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Our technology editor spoke to Craig Wright and found he stops short of providing irrefutable evidence that he created the cryptocurrency
Evaluating his claim will involve a multi-step paternity test

Google project shows how Gettysburg Address evolved Washington Post
Despite the legend that the famous speech was scrawled on the back of an envelope on the train to Gettysburg, a new project from Google's Cultural Institute ...

Besides the long, devoted marriage to Jenny, there is another love story here: the partnership with Engels, who it seems was prepared to do anything for his comrade. Engels famously subsidized Marx; perhaps less well known is that he spared his friend a scandal by claiming paternity of the child born to the Marx family servant, Lenchen Demuth: the boy was in fact Karl’s son. After the great man’s death, it was Engels who waded through Marx’s scrawled notes to assemble, and publish posthumously, the final two volumes of “Das Kapital.” Even Marx’s signature text, “The Communist Manifesto,” included a 10-point program lifted almost verbatim from an earlier Engels program.

The ever-rising proportion of births outside wedlock is one of the great social trends in postwar England and Wales. Since 1958 it has shot up from 5% to 47%. But from 2007 to 2013 the growth slowed; last year the proportion even dipped fractionally. Why? http://econ.st/1yOfLeq

Engels was Aaron to Marx’s Moses, able to speak in public and so make up for the deficiencies of his partner, who was burdened by both a strong Rhineland accent and a lisp. Such was his devotion that Engels even planted anonymous reviews of “Das Kapital” in the German press. Imagine what the pair would have got up to in the age of Amazon. 除了跟燕妮(Jenny)之間長久、深情的婚姻關係之外,馬克思還有另外一段愛的故事:與恩格斯的搭檔關係。恩格斯似乎準備為這位朋友做任何事情。 大家都知道恩格斯在金錢上資助過馬克思,但不那麼廣為人知的是,恩格斯還幫助他避免了一樁醜聞:恩格斯聲稱是馬克思家傭人琳蘅·德穆特(Lenchen Demuth)的孩子的父親,其實那小男孩是馬克思的兒子。

在馬克思去世之後,是恩格斯耗費心力,從馬克思潦草的筆記中整理出《資本論》(Das Kapital)最後兩卷並出版發行。即便是馬克思最著名的作品,《共產黨宣言》(Communist Manifesto),其中提出的10項措施也幾乎是逐字引用了恩格斯先前提出的東西。馬克思有濃重的萊茵蘭口音,還有點口齒不清,恩格斯之於馬克思就如 同亞倫(Aaron)之於摩西(Moses),可以在眾人面前講話,彌補搭檔的不足。恩格斯的忠誠甚至達到了這種地步:他採取“托兒”手法,在德國媒體上 發表了《資本論》的匿名評論。你可以想像一下,這對搭檔在亞馬遜時代可以玩出一些什麼花樣。
London mayor Boris Johnson embroiled in paternity riddle | Mail Online

17 Jul 2010 ... Boris Johnson is at the centre of a riddle surrounding the paternity of a wealthy socialite's baby daughter. Helen Macintyre, 36, split from ...
Boris Johnson: I'll take a DNA test if I'm asked and support baby ...

Boris Johnson is caught up in controversy over whether he has fathered a baby out of wedlock and whether he will pay financial support to the child's ...

By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY Google has locked horns with Microsoft in a high-stakes showdown to dominate what could be the next great mother lode of Internet-derived profits. By Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP Google's Sundar Pichai displays Acer and Samsung ...US, China revive defence ties, lock horns on Taiwan
Reuters (press release)
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Liang Guanglie, constructive and accepted an invitation to visit China ...

lock horns

Become embroiled in conflict, as in At the town meeting Kate and Steve locked horns over increasing the property tax. This expression alludes to how stags and bulls use their horns to fight one another. [First half of 1800s]


  • 発音記号[imbrɔ'il]
1 ((通例受身))…を(紛争・戦争などに)巻き込む((in ...));…を(…と)反目させる((with ...))
embroil oneself [=getbecome] embroiled] in ...
2 〈話・事態などを〉混乱させる, 複雑にする.
[名][U][C]不和, 巻き添え, 騒動.

wed·lock (wĕd'lŏk') pronunciation

The state of being married; matrimony.

out of wedlock
  1. Of parents not legally married to each other: born out of wedlock.
[Middle English wedlocke, from Old English wedlāc : wedd, pledge + -lāc, n. suff. expressing activity.]

pa·ter·ni·ty (pə-tûr'nĭ-tē) pronunciation
n., pl., -ties.
  1. The state of being a father; fatherhood.
  2. Descent on a father's side; paternal descent.
  3. Authorship; origin.
of or relating to a lawsuit brought by a woman attempting to establish that a particular man is the father of her child and so must provide the child with financial support: paternity case; paternity suit.

[Middle English paternite, from Old French, from Late Latin paternitās, from Latin paternus, paternal. See paternal.]

Definition of scrawl


[with object]
  • write (something) in a hurried, careless way:Charlie scrawled his signature [no object]:he was scrawling on the back of a used envelope


  • an example of hurried, careless writing:the page was covered in scrawls and doodles [mass noun]:reams and reams of handwritten scrawl





early 17th century: apparently an alteration of the verb crawl, perhaps influenced by obsolete scrawl 'sprawl'