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rooms in The Manor, condominium, trophy property/ assets/ pieces, trophy wife, showroom

Recovering Art Market Attracts Trophy Works A8

Trophy pieces by Bacon, Basquiat, Brancusi and others go on the block this week at New York art auctions.

But hubris has a nasty habit of breeding disaster, particularly when combined with oodles of cheap debt. (One oft-ignored point is that Chinese companies such as Anbang have expanded their leverage at startling speed recently.) If I had to make a bet, I’d wager that sooner or later some of these Chinese companies will indeed go bust, along with their lenders; and, inevitably, those trophy assets — such as hotels — will be resold again too.

A Wine Tour at the Corner of Oak and Vine
By KRISTINA SHEVORY A small group of vintners is ditching the countryside and opening wineries in old factories and industrial showrooms in cities across the country.

The performances too are spot-on with Keith Allen and Andy de Ia Tour catching the matching vulgarity of the two brothers, Lia Williams combining sexiness and asperity as the banker's trophy wife and Danny Dyer as the far-from-dumb waiter implying a world of eccentric otherness far beyond the comprehension of these self-absorbed diners. 

trophy wife
An attractive, young wife married to a usually older, affluent man.

noun [C]
a large shop in which people are encouraged to look at the goods that are on sale before buying them:
a car showroom
Our complete range of carpets is on display in our showroom.

Our Castles (二)


進得門 來,先是門廳(foyer),接下來多是 living room,說也奇怪,這字面直譯為「起居」之室的所在,其實是用來招待客人的門面廳(show room),而非一家人起居生活之所,因此丁丁姑稱之「外廳」。「家庭間」(family room)才是自家人睡覺吃飯之外享受天倫共聚之處,丁丁稱之「內廳」。兩廳必須各自備辦沙發桌櫃組,未免重複,因此有些人家遂走實際路線,採大間制 (great room),內外交功能合併,合二廳為一大廳。

若要做個類比,現代住家的 living room,應近似過去 drawing room 的功能,family room 則是 sitting room(起坐間)。drawing room 不是畫室,而是withdrawing room,女士的房間(ladies room)。英美「舊」小說裡,晚餐用畢,女主人帶領其他女士、女客起身退出(withdraw),叧至別室進行優雅談話,留在餐廳的男士此時遂可開始放 心地吞雲吐霧,百無禁忌,或論公事、或談男士專屬話題。語畢,再同赴 drawing room 與女士們相聚用茶,進行餐後兩性皆宜的男女共同社交時間。

民以食為天,吃飯這個動作的進行場地往往也分門面與實際。Dining room 擺上正式六人以上大型長餐桌組(dining set),堂皇氣派,配有漂亮的展示櫃(cabinet),精緻瓷器在內一字排開。餐桌正中央是美麗的花飾燭臺,概稱centerpiece。這是用來請 客宴賓的所在,至於自家平日用餐,比較大的房子通常設有 eat-in-kitchen 空間,廚房一角放上小餐桌椅組(dinette set),迅速確實,排場俱免。講究的人家在室內向陽處還有早餐角落(breakfast nook),清晨的陽光流瀉入室,吃早飯看早報,令人精神為之一振。...."

Published: August 20, 2008

LOS ANGELES — Candy Spelling, widow of the television producer Aaron Spelling, is downsizing.

After nearly 20 years in The Manor, a 56,500-square-foot French chateau-style home known for its size and extravagance — it includes a wine-tasting room, a bowling alley, a silver room, a china room and a well-known gift-wrapping room — she says she is ready for the next trophy property: a condominium.
“People say, How can you move from The Manor? There’s no place like it,” Mrs. Spelling said, sitting in the library with leatherbound scripts of every episode of Mr. Spelling’s shows, from “Charlie’s Angels” to “7th Heaven.”
But a condo, she said, “is no different than a house, maybe even better.”

wine-tasting room品酒室
bowling alley保齡球道間
silver room 銀器間
china room 磁器間
gift-wrapping room 送禮包裝間

There’s no place like it, The Manor, a 56,500-square-foot French chateau-style home known for its size and extravagance — 法國城堡式 豪門巨室


Stephanie Diani for The New York Times
Candy Spelling, widow of the television producer Aaron Spelling, in the entryway of her 56,500-square-foot home, The Manor.

a condominium 這字通常指

condominium (BUILDING) Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 US an apartment building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it, but also containing shared areas

2 (INFORMAL condo) an apartment in a condominium

trophy property

noun [C]
1 a prize, such as a gold or silver cup, which is given to the winner of a competition or race, and often returned after a year to be given to the winner of the competition in the following year:
He's an excellent snooker player, but he's never won a major trophy.
The Duchess of Kent will be presenting the trophies.

2 something used as a symbol of success from hunting or war:
That stuffed pike above the fireplace is Pat's trophy from a fishing holiday in Scotland.

trophy wife/girlfriend noun [C] DISAPPROVING
a young attractive woman who is the partner of a rich and successful older man and acts as a symbol of his social position