2016年12月13日 星期二

ram, ramp up , retension, caught on camera, bright-eyed, stuffed, to no avail, disable

Ruling bloc rams casino bill through committee | The Japan Times

21 hours ago - The ruling bloc rams a divisive casino legalization bill through an Upper House committee, opening the door to its likely passage on ...

A decision on Tuesday by Margrethe Vestager, the European Union commissioner for competition, is the culmination of a two-year investigation into whether Ireland gave preferential treatment to Apple.
Apple Owes $14.5 Billion in Back Taxes to Ireland, E.U. Says


The decision by the European commissioner for competition ramps up trans-Atlantic tensions over how much companies with global operations should pay to countries where they do business.

A wild elephant in Thailand is caught on camera ramming a car in Khao Yai National Park, near the capital Bangkok.
The park chief said the aggressive behaviour was as a result of the mating season. No-one was injured in the incident.

“Tesco in Abbey has had a new fence and it’s basically just rammed with rubbish. We’ve asked several times they clean their ground as part of the agreement they have with us as the city authority and they continually, despite their claims otherwise, carry on just leaving it.”

The sky has never looked brighter for the world's big planemakers. Airbus and Boeing have bulging order books, with a combined backlog of 10,000 aircraft worth nearly $1 trillion at list prices. The makers of engines, electronic systems and bits of airframe will also be rubbing their hands at the prospect of years of guaranteed business. But can suppliers cope with the ramp-up in production? http://econ.st/1pIC1zB

Taiwan’s fishing fleet has a reputation as voracious, and in this incident the Philippines said its coastguard was acting against illegal fishing; it opened fire to disable the engine of a Taiwanese vessel after it tried to ram a Philippine cutter.

Bright-eyed young volunteers stuffed envelopes for him; Hollywood stars turned out for him; Simon and Garfunkel sang. To no avail. Richard Nixon won 49 states; he won Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

Bank of America Ramps Up Job Cuts
Bank of America is planning to cut 16,000 jobs by the end of the year. If the cuts are made, the lender will likely lose its title as the U.S banking industry's largest employer.

Record numbers of students flocked to college campuses this fall with high hopes of obtaining what many say is the new prerequisite for a middle-class life: a college degree. But the harsh reality is that little more than half those bright-eyed college freshmen, on average, will actually finish. The gap between access and completion has put a new focus on ramping up retention—the percentage of freshmen who return to the same institution for a second year of college. And that’s a task, observers say, for pre-collegiate educators as well as their college counterparts. The article is in Education Week.


"The housing market is the Vietnam War of the American financial system. The federal government is in so deep, they have to keep ramping up to find a way out. We’re going to have to destroy all these mortgages in order to save them."
HOWARD GLASER, a housing consultant.

1III[名]([副])]…に(…を)詰め込む, 詰める((with ...));…を(…に)詰め込む((into, in ...));〈枕などに〉詰め物をする
stuff a bag with papers [=stuff papers into a bag
2 〈穴・傷口などを〉(…で)ふさぐ, 詰める((with ...));〈管などを〉ふさぐ, 〈鼻を〉詰まらせる((up))
stuff one's ears with cotton
3 (剥製(はくせい)を作るため)〈鳥などに〉詰め物をする.
4 〈七面鳥・子牛の肉などに〉(キャベツなどを)詰める, 詰め物をする((with ...)).
5 ((略式))〈人を〉食べ物で満たす;…に(食べ物を)食べさせる((with, on ...))
stuff a child with cake
I stuffed myself withon] grapes.
6 〈頭・人を〉(…で)いっぱいにする, …に(間違った考えを)ふき込む((with ...))
a head stuffed with strange ideas
7 ((米))〈投票箱に〉不正票を投じる.
8 ((俗))〈女と〉性的交渉をもつ.

avail[a・vail] 音記号[əvéil]

[動]((主に否定文・疑問文))((形式))(他)〈人に〉役だつ, 資する
It avails you nothing to do
━━(自)役に立つ, 助けになる, (…に対して)効力がある((against ...))
No excuse will avail.
avail oneself of ...
Just avail yourself of the studio.
━━[名][U]((主に否定文・疑問文))((通例of, toを前に置いて))利益, 効力, 効用
be of littleno] avail
Of what avail is it
He made every effort, but to no avail.
[古フランス語a- (OF)+ラテン語valēre(価値のある). △PREVAIL, VALID

1 保有, 保存, 保持[維持](力)
the retention rate
((米))(大学の)学生在籍率(▼全入学者のうち4年次に在籍していた学生の率で, 全米の大学はこれを連邦政府に報告する義務がある).
2 記憶(力).
3 《医学》停留
retention of urine

Ramp up is a term used in economics and business to describe an increase in firm production ahead of anticipated increases in product demand. Alternatively, ramp up describes the period between product development, and maximum capacity utilization, characterized by product and process experimentation and improvements[1].


Pronunciation: /ram/

Definition of ram

  • 1an uncastrated male sheep.
  • (the Ram) the zodiacal sign or constellation Aries.
  • 2a battering ram.
  • historical a beak or other projecting part of the bow of a warship, for piercing the sides of other ships.
  • 3the falling weight of a piledriving machine.
  • 4a hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine.
  • the piston of a hydrostatic press.

verb (rams, ramming, rammed)

[with object and adverbial of direction]
  • 1roughly force (something) into place:he rammed his stick into the ground
  • [with object] (of a vehicle or vessel) be driven violently into (another vehicle or vessel) in an attempt to stop or damage it:their boat was rammed by a Japanese warship
  • [no object, with adverbial] crash violently against something:the stolen car rammed into the front of the house
  • [with object] (often as adjective rammed) beat (earth) with a heavy implement to make it hard and firm: the walls are made of rammed earth
  • 2 (be rammed) British informal (of a place) be very crowded:the club is rammed to the rafters every week


ram something down someone's throat

see throat.

ram something home

see home.



Definition of disable

[with object]
  • (of a disease, injury, or accident) limit (someone) in their movements, senses, or activities:it’s an injury that could disable somebody for life (as adjective disabling)a progressively disabling disease
  • put out of action:the raiders tried to disable the alarm system
  • (of an action or circumstance) prevent or discourage (someone) from doing something:their choice disables them from pursuing certain avenues