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A woman kidnaps puppies to kill them for their fur, but various animals then gang up against her and get their revenge in slapstick fashion. ... Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels, Joely Richardson. ... Cruella DeVil gets out of prison and goes after them darned puppies once more.

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette was born in Yonne, France on this day in 1873. Better known as Colette she is the author many novels and short stories including "Chéri" (1920) and "Gigi" (1944).
"How thrillingly racy for the Paris demi-monde! A boy's forbidden love for another boy! We must become each other's confidante! 'Tell me all about Charlie's naughty bits,' I demanded."
--from "Claudine in Paris" (1901) by Colette

Today, the SEC caved. It announced a settlement with hedge-fund billionaire Steven Cohen (a prominent Republican political donor) that doesn’t force Cohen to pay any penalties and allows him to resume managing other people’s money. Background: Three years ago the SEC accused Cohen of failing to supervise his employees after two of his closest confidants were convicted of insider trading. The SEC couldn't pin the trading on Cohen so charged him with ignoring clear signs of their illicit trading.

If you stop finding satire funny but start laughing at slapstick it could be an early warning sign of dementia. A look at the new study in to the disease...

A recently discovered letter from Gustav Mahler’s close confidante and sometime lover Natalie Bauer-Lechner spills many new details on the composer’s complicated love life — and names names.

Mahler's Love Life Comes into Focus in Discovered Letter
Tune in today for music celebrating Mahler's 154th birth anniversary.

Ofcom made the announcement following its latest study into the U.K.’s online status. The announcement also comes slap bang in the middle of London Technology Week, where some 30,000 people involved in the U.K’s technology sector converge on the capital to celebrate London’s unrivaled tech supremacy.

and a nostalgic nod to those cool, campy drinks of yesterday, from frozen daiquiris and margaritas to the classic piña colada.
Taiwan sanctions Philippines despite Aquino apology
TAIPEI — Taiwan Wednesday slapped sanctions on the Philippines, including a ban on the hiring of new workers, rejecting an apology by President Benigno Aquino for the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman. Philippine coastguards shot dead the 65-year-old ...

Taiwan president's confidante disciplined by party
TAIPEI — Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang party on Monday suspended the membership of Lai Su-ju, a confidante of the island's president, for her alleged involvement in a high-profile corruption scandal. Lai's "implication in the case has violated the party ...

It is difficult to overstate the column’s influence on American culture at midcentury and afterward: in popular parlance, Dear Abby was for decades an affectionate synonym for a trusted, if slightly campy, confidante. 在上世紀中葉及以後,說到這個專欄對美國文化的影響,無論怎麼形容可能都不過分:在流行語中,幾十年里,“親愛的艾比”成了密友的同義詞,這位充滿愛心的朋友值得信賴、雖然或許有點狎昵(錯誤),但可以分享秘密。


 1. 狎昵
 注音一式 ㄒ|ㄚˊ ㄋ|ˋ
 漢語拼音 xi  n   注音二式 shi  n 


George Kuchar, Underground Filmmaker, Dies at 69

Mr. Kuchar was a filmmaker whose campy, low-budget movies inspired underground directors and helped kindle the do-it-yourself moviemaking aesthetic now ubiquitous on YouTube

European broadcasters slam fine slapped on Turkish media group

EU broadcasters have criticized a $2.5-billion (1.7 billion euros) fine
imposed by Turkey's tax authority on the country's largest media group,
saying Ankara is trying to muzzle media critical of the government.

The DW-WORLD Article
The Cannonball Run (1981, Twentieth Century Fox) is a campy, slapstick comedy movie released in 1981 that starred Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, ...

East German comic celebrates 400 editions of slapstick adventure

They've been goofing around in futuristic cities and ancient Rome for over
50 years. Now the Mosaik comic characters, who provided imaginary escape
to many in communist East Germany, are celebrating their 400th edition.

The DW-WORLD Article
Abrafaxe comic charactersGroßansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: The Abrafaxe characters embarked on adventures that were off limits for the

Turkey Nears Deal on Aid This Month
Turkey appears to be opening the way for a deal with the IMF after holding out against a support package.

When Burmese Offer a Hand, Rulers Slap It
Published: May 12, 2008

MA NGAY GYI, Myanmar — When one of Myanmar’s best-known movie stars, Kyaw Dhyu, traveled through the Irrawaddy Delta in recent days to deliver aid to the victims of the May 3 cyclone, a military patrol stopped him as he was handing out bags of rice.


hold out/offer an olive branch
to do or say something in order to show that you want to end a disagreement with someone:
He held out an olive branch to the opposition by releasing 42 political prisoners.

hold sth out (OFFER) phrasal verb
to offer a possibility, solution, hope etc:
Few people hold out any hope of finding more survivors.

slap (HIT) Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a quick hit with the flat part of the hand or other flat object:
She gave her son a slap for behaving badly.

2 INFORMAL a slap in the face an action that insults or upsets someone:
It was a real slap in the face for him when she refused to go out to dinner with him.

3 a slap on the back when someone hits you in a friendly way on the back in order to show praise for something you have done:
He's won - give him a slap on the back.

4 INFORMAL a slap on the wrist a gentle warning or punishment:
The judge gave Minna a slap on the wrist for not wearing her seat belt.

verb [T] -pp-
to hit someone with the flat part of the hand or other flat object:
She slapped his face.
She slapped him across the face.
INFORMAL Her husband has been slapping her around (= hitting her repeatedly), but she's afraid to go to the police.
His friends slapped him on the back when he said he was getting married (= hit him lightly on the back in a friendly way to express pleasure at what he had done).
When her ideas were rejected, she slapped her report (down) on the table and stormed out of the meeting.

美國將cave in 省為cave
cave in (to someone or something)
Fig. to give in to someone or something. Finally, the manager caved in to the customer's demands. refuse to cave in under pressurefrom my opponent.

Samsung heir goes to court, denies bribing S. Korean president

Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong's lawyers have denied he had any involvement in
bribing impeached President Park Geun Hye. He's accused of giving millions
of dollars to one of Park's confidantes.

confidant pronunciation

IN BRIEF: n. - Someone to whom private matters are told.
Tutor's tip: She was "confident" (sure of oneself or of something) that her "confidant" (one with whom secrets are shared) would not blab.

A piece in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung said of Grass: "Posing as a self-assured moralist
... " and so on. Both the Saddeutsche Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau complained about the lateness of the admission. But good writers write about the important stuff before they blab about it; good writers don't tell stories before they've written them!


con • fi • dant, ((女性形))-dante
kɑ'nfədæ`nt | kɔ'nfi-, kɑ`nfidǽnt | kɔ'nfidæ`nt
confidants (複数形)
[名](恋愛問題などで私的に相談できる)信頼のおける人, 心を許せる友, 親友, 腹心の友.

verb [I or T] -bb- INFORMAL
to talk carelessly or too much, often telling others something you should keep secret:
Someone blabbed to the press.━━ v. (-bb-), n. べらべらしゃべる(人), 秘密をもらす(人); おしゃべり.
 blab・ber ━━ n., v. (秘密を)べらべらしゃべる(人).
blabber・mouth おしゃべりな人.

A person regarded as flighty, thoughtless, or disorganized.
scatterbrained scat'ter·brained' adj.


Pronunciation: /slap/
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Definition of slap

verb (slaps, slapping, slapped)

  • 1 [with object] hit or strike with the palm of the hand or a flat object:my sister slapped my face
  • [no object, with adverbial] hit against or into something with the sound of something being slapped:water slapped against the boat
  • (slap someone down) informal reprimand someone forcefully: Uncle Max was always slapping me down for being big-headed
  • 2 [with object and adverbial] put or apply (something) somewhere quickly, carelessly, or forcefully:slap on a bit of make-up he slapped a copy of the paper onto her desk
  • (slap something on) informal impose a fine or other penalty on:the government had slapped an embargo on imports


  • 1a blow with the palm of the hand or a flat object:he gave her a slap across her cheek
  • a sound made or as if made by a slap:she heard the slap of water against the harbour wall
  • 2 [mass noun] informal make-up, especially when applied thickly or carelessly: I put a bit of slap on my face and we were ready to go


(also slap bang) informal
  • suddenly and directly, especially with great force:storming out of her room, she went slap into Luke
  • exactly; right:the parador is slap bang in the middle of the Alhambra


a slap in the face

an unexpected rejection or affront: his remarks are a slap in the face for the local community

a slap on the back

congratulations or commendations:they deserve a hearty slap on the back for their efforts

slap someone on the back

congratulate someone: the group has been slapping itself on the back after its success

a slap on the wrist

a mild reprimand or punishment: the few perpetrators prosecuted only got a slap on the wrist


late Middle English (as a verb): probably imitative. The noun dates from the mid 17th century


    1. A sharp blow made with the open hand or with a flat object; a smack.
    2. The sound of such a blow.
  1. A sharp insult: a slap to one's pride.

v., slapped, slap·ping, slaps. v.tr.
  1. To strike with a flat object, such as the palm of the hand.
  2. To cause to strike sharply and loudly: “He took a clipping from his wallet and slapped it on the bar” (Nathanael West).
  3. To put or place quickly or carelessly: slapped butter on a bagel.
  4. To criticize or insult sharply.
  5. To subject to a legal obligation, such as a fine or court order: slapped him with a speeding ticket; slapped her with a lawsuit.
To strike or beat with the force and sound of a slap: waves slapping against the raft.
adv. Informal.
Directly and with force.
phrasal verb:
slap down
  1. To restrain or correct by means of a sharp blow or emphatic censure: “thought [he] was getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down” (New York Times).
  2. To put a sudden end to; suppress: slap down divisive criticism.
slap on the wrist
  1. A nominal or token punishment.
[Middle English slappe.]
slapper slap'per n.

  1. A boisterous form of comedy marked by chases, collisions, and crude practical jokes.
  2. A paddle designed to produce a loud whacking sound, formerly used by performers in farces.

noun [U]
a type of amusing acting in which the actors behave in a silly way, such as by throwing things, falling over, etc.

  1. [名]
  2. 1 [U]どたばた喜劇.
  3. 2 (道化師が相手役をぶつための)打棒.
  1. ━━[形]どたばた(喜劇,式)の.

The adjective
Meaning #1: providing sophisticated amusement by virtue of having artificially (and vulgarly) mannered or banal or sentimental qualitiesadj. - "假仙"(台語裝) 模作樣的, 同性戀的, 不自然的
Synonym: camp =camp2 (kămp) pronunciation

  • (of a man or his manner) ostentatiously and extravagantly effeminate:a heavily made-up and highly camp actor

  •  deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style:the movie seems more camp than shocking or gruesome
  1. An affectation or appreciation of manners and tastes commonly thought to be artificial, vulgar, or banal.
  2. Banality, vulgarity, or artificiality when deliberately affected or when appreciated for its humor: “Camp is popularity plus vulgarity plus innocence” (Indra Jahalani).
Having deliberately artificial, vulgar, banal, or affectedly humorous qualities or style: played up the silliness of their roles for camp effect.

v., camped, camp·ing, camps. v.intr.
To act in a deliberately artificial, vulgar, or banal way.
To give a deliberately artificial, vulgar, or banal quality to: camped up their cowboy costumes with chaps, tin stars, and ten-gallon hats.
[Origin unknown.]

參考 網路上的論文
Notes On "Camp"
by Susan Sontag
Published in 1964.

 我對於假仙更有興趣:1964年發 表的〈假仙筆記〉Notes On "Camp",被美國新聞學會列為二十世紀一百篇最重要的文獻之一http://www9.georgetown.edu/....../sontag-notesoncamp......

Misfired Mythbusters Cannonball Tears Through Neighborhood

One of the popular show's science experiments goes more than a little off course.

also cannon ball (kăn'ən-bôl') pronunciation
  1. A round projectile fired from a cannon.
  2. A jump into water made with the arms grasping the upraised knees.
  3. Something, such as a fast train, moving with great speed.
  4. Sports. A fast low serve in tennis.
intr.v., -non·balled, also -non balled, -non·ball·ing, -non ball·ing, -non·balls, -non balls.
  1. To travel with great speed.
  2. To jump into water while grasping one's upraised knees with one's arms.