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titanium , vanadium, rare earths, family silver, silvery

His secret? Deals. Despite an expensive Huffington Post deal, Mr. Armstrong's coup was selling off the family silver, a portfolio of patents, for $1.1 billion. Monday, it said how it would return the cash to shareholders.

US, EU and Japan say China is unfairly limiting exports of minerals used in ...
Washington Post
BRUSSELS — The United States, the European Union and Japan filed complaints Tuesday with the World Trade Organization charging that China is limiting its export of rare earths, minerals that are vital to the production of high-tech goods.

In addition to seizing control of the rare earth mining districts in southern Jiangxi Province, the Ministry of Land and Resources announced that it was imposing national planning authority on an iron ore mining area in the western Chinese province of Sichuan that has two other scarce and valuable metals, titanium and vanadium. Titanium has many applications in aerospace and other industry sectors, while vanadium is used in the production of sulfuric acid, which is the main material needed to refine rare earth ores.

Vanadium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- [ 翻譯此頁 ]
Vanadium is a chemical element with the symbol V and atomic number 23. It is a soft, silvery gray, ductile transition metal. The formation of an oxide layer ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanadium - 頁庫存檔 - 類似內容


本文強調釩(vanadium)暴露對人體的健康影響,美國環境保護署已經鑑定了1177處重要有害廢棄物棄置場址,列入“國家優先整治表”中,其中已經發現至少有23場含有釩。 ...

the family silver 家傳的銀器品


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[sílvər]

1 [U](商品や通貨基準としての)銀;《化学》銀(記号:Ag)
The value of silver has risen.
2 [U]((古風))銀貨(silver coins);白色をした硬貨;金銭.
3 [U]銀器(silverware);(一般に)食器(フォーク・ナイフなど).
4 [U]銀色, 銀白;銀色の輝き[光沢].
5 [U]((米))《写真》ハロゲン化銀(臭化銀・塩化銀・ヨウ化銀など).
6 ((略式))=silver medal.
1 銀の;銀製の;銀を含む;銀めっきを施した
a silver coin
silver bullion
2 銀を産出する.
3 銀のような;銀色の, 銀白色の, しろがね色の
silver hair
4 銀鈴を鳴らしたような, さえた柔らかい音色の
a silver resonance
5 雄弁な, 説得力のある
silver words of praise
6 銀本位制の.
1 …に銀をかぶせる, 銀めっきする;《写真》…に硝酸銀を塗る.
2 …を銀色に光らせる;((文))…を銀色[白髪]にする.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[sílvəri]

1 銀のような;銀色に輝く[光る]
a silvery luster
silvery hair
2 銀鈴を鳴らすような.
3 銀を含有する;銀を着せた.

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tweeps, ridic, lolz, vajazzle, underwater

Oxford Dictionary Online New Words For 2012 Include 'Vajazzle'
Huffington Post
But some lovely spelling nerd from the Oxford Online Dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary's cooler little sister, must've overheard our ongoing arguments (vajazzle? vagazle?), because this year's additions to the Oxford Dictionary Online include ...

vajazzle, v.: adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.
But the lovable Oxford wonks didn't stop there! For the sake of fashion bloggers everywhere, they've officially enshrined some more of our favorite phrases into the ODO:
tweeps, pl. n.: a person’s followers on the social networking site Twitter (As in, "Good night, tweeps! Love you all xx") totes, adv.: totally (As in, "Girl, that bag is totes amaze. Where did you get it?")
ridic, adj.: ridiculous (abbrev.) (As in, "Have you seen Paul Ryan's shirtless pic? Seriously, his abs are ridic.")
lolz, pl. n.: fun, laughter, or amusement (As in, "Thanks for the many LOLZ.")
genius, adj. [new sense]: very clever or ingenious (As in, "The way Dries Van Noten mixes prints is, like, totally genius.")
It should be noted that "OMG," "LOL," "mankini" and "jeggings" were already added last year. No word if P'Trique was consulted on any of the new additions.

 'Underwater,' 'Man Cave' added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Fox News
It may not be as sexy a term as “earworm,” “mash-up,” “man cave” or, well, “sexting,” but one of the words just added to the newest edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary speaks volumes about the impact of the financial crisis, especially ...

 "Some of the new words this year provide colorful images. Terms like ‘man cave,’ ‘underwater’ (when used to describe mortgages), ‘earworm’ and ‘bucket list’ paint vivid pictures in your mind.

 "Underwater: having, relating to, or being a mortgage loan for which more is owed than the property securing the loan is worth.”

veritas, magna est veritas et praevalebit.

Hotel Review: Hotel Veritas, in Cambridge, Mass.

If Harvard had a hotel school, its summa cum laude graduates would want to work at Veritas.
Veritas  哈佛大學校訓真理

媚俗者將veritas 翻譯成"美麗踏實"而自得


In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. It was believed that she hid in the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. Her image is shown as a young virgin dressed in white.[1] Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should have possessed. InGreek mythology, Veritas was known as Aletheia.
This Latin word now appears in the mottos of many colleges and universities. Veritas is the motto ofHarvard University, Drake University and the prestigious Scotland independent school Fettes College, as well as the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church, and Providence College which is run by the Dominicans. Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey issues a "Veritas Award" each year in honor of the Dominican Sisters who founded and administer the college. "Veritas" is included in the motto of Indiana University and Yale University, Lux et Veritas ("Light and Truth"). It also appears on the California State University's motto Vox Veritas Vita ("Speak the Truth as a way of Life"). Veritas Curat ("Truth Cures") is the motto of the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, a prominent medical school in Pondicherry, India. Howard University, in Washington, DC, goes by the motto "Veritas et Utilitas", translated to "Truth and Service".

magna est veritas et praevalebit.
Pronunciation: \ˌmäg-nä-ˌest-ˈwā-ri-ˌtäs-et-ˌprī-wä-ˈlā-bit\
Function: foreign term
Etymology: Latin
: truth is mighty and will prevail

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du jour, theory-du-jour

Error of Margin in Precious Metal Theories
Gold and silver attract conspiracy theories like JFK and Roswell. The theory-du-jour concerns exchanges supposedly driving down prices by raising the amount of margin investors must post to open and maintain futures positions.

Japan's ingredient du jour: shio koji

The fermented rice product imparts big flavor to many foods. And it's catching on in the U.S.

du jour
(də zhʊr, dū) pronunciation
  1. Prepared for a given day: The soup du jour is cream of potato.
  2. Most recent; current: the trend du jour.
[French : du, of the + jour, day.]


lanky righty, ungainly

Photo Essay
Small Ball! The Faces of Baseball’s True World Series
On Aug. 20, Will Lucas, a lanky righty from Fairfield, Conn., pitched a no-hitter in the Little League World Series. His performance was the opening...

(lăng') pronunciation
adj., -i·er, -i·est.
Tall, thin, and ungainly. See synonyms at lean2.

lankily lank'i·ly adv.
lankiness lank'i·ness n.


  • 発音記号[ráiti]


[形]〈人・動作・姿が〉優美でない, ぶざまな, ぶかっこうな.

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banquette, filet mignon, medium, steak frites, rare, Medium rarer

Medium rarer

Data from the Pew Research Center suggest America's middle class is glum
MOST people like to describe themselves as middle class, which makes it a bit of a useless category. But the Pew Research Centre's suggests that the proportion of Americans that place themselves in it has shrunk since 2008. This seems not to be because more people have suddenly decided that they are upper class. Instead it reflects the effects of a bad decade for America's middle men and women. The share of total household income going to all middle-income Americans (defined as those who earn between two-thirds and double the median) has been overtaken by those in the upper income group. This is not a case of a rising median pushing people out of the middle-income category, as the median wage actually declined between 2000 and 2010. There are two ways to interpret this. The first is that America's middle will bounce back when the economy eventually recovers from the aftershocks of the financial crisis. The second, gloomier, thesis is that more of the same can be expected as America's economy continues its decline relative to China's.

“He’d like two,” said his friend and translator, Maggie James, perched next to him on the banquette. “One filet mignon, medium, and one steak frites, rare.”

Steak frites is a popular dish served in Belgian (or French) Brasseries. It is basically a steak accompanied with fries. There may also be lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, mustard, sauce béarnaise, etc.

Steak frites

banquette (băng-kĕt') pronunciation
  1. A platform lining a trench or parapet wall on which soldiers may stand when firing.
  2. also ban·kit (băng'kĭt) Southern Louisiana & East Texas. A raised sidewalk: "The flower of loafers . . . was found stretched on the banquette on Tuesday night" (New Orleans Daily Picayune). See Regional Note at beignet.
  3. A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall.
  4. A ledge or shelf, as on a buffet.
[French, from Provençal banqueta, diminutive of banca, bench, of Germanic origin.]

1 (背もたせのない)長いす;(駅馬車の)腰掛け.
2 (堤防の)小段(こだん);(カウンターの奥の)張出し棚;《城》射撃用足場.
3 ((米南部))歩道.

Temperatures for beef, veal, lamb steaks and roasts
Term (French) Description Temperature range[1] USDA recommended[2]
Extra-rare or Blue (bleu) very red and cold 46–49 °C 115–120 °F
Rare (saignant) cold red center; soft 52–55 °C 125–130 °F
Medium rare (à point) warm red center; firmer 55–60 °C 130–140 °F 145 °F
Medium (demi-anglais) pink and firm 60–65 °C 140–150 °F 160 °F
Medium well (cuit) small amount of pink in the center 65–69 °C 150–155 °F
Well done (bien cuit) gray-brown throughout; firm 71–100 °C 160–212 °F 170 °F


  • 発音記号[réər]

[形](rar・er, rar・est)((米))〈肉が〉生焼けの, 半煮えの(((英))underdone)
a rare steak


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[réər]

[形](rar・er, rar・est)
1 まれな, めったにない, 珍しい, まれにしか起こらない, たまの. ⇒SCARCE[形]2
a rare visit
a rare bird
珍しい[変わった]人[物], 珍品
(as) rare as desert blizzard
It is rare for her to get angry. [=It is rare that she gets angry. ]
2 〈空気・ガスなどが〉希薄な(⇔dense)
The air is rare above 3,000 feet.
3 ((限定))たいへんな;すばらしい, 非常にすぐれた;((反語的))まったくひどい, とんでもない
a rare beauty
have a rare (old) time (of it)
Her rare sense of humor delighted everyone.
4 ((副詞的))((主に話))非常に, とても.
rare and ...
((略式))((形容詞を伴って))とても, 非常に
We are rare and tired.

weeknight, weekday, interloper, Hera, bistro, cut-out

Zest Garden Recalls Wilson & Fisher Bistro Sets Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Big Lots Stores

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.
Name of product: Wilson & Fisher White Cast Bistro Table and Chairs Set
Units: About 22,500
Retailer: Big Lots, of Columbus, Ohio
Importer: Zest Garden, of Ontario, Calif.
Hazard: The chairs can break during normal use, posing a fall hazard to consumers.
Incidents/Injuries: Zest Garden has received five reports of chairs breaking, including three reports of injuries.
Description: This recall involves three-piece patio sets sold in a white, cut-out rose pattern. The set consists of a table and two chairs made of cast iron and aluminum. The table is about 26 inches high and measures about 24 inches in diameter. Each chair is about 33 inches high with an oval-shaped seat that measures about 19 inches long and about 16 inches wide. The item number is XG-1015-23. The product measurements, the item number and "Wilson & Fisher White Cast Bistro Set" and "Made in China" are printed on labels located on the product's packaging.
Sold exclusively at: Big Lots stores nationwide from November 2011 to May 2012 for about $100.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the set and return it to any Big Lots store for a full refund.
Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Zest Garden at (800) 893-3006 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, or send an e-mail to info@zestgarden.com, or visit the firm's website at www.biglots.com

Picture of Bistro Table and Chairs

Picture of recalled chair

  • Greece Lights Olympic Torch

    Greece Lights Olympic Torch

    The flame that lights the Olympic torch all the way to London begins on the site of the first Games, in front of the 2,600-year-old Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece. The ritual reveals itself in an intense practice session.

  • During the day, the LudoBites space is Gram & Papa’s, a breakfast-and-lunch joint with a hearty organic menu of eggs and sandwiches, soups and salads that it serves on paper plates. The Lefebvres rent the room each weeknight, and transform it into a casual monument to fine dining, a bistro temple.

    Reservations to LudoBites are the summer’s must-have accessory in this restaurant-mad city, written about on Twitter and blogs and heralded in the pages of LA Weekly, where the critic Jonathan Gold has lavished praise on it. But they are not totally impossible to get. I joined the crowds twice last week, an anonymous East Coast interloper interested in all the fuss.

    1. One that interferes with the affairs of others, often for selfish reasons; a meddler.
    2. One that intrudes in a place, situation, or activity: "When these interlopers choke out native species, ecologists see a danger signal" (William K. Stevens).
    3. Archaic.
      1. One that trespasses on a trade monopoly, as by conducting unauthorized trade in an area designated to a chartered company.
      2. A ship or other vessel used in such trade.
    [INTER- + probably Middle Dutch lōper, runner (from lōpen, to run).]
    interlope in'ter·lope' v.
    WORD HISTORY The word interloper has its origin in the time when England was embarking on the course that would lead to the British Empire. Interloper, first recorded around 1590 in connection with the Muscovy Company, the earliest major English trading company (chartered in 1555), was soon being used in connection with independent traders competing with the East India Company (chartered in 1600) as well. These companies were established as monopolies, and independent traders called interlopers were not welcome. The term is probably partly derived from Dutch, the language of one of the great trade rivals of the English at that time. The inter- is simply the prefix inter-, which English has borrowed from Latin, meaning "between, among." The element -loper is probably related to the same element in landloper, "vagabond," a word adopted from Dutch landloper, with the same sense and composed of land, "land," and loper, from lopen, "to run, leap." The word interloper came to be used in the extended sense "busybody" in the 17th century.


    A night of the week exclusive of Saturday and Sunday.

    weeknights week'nights' adv.

    (European mythology)
    Literally, ‘lady’. The earth goddess of Argos, a pre-Greek deity, assimilated as the daughter of Kronos and Rhea, and the sister-wife of Zeus. She was the protectress of marriage, childbirth, and the home. Often her jealousy and quarrelsomeness led to disaster for gods, heroes, and men, when she harried Zeus' mistresses and persecuted their children. Against the baby Heracles, whom Zeus begot on Alcmene, she sent two serpents, but the infant hero strangled them in his cradle. This ancient superman, however, was eventually the victim of Hera's ‘harsh anger’. When Zeus bore Athena without her assistance, Hera gave birth to Typhaon without him. This terrible creature resembled neither gods nor men, and is reminiscent of the monster Typhon, which challenged Zeus on behalf of the original earth goddess Gaia.



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    pointillistically, Vanishing Point, minimalism

    'Vanishing Point: Not a Memoir'

    Reviewed by DAVID SHIELDS
    Ander Monson's collection, in a tradition that has been described as the "lyric essay," pointillistically confronts puzzles of truth and identity.

    (noun) An art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color.
    Usage:The sculpture—simply a perfect sphere—must have been created at the height of minimalism.

    Minimal Art

    A Critical Anthology

    Gregory Battcock (Editor), Anne M. Wagner (Introduction)

    Available worldwide
    Paperback, 454 pages
    ISBN: 9780520201477
    August 1995


    Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary

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    [edit] English

    [edit] Etymology

    From Pointillism

    [edit] Adjective

    pointillistic (comparative more pointillistic, superlative most pointillistic)

    more pointillistic

    most pointillistic
    1. Having a style marked by using many small, distinct points of color to form an image
      a pointillistic work of art
    2. (by extension) Having the minimalistic, analytical character associated with pointillism
      • 2008 December 12, Jon Pareles, “Hey, Kids! Care for a Little Minimalism With Your Dance Grooves?”, The New York Times:
        Their songs are mercurial, exhilarating structures with angular, leaping vocal lines from David Longstreth, cooing female vocal harmonies and pointillistic guitar patterns that do with Congolese soukous what Steve Reich did with Ghanian drumming: analyze, formalize and layer on new, dizzying convolutions.

    [edit] Synonyms

    [edit] Derived terms

    [edit] See also

    Wikipedia-logo.png Pointillism on Wikipedia.

    2012年8月19日 星期日

    binge, in a froth over, fetal

    Binge Eating Among Men Steps Out of the Shadows

    Binge eating disorder, which affects about eight million Americans, is about as common in men as in women, but treatment has mainly focused on women.

    Cape Town’s elite restaurateurs are in a froth over local authority plans aimed at tackling township binge drinking which will outlaw the city’s popular champagne breakfasts.
    開普敦的高級餐館為了地方當局旨在對付城內狂飲酗酒情況的計畫而怨聲載道,這項計畫將禁止這座城市極受歡迎的香檳早餐。 {管淑平)

    be in a froth over:形容詞片語,為某事感到怨恨、苦惱的。例句:The people are in a froth over the new tax policy.(民眾對新稅制政策感到苦惱。)
    1. A mass of bubbles in or on a liquid; foam.
    2. Salivary foam released as a result of disease or exhaustion.
    3. Something unsubstantial or trivial.
    4. A fit of resentment or vexation: was in a froth over the long delay.

    v., frothed, froth·ing, froths. (also frôTH, frŏTH) v.tr.
    1. To cover with foam.
    2. To cause to foam.
    To exude or expel foam.

    [Middle English, from Old Norse frodha.]


    Its aim is to tackle the growing social ills of foetal alcohol syndrome, drink driving and wife beating, as well as cracking down on illegal bars and township shebeens.

    fe·tal (fēt'l) pronunciation
    Of, relating to, characteristic of, or being a fetus.


    • レベル:社会人必須
    • 発音記号[bíndʒ]

    [名]((略式))(飲食, 買い物を)しまくること;飲み放題;暴食;どんちゃんパーティー
    a shopping binge
    binge drinkingeating
    have a binge [=go on a binge]
    ━━[動](自)((略式))どか食いする, むちゃ飲みする;度を過ごす((on)).

    way (adv), deal (adv), producer, Chess boxing


    Pussy Riot verdict draws worldwide condemnation

    The two-year prison sentence for Russian punk band Pussy Riot has drawn worldwide condemnation. Politicians and human rights activists see the verdict as being politically motivated and way too harsh.

    Editor's Note

    Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail. Feel free to send feedback; I enjoy hearing your opinions and will do my best to respond.

    John Williams

    Books Producer

    way, 'way[way2, 'way]

    • 発音記号[wéi]

    1 あっちへ
    Go 'way.
    2 ((米略式))((副詞・前置詞を強調して))とても, ずっと, はるかに, 遠くに
    way off
    from way back
    way more (creative)
    (way) way out
    I saw him standing way above.
    It's way too real for me.

    way too cool/far/much/personal...

     (2) ((副詞的))ぐっと, うんと, 相当に, 大いに(▼強意句としてmore, too many, too muchまたは比較級の前につける)

    a good deal easier
    a great deal younger than ...
    She's absent from class a great deal.

    下下國際棋 打打拳擊

    Chess boxing is a hybrid sport which combines boxing with chess in alternating rounds. The sport began when Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, inspired by fictional depictions by French comic book artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal, organized actual bouts. Chess boxing is now growing in popularity.[1] Participants must be both skilled boxers and chess players, as a match may be won either way.
    Contents [hide]

    Structure and rules

    A match consists of up to eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess. The match begins with a four-minute chess round. This is followed by three minutes of boxing, with rounds of chess and boxing alternating until the end.[1] There is a one minute break between rounds. Speed chess is used, a form in which each player has a total of only twelve minutes for the whole game.
    Competitors may win by a knockout, achieving a checkmate, by the judges' decision, or if their opponent's twelve minutes of chess time is exceeded.[1] If a competitor fails to make a move during the chess round, he is issued a warning and he must move within the next 10 seconds.[2] Repeated warnings may result in a disqualification. The players put on headphones so that they do not hear any shouted assistance from the audience.


    The hybrid sport was envisioned in 1992 by cartoonist Enki Bilal, and chess boxing was featured in his graphic novel Froid Équateur.[1] Iepe Rubingh brought the concept to life, fighting under the name "Iepe the Joker".[3] Rubingh felt the method described in the book, a boxing match followed by a chess match, was impractical. He instead decided on alternating rounds of chess and boxing.[4]
    A similar concept was featured in the 1991 Finnish film Uuno Turhapuro—herra Helsingin herra, where the hero plays blindfold chess against one person using a hands-free telephone headset while boxing another person. It is not known if Bilal was aware of the movie. There was also a 1979 movie by director Joseph Kuo called "Ninja Checkmate"; the English-dubbed USA version was known as the "Mystery of Chess Boxing". It does not feature chess boxing, but it is probably the inspiration for the Wu-Tang Clan song "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" on their first album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993). Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA is a fan and advocate of the sport.[1]
    The sport is governed by the World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO), whose motto is "Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board." The first world championship was held in Amsterdam in 2003 and was won by Iepe Rubingh.[5] The First European Chess Boxing Championship took place in Berlin on October 1, 2005. Tihomir Atanassov Dovramadjiev of Bulgaria defeated Andreas "D" Schneider of Germany, who conceded in the seventh (chess) round.


    On the left: reigning light heavyweight world champion Nikolay Sazhin from Russia.
    On April 21, 2006, 400 spectators paid to watch two chess boxing matches in the Gloria Theatre, Cologne. Zoran "the Priest" Mijatovic opened with the Queen's Gambit. Zoran's opponent, a 37-year old former UN Peacekeeper named Frank "Anti Terror" Stoldt, was well prepared and dominated in both the chess board and the boxing rounds.[6] In the seventh round (chess) Mijatovic realized he was three moves away from being checkmated and resigned.[6][7]


    In April 2008, the World Chess Federation FIDE posted a video on its website showing its president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, playing a friendly chess boxing match in Elista.[8] That same month, the United Kingdom's first Chess Boxing club was begun in London by the Great Britain Chess Boxing Organization's founder Tim Woolgar.
    In July 2008 in Berlin, a 19-year old Russian mathematics student Nikolai Sazhin won the "World Champion" title in chess boxing by defeating Frank Stoldt.[9][10][11] Stoldt resigned in the 5th round (chess) after losing his queen.[10]


    November 28, 2009 saw the light heavyweight world championship bout between chess boxers Nikolay "The Chairman" Sazhin and Leo "Granit" Kraft, at the Ivan Yargin Palace of Sport in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, before a crowd of 2000. Sazhin, a native of Krasnoyarsk, had previous amateur boxing experience, having fought in 95 previous bouts (winning 85), and possessed a chess Elo rating of 2005; however, he had recently suffered an injury to his knee. His opponent, Kraft, was four years younger (at 17 years of age); he was born in Gomel, Belarus, but was representing the German Chess Boxing Organisation. Although younger, Kraft had fought in 50 amateur boxing fights (with a record of 45 wins), and had an Elo rating of 1997.[12]
    The fight opened with the Gruenfeld defense, and was followed by the first boxing round, which was largely dominated by the younger Kraft. The return to the chessboard in the third round saw Kraft castling early, and the resulting play saw Kraft having to defend his king. Sazhin continued in the subsequent boxing round, taking the upper hand in the fight. However, once they returned to the chess board, Sazhin used up too much time attacking Kraft's king. Thus by round eight Sazhin was forced to win by knockout or lose on the board. This he failed to do, and, on returning to the chess board, Sazhin resigned the match.[12]

    Required chess skill

    World-class chess-boxers must not only be experienced boxers, but must also be chess masters.[13] For example, Nikolai Sazhin has an Elo rating of around 1900, while European chess boxing champion Tihomir Atanassov Dovramadjiev is a FIDE Master with a rating over 2300 and has won multiple chess competitions.[13][14]


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