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rein, baloney, trippy, trip (LOSE BALANCE), obscurantism, tripping over his shoelaces

Movie reviewer Scott Tobias says if you're planning to see "Doctor Strange," it'd be worth it to see it in 3D.
Have Cloak, Will Astral-Travel: Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Marvel's…

"All Donald J. Trump had to do was avoid tripping over his shoelaces. Instead he somehow contrived to blow his biggest moment."

Trippy ‘Alice In Wonderland’ shoes
From the DM Archives.

Flowers Can’t Talk Irregular Choice—known for making tricked-out heels—teamed up with Disney to create these psychedelic-looking Alice in Wonderland shoes. The shoes will be available to purchase on February 26…


━━ n. (普通pl.) 手綱; 抑制(の手段).
draw rein (馬を止めるため)手綱を引く; 速度を落とす; 控え目にする.
give a horse the rein(s) 馬を自由に歩かせる.
give ((a) free) rein to / give the reins to …に自由にさせる.
keep a tight rein on …を厳しく制御する.
━━ vt. (馬を)手綱で御す, 抑制する.
rein back [up] (馬などを)手綱で引き止める.
rein in [back] 馬の歩みをゆるめる; 抑制する.

noun [C usually plural]
1 a long thin piece of material, especially leather, which helps you to control and direct a horse:
You pull on both reins to stop or slow a horse, but only the left rein to turn left.

2 UK a strap which is put around a small child's body or wrist and held at the other end by an adult so that the adult can stop the child running away:
I always put my son on reins when we go shopping.keep a tight rein on sb/sth (ALSO keep sb/sth on a tight rein)
to have a lot of control over someone or something:
My father always kept us on a tight rein.

In retaking the reins of Starbucks Corp., Howard Schultz will have to fix a coffee empire that he says has become stifled by bureaucracy and has lost the courage that helped it change how Americans get their coffee.

free rein
the freedom to do, say or feel what you want:
The young film-makers were given free rein to experiment with new themes and techniques.
He deliberately gave his emotions free rein as he played the sonata.

Indirectly, he confirmed that he gives free rein to his deputies. Asked about the claim on his company’s Web site that it is a “market leader,” he sighed. “That’s not something I would say,” he said. “Actually, it’s baloney. But that’s what our marketing people came up with. You can’t do everything. You have to let people do their job.”

rein sth in/back

rein sth in/back (ACTIVITY) phrasal verb [M]
to control an emotion, activity or situation to prevent it from becoming too powerful:
We tried to rein in our excitement and curiosity.
Reports today suggest consumers are already reining back spending.
rein in [back] 馬の歩みをゆるめる; 抑制する.

Samsung Electronics Reins in Chip Output
Samsung Electronics said it won't spend more in 2008 than in 2007 on new memory-chip factories and production.
Region's Builders Rein In Visions
With Real Estate Downturn, Projects Scaled Back, Scrapped
(By Paul Schwartzman and Alejandro Lazo, The Washington Post)

The rest of us — a lumpy assortment of cafeteria Catholics, guilty parents, peace-’n’-justice lefties, stubborn Vatican II die-hards — will have ours. We’ll have to prod our snoozing pewmates when to sit and stand; they’ll have to rein in their zealots.


Broken China
Beijing can't clean up the environment, rein in stock speculation, or police its companies. Why the mainland's problems could keep it from becoming the next superpower.

TRIP—絆倒 瞬間的失神或因走道表面(地板、階梯)的物品、障礙物而致絆住腳使人員身體失去平衡。絆倒本身有可能導致受傷而引起傷害性的墜落。參考Fall(墜落)、Slip(滑倒)。
  1. resembling or inducing the hallucinatory effect produced by taking a psychedelic drug.
    "trippy house music"

Payless ShoeSource Recalls Girls’ Boots

Hazard: The guitar-shaped zipper pulls on each boot can interlock while a child is walking, causing the child to trip and fall.
FALL 墜落 一個人的身體從直立姿勢掉落成傾斜或半傾斜姿勢。墜落可能發生於同
一平面,或由一高度落至另一高度(如樓梯),也可能先滑倒、絆倒後再墜落。參考Slip Trip(滑行)。
SLIP 滑倒 由於一隻腳或鞋失去與走道表面、地板、梯級、路面的牽阻力而引起滑

verb [I or T] -pp-
to lose your balance after knocking your foot against something when you are walking or running, or to cause someone to do this:
He tripped and fell over, grazing his knee.
That cable is dangerous. Someone might trip over it.
He was sent off for deliberately tripping Robson when he was about to score a goal.

noun [C]
She broke her ankle when she had a nasty trip on the stairs.
  1. 絆,絆倒[(+over)]
  2. He tripped over a brick.

baloney (NONSENSE)
That's a load of baloney if you ask me.


  1. The principles or practice of obscurants.
  2. A policy of withholding information from the public.
    1. A style in art and literature characterized by deliberate vagueness or obliqueness.
    2. An example or instance of this style.
obscurantist ob·scur'ant·ist n.

━━ n. 反啓蒙主義; 【文学・芸術】あいまいな表現.

  • 〔事実{じじつ}・表現{ひょうげん}・意味{いみ}などを〕故意{こい}に曖昧{あいまい}にすること[文体{ぶんたい}]、反啓もう主義{しゅぎ}