2014年10月31日 星期五

quince, dystopian, dystonia, evocative of the cat and dog fight

Just in: Dystopian movie 十年 Ten Years has won 'Best Film' at the 2016 Hong Kong Film Awards: http://www.hongkongfp.com/…/dystopian-box-office-hit-ten-y…/

"I realized...the most important thing in my life was not playing with two hands, it was music" - Leon Fleisher on musician's dystonia #musicophilia

evocative of the cat and dog fightThe rest of the program touched briefly on Mr. Johannsson’s recent evocations of technological dystopias. “The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black,” from “IBM 1401,” sounds as you would expect of a work with that title.

In This Election, It's Running Cats and Dogs 
In Advertising
Editors’ Note: Because of the Presidents’ Day holiday, In Advertising will arrive next week on Tuesday, Feb. 19.
A fund-raising drive is capitalizing on the intense interest in politics this year with a campaign that elaborately mimics an election, as a pair of candidates vies for voter approval with video clips on YouTube, signs, posters, bumper stickers, brochures, buttons and profiles on social-networking Web sites like Facebook, Catster and Dogster.
Catster? Dogster? Yes, in this campaign, the candidates are named Spike and Biscuit rather than Barack and Hillary or John and Mike. On the campaign's Web site as of early Sunday evening, Biscuit, a female cat, and Spike, a male boxer, were tied at 50 percent apiece in a result evocative of the race between Senators Obama and Clinton.

fight like cat and dog
to argue violently all the time:
As kids we used to fight like cat and dog.

evoke Show phonetics
verb [T]
to make someone remember something or feel an emotion:
That smell always evokes memories of my old school.
a detergent designed to evoke the fresh smell of summer meadows

evocation Show phonetics
noun [C or U]

evocative Show phonetics
making you remember or imagine something pleasant:
evocative music
a sound evocative of the sea

evocatively Show phonetics


Line breaks: dys|tonia
Pronunciation: /dɪsˈtəʊnɪə /  [名]筋失調症.


[MASS NOUN] Medicine



Pronunciation: /-ˈtɒnɪk/


榲桲(音wēn•po,學名Cydonia oblonga)是榲桲中唯一物種




Art of the Day: Van Gogh, Quinces, Lemons, Pears and Grapes, Autumn 1887. Oil on canvas, 48.5 x 65.0 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

2014年10月30日 星期四

beaut, He’s a legend

A typology tour of some beaut barns: http://arc.ht/1fCRP69
Like repurposed industrial buildings, renovated barns have become an attractive option for homeowners seeking a rustic abode with a bit more history than you...


Line breaks: beaut
Pronunciation: /bjuːt 


1particularly fine example of something:the idea was a beaut


Australian /NZBack to top  


Back of the net! / Get in! = 精彩的進球!
You little beauty! = 絕佳的進球、傳球或結果!
Have it! = 叫喊「上啊」、「接招」
He’s a legend = 他是一名偉大的球員
On me 'ead son! = 將球踢到空中讓我可以頭槌!
Square it! = 橫向大範圍傳球
Line it! = 直線傳球
He hoofed it / leathered it / booted it = 他非常努力踢球
Man on! = 球迷大喊” Man on!”警告持球的球員有對手在他附近
It’s a game of two halves = 比賽下半場會改變結果
Supersub = 一名頂尖球員在比賽最後10分鐘站出來拯救比賽

2014年10月29日 星期三

Santa Maria Tri-Tip

The tri-tip is a cut of beef from the bottom sirloin subprimal cut.[1] It is a small triangular muscle, usually 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. (675 to 1,150g) per side of beef.

Beef Cuts
Beef cut:Bottom Sirloin
Steak type:Tri-tip
(also known as: "triangle steak")
Whole beef tri-tip, roasted medium rare

In the United States, this cut was typically used for ground beef or sliced into steaks until the early 1950s, when Otto Schaefer Sr. first introduced it to market in OaklandCalifornia.[2] It became a local specialty in Santa Maria, California shortly thereafter when Bob Shutz marketed it in the late 1950s,[3] rubbed with saltpepper, fresh garlic, and other seasonings, grilled directly over red oak wood to medium-rare doneness. Other nontraditional preparations include being roasted whole on a rotisserie,smoked in a pit, baked in an oven, grilled, or braised in a Dutch oven after searing on a grill. After cooking, the meat is normally sliced across the grain before serving.[4]
Often labeled "Santa Maria steak", the roast is most popular in the Central Coast of California and Central Valley regions of California[1] as well as throughout the entire state, and has begun to enjoy increasing favor elsewhere for its full flavor, lower fat content, and comparatively lower cost. Along with top sirloin, tri-tip is considered central to Santa Maria-style barbecue.

Recipe of the Day: A simple, juicy tri-tip roast.
You might need to ask your butcher (assuming you have one) or even a store meat manager to order in a tri-tip roast Two pounds is a good...

debutante, decorum, decorous, hollow, cat's paw , reprimand, knickerbockers, fly half, scrum

Dancers at a lesson held by the Barclay Classes.
Béatrice de Géa for The New York Times


Debutante Flyhalf Lifts All Blacks
Tom Taylor finished with a 14-point haul in his first start with New Zealand, carrying the All Blacks to a Bledisloe Cup victory over Australia.

Dancing School Gives a Taste of the Elite

Thurston Hopkins, who has died aged 101, was one of Britain’s greatest photojournalists, capturing the humanity and social inequality of British life in the 1950s. The Picture Post pioneer was also a canny chronicler of high society at its most intimate – from debutantes after the ball to Hitchcock in the shadowsThough debutante balls have dwindled, their training grounds, like the Barclay Classes and the Knickerbocker Cotillion, still teach children foxtrot, dress and decorum.

Quiet for Years, Italian Church Blasts Behavior of the Nation's Political Elite

The Catholic Church is issuing its strongest reprimands yet of Italy's ruling class, deploring "behavior that not only goes counter to public decorum but is intrinsically sad and hollow."

Chinese novel!” said I; “that must look strange enough.”
“Not so much as you might think,” said Goethe; “the Chinamen think, act, and feel almost exactly like us; and we soon find that we are perfectly like them, excepting that all they do is more clear, more pure, and decorous than with us.
Goethe 1827.1.31

They've got knickerbockers….

1 ((米))ひざでくくるゆるいズボン.
2 ((英略式))ブルーマー式の下着.
get one's knickers in a twist
((英話))((しばしばおどけて))怒る, 当惑する.
━━[間]((英俗))(困って)弱ったなあ, おやまあ.


Knick • er • bock • er
níkərbɑ`kər | -bɔ`k-
Knickerbockers (複数形)
1 New Yorkに移民したオランダ人の子孫.
2 (一般に)ニューヨーク市民.
3 ((〜s))=knickers 1.
[Washington IrvingがHistory of New Yorkを書いた時の筆名Diedrich Knickerbocker]

de·co·rum (dĭ-kôr'əm, -kōr'-) pronunciation
  1. Appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety: "In the Ireland of the 1940's ... the stolidity of a long, empty, grave face was thought to be the height of decorum and profundity" (John McGahern).
  2. decorums The conventions or requirements of polite behavior: the formalities and decorums of a military funeral.
  3. The appropriateness of an element of an artistic or literary work, such as style or tone, to its particular circumstance or to the composition as a whole.
[Latin decōrum, from decōrus, becoming, handsome. See decorous.]

1 (行為・言葉・服装などの)端正さ, 礼儀正しさ;((〜s))礼儀作法
with decorum
forget decorum
2 適切なもの;適切さ.


dec • o • rous
decorously, (全1件)

Vatican Reprimands U.S. Nuns For "Radical Feminist Themes"

The church says it discovered "serious doctrinal problems" during an investigation into an influential group of American nuns.

cat's paw (cats paw)

1. Someone used as a tool by another.
2. A kind of knot used to connect a rope to an object.
3. A breeze that ruffles the surface of the water over a small area; also, the area ruffled by such a breeze.

The first sense of the term comes from the fable in which a monkey uses a cat to pull roasting chestnuts from a fire. The monkey gobbles up all the nuts while the cat is left with a burnt paw. See Edwin Landseer's 1824 painting Cat's Paw: museumsyndicate.com/item.php?item=2992.
The second sense refers to the supposed resemblance of such a knot to a cat's paw: images.google.com/images?q=cat's+paw+knot.
The origin of the third sense is unknown

"Prime Minister Tony Blair was reprimanded in the British parliament for his willingness to be the cat's paw of the U.S." — Craig R. Eisendrath and Melvin A. Goodman; Shoot First, Talk Later; USA Today (Washington, DC); Jul 1, 2004.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[réprəmæ`nd | -mɑ`ːnd]
[名][C][U]叱責(しっせき), 非難;けん責, 懲戒, 戒告
receive a reprimand
━━[動](他)…を(…のかどで)叱責する, 非難する, (特に公式に)けん責[懲戒, 戒告]する((for ...)). ⇒REPROACH[類語]
[フランス語←ラテン語reprimenda (re-後ろへ+primere押す+-enda動名詞語尾=押さえること). △REPRESS



  • a man making his first public appearance, especially in sport: [as modifier]:rarely in the history of the festival has a debutant director won the Palme d’Or


early 19th century: from French débutant 'leading off', from the verb débuter

 fly half =stand-off half


a half back who forms a link between the scrum half and the three-quarters.

fly half



Pronunciation: /skrʌm/
Translate scrum | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish


  • an ordered formation of players, used to restart play, in which the forwards of a team form up with arms interlocked and heads down, and push forward against a similar group from the opposing side. The ball is thrown into the scrum and the players try to gain possession of it by kicking it backwards towards their own side.
  • British informal a disorderly crowd of people or things:there was quite a scrum of people at the bar

verb (scrums, scrumming, scrummed)

[no object] Rugby
  • form or take part in a scrum: the two men scrummed down together for University College, Dublin
  • informal jostle; crowd:everyone was scrumming around behind him


late 19th century: abbreviation of scrummage


Line breaks: debu|tante
Pronunciation: /ˈdɛbjʊtɑːnt
, ˈdeɪ-/


1An upper-class young woman making her firstappearance in fashionable society.
1.1woman making her first public appearance, especially in sport:the women’s team includes eighteen year-old debutante Katharine Merry


early 19th century: from French débutante (feminine) 'leading off', from the verb débuter.
1 debutantの女性形.
2 上流社交界の娘.