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doldrums, solid, on solid ground, ground (PUNISH), rampage

But its core businesses in areas such as online advertising are still stuck in the doldrums

Stop Working More than 40 Hours a Week
By Geoffrey James People who put in a solid 40 hours a week get more done than those who regularly work 60 or more hours.

Strong/ Solid turnout marks French presidential election

Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear
The Obama administration seems prepared to say that while a few of the biggest 19 banks may need more cash, the system is more solid than analysts fear.

Satellite Operators on Solid Ground
The world's largest satellite-services companies are posting strong earnings and rising revenues.

 A French Killer's Path to Jihadist Rampage
The death of suspected French killer Mohamed Merah left officials piecing together how he became the alleged homegrown terrorist behind the most violent attacks on French soil in almost two decades.

on solid ground (獲利)基礎穩固 腳踏實地

Ford yesterday offered a rare ray of hope for a car industry in the doldrums by reporting that it had made a $1bn profit in the third quarter.
The carmaker also reported its North American arm returning to profitability after four-and-a-half years and raised its official view on its outlook, saying it was on course to be “solidly profitable” by 2011.
Ford, the only one of the US's “big three” carmakers to avoid bankruptcy this year, was boosted by cost-cutting, increased market share and government-sponsored incentives such as the “cash for clunkers” programme in the US.
Ford's net income in the quarter was $997m or 29 cents per share, compared with a net loss of $161m or 7 cents per share in the same period last year. Analysts had expected on average that the company would post a loss of 13 cents per share.
It reported its first pre-tax operating profit – $1.1bn – since the first quarter of 2008. That was largely driven by the performance of Ford North America, which posted its first profitable quarter since the first quarter of 2005, with a pre-tax operating profit of $357m, compared with a loss of $2.6bn a year ago.
Ford's expectation that it would be “solidly profitable” by 2011 upgraded its prior statement that it would “break even or better” by that year. However, Alan Mulally, president and chief executive, said the outlook for next year was much more doubtful. “We're just not sure about the strength of the recovery,” he said.

With America's economy in the doldrums and unemployment rising, many people have suggested that it may be time for President Obama to resurrect the WPA — Works Projects Administration. A program designed to put Americans back to work, it employed hundreds of thousands of semi-skilled and unskilled laborers, not to mention writers, artists and performers. Bridges, parks, roads and public buildings were built; sculptures, murals and paintings were produced and art galleries were opened. On this date in 1835, Congress authorized a $4.8-billion expenditure by the US federal government, the most expensive and wide-spread relief program in American history.

Japanese Hardware: DS Maintains Lead As Sony Narrows Gap
Gamasutra - San Francisco,CA,USA
While the software charts stuck in the doldrums, hardware sales this week in Japan also saw a slide. The Nintendo DS still leads, but its sales slipped by ...


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[sɑ'lid | sɔ'l-]
(1) 〈物質が〉固体の, 固形(状)の. ⇒FIRM1[類語]
solid food [fuel(s)]
freeze solid
solid waste
(2) 《数学》立体(図形)の;立方の
a solid foot
a solid figure
2 〈物が〉中身の詰まった, うつろ[中空]でない(⇔hollow)
a solid piece of chocolate
a solid tire
3 〈物質が〉密で堅い, ぎっしり詰まった, 〈雲・霧などが〉凝集した, 濃い, 〈食事が〉食べごたえのある, 実質のある;《印刷》(行間にスペースのない)べた組みの
solid ground
(as) solid as a rock
4 〈建物・基礎・家具などが〉しっかり[がっしり]した, 堅固な;〈織物が〉じょうぶな;〈人・体格などが〉がっしりした
This floor is not solid.
5 〈知識・学問・仕事などが〉深みのある, 内容の充実した, しっかりした, 〈根拠・支持・推論などが〉しっかりした, 確実な;〈人・助言・情報が〉信頼できる, 役に立つ, 分別ある, 〈企業・商人などが〉りっぱな, (財政的に)堅実な
solid evidence
solid facts
a solid citizen
(1) 切れ目のない, 連続した. ▼比較変化なし
a solid wall
(窓・ドアなど)開口部のない壁, 一枚壁
a solid line
The street below was solid with automobiles.
(2) ((略式))((限定))(時間が)ぶっ続けの, まる(まる)…
He waited for three solid hours [three hours solid]. [=He waited solidly for three hours. ]
(3) ((限定))〈複合語が〉ハイフンなしで1語につづられた.
7 ((限定))
(1) めっきでない, 全部が同質の;むくの〈貴金属など〉
solid gold
ソリッドゴールド;金むく(▼24金という意味での純金だけでなく, 18金, 14金などにも用いる).
(2) ((米))同一の, 濃淡のない;無地の〈色合い〉
a solid blue shirt
8 〈満足・成功などが〉真の, 本物の
solid comfort
9 ((しばしばgoodのあとで強意的))〈打撃などが〉強烈な
a good solid blow
10 ((主に英))(意見が)完全に一致した;(行動が)一致団結した
a solid vote
be solid for [against] ...
11 ((米話))(人と)親しい間がらで((with ...))
be (in) solid with a person
12 ((俗))〈音楽などが〉すばらしい;〈リズムなどが〉調子のよい.
━━[名]立(方)体;固体(⇒GAS, LIQUID, FLUID);固形物;((〜s))固形食.
The train was packed solid with passengers.

solid (HARD) Show phonetics
1 hard or firm, keeping a clear shape:
solid ground
a solid object
a solid structure

2 completely hard or firm all through an object, or without any spaces or holes:
solid rock
a solid oak table
solid doors/walls
a solid line of traffic
The lecture hall was packed solid (with students).

3 describes a metal or a colour which is pure, and does not have anything else mixed together with it:
solid gold/silver candlesticks
a white rose on a solid blue background

solid Show phonetics
an object that has a height, width and length, and is not flat:
A cube and a pyramid are both solids.

solidly Show phonetics
The house seems very solidly (= strongly and firmly) built.

solidity Show phonetics
noun [U] (ALSO solidness)

ground (PUNISH) Show phonetics
verb [T]
to forbid a child or young person from going out as a punishment:
My parents have grounded me for a week.

(LAND) Show phonetics
1 the ground the surface of the Earth:
I sat down on the ground.

2 [U] soil:
soft/stony ground
The ground was frozen hard and was impossible to dig.

3 [C] an area of land used for a particular purpose or activity:
a football/training ground

ground Show phonetics
1 [T always passive] If a ship is grounded, it cannot move because it has hit solid ground:
The oil tanker was grounded on a sandbank.

2 [T often passive] If aircraft are grounded, they are prevented from flying or forbidden to fly:
The snowstorm meant that all planes were grounded.
此例應為 ground (PUNISH) 之應用:
Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager
Happy 85th birthday to the man who broke the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager. In 1947, Yeager showed that he had the right stuff when he flew his Bell X-1 aircraft at a speed of about 662 mph/1,066 km/h at an altitude of over 40,000 ft/12,000 m, becoming the first to travel faster than the speed of sound. A couple of days before the flight, Yeager had broken some ribs in a horseback riding accident. He was so afraid of being grounded, he avoided his regular doctor and had a veterinarian treat him.
"You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can't, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don't give up."Chuck Yeager

grounds Show phonetics
plural noun
the gardens and land that surround a building and are often enclosed by a wall or fence:
We went for a walk around the hospital grounds.
See also grounds.

the doldrums Show phonetics
plural noun1 INFORMAL
in the doldrums unsuccessful or showing no activity or development:
Her career was in the doldrums during those years.

2 UK INFORMAL in the doldrums sad and with no energy or enthusiasm

3 OLD-FASHIONED an area of sea where ships are unable to move because there is no wind


Line breaks: dol|drums
Pronunciation: /ˈdɒldrəmz /

Definition of doldrums in English:


(the doldrums)
1A state or period of stagnation or depression:the mortgage market has been in the doldrums for three years
2An equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds:Hurricane Verity had been born in the doldrums


late 18th century (as doldrum 'dull, sluggish person'): perhaps from dull, on the pattern of tantrums.