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dispense, misdispensing, dispense with sth/sb, dispensation

. on Page 64:
"utterances that follow the initial statement "Let us pray." Under its dispensation, the utterance "Give us this day our daily bread ... "

3. on Page 101:
" ... one's commitment with respect to another? Self, in this dispensation, becomes "dialogue dependent"

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1. on Page 45:
"... J. J. Hintikka calls heir lines between possible worlds. Falsification, indeed, becomes a much more interesting process under this dispensation. In the new, more powerful modal logic, we ask of a proposition not whether it is true or false, ..."
2. on Page 106:
"... no accident that the mathematician George Boole entitled his famous work on algebra The Laws of Thought. Thought, in this dispensation, is a normative idea, a specification of a criterion of right reason. ..."
3. from Back Matter:
"... Afterword • 153 in this moral dispensation is that "the poem comes before the commen- tary," that (in Aristotle's sense) the poem is of the essence, commentary ..."

The change came quickly it was completed during the reign of Elizabeth. The rebellion of the Northern Earls in 1569 was the last great effort of the old dispensation to escape its doom. It failed; the wretched Duke of Norfolk the feeble Howard who had dreamt of marrying Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded; and the new social system was finally secure.

"The wet Welsh weather is legendary and, growing up surrounded by mountains, I felt as though a mass of black clouds sat atop the valley like a large cloth hat, dispensing a permanent wall of drizzle. There’s a saying around these parts, that if you can’t see Snowdon, then it’s raining. If you can see it, it’s still raining. But when the weather is clear in Snowdonia there is no better place to be."

The region’s myths and landscape have captivated our writer since childhood. And whatever the weather, there’s magic in the air

G.M.’s vice chairman, Robert A. Lutz, gave his first interviews since the Big Three’s campaign for a bailout began, and he dispensed with the polite approach his boss had used.

. Countertop Water Dispensers Recalled by Greenway Home Products Due to Fire and Shock Hazards
To see this recall on CPSC's web site, including pictures of the recalled product, please go to: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08376.html

Dutch Save Energy By Lighting Up

Energy-saving means changing one's lifestyle. A Dutch city is trying to convince their population that it's easier than you'd think. They send out energy coaches who dispense energy-saving light bulbs.

The DW-WORLD Article

Consumer products maker Newell Rubbermaid said Wednesday it has agreed to buy an Illinois maker of touch-free washroom dispensers and other devices for $445 million, its second acquisition announced this week.

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A Lloyds spokesman said the machine had been "misdispensing" cash for only a short time.


1 ((形式))…を(…に)分け与える, 施す((to ...));〈法を〉施行する, 適用する;〈儀式を〉執り行う
dispense alms to [among] the poor
dispense justice
法を執行する, 裁判する.
2 〈薬を〉調剤[調合]する.
3 〈人を〉(義務などから)免ずる((from ...));《カトリック》〈人に〉特免を与える
dispense a prisoner from all labors
4 〈自動販売機などが〉〈商品などを〉出す.
dispense with ...
(1) …なしで済ます(▼受身可能)
dispense with compliments
cannot dispense with this dictionary.
(2) …(の手間)を省く, 不要にする
The linotype dispensed with hand-setting of type.
(3) 〈法などの〉適用を免除する.

dispense (PROVIDE)
verb [T]
to give out things, especially products, services or amounts of money, to people:
There is a vending machine on the platform that dispenses snacks.━━ vt. 分配する ((to)); 調剤する; 実施する; (義務を)免じる ((from)).
━━ vi. 調剤する; 特免する.
 dispense with …を免除する; …をなしで済ます; …を不要にする.

dispense with sth/sb phrasal verb
to get rid of something or someone or stop using them because you do not need them:
They've had to dispense with a lot of luxuries since Mike lost his job.
 dis・pen・sa・ble ━━ a. なくてもすむ; 【カトリック】特免できる.
 dis・pen・sa・tion ━━ n. 分配(品); 施し; 調剤; (天の)配剤, 天意; (特別な)管理, 支配; 制度; 【カトリック】特免; 【神学】天啓法, 律法.

 dis・pens・er ━━ n. 薬剤師; ディスペンサー ((紙コップ・ちり紙・香水・錠剤などを必要量だけ出せる機械・容器)) (a cash ~ 現金自動支払い機); 自動販売機.

noun [C]
a machine or container that you can get something from:
a cash/soap/drinks dispenser

dispensation (SYSTEM) Show phonetics
noun [C] FORMAL
a political or religious system controlling a country at a particular time

dispensation (PERMISSION) Show phonetics
noun [C or U] FORMAL
special permission, especially from the Church, to do something that is not usually allowed:
The couple have requested (a) special dispensation from the Church to allow them to marry.
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
dispensation:豁免;寬免:在特別情況中,解除遵守教會法的義務;凡有執行權力者,在其主管權限內,均得給予(法典85-93);如齋戒日的豁免;拉丁文稱為 dispensatio。但與赦免 absolution及免除 remission有別。

━━ n. 分配(品); 施し; 調剤; (天の)配剤, 天意; (特別な)管理, 支配; 制度; 【カトリック】特免; 【神学】天啓法, 律法.