2016年1月26日 星期二

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It's been a torrid year for the UK newspaper industry.
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The Guardian will cut costs by 20 per cent, and could make some of its…

Face value: Ka-pow! Stan Lee, who inadvertently shaped contemporary film, is now trying to do so on purpose.

Then there's the law of averages. No company can outperform the mean indefinitely. During the last five years of Jack Welch's tenure at GE, the company's market value grew from just under than $140 billion to more than $400 billion. To maintain that torrid pace, Jeff Immelt, who took over from Welch in September 2001, would have had to grow GE's value to more than $1.2 trillion dollars by August 2006─but that was never going to happen. As you lengthen the relevant timeframe from one year to five and then to ten, the probability of out-performing the average rapidly approaches zero. In the long-run there are no growth companies.

Alcatel-Lucent said it signed two framework agreements in China valued at $1.7 billion, a key win in one of the few markets still growing during the economic slump.

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Charleston Post Courier - Charleston,SC,USA
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Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee tells the story of the Greenwich Village interior designer who inadvertently helped to spark a cultural revolution by offering the organizers of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival boarding at his family's Catskills motel.

As with any other species, human populations are shaped by the usual forces of natural selection, like famine, disease or climate. A new force is now coming into focus. It is one with a surprising implication — that for the last 20,000 years or so, people have inadvertently been shaping their own evolution.

Japan's prime minister has vowed to expand his country’s output by 22 per cent - from Y491tn to Y600tn - and said his programme of reforms was entering a second stage. Shinzo Abe, though, did not set a timeframe for hitting his new target.
Read more - Japan falls back into deflation for the first time since 2013 http://on.ft.com/1FkWRCU
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PM seeks to turn debate back to the economy

  1. 1.
    very hot and dry.
    "the torrid heat of the afternoon"
  2. 2.
    full of difficulty.
    "he'd been given a pretty torrid time by the nation's voters"


  1. A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.
  2. An external work platform; a scaffold.
  3. A fundamental structure, as for a written work.
  4. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality.

template also templet (tĕm'plĭt)


  1. A pattern or gauge, such as a thin metal plate with a cut pattern, used as a guide in making something accurately, as in woodworking or the carving of architectural profiles.
  2. Computer Science.
    1. A document or file having a preset format, used as a starting point for a particular application so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used: a loan amortization template for a spreadsheet program.
    2. An overlay that fits over all or part of a keyboard and has labels describing the functions of each key within a particular application.
  3. A horizontal piece of stone or timber used to distribute weight or pressure, as over a door frame.
  4. Biochemistry. A molecule of a nucleic acid, such as DNA, that serves as a pattern for the synthesis of a macromolecule, as of RNA.
[Probably from French templet, diminutive of temple, temple of a loom. See temple3.]

tem・plate, tem・plet

━━ n. 型板; 【建】梁(はり)受け; 【コンピュータ】テンプレート, 雛形.
template matching 【コンピュータ】テンプレート照合.

Tom lived out many of his most personal fantasies through Kake, and Kake's international fans made him the template for what came to be known as the gay clone look of the 1970s.

Learning From Tijuana: Hudson, N.Y., Considers Different Housing Model
If you doubt that the derelict shantytowns of Tijuana, Mexico, could work as a template for redevelopment in a quaint, upscale town in the Hudson River Valley, you’re probably underestimating Teddy Cruz.

time frame
A period during which something takes place or is projected to occur: “a start of deployment in the 1993 time frame” (Harold Brown).
Senators Worry That Health Overhaul Could Erode Employer Insurance Plans
Senators struggled with the possibility that offering subsidized health insurance to millions could inadvertently speed the erosion of employer-provided coverage. 

  1. Not duly attentive.
  2. Marked by unintentional lack of care. See synonyms at careless.
inadvertently in'ad·ver'tent·ly adv.

他在精神上屬於樂觀主義者雖然他對有條件出現的 possibilities保持著樂觀主義者的心態
但卻在先進時代裡對於可能出現的 probabilities 變得越來越像個悲觀主義者

某譯者將possibilities 為好結局probability為壞結局。



pos • si • bil • i • ty
pɑ`səbíləti | pɔ`s-
possibilities (複数形)
by any possibility, (全1件)
[名](複 -ties)
1 [U][C](…の)可能性, 実現性, 見込み((of, for ..., that節))
goodstrong] possibility
かなりの[高い]可能性(▼×high possibilityとはいわない)
There's a possibility that he will come.
There is a possibility of his being promoted soon.
彼はまもなく昇進する可能性がある(▼×He has a possibility to be promoted soon. は不可).
2 可能性のある事, 実行可能な事[手段]
An economic recession is a clear possibility.
3 ((通例-ties))発展の可能性, 将来性((for ...))
The plan has great possibilities.
by any possibility
(1) ((条件節))ひょっとして, 万が一にも.
(2) ((否定文))どうしても, とても.


prob • a • bil • i • ty
prɑ`bəbíləti | prɔ`b-
probabilities (複数形)
[名](複 -ties)
1 [U](実際に)あり得ること, (…の)蓋然(がいぜん)性((of ...));[C](…ということの)見込み, 公算((that節)). ⇒POSSIBILITY
a strong [a high] probability
in all probability
There is nolittle, not much] probability of his succeeding [=that he will succeed].
彼が成功する見込みはまったく[ほとんど, 大して]ない.
2 (実際に)起こりそうなこと[事態].
3 [U]《統計学・数学》確率;蓋然率.