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olive, olive branch, grove, peril, relation, bonk, ‘Sex up’ etc.

Secret talks between the Vatican and Beijing are raising hopes of a “historic” rapprochement after six decades of estrangement, but some Chinese clergy fear that Rome will accept a Communist stranglehold over the country’s Catholics.
Secret talks between the Vatican and Beijing are raising hopes of a “historic”…

The episode of Iphigeneia and Cymon that inspired such painters as Benjamin West (1773), John Everett Millais (1848) and Frederic Leighton (1884) is not a Greek myth, but a novella taken from Boccaccio's Decameron and developed later by the poet and dramatist John Dryden.
The tale intended to demonstrate the power of love. As Iphigeneia sleeps in a grove by the sea, a noble but coarse and unlettered Cypriot youth, Cymon, seeing Iphigeneia's beauty, falls in love with her and, by the power of love, becomes an educated and polished courtier.

Cymon and Iphigeneia c. 1884 by Frederic Leighton
Cymon and Iphigeneia c. 1884 by Frederic Leighton

Which word sums up the 21st century so far ?

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Slang terms such as ‘chav’ and ‘bling’ may be chosen as the word which best sums up “the events or the moods of the 21st century,” according to the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Other contenders for the title include ‘bovvered’ coined by comedian Catherine Tate, ‘axis of evil’ and the term ‘footprint’ used to evoke an environmental context, which is the choice for 2007.

‘Sex up’, meaning spin doctoring something to make it more dramatic, also appears in the research, which is being conducted by Oxford University Press for its publication Language Report.

Which word or phrase do you think best encapsulates life in 21st century Britain so far? How important a role does slang play in defining how our society has changed?

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... who counsels management, related to me that she asked a vendor if it would not be a good idea to inform the customer that his order will come late. ...第 54 頁
A further common fallacy of leadership may be illustrated here, an example related to me by my friend David S. Chambers. A supervisor held out for ...第 129 頁
It was related to me during a seminar (source unfortunately unrecorded) that the management of a company that makes furniture, doing well, ...第 145 頁
(Related to me by Kate McKeown.) 12. Operator (running four lathes simultaneously): Before I had the control chart, I could not tell what I was doing. ...

第 376 頁
A man in one of my seminars related the fact that any policeman in his home city receives for every complaint against him the same letter, no matter whether ...

relate (TELL) Show phonetics
verb [T] FORMAL
to tell a story or describe a series of events:
She related the events of the previous week to the police.
[+ question word] He relates how at the age of 23 he was interned in a prison camp.

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The reverse is true in the US Japanese auto makers apparently assume that quality, delivery, inventories, and related costs can be better governed by the ...第 202 頁
One way would be to encourage switches of personnel in related departments. 10. Eliminate numerical goals, slogans, and posters imploring people to do ...

D.C. Students Among Guests in Obama Box
Three high school students from the District of Columbia who had met first lady Michelle Obama when she visited their after-school program were invited to join her last night at the president's speech.
(By Elissa Silverman and Martin Weil, The Washington Post)

Another picture hidden in John the Baptist seems to show a woman being bonked by a tree.


olive grovesFruit of the evergreen tree, Olea europea; picked unripe when green or ripe when they have turned dark blue or purplish, and usually pickled in brine. Olives have been known since ancient times. The tree is extremely slow-growing and continues to fruit for many years; there are claims that trees are still fruiting after 1000 years.

A 50-g portion (ten olives weighed with stones) contains 700 mg of sodium and 5 g of fat, of which 20% is saturated and 65% mono-unsaturated; supplies 40 kcal (170 kJ).

olive 更多資料Show phonetics
noun [C]
a small bitter green or black fruit that is eaten or used to produce oil, or an evergreen Mediterranean tree on which this fruit grows:

這olive一向誤譯為  橄欖[C] 橄欖色[U] 橄欖的橄欖色的
日本採音譯 他們在百年前從義大利引進

━━ n., a. オリーブの木[実・材], オリーブ色(の).
 olive branch オリーブの枝 ((平和の象徴)); 和平[和解]の申し出; 〔戯言〕 子供.
 olive crown (勝者がかぶる)オリーブの冠.
 olive drab 濃黄緑色(の米軍服).
 Olive Garden 【商標】オリーブ・ガーデン ((米国のレストラン・チェーン)).
 olive green 黄緑色のオリーブ色.
 olive oil オリーヴ油 ((オリーヴの実から採る)).


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bonk (HAVE SEX) Show phonetics
to have sex with someone:
'I bonked the prince, says sexy Sarah' declared the newspaper headline.

bonk (HIT)
to hit someone or something, not very hard:
He bonked me on the head with his newspaper.
box (CONTAINER) Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a square or rectangular container with stiff sides and sometimes a lid:
a cardboard box
a cigar box
a matchbox
See picture .

2 a box and its contents, or just the contents of a box:
a box of matches
He ate a whole box of chocolates.

3 any square or rectangular space on a form, sports field, road etc., which is separated from the main area by lines:
If you would like more information, mark this box.

4 a small enclosed space:
a jury/telephone box
Their new house is just a box (= very small).

5 a small area with seats which is separate from the other seats in a theatre or at the side of a sports field:
Can you see Prince Charles in the royal box?
See picture .

6 UK (US cupa piece of hard plastic worn by men to protect their sex organs when playing sport

box Show phonetics
verb [T] (ALSO box up)
to put something in a box:
Should I box these shoes up for you, or would you like to wear them now?

boxy Show phonetics
shaped like a box:
The trouble with many small houses is that they tend to be boxy.

relate (CONNECT) Show phonetics
verb [T]
to find or show the connection between two or more things:
Researchers are trying to relate low exam results and/to/with large class sizes.

related Show phonetics
1 connected:
We discussed unemployment and related issues.
Experts believe that the large number of cancer cases in the area are directly related to the new nuclear power station.

2 If people are related, they belong to the same family:
She claims she is related to royalty.
Jim and I are related by marriage.

3 If different types of animal are related, they originate from the same type of animal:
The cat and the lion are related species.

relation Show phonetics
1 [U] the connection or similarity between two things:
The relation between the original book and this new film is very faint.
She bears no relation to (= She is not similar to) her brother.
See also relations.

2 [C] a member of your family:
The funeral was attended by friends and relations.
She's a relation by marriage because she married my cousin.

relationship Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 the way in which two things are connected:
Scientists have established the relationship between lung cancer and smoking.

2 the way in which two or more people feel and behave towards each other:
He has a very good relationship with his uncle.
See also relationship at relate (CONNECT).

3 a close romantic friendship between two people, which is often sexual:
Have you had any serious relationships in the past year?

4 the family connection between people:
The judge asked the witness what the relationship was between her and the victim, and she replied, "He's my son."

relative Show phonetics
adjective FORMAL
relative to If something is relative to a particular subject, it is connected with it:
Are these documents relative to the discussion?

relative Show phonetics
a member of your family:
I haven't got many blood relatives (= people related to me by birth rather than by marriage).
All her close/distant relatives came to the wedding.

yellow peril (the ~) 黄禍(こうか) ((黄色人種の優勢に対して白人の抱く恐れ)).

great danger, or something that is very dangerous

I never felt that my life was in peril.
The journey through the mountains was fraught with peril (= full of dangers).
Teenagers must be warned about the perils of unsafe sex.

do sth at your peril
to do something that might be very dangerous for you
We underestimate the destructiveness of war at our peril.



━━ n., vt. (〈英〉-ll-) 危険(にさらす), 危難; 危険なもの.
 at one's peril 危険を冒して.

 at the peril of …をかけて.
 in peril of …が危険に瀕(ひん)して.
 per・il・ous ━━ a. 危険な.
per・il・ous・ly ad.
per・il・ous・ness n.
 peril point 【税】臨界税率 ((関税の国内産業を圧迫しない限度)).

grove Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a group of trees planted close together:
Orange groves grow around the village.

2 Grove used in some road and place names:
Ladbroke/Camberwell Grove━━ n. 小森, 木立; 果樹林; (G-) …並木通り.
Grove Press グローブ・プレス ((米国の出版社)).