2016年1月18日 星期一

bitter, bitters, nostalgic, A Day On, Not a Day Off

"There's something about the sound of a train that's very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful." — Paul Simon

It’s not easy, because I am thrilled with bitters. They are beers for drinking, for enjoying several pints over the course of an evening, rather than for carefully paced sipping. They are not meant to impress connoisseurs with their power or creative flavoring. They are meant, as so many British pub-goers understand, to quench thirst pleasurably without getting in the way of conversation.


德高望重的民權領袖馬丁·路德·金恩(Martin Luther King Jr.)為建設更加公正和平等的社會而奮鬥畢生。同時他也呼籲所有人來一道建設更美好的世界。他提出:“生命中一個持續和迫切的問題”是“你在為他人做什麼?”

每年,美國人會在馬丁·路德·金恩的誕辰紀念日這一天---1月份的第三個星期一,通過為鄰里社區服務的共同行動,響應他的號召。全國各地的公民---包括總統一家---向有需要的人送飯送菜,幫助更新校舍,收集濟貧食品和衣物。1994年,國會將馬丁·路德·金恩誕辰日定為全國服務日,以此弘揚馬丁·路德·金恩的夢想,即讓美國各行各業人攜起手來解決全國最迫切的問題。自那時起,許許多多美國人以服務的方式度過這一天。如今,這一天經常被稱為“行動日,而非休息日”(A Day On, Not a Day Off)。

AIT為了紀念馬丁·路德·金恩的貢獻和精神也將會在這天發起志願服務的活動喔! 我們明天將會在臉書上和大家分享我們的志願服務! 那你呢? 你會從事什麼樣的社區服務活動呢? 讀讀這篇文章來了解這個紀念日的意義: https://goo.gl/7YjWu1

President Obama has answered Martin Luther King’s call to service. Will you?

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'What are you doing for others?'" What is your answer?

Every year, Americans answer that question by coming together on King’s birthday, celebrated on the third Monday in January, to serve their neighbors and communities. Citizens across the country — including the first family — deliver meals, refurbish schools, and collect food and clothing for the needy.

In 1994, Congress designated King’s birthday a national day of service. This honors King’s dream that Americans from all walks of life would work together to solve their nation’s most pressing problems. Since then, many Americans have marked the day with acts of service — and now frequently call it “A Day On, Not a Day Off.”

AIT is also honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy with a volunteer activity today. We will share more about our community outreach in a post tomorrow. What type of community service to you engage in? Read more: https://goo.gl/7YjWu1
bit・ter[ btr ]

[形](~・er, ~・est) 

1 憤慨している((about ...))

He is very bitter about losing his job.

2 きびしい, つらい, 悲痛な

the bitter truth

a bitter experience

bitter tears

3 (相手に)強い敵意をもった, 憎い

bitter animosity

a bitter enemy

4 〈味・食べ物が〉苦い(▼quinineの味)(⇔sweet). ⇒LEMON

a bitter taste

bitter coffee

5 〈寒さ・気候などが〉きびしい

a bitter chill

6 痛烈な;辛らつな

bitter irony [satire]

have a bitter tongue


1 苦いもの;苦しみ, 悲痛;苦さ

taste the sweets and bitters of life

get one's bitters

2 ((~s))苦味酒:カクテルの香味・強壮剤用.
bitters Show phonetics
noun [U]
a strong bitter alcoholic drink made from spices and plant products that is mixed with other alcoholic drinks

A Tour of Bitters for the Summer
A Tour of Bitters for the Summer

3 ((英))ビター:強いホップの味のきいたビール.

4 ((~s))《薬》苦味チンキ[剤](キニーネなど).


━━[副]激しく, 非常に

a bitter cold night


(nŏ-stăl'jə, nə-) pronunciation
  1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
  2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.
[Greek nostos, a return home + –ALGIA.]


nostalgia Show phonetics
noun [U]
a feeling of pleasure and sometimes slight sadness at the same time as you think about things that happened in the past:
Some people feel nostalgia for their schooldays.
Hearing that tune again filled him with nostalgia.
a wave (= sudden strong feeling) of nostalgia

nostalgic Show phonetics
Talking about our old family holidays has made me feel quite nostalgic.
We'll take a nostalgic look at the musical hits of the '60s.

nostalgically Show phonetics
to look back/talk/think nostalgically