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slump, best (defeat), paired, defy, scar, slowdown,slam

 John Keegan illustrates that only when paired with force has military intelligence been an effective tool, as it may one day be in besting al-Qaeda. READ an excerpt here:

In 1965 the world was a very different place. Mothers toiled in the home for an average of four hours every day. By 2012, mothers were doing three times as much paid work, and fathers were doing a bit less. The amount of leisure time that parents have has fallen slightly and they’re spending more time slumped in front of the television. Today’s‪#‎Dailychart‬ shows a day in the life of America’s mums and dadshttp://econ.st/1Mt6u1s

Micron Technology will cut about 15% of its global work force the next two years as it battles slumping memory chip prices.

 is facing seven shareholder lawsuits alleging the slumping Internet pioneer bungled its response to Microsoft's unsolicited takeover bid.

  Factory Slump Reaches U.S.
The global slowdown is hitting U.S. manufacturers hard, threatening a key pillar of the recovery and fueling fears the economy is heading for a stall.

Recessions Slam Taiwan Computer Hardware Makers
(Source: By Asia News Network (MCT) - Taipei - Taiwan's dynamic random access memory (Dram) manufacturers were losers in the latest elimination battle in the.
Energy Transfer Moves to Block Rival Bid for Southern Union The fight over Southern Union is heating up.

Last week, Williams made a $4.9 billion bid for the natural gas pipeline operator, besting an earlier $4.2 billion offer from Energy Transfer Equity.

Now, Energy Transfer is telling Southern Union that it can't hold deal talks with Williams, according to a regulatory filing on Monday.

Hospital Falters as Refuge for Illegal Immigrants
When an Atlanta hospital closed its dialysis unit, many illegal immigrants had to scramble to find treatment.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[slǽm]
[動](〜med, 〜・ming)(他)
slam the window downshut
2 …を投げつける, たたきつける, ドシンと置く;(…と)吐き出すように言う((out))
He slammed the receiver down.
3 (…で)どすんとたたく((against ...))
slam one's hand against the steering wheel
4 ((略式))…をけなす, こきおろす;((俗))…に楽勝する.
The door slammed shut.
2 音を立てて(…に激しく)ぶつかる[動く]((into ...));(…を強く)踏む((on ...))
slam on the brakes
3 スラムダンス(slam dance)を踊る.
1 荒っぽくしめること;バタン[ガタン](という音)
with a slam
2 ((略式))酷評;悪態.
3 ((米俗))=slammer.
Tiananmen Square Scars Soldier Turned Artist
Chen Guang, an artist and a former soldier who helped clear Tiananmen Square in 1989, has defied officials to describe his experiences there.

Du Bin for The New York Times
Chen Guang, 37, a Beijing painter, was a soldier in Tiananmen in 1989 has created a series of works based on his photographs of the incident.

IPhone Sales Boost Apple Profit
Apple once again defied the recession by posting a 15% increase in quarterly profit as consumers continued to snap up its iPods and iPhones.

Apple Bests Downturn, Faces SEC Probe
Apple defied the recession and tech slump by posting strong sales and profit for the holiday quarter. But it gave a cautious outlook amid news the government is examining how the company disclosed Steve Jobs's health issues.

Hosting the world's best without actually besting them is often called “the Wimbledon effect”, after the prestigious tennis tournament that Britain holds each year but is seldom in danger of winning. A better parallel may be with financial services: the City of London thrives on the back of an open market and international talent.

best (DEFEAT)
verb [T] FORMAL
to defeat someone in a fight or competition:
He bested his opponent in just two rounds.

verb [T]
1 to refuse to obey, or to act or be against, a person, decision, law, situation, etc:
children openly defying their teachers
A few workers have defied the majority decision and gone into work despite the strike.
The fact that aircraft don't fall out of the sky always seems to me to defy (= act against) the law of gravity.
A forest fire raging in the south of France is defying (= is not changed by) all attempts to control it.

2 defy belief/description/explanation to be extreme or very strange and therefore impossible to believe/describe/explain:
The chaos at the airport defies description.

  1. A mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed.
  2. A lingering sign of damage or injury, either mental or physical: nightmares, anxiety, and other enduring scars of wartime experiences.
  3. Botany. A mark indicating a former attachment, as of a leaf to a stem.
  4. A mark, such as a dent, resulting from use or contact.

v., scarred, scar·ring, scars. v.tr.
  1. To mark with a scar.
  2. To leave lasting signs of damage on: a wretched childhood that scarred his psyche.
  1. To form a scar: The pustule healed and scarred.
  2. To become scarred: delicate skin that scars easily.
[Middle English, alteration of escare, from Old French, scab, from Late Latin eschara, from Greek eskhara, hearth, scab caused by burning.]

Definition of slump in English:


1[WITH ADVERBIAL] Sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply:she slumped against the cushions(be slumpedDenis was slumped in his seat
2Undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount:land prices slumped
2.1Fail or decline substantially:United slumped to another one-nil defeat


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1A sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something:a slump in profits
1.1prolonged period of abnormally low economic activity, typically bringing widespreadunemployment:he had survived two world wars and a slump[MASS NOUN]: periods of slump
1.2A period of substantial failure or decline:Arsenal’s recent slump

[動](自)1 〈物価・市場などが〉急落[暴落]する.2 〈健康・気力・事業・人気などが〉衰える, 〈効力などが〉低下する.3 どさり[ずしん]と落ちる;どさりと座り込む, ばったりと倒れる;(...