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downbeat, upbeat, ailing, irreparable, antiquity

David Cameron is depending on a downbeat message that risks handing Eurosceptics the best tunes. Even if they are misleading
David Cameron needs to tell a more positive story about Britain’s EU…

Fifteen years laterand Keane was an art sensation. The American suburb had just been invented and millions of people suddenly had a lot of wall space to fill. Some of them – those who wanted their homes to express upbeat whimsy – opted for paintings of dogs playing pool or dogs playing poker.

Freud's Antiquities: A View from the Couch

Stephen Scully
Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics
Third Series, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall, 1997), pp. 222-233
Published by: Trustees of Boston University
Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20163680

Greek Antiquities Threatened by Austerity

Some of the country’s experienced state archaeologists have been forced into early retirement, leaving many scholars to fear irreparable losses in their field.

Nokia Expected to Give Downbeat Forecast
When Nokia reports its second-quarter results Thursday, all eyes will be on the ailing handset maker's guidance for the second half of this year. Expectations are low.

Google Pushing Social Effort
Google's Eric Schmidt was upbeat about the company's new social-networking service and said it is only the beginning of Google's attempt to personalize its products for individual users.

Bullish Investors Say
Signs Point to Europe

Since confronting potential calamity back in early March, global stock markets have recovered smartly -- and while some indexes have fallen back from recent peaks, global investors remain remarkably upbeat.

GameStop posted a 13% rise in quarterly earnings on improved margins, but the video-game retailer issued a downbeat forecast and its stock plunged.

Overall, the verdict was far more upbeat than many in the industry had feared when the tests were first announced in February, The New York Times wrote. Still, the results drew a stark dividing line through the new landscape of American finance.

AUTOSHOW-Japanese set for rare downbeat Detroit car show
Reuters - USA
By Chang-Ran Kim, Asia autos correspondent This time last year, Japanese auto executives asserted confidently they would keep snatching a bigger chunk of ...

Chip makers Applied Materials and National Semiconductor announced cuts in their work forces and downbeat financial projections.

Ericsson Lowers Outlook for Sales
The Swedish telecommunications equipment maker offered a downbeat outlook Tuesday for fourth-quarter sales, sending its shares tumbling.

His presence in the apartment is itself a delight. Loss of a cherished spouse is irreparable, but the presence of an upbeat grandson helps my mood. My grandson's presence is a welcome home "activity."

Paul Otellini, Intel’s chief executive, was upbeat about the company’s prospects and the economy. He said in a statement that the results showed “a solid global market environment,” adding that, “We remain optimistic about our growth opportunities.”


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[irépərəbl]
[形]直せない, 修繕できない;償えない, 取り戻せない, 回復できない.

upbeat Show phonetics
adjective INFORMAL
full of hope, happiness and good feelings:
Live music and a parade set an upbeat mood for the official opening.
NOTE: The opposite is downbeat.
━━ n., a. 上向き, 上昇; 【楽】指揮棒の振り上げ; 弱拍; 陽気な; 景気のいい; .
  • 1. 《音楽》指揮棒{しきぼう}を上に動かすこと、弱拍{じゃくはく}◆【対】downbeat
  • 2. 《音楽》弱起{じゃっき}、アウフタクト◆【同】pickup ; anacrusis
  • 3. 〔良い事が起こりそうに感じる〕明るい気分{きぶん}
  • 4. 〔景気などの〕上昇{じょうしょう}、上向{うわむ}き、好転{こうてん}、回復{かいふく}
  • アップビートな、陽気{ようき}な、楽しい、明るい、楽天的{らくてんてき}な、強気{つよき}の、上向{うわむ}きの、景気{けいき}の良い


  • agree with the upbeat assessment
  • 景気{けいき}の上向{うわむ}き評価{ひょうか}に同意{どうい}する
  • committed to having a team of upbeat people
  • 《be 〜》明るさを備えたチーム作りに専念{せんねん}する[を持つことに専心{せんしん}する・を作ろうと頑張っている]
  • deliver an upbeat assessment of
  • 〜に楽観的{らっかん てき}な評価{ひょうか}を下す
  • disagree with the upbeat assessment
  • 景気{けいき}の上向{うわむ}き評価{ひょうか}に反対{はんたい}する
  • express an upbeat view of the present state
  • 現在{げんざい}の状況{じょうきょう}に対する楽観的{らっかんてき}な見方{みかた}を表明{ひょうめい}する

downbeat Show phonetics
adjective INFORMAL
quiet and without much excitement:
The actual signing of the treaty was a downbeat affair without any ceremony.
The band seemed rather downbeat, even unconcerned about their success.
Compare upbeat.n.
  1. Music.
    1. The downward stroke made by a conductor to indicate the first beat of a measure.
    2. The first beat of a measure.
  2. Informal. A period of stagnation or inactivity.
Cheerless; pessimistic.
  • 1. 〔指揮者{しきしゃ}が〕指揮棒{しきぼう}を振り下ろすこと
  • 2. 《音楽》強拍{きょうはく}
  • 3. 〈米〉減退{げんたい}
  • 1. 〈話〉〔映画{えいが}・音楽{おんがく}・ニュースなどが〕陰気{いんき}な、気のめいるような、悲しい結末{けつまつ}
  • 2. 〈話〉〔人が〕憂鬱{ゆううつ}な、落ち込んだ
  • 3. 〈話〉のんびりした


  • cite the continuing downbeat economic situation
  • 継続{けいぞく}する悲観的{ひかんてき}な経済状態{けいざい じょうたい}について言及{げんきゅう}する
  • downbeat business forecast
  • 業績見通しの下降{かこう}
  • downbeat figure
  • 悲観的数字{ひかん てき すうじ}
  • downbeat nystagmus
  • 下向性眼振{かこうせい がんしん}  
  • antiquity

    an • tiq • ui • ty
    antiquities (複数形)
    1 [U]年代を経ていること, 古さ
    a temple of great antiquity
    2 [U]大昔, 古い時代, 太古;中世以前の時代(特にギリシャ・ローマ時代), 上古, 古代
    from immemorial antiquity
    in remote antiquity
    3 ((集合的))古代人. ▼特に古代の作家や職人をいう.
    4 ((通例-ties))古代の遺物[遺跡, 風習, 文化];古器
    Greek and Roman antiquities

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Microsoft's profit fell 11%, largely reflecting a revenue influx last year. It issued downbeat remarks about prospects to complete a Yahoo deal.