cloned animals in 4-H competitions.

Just to complete the strange circuitousness in this story, Doc was purchased back at auction by his breeders in order to keep him from merging with the general beef supply after slaughter. That is in accordance with a voluntary moratorium on cloned meat requested by the Department of Agriculture.

Because Doc’s cloning wasn’t revealed until a couple of days later, fairgoers who attended the judging were deprived of the full “Groundhog Day” moment. The ethics of cloning animals is complicated enough. But we think it’s safe to say that the showing of cloned animals seems unfair, if only because the technology is well out of the reach of most farm families, who have to make do the old-fashioned way with cows and bulls.

And yet Doc has been useful. A cloned steer highlights the peculiar limitation of cloning, as opposed to ordinary reproduction. Cloning can only ever replicate what is, while biological breeding — even with artificial insemination and embryo transplants common in the cattle industry — continues to offer what hasn’t yet been.


  • 〔srkjúts〕

[形]回り道[遠回り]の;遠回しの, 回りくどい.


  • 〔stír〕


2010年8月27日 星期五

2010年8月26日 星期四

donut, doughnut, state fair

Who's performing tonight at the New York State Fair? The twelve-day New York State Fair begins today inSyracuse, with Aerosmith performing. Others who will appear at the fair's Grandstand Concerts include Rihanna,Justin Bieber and Tim McGraw. New York's is the oldest and one of the three best-attended state fairs; Texas and Minnesota host the only state fairs with higher attendance. Unfortunately, falling attendance in recent years forced the cash-strapped state of Michigan to cancel its annual state fair. But, other states continue the tradition, hosting competitions for best homemade products, livestock and handicrafts, as well as rides, games, and entertainment. State fairs also begin today in Alaska and Minnesota; and tomorrow in Maryland, Nebraskaand Oregon.


"Our state fair is a great state fair/ Don't miss it, don't even be late. It's dollars to donuts That our state fair Is the best state fair in our state."Rodgers and Hammerstein, State Fair,

dough·nut do·nut ('nŭt', -nət) pronunciation

  1. A small ring-shaped cake made of rich, light dough that is fried in deep fat. Also called olicook.
  2. Something whose form is reminiscent of a ring-shaped cake.
  3. A fast, tight 360° turn made in a motor vehicle or motorized boat.

2010年8月25日 星期三

M-16, M16, tube fed, clip-fed


A .223-caliber, gas-operated, clip-fed assault rifle, first used by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War.

this is only my opinion. I think the tube fed looks neat. I have had both styles of rifles and you will not find any differance in performance. It will be faster to load a clip than a tube fed style rifle same goes for unloading.

cártridge clìp

1 紙ばさみ(clipboard);クリップ;(書類・手紙などを留める)留め金具(paper clip)
a hair clip
3 (ピンで留める)宝石などの装飾品;ネクタイどめ.
4 自転車に乗る人がズボンを足首で締める用具.
5 ((古))抱擁.

1 切ること, 刈り込み;刈り取られたもの;((豪・NZ))(特に)1回[1シーズン]の刈り込みで得た羊毛(の量).
2 ((〜s))((スコット))植木[大]ばさみ;つめ切り.
3 映画フィルムの一断片, フィルムクリップ(film clip);(テレビの)短いニュース;(宣伝用の)短い音楽ビデオ, ビデオクリップ.
4 ((略式))抜粋;(新聞・雑誌の)切り抜き(clipping).
5 ((英略式))(手・むちなどによる)素早い痛打
a clip round the ear [earhole]
6 ((略式))(すごい)スピード
at a (brisk [fast, good, rapid]) clip [=at one clip]
一気に, 急速に.
7 ((米俗))泥棒.
8 ((米俗))利口な人;詐欺師.
9 ((米略式))1度, 1回
$100 a clip
[スカンジナビア語. アイルランド語klippa(切る)]

2010年8月24日 星期二

on the cheap, on a shoestring

Prague on a shoestring

The Czech capital is rapidly becoming one of Europe's hottest tourist
destinations, but that doesn't mean that you can't still see it on the
cheap. With tips on everything from fried cheese to opera tickets, this
handy travel guide will let you in on all the insider secrets.

Economically, at very little cost, as in We're traveling around Europe on the cheap. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]

energy drink, calculations over an 11th can of Red Bull

While this August has seen an unexpected resurgence in deals -- huge deals -- the banking business still hasn't made up its mind where the trend is going, The New York Times's Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in his latest DealBook column.

There are plenty of reasons to think that this boom can't be sustained without a matching lift in consumer spending, but still, people are working through the night in Manhattan, their hands trembling as they tweak their final calculations over an 11th can of Red Bull.

What's behind it? Companies chasing synergies, or locking in natural resources, or using up spare cash, Mr. Sorkin writes. But more importantly: how long can it last?

Go to Column from The New York Times»

Red Bull
Trade name for an energy drink.

2010年8月23日 星期一

liger, crossbreeding

Your morning adorable: controversial baby ligers in Taiwan
Los Angeles Times (blog)
But their birth Sunday at a private Taiwanese zoo was met with controversy that could result in a possible fine. The Taiwan News is reporting that a local ...


The product of crossbreeding between a male lion and a female tiger, having features of both but generally being larger than either.

[LI(ON) + (TI)GER.]

2010年8月21日 星期六

Hanging Out, perch

Just Hanging Out Under the Bridge, in Summer’s Heat

Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

“Melt,” Noémie Lafrance’s work at the Salt Pile in Lower Manhattan, perches dancers on a wall.

howitzer, perch

1 (鳥の)止まり木;(人・動物の)休む場所
take one's perch
2 ((略式))高い場所;高い[安定した]地位
the perch of fame
Come off your perch.
3 ((英))パーチ.
(1) 長さの単位;5.03m.
(2) 面積の単位;25.3m2.
(3) 石材の体積単位;0.7m3.
4 御者台, 運転席;(車の)連桿(れんかん).
5 《繊維》検反機.
hop [tip over, drop off] the perch
knock a person off his perch
(1) 〈人を〉負かす, やっつける.
(2) 〈人の〉高慢の鼻をへし折る.
━━[動](自)〈鳥が〉止まり木に止まる, (…に)休む;〈人が〉座る, 落ち着く;〈植物・建物などが〉位置を占める((on, upon ...)).
1 〈鳥を〉(止まり木などに)止まらせる;((主に受身))〈人・物を〉(高い所に)置く, のせる((on ...))
perch oneself on a chair
2 〈織った布を〉検反する.

2010年8月19日 星期四

fakeout, convenient crutch

But first, a warning: On the way to understanding how your life will get better, you’ll have to read about some technical, fairly arcane topics. Trust me: it’ll be worth it.

In this case, the topic is your Web browsing, and the magic wand is a free service called OpenDNS.

You know how every Web site has an address, like www.google.com orwww.nytimes.com? Turns out that’s just a fakeout. It’s a convenient crutch for you, the human with limited brain capacity.

Behind the scenes, the actual address is a string of numbers (called an I.P. address, for Internet protocol) that looks something like this: (That happens to beGoogle’s address.)

Nobody can remember those addresses, though they are no longer than a phone number, so the Web’s thoughtful designers came up with a secondary system: plain-English addresses like www.whatever.com. When you type that into your browser, a computer at your Internet provider performs a quick lookup. “Aha,” it says to itself in its little digital way, “you just typed www.google.com. What you really want, of course, is Please hold; I’ll connect you.”

That, in a nutshell, is how D.N.S. works. (It stands for domain name system, in case that helps.)

A term used in technical analysis to refer to a situation in which a trader enters into a position in anticipation of a future transaction signal or price movement, but the signal or movement never develops and the asset moves in the opposite direction.

energy-efficient performance and connectivity,security

"In the past, energy-efficient performance and connectivity have defined computing requirements," Paul Otellini, Intel's chief executive, said in a statement. "Looking forward, security will join those as a third pillar of what people demand from all computing experiences."

people of means,six figure, catch on

Andre Jones and Richard Wise have a 700-gallon tank suspended from the ceiling of their West Village town house apartment.
Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

The Six-Figure Fish Tank Catches On

Among people of means, expensive aquariums are the latest status symbol. Above, a 700-gallon tank suspended from the ceiling of a West Village town house apartment.

catch on

1. Understand, as in Aunt Mary doesn't catch on to any jokes. The verb to catch alone was used with this meaning from Shakespeare's time, on being added in the late 1800s. Also see get it, def. 2.
2. Become popular, as in This new dance is really beginning to catch on. [Late 1800s]

2010年8月18日 星期三


a mirthless boy

mirth (mûrth) pronunciation
Gladness and gaiety, especially when expressed by laughter.

[Middle English, from Old English myrgth.]

2010年8月17日 星期二

Made in China: New Hymens

Made in China: New Hymens
Chinese women have found a way to enjoy the fruits of the sexual revolution while eventually pleasing the "deeply conservative" men who want to marry them.

Hy·men ('mən) pronunciation
n. Greek Mythology
The god of marriage.

“處女膜修復”Made in China:

Made in China: New Hymens

Ever wanted a second chance at your first time? That's an opportunity that's available to an increasing number of Chinese women, as twentysomething women flock to surgeons' offices for "hymen restoration." The procedure is typically associated with Muslim countries (where it's often illegal), but the Washington Post reports that it's gaining popularity in China, where decades of economic growth haven't been enough to eradicate "a deeply conservative, male-chauvinistic attitude." Women experiment with sex at a younger age, but men continue to want to marry virgins ("If you go to buy a cellphone, of course you'd want to buy a new cellphone.") The solution is not abstinence, but what one gynecologist calls a "white lie." "We can fix it so everything is perfect," the doctor says cheerfully. Most of her patients (she sees about 20 every month) are young women who are about to marry. They shell out $737 for the half-hour procedure, and their husbands are never the wiser. But there's another, cheaper path toward "revirgination," available wherever Chinese vibrators are sold: an "artificial hymen that, when inserted, purports to create a lifelike sensation for the man and emits fake blood when ruptured."
曾想過要第二次機會在你第一次?這是一個機會,這是提供給越來越多的中國婦女,20來歲的婦女聚集到外科醫生辦公室的“處女膜修復”。該過程通常與穆斯林國家(它的通常是非法的),但華盛頓郵報報導說,這是越來越受歡迎的中國,在幾十年的經濟增長還不足以根除“一個極為保守,男性沙文主義的態度。”婦女與性別實驗在年輕的年齡,但男子繼續想娶處女(“如果你去購買手機,當然你想購買一台新手機。”)的解決方案是不節制,但一婦科醫生所謂的“善意的謊言。” “我們可以解決這個問題,所以一切是完美的,”醫生高興地說。她的病人大多數(她看到每個大約 20個月)是年輕婦女誰是即將結婚。他們掏出七百三十七美元為半小時的程序,和她們的丈夫也不會是明智的。但還有一個更便宜的道路走向“revirgination,”可供出售的所有中國振動器是:一個“人造處女膜,當插入,看來是創建一個栩栩如生的感覺該男子,並發出假血時破裂。”

2010年8月13日 星期五



  1. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or originating in a specified place: Vietnamese.
  2. Native or inhabitant of: Taiwanese.
    1. Language or dialect of: Chinese.
    2. Literary style or diction of: journalese.

[Middle English, from Italian, from Latin -ēnsis, originating in.]

2010年8月11日 星期三

donnybrook, infraction, co-habiting, snarly,cantankerous over

Other students are using URoomSurf. It makes matches with questions like these: How often do you shower? How neat are you? How outgoing are you? What’s your study/party balance? Is it O.K. for your roommate to use your belongings?
I guess if I had used URoomSurf, I might have avoided those donnybrooks with one pill of a roommate, who yelled at me for such infractions as allegedly stretching out her sweater and eating a whole can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup when I could have made do with half.
But co-habiting with snarly and moody roomies prepared me for the working world, where people can be outlandishly cantankerous over small stuff.

  1. Ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable: disliked her cantankerous landlord.
  2. Difficult to handle: "had to use liquid helium, which is supercold, costly and cantankerous" (Boston Globe).
[Perhaps from Middle English contek, dissension (influenced by such words as rancorouscankerous), from Anglo-Norman contec, possibly from Latin contāctus, past participle of contingere, to touch. See contact.]
cantankerously can·tan'ker·ous·ly adv.

v., snarled, snarl·ing, snarls.
  1. To growl viciously while baring the teeth.
  2. To speak angrily or threateningly.
To utter with anger or hostility:
snarled a retort.
  1. A vicious growl.
  2. A vicious, hostile utterance.
[Frequentative of obsolete snar, perhaps from Dutch or Low German snarren, to rattle, probably of imitative origin.]
snarler snarl'er n.
snarlingly snarl'ing·ly adv.
snarly snarl'y adj.
snarl2 (snärl) pronunciation
  1. A tangled mass, as of hair or yarn.
  2. A confused, complicated, or tangled situation; a predicament.

v., snarled, snarl·ing, snarls.v.intr.
To become tangled or confused.
  1. To tangle or knot (hair, for example).
  2. To confuse; complicate.
[Middle English snarle, trap, probably diminutive of snare. See snare1.]
snarler snarl'er n.

[名][C][U]((形式))(法律・権利・義務などの)違反, 侵害, 侵犯((of ...)).


An uproar; a free-for-all. See synonyms at brawl.

[After Donnybrook fair, held annually in Donnybrook, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, and noted for its brawls.]

  • 〔dnibrùk | dn-〕


reflexive ugh, yuck or eeww

Ugly Animals
Some animals provoke in us a reflexive ugh, yuck or eeww. They are, to put it bluntly, ugly animals. View a slide show featuring some of the world's ugliest animals, submit a photo of your pet or an animal you have encountered or view submissions from other readers.

‘Factory Farm’, animal welfare movement, phase out tight confinement of livestock,

Heartland Quality Egg Farm, where 268,000 hens live in cages about the size of an open newspaper, six or seven to a cage.
Kirk Irwin for The New York Times

‘Factory Farm’ Limits Gain Momentum

Heartland Quality Egg Farm, where each cage is the size of a newspaper, with six or seven hens. Ohio farmers agreed to phase out tight confinement of livestock, underscoring the clout of the animal welfare movement.