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Our Vanishing Flowers

In a staggering loss of diversity, 68 percent of the world's flowering plants are threatened or endangered.

Mr. Obama told reporters Tuesday that a "lack of oversight" allowed what he called "wild risk-taking." He said it led to "very dangerous" conditions that imperiled the global economy.

Pathogens in Our Pork
Antibiotics in animal feed is one reason we’re seeing the rise of dangerous pathogens — resilient microbes that endanger our food supply and threaten our lives.

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, Russia--Prime Minister Taro Aso and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev agreed here Wednesday to accelerate talks on the disputed Northern Territories by bringing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Japan in May.(February 19) [more]

McAfee agreed to pay $465 million for Secure Computing as the computer-security company looks to strengthen its leadership position in network-security risk management.

For a year, in 1807-8, he was a pupil of Thomas Lawrence, who greatly influenced him. Following the death of his uncle in 1809 he became financially secure.

Reeling in Sustainable Fish

Fish is an extremely popular form of protein the world over, but the way we
catch them has lead to the endangerment or even extinction of many species.

The DW-WORLD Article

endanger Show phonetics
verb [T]
to put someone or something at risk or in danger of being harmed, damaged or destroyed:
He would never do anything to endanger the lives of his children.
We must be careful not to do anything that might endanger the economic recovery.

endangered Show phonetics
endangered birds/plants/species animals or plants which may soon not exist because there are very few now alive

tr.v., -gered, -ger·ing, -gers.
  1. To expose to harm or danger; imperil.
  2. To threaten with extinction.
endangerment en·dan'ger·ment n.
SYNONYMS endanger, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, risk. These verbs mean to subject to danger, loss, or destruction: driving that endangers lives; hazarded his health by smoking; a forest imperiled by acid rain; strikes that jeopardized company profits; wouldn't risk her financial security.

secure (OBTAIN) Show phonetics
verb [T] FORMAL
to get something, sometimes with difficulty:
He was disappointed by his failure to secure the top job with the bank.
The change in the law will make it harder for the police to secure convictions.

secure (FIXED) Show phonetics
1 positioned or fixed firmly and correctly and therefore not likely to move, fall or break:
That ladder doesn't look very secure to me.
Check that all windows and doors are secure.
FIGURATIVE Her promotion has made her position in the company more secure.
FIGURATIVE The museum has been promised £22 million by the government, so its future is relatively secure.

2 A secure place is one that it is difficult to get out of or escape from:
He killed the man just a month after his release from a secure mental hospital.

secure Show phonetics
verb [T]
to fasten one object firmly to another:
The gate won't stay open, so we'll have to secure it to that post.

securely Show phonetics
positioned or fastened firmly and correctly and therefore not likely to move, fall or break:
Please ensure that your seat belts are fastened securely.
FIGURATIVE He has given up political power, but he remains securely in control of the army.

security Show phonetics
noun [U]
when something is not likely to fail or be lost:
If it's a choice between higher pay and job security, I'd prefer to keep my job.
I'm on a temporary contract and have little financial security (= little certainty of having enough money to live on).

secure (PROTECTED) Show phonetics
(especially of objects, situations etc.) able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat:
Car manufacturers ought to produce vehicles which are more secure against theft.
Endangered species need to be kept secure from poachers.

secure Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to make certain something is protected from danger or risk:
The building has only one main entrance and would be easy to secure (against/from intruders).
This form of investment is an excellent way of securing your children's financial future.

securely Show phonetics
The door was securely fastened.
The offices were securely guarded.
This certificate is an important document, and should be kept securely (= in a place where it cannot be lost or stolen).

security Show phonetics
noun [U]
protection of a person, building, organization or country against threats such as crime or attacks by foreign countries:
The station was closed for two hours because of a security alert.
Thirty demonstrators were killed in clashes with the security forces over the weekend.
The tighter security measures/precautions include video cameras in the city centre.
The students were deported because they posed a threat to national security.
The proposed national identity card system would help to tighten security against fraud.
The most dangerous criminals are held in maximum-security prisons (= prisons that are as difficult as possible to escape from).

security Show phonetics
group noun [U]
the group of people responsible for protecting a building:
You'll need to notify security if you want to work late in the office.

secure (FINANCIAL) verb [T]
to make certain that money which has been lent will be paid back, by giving the person who lends the money the right to own property belonging to the person who borrows it, if the money is not paid back:
a secured loan
Her bank loan is secured against/by/on her house.

security noun [U]
She used her shares in the company as security against a £23 million bank loan.
The hotel held onto our baggage as security while we went to the bank to get money to pay the bill.


━━ a. 安全な; 確実な; 大丈夫な; しっかりした; 厳重に監禁した; 確信[安心]している ((of; about)); 保証された.
━━ v. 安全[確実]にする[なる]; 獲得[入手]する; 保証する; 保険をつける ((against)); しっかりしめる, 固定させる ((to)); 監禁する.
━━ vi. 安全になる.
secured creditor 【金融】担保債権者, 担保権者.
secured debenture [bond] 【株】担保付き債券, 担保付き社債.
secured debt 【金融】担保付き債務.
secured loan 【金融】担保付き融資, 担保貸し付け.
se・cure・ly ━━ ad. 安全に.
secure system 【コンピュータ】保護システム.

[名詞] (pl. -ties)1 危険のないこと,安全,無事;(近隣の)治安,セキュリティー national security国家の安泰 personal security身の安全 (cf....
《名詞》(1)安全,安全性;安全確保 (2)防護,防護物 (3)安心 (4)保証;担保;保証人 (5)(普通securitiesで)有価証券 (6)整備部門





━━ n. 安全 ((from)); 安心; 〔古〕 油断; 確実; 保護, 保安; 防衛(策) ((against; from)); 【コンピュータ】安全保護 ((無断でデータにアクセスできないようにすること)); 保証(金・人); 担保(品); 借用証 ((for)); (pl.) 証券, 証書, 債券.
in security for …の担保として.
securities acts 【法】(米国)証券諸法.
Securities and Exchange Commission 〔米〕 (the ~) 証券取引委員会.
Securities and Futures Authority (英国)証券先物業協会.
Securities and Investments Board 〔英〕 (the ~) 証券投資委員会.
securities market 証券市場.
se・cu・ri・ti・za・tion ━━ n. 【金融】(債権の)証券化.
security backup 【コンピュータ】安全保護バックアップ.
security blanket 〔米〕 (幼児が安心のためいつも手にしている)毛布; 〔比喩〕 精神安定剤.
security check (空港などでの)ボディチェック.
security clearance (政府などの機密事項を扱う職への)就任許可.
security controls 【コンピュータ】セキュリティ制御.
Security Council (the ~) (国連)安全保障理事会.
security files 【コンピュータ】セキュリティファイル.
security force 治安部隊, 警備隊; (S- F-) 国連軍.
security guard (ビルなどの)ガードマン, 警備員.
security of tenure 〔英〕 【法】保有(借地借家権)の安定; 〔英〕 【法】在職期間の保証.
security pact [treaty] 安全保障条約.
security police 治安警察.
security program 【コンピュータ】セキュリティプログラム.
security risk (治安を脅かしそうな)危険人物.
security service 国家安全機構.

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    《名詞》(1)安全;安全性 (2)安全な場所,避難場所
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