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U.S. Sees High Probability That Russians Bombed Convoy

  • U.S. officials say Russian forces may have been behind a strike on trucks delivering aid in Syria. Calling the bombers cowards, United Nations officials have suspended the convoys.

Russian Aid Convoy to Ukraine Is Dogged by Suspicion

A gift horse or a Trojan horse? That about summed up the latest, almost farcical encounter between Moscow and Kiev, as a mammoth convoy thundered across Russia toward Ukraine.

Israeli Airstrike in Syria Targets Arms Convoy, U.S. Says

Israel carried out a strike deep inside Syria, American officials reported, saying they believed the target was a shipment of antiaircraft weapons meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Jill Abramson, the executive editor of The Times, looks back at The Times's coverage of the J.F.K. era. Read her essay and browse photos, including this picture of his motorcade as he campaigned for the presidency in 1960.

Photo: Patrick Burns/The New York Times

Capping U.S. Withdrawal, Final Convoy Leaves Iraq

The last American military convoy crossed into Kuwait three days after a ceremony in which the United States marked the end of its nearly nine-year war in Iraq.

A Pakistani woman gave birth to a baby girl in an auto-rickshaw stuck in a traffic jam when police closed roads to let President Asif Ali Zardari’s motorcade drive by.
The woman was being driven to hospital in the city of Quetta on Thursday evening when police blocked roads for Zardari and his convoy to pass.

"We pleaded with the policemen as it was an emergency but they refused citing orders that no one should be allowed to move until the president passed," the woman’s bother, Mohammad Zafar, told reporters.
"It’s outrageous. People suffer unduly whenever a top government official moves," he said.
Security for government leaders is tight in Pakistan where Islamist militants have carried out numerous bomb attacks. Former president Pervez Musharraf survived two bomb attacks on his convoy.

plead with︰片語,懇求。例句︰She pleaded with me to give up the plan.(她懇求我放棄這個計畫。)
unduly︰副詞,不適當地、過分地。例句︰This attitude seems to me unduly fussy.(在我看來這個態度過度大驚小怪。)
carry out︰片語,執行、實現、完成。例句︰We all have certain jobs to carry out.(我們都有一些工作要完成。)

Car crash kills spectators at Dutch Queen's birthday celebrations

Dutch police have launched an investigation after a car crashed into spectators close to a royal motorcade as Queen Beatrix celebrated her official birthday.


motorcade is a procession of cars carrying VIPs, especially political figures.
Usually motorcades consist of several vehicles, sometimes accompanied by police escort. When it comes to politicians, presidents and state heads, the motorcade consists of anywhere from 4 to 6 armored cars/SUVs, with police motorcycles and cars leading the way and closing as well.
The President of the United States motorcade has at least 20 to 30 vehicles to carry all the security staff, White House officials, journalists and VIP guests.
John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, was assassinated within a motorcade in Dallas, Texas on November 221963.



Line breaks: con¦voy
Pronunciation: /ˈkɒnvɔɪ /


A group of ships or vehicles travelling together, typically one accompanied by armed troops, warships, or other vehicles for protection:a convoy of lorries


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(Of a warship or armed troops) accompany (a group of ships or vehicles) for protection:American destroyers helped to convoy much-needed supplies to Britain in 1917–18


late Middle English (originally Scots, as a verb in the senses 'convey', 'conduct', and 'act as escort'): from French convoyer, from medieval Latin conviare (seeconvey).


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[kɑ'nvɔi | kɔ'n-]

1 [U]護送, 護衛, 警護
under convoy
2 護衛[護送]隊;護衛艦.
3 護衛されている船団[輸送車隊, 軍隊など]
in convoy
4 (同一命令を受けて行動する)軍用車隊.
5 (スピード取り締まりを避けるための)トラックやトレーラーの集団.


Syllabification: (mo·tor·cade)
Pronunciation: /ˈmōtərˌkād/
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  • a procession of motor vehicles, typically carrying and escorting a prominent person.


early 20th century: from motor, on the pattern of cavalcade