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Jay-Z calls Trump's 's***hole countries' remark 'hurtful' | Daily Mail Online

21 hours ago - 'Trump is a SUPERBUG': Jay-Z slams the President for his 'hurtful' 's***hole countries' remark as he compares him to virulent bacteria... and the hip hop mogul admits he doesn't expect a White House invite anytime soon. Jay-Z called Trump's 's***hole countries' remark 'hurtful' but not surprising; He said ...
不甘被稱為「超級細菌」 川普反擊嘻哈天王

Both San Bernardino Shooters Were ‘Radicalized,’ FBI Says 

NEW: They knew something wasn’t right as they made their descent. A Texas pilot and his wife's quick thinking saved their lives when the plane went up in flames.

A pilot and his wife are lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping a fiery…

In Occupied Tibetan Monastery, a Reason for Fiery Deaths

Monks associated with a wave of self-burnings are said to have been radicalized by a Chinese crackdown on a monastery that has amounted to one of the harshest in Tibet. 


"begins with the narratorially certain realities of the Odyssey and ends with Virginia Woolf's attenuated phenomenology in To the Light- house." It is worth more than a passing thought ... "

Dutch Anti-Islam Politician Refused Entry into UK

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders said on Thursday he was barred
from entering Britain after the government there said his virulent
anti-Islamic views posed a threat to public order and harmony.

The DW-WORLD Article

The three-week Israeli campaign in Gaza that ended nine days ago had already elicited a fresh barrage of complaints about BBC bias, for and against Israel. But the decision to block the aid appeal had the effect of magnifying the protests, and their virulence.

Promise of U.S. Post-Partisan Era Fades
Obama's hoped-for era of post-partisan politics is receding amid fiery town-hall meetings, protests and poll numbers that show the rise of a small but virulent core of opponents.


(botany) Tapering, sometimes to a long point.
(electricity) The exponential decrease with distance in the amplitude of an electrical signal traveling along a very long uniform transmission line, due to conductor and dielectric losses. (engineering) A process by which a material is fabricated into a thin, slender configuration, such as forming a fiber from molten glass.

(microbiology) Weakening or reduction of the virulence of a microorganism.
(physics) The reduction in level of a quantity, such as the intensity of a wave, over an interval of a variable, such as the distance from a source.

'Black Hearts'

A riveting account of the flawed leadership, bad luck and virulent personalities that led to the 2006 murder of an entire Iraqi family by American soldiers.

In the early 1900s Mississippi's prisons allowed private female visitors, but only for African-American convicts. This was in the racist belief that it would calm their supposedly fiery passions. Thinking about conjugal visits has moved on a bit. Some researchers, prisons and inmates say they help rehabilitation. But in America and Britain policymakers look on them with distaste http://econ.st/180PbPL

    1. Extremely infectious, malignant, or poisonous. Used of a disease or toxin.
    2. Capable of causing disease by breaking down protective mechanisms of the host. Used of a pathogen.
  1. Bitterly hostile or antagonistic; hateful: virulent criticism. See synonyms at poisonous.
  2. Intensely irritating, obnoxious, or harsh.
[Middle English, from Latin vīrulentus, from vīrus, poison.]
virulence vir'u·lence or vir'u·len·cy n.
virulently vir'u·lent·ly adv.


━━ a. 猛毒のある; 悪意に満ちた, 毒舌の; (病気が)悪性の; (色が)毒々しい.
vir・u・lence, vir・u・len・cy ━━ n.
vir・u・lent・ly ━━ ad.

verb [T] FORMAL
to make something smaller, thinner or weaker:
Radiation from the sun is attenuated by the Earth's atmosphere.

attenuated adjective FORMAL

noun [U] FORMAL

WordNet: attenuatorNote: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words.
The noun has one meaning:
Meaning #1: an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

特斯拉在聲明中說:「(撞車前)駕駛人已收到緊握方向盤的多次視覺警告,以及一次語音警告,而在撞擊前的整整六秒鐘,車子都沒有偵測到駕駛人把雙手放上方向盤。駕駛人大約有500呎距離,可以清楚看到安裝有碰撞防護裝置(crash attenuator)的水泥分隔島,但車輛紀錄顯示駕駛人沒有採取任何行動。」
特斯拉也說明,這起車禍如此嚴重,原因是用來降低汽車撞擊水泥分隔島力道的碰撞防護裝置,已經在先前一場事故中撞扁,還沒有更換,「本公司從未在任何其他事故中,見到Model X出現這種程度的損傷」。


  • 発音記号[fáiəri]
[形](-i・er, -i・est)
1 火の(ついた), 火を伴う.
2 火のような;〈目が〉(怒って)ぎらぎら光る;〈色が〉赤く燃えたつような
a fiery scarlet
a fiery sunset
3 ひどく熱い, 焼けつくような, 〈酒・薬味などが〉焼けるような感じを与える, ひりひりする.
4 〈行為が〉熱烈な, 情熱的な, 〈人・気性などが〉激しやすい, 性急な;〈馬が〉元気のいい.
5 引火しやすい;〈鉱山などが〉引火しやすいガスを含んだ.
6 〈はれ物・傷などが〉炎症を起こした.