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unblock, remove, statuette, Bermuda Triangle

Chinese indices are removed from reality

Birdman tops ‪#‎Oscars‬ pecking order... http://bbc.in/1FOdDsC

Migrants in UK 'Bermuda Triangle'The UK Border Agency faces a backlog of more than 250,000 failed migrants who need to be removed from Britain, the home affairs committee says

Workers removed the statue of Joe Paterno early Sunday morning.
Christopher Weddle/Centre Daily Times, via Associated Press
The Lede

Penn State Removes Statue of Joe Paterno

Penn State’s president said the decision to remove the coach’s statue was made after a report said he failed to pursue child abuse charges against Jerry Sandusky.

HKFP_Voices: Shortly after Chinese netizens were able to log in to Facebook, a flurry of posts and comments attacking Taiwan presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen appeared, writes Oiwan Lam,Global Voices.

What would happen if China unblocked Facebook? Around midnight on…

East Digs Out After Blizzard Leaves a Trail of Disruption

Even as airports began to reopen, thousands of travelers were stranded, and tens of thousands of homes were without power.

......to unblock the accounts in my name at the following banks:

The Ohio secretary of state’s office called several days later, Sue Penick, director of the elections board’s office, said, and suggested that the statuettes be removed from public view to avoid any hassle. As a result, the figurines are no longer on the public counter but are still in the office.

stat·u·ette (stăch'ū-ĕt') pronunciation
A small statue.

hassle:名詞,混亂,麻煩,爭執。例句:I installed this software without hassle.(我安裝軟體沒有遇到問題。)


(ŭn-blŏk') pronunciation
tr.v., -blocked, -block·ing, -blocks.
To remove or clear an obstruction from: unblock a road; unblock an artery.

Definition of remove in English:


1Take (something) away or off from the position occupied:Customs officials removed documents from thepremisesshe sat down to remove her make-up
1.1Take off (clothing):he sat down and quickly removed his shoes andsocks
1.2[NO OBJECT] (remove todated Change one’s home or place of residence by moving to (another place):he removed to Wales and began afresh
1.3South African historical Compel (someone) by law to move to another area:a man is removed to the tribal district of his forbears
2Abolish or get rid of:exchange controls have finally been removedthey removed thousands of needy youngsters fromthe benefit system
2.1Dismiss from a job:he was removed from his position as teacher
3(be removed) Be distant from:it is an isolated place, far removed from the London art world
3.1Be very different from:an explanation which is far removed from the truth
4(as adjective removed) Separated by a particular number of steps of descent:his second cousin once removed


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1A degree of remoteness or separation:at this remove, the whole incident seems insane
2(also Remove)chiefly historical A form or division in some British schools:a member of the Fifth Remove


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[rimúːv]
1III[名]([副])]…を(…から)移動させる((from ...));…を(場所へ)移す, 運ぶ((to, onto ...))
remove the books from the desk
机の本をかたづける(▼fromの代わりに, off, out ofは用いない)
remove one's residence to London
((形式))ロンドンに居を移す(▼ふつうはmove to Londonロンドンに引っ越す).
2 〈衣類などを〉脱ぐ, 取る, はずす
remove one's hat
Please remove your shoes before entering the house.
3III[名]([副])]〈人を〉立ちのかせる, 追い払う, (地位・公職から)追放する, 免職[解任]する((from ...))
He was removed from the university.
They removed him for taking bribes.
4III[名]([副])]…を(…から)取り除く, 除去する((from ...))
remove a name from a list
remove ink stains from clothes
5 〈人を〉殺害[暗殺]する.
1I([副])]動く, 移動する;((形式))(住居を)移る, 転居する, 引っ越す(▼ふつうはmoveを用いる)
remove tointoanother apartment
2 ((詩))立ち去る;姿を消す, 消え去る.
3 〈塗料などが〉落ちる.
1 移動, 退去;((英古))移転, 転居
Three removes are as bad as a fire.
((ことわざ)) 引っ越し3度はまる焼け同然.
2 ((形式))(…との)距離, 隔たり, 相違, 差((from ...))
(at) one remove [many removes] from ...
know a person only at second remove
Genius is only (at) one remove from insanity.
3 親等差, (いとこ同士の)世代差. ⇒REMOVED 2
a [one'scousin inofthe second remove
4 目盛り, 度, 段階.
5 ((英))((しばしばthe R-))仮進級クラス.
[古フランス語←ラテン語removēre (re-再び+movēre動く=移動する). △REMOTE