2015年12月22日 星期二

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From what's causing the massing of plastic in the world’s oceans to the cost of carbon accumulating in its atmosphere, studies by UC researchers are among the breakthroughs that captured the most public interest in 2015, according to Altmetric.
Discoveries by UC BerkeleyUC Santa BarbaraUC San Francisco (UCSF)UC San Diego and University of California, Riverside, made the list of the year's buzz-worthy stories.

Between 1933 and 1945 the Nazis engaged in the biggest art theft in history. They amassed millions of works from mostly Jewish collectors and the museums of occupied territories. How is Nazi-looted art returned? http://econ.st/1axekqe
More Americans die each year of prescription drug overdoses than gun homicides: http://on.wsj.com/Tk6Ldr

Krugman argued that Ferguson's view is "resurrecting 75-year old fallacies" and full of "basic errors". He also stated that Ferguson is a "poseur" who "hasn't bothered to understand the basics, relying on snide comments and surface cleverness to convey the impression of wisdom. It's all style, no comprehension of substance.

2012.11 根據彭博社報導,蘋果與谷歌初步同意,透過仲裁方式,達成授權協議。不過,這次的協議,主要針對的是摩托羅拉所持有的「標準關鍵專利」(standard-essential patents)部分,這是多數人忽略、但卻極為關鍵的因素。
根 據規定,如果專利屬於業界通用標準、而且是所有廠商都必須採用的,即是屬於所謂的「標準關鍵專利」,那麼專利所有者就必須以合理的價格、公平且一視同仁的 條件(fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory),授權給其他廠商使用,不得用來作為提起專利訴訟的武器。換句話說,摩托羅拉必須以合理的價格,將其所擁有的標準關 鍵專利授權給蘋果使用。

Samsung, Apple Amass 4G Patents for Battle

By JUNG-AH LEE SEOUL—Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +3.03% and Apple Inc. AAPL +1.39% are building patent portfolios of fourth-generation mobile-network technology, an area that is likely to become their next battleground over intellectual property.
Telecommunications carriers world-wide are upgrading their networks to support more bandwidth for faster Internet access and data downloads on mobile devices. Smartphone makers meanwhile are speeding the rollout of handsets that support long-term evolution 4G technology.
Samsung and Apple are building up their patent portfolios for 4G wireless technology as courtroom battles escalate. The WSJ's Yun-Hee Kim has the details.
LTE promises faster data-transfer speeds than conventional third-generation networks. Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III, supports LTE. Apple's iPhone 5, which the company unveiled Wednesday in San Francisco, also will support the technology.
LTE is expected to become the next wireless-network standard, and holding a large number of patents for the technology could help companies shield themselves from potential litigation. The issue will be crucial for Apple and Samsung as they vie for leadership in the fast-growing smartphone market.
The two companies are embroiled in more than 50 lawsuits spanning 10 countries. A U.S. federal jury last month awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, saying that Samsung violated six patents held by Apple. The South Korean company said it would appeal the verdict.
Samsung held the largest number of LTE patents globally at the end of June, 819, up 21% from a year earlier, according to a Korean Intellectual Property Office survey of filings with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Apple held 318 LTE patents, up from none last year. Finnish handset maker Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE +1.84% had 389.
"It's highly likely that Samsung will use its stronger position in LTE technology to continue to fight against Apple in the ongoing litigation," said Kim Hyoung-sik, an analyst at Taurus Investment & Securities.
The blow from Samsung's courtroom defeat in the U.S. hasn't diminished the company's appetite to continue, or even extend, its legal dispute with Apple, a person familiar with Samsung's thinking said. The "fine itself may not be a huge problem for Samsung, as it is expected to earn around 20 trillion won [or roughly $18 billion] in a year, but now, it all comes down to the matter of Samsung's reputation," the person said.
Apple declined to comment.
Apple acquired access to some 4G patents when it joined a consortium that bought Nortel Network Corp.'s NRTLQ -10.00% patent portfolio last year, giving the Cupertino, Calif., company potential weapons in a battle with Samsung.
Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
An Apple logo (top) and Samsung's booth (bottom) at an electronics show.
Still, both companies could struggle to gain a victory from patents related to wireless standards. The jury in California found that Apple didn't infringe Samsung patents related to 3G wireless standards because they were part of a chip made by Intel Corp., INTC -0.64% which had a license for the patents.
Analysts said attempts by Samsung to use its new technology standard patents could come under scrutiny by antitrust regulators globally. The European Commission and South Korea's Fair Trade Commission are investigating whether Samsung abused its position as a market leader in 3G wireless technology. Samsung said it would cooperate with the European probe and declined to comment on the South Korean investigation.
Industry rules dictate that electronics makers whose patents are part of technology standards must license them to other companies in a fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory manner. Such patents are typically given a low monetary value by electronics companies to increase the appeal of the technical standard and the likelihood of widespread adoption. But since the start of its litigation with Apple in April last year, Samsung has argued in courts world-wide that its standards-related patents are undervalued.
—Jessica E. Vascellaro
in San Francisco
contributed to this article.

 Ishihara thumbs his nose at the central government


Gingrich Aides Quit en Masse Over Conflicts

Newt Gingrich’s campaign imploded as his top advisers resigned, setting off a further exodus of aides and battering his hopes of a political comeback.

verb (used without object)
to come together in or form a mass or masses:
The clouds are massing in the west.
verb (used with object)
to gather into or dispose in a mass or masses; assemble:
The houses are massed in blocks.
Synonyms: collectmarshalamassaggregate.
Antonyms: disperse.


óver • dòse
overdoses (複数形) • overdosed (過去形) • overdosed (過去分詞) • overdosing (現在分詞) • overdoses (三人称単数現在)
[名](薬・麻薬などの)飲み[打ち]すぎ, (特に)致死量まで飲む[打つ]こと;服用過多で病気の[死んだ]人(略:OD).
━━[動] 〔〕 (他)〈人に〉(薬などを)与えすぎる((with ...)).
━━(自)(薬などを)飲みすぎる;(…に)過度にふける((on ...));薬(やく)のやりすぎで死ぬ.


  • 発音記号[snáid]

[形](snid・er, snid・est)((略式))
1 人の名誉を傷つけるような
snide remarks
2 にせの;不正直な.
3 卑しい.

en masse
(ŏn măs') pronunciation
In one group or body; all together: The protesters marched en masse to the capitol.

[French : en, in + masse, mass.]

The project has amassed plenty of admirers, but more than a few critics as well, who have challenged the populist bent of the design and the money required to build it. Its overall budget now stands at £70 million ($140 million). Photo: Derry Moore for The New York Times
Paul Allen Looks to Amass Airwaves

Paul Allen disclosed a commitment to bid at next month's FCC airwaves auction, possibly adding to the billionaire's spectrum holdings.

The Justice Department has begun an initial review to determine whether large U.S. telecom companies such as AT&T and Verizon have abused the market power they've amassed in recent years.

It is the latest big deal for patents, at a time when tech companies are amassing intellectual property rights as ammunition against competitors. Last year, Google purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, largely for its patent portfolio. And scores of companies - including Apple, Samsung, Facebook and Yahoo - are clashing in court rooms over claims to technology that underpins some of the basic functions of smartphones and social networks alike.

amass Show phonetics
verb [T]
to get a large amount of something, especially money or information, by collecting it over a long period:
She has amassed a huge fortune from her novels.
Some of his colleagues envy the enormous wealth that he has amassed.

FCC Chairman Pushes Fund Shift
The FCC's chairman said he wants to overhaul a $7 billion federal phone-subsidy program and reallocate more airwaves to wireless carriers as part of a strategy to improve U.S. broadband Internet availability.

“THE criticism I’ve had is just massive,” said the Duchess of Northumberland, as she led a visitor through the Bamboo Labyrinth of Alnwick Garden. “It’s really staggering the way that Britain views this project. They said I am to gardens what Imelda Marcos is to shoes.”


thumb one's nose
  1. (idiomatic, pejorative, as a gesture) To place a thumb upon the tip of the nose, typically with the fingers spread and while simultaneously wiggling one's fingers, in a gesture of disrespect.
    My brother thumbed his nose in reply to my snide remarks.
  2. (figuratively) To act disrespectfully, especially by flouting the object of disrespect.
    Richard Feynman delighted in thumbing his nose at bureaucracy.
very large in size, amount or number:
They've got a massive house.
She died after taking a massive overdose of drugs.
If the drought continues, deaths will occur on a massive scale.

The film is a massively (= very) ambitious project.

The medium used for the transmission of radio and television signals. Often used in the plural.
Powell Sees Overhaul of Spectrum Policy
FCC Chairman Powell proposed an overhaul of telecom policy involving spectrum, saying he rejects the notion that there aren't enough airwaves to go around for broadcasters who want them.