2015年12月29日 星期二

robust, explorer, sexplorer, exploratory, sturdy

One of our most popular letters of 2015 was from these two sexplorers who, after reading our porn coverage, sent us this request

Whitman Pursues Calif. Governor Spot
Former EBay CEO Meg Whitman launched an exploratory committee to run for governor of California in 2010.

Layoffs Cut Deeper Into Economy

The nation's employers, including some of its largest and most sturdy, announced plans yesterday to slash more than 55,000 jobs, a staggering one-day toll that highlighted how quickly layoffs are accelerating and how widely misery is spreading throughout the labor market.
(By Annys Shin and Neil Irwin, The Washington Post)


For Sale: Art and Optimism
Despite increasing anxiety over the economy, sales estimates at the auction houses are more robust than ever.

(of a person or animal) strong and healthy, or (of an object or system) strong and unlikely to break or fail:
He looks robust and healthy enough.
a robust pair of walking boots
a robust economy

If you do something robustly, you do it in a determined way:
Some of his colleagues felt he could have defended himself more robustly.

noun [U]
Youthful enthusiasm --Despite corruption allegations,Taiwan's democracy is in rude health. Reformcould make it even more robust.
robust adj.有幾方面意思,不過,這些都不是本詞條重點。
1.Fullof health and strength; vigorous.強壮[健],強健的;茁壯的;健全的 The once robust economy now lies in ruins.這一度十分健全的經濟現已崩潰。/
2.Powerfully built; sturdy. See synonyms at healthy.結實的,堅固耐用的;【日】精力的な;力のいる; /3.Requiring or suited to physical strength or endurance: robust labor.需要很強體力的/4. Rough or crude; boisterous:a robust tale.粗魯的;粗野的/日】[質実]な;喧鬧的。/5. Marked by richness and fullness; full-bodied: a robust wine()醇厚的;【日】()濃的.(ワインなどが)こくのある
詞源:[Latinrōbustus,from rōbur,rōbus,oak,strength.]
Robust rise
Why Chinese market woes are failing to dent global shares
robust20世紀中葉起有一重要新意,從統計學家G.E.P Box開始--他但開風氣,反而沒從誤差討論它,在1960年代,JohnTukey等人發展之,現在robustand resistant共用,與探索性數據分析(Exploratory Data Analysis)息息相關......),從而發展出各行各業的新意。這在Wikipedia有簡單的說明。
robustness在統計應用的意思:A robust statistical test is one that performs well even if itsassumptionsare violated by the true model from which the data were generated. --這寫得比ShorterOxford English Dictionary的說明還不專業。
.......結果顯示影響很大,也就是『關係紮實』(robust),意思是說這些結論在我們所建立的每個不同模型都可以出現。&..」(Juliet Schor著《天生買家》BORN TO BUY: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture 彭蕙仙譯,天下雜誌,2006,頁219
In Engineering Design
Robust Design generally means that thedesign is capable of functioning correctly, (or at the very minimum, notfailing catastrophically) under a great many conditions. Also, it means thattolerances can be looser because "it can only be built oneway."這在講田口方法/實驗設計的英文書名中可知,因為它的因子水準可設在「兩極值」,來組合實驗條件。Additionally, a robust design usually has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

explore Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to search and discover (about something):
to explore space
The best way to explore the countryside is on foot.
Let's explore this issue/idea more fully (= examine it carefully in order to discover more about it).
The children have gone exploring in the woods.

exploration Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
Livingstone was the first European to make an exploration of the Zambezi river (= to travel to it in order to discover more about it).
We need to carry out a full exploration (= examination) of all the alternatives.
The exploration (= search) for new sources of energy is vital for the future of our planet.

exploratory Show phonetics
in order to discover more about something:
an exploratory expedition to Antarctica
She's having some exploratory tests done to find out what's causing the illness.
We're having an exploratory meeting next week to talk about (= a meeting in order to examine) the possibility of merging the two companies.

explorer Show phonetics
noun [C]
someone who travels to places where no one has ever been in order to find out what is there:
Magellan was a famous sixteenth-century explorer.

Urban Dictionary: sexplorer

sexplorer. A male/female that is completely open to, and seeks out, new sexual experiences. A term that is often giving to someone that's "done it all". "Sure, I've ...

sturdy Show phonetics
1 physically strong and solid or thick, and therefore unlikely to break or be hurt:
sturdy walking boots
a sturdy table
sturdy little legs

2 [before noun] LITERARY strong and determined:
They put up a sturdy defence of their proposal.

sturdily Show phonetics
We could see the boat was sturdily built/constructed.

sturdiness Show phonetics
noun [U]