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Polarization Is Hardening, case (CONTAINER), case the joint, recruit, job boards

As Donald Trump Heads to Congress, a New Polarization Is Hardening 

As President Trump gets set to appear before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, the political polarization that is hardening around him is likely to test his and his fellow Republicans’ agenda, Gerald F. Seib writes.
On becoming an actor
"I hitched to London on a lorry, looking for adventure. I was dropped at Euston Station and was trying to find a hostel. I passed the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and walked in just to case the joint."

Recruiters Like Facebook
More companies are trying to tap Facebook's vast user base to find new employees, threatening traditional job boards and competing with LinkedIn.

Democrats Seem Set to Go It Alone on a Health Bill
Given hardening Republican opposition to Congressional health care proposals, Democrats now say they see little chance of the minority’s cooperation in approving any overhaul.

Battle Lines Quickly Set Over Planned Policy Shifts

Battle lines are rapidly hardening over the broad policy shifts, massive deficits and tax increases President Obama unveiled last week in his first budget request, a 10-year spending plan thick with political friction points.
(By Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post)

hard (SOLID)
firm and stiff; not easy to bend, cut or break:
a hard surface
There was a heavy frost last night and the ground is still hard.
Heating the clay makes it hard.
NOTE: The opposite is soft.

verb [I or T]
to become or make hard:
The mixture hardens as it cools.
It is thought that high cholesterol levels in the blood can harden the arteries (= make them thicker and stiffer, causing disease).

noun [U]
These alloys are characterized by their extreme hardness.

hard (SEVERE)
1 not pleasant or gentle; severe:
You have to be quite hard to succeed in the property business.
Ooh, you're a hard woman, Elaine!
Our boss has been giving us all a hard time at work (= making our time at work difficult).

2 be hard on sb to criticize someone severely, or to treat them unfairly:
Don't be too hard on him - he's new to the job.

verb [I or T]
Living rough in the desert hardened the recruits a lot (= made them stronger).
As the war progressed, attitudes on both sides hardened (= became more severe and determined).


v., -cruit·ed, -cruit·ing, -cruits. v.tr.
  1. To engage (persons) for military service.
  2. To strengthen or raise (an armed force) by enlistment.
  3. To supply with new members or employees.
  4. To enroll or seek to enroll: colleges recruiting minority students.
  5. To replenish.
  6. To renew or restore the health, vitality, or intensity of.
  1. To raise a military force.
  2. To obtain replacements for or new supplies of something lost, wasted, or needed.
  3. To regain lost health or strength; recover.
  1. A newly engaged member of a military force, especially one of the lowest rank or grade.
  2. A new member of an organization or body.
[French recruter, from obsolete recrute, recruit, variant of recrue, from feminine past participle of recroître, to grow again, from Old French recroistre : re-, re- + croistre, to grow (from Latin crēscere).]
recruiter re·cruit'er n.
recruitment re·cruit'ment n.

noun [C]
1 a container or box for storing things in
See also bookcase; briefcase; pillowcase.

2 a case of wine, etc. a box holding twelve bottles of wine or another type of alcoholic drink, or the twelve bottles and their contents

covered in a tight case:
These are the electrical connectors, cased in waterproof plastic.

noun [C or U]
a covering


Syllabification: (case)
Pronunciation: /kās/
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  • 1a container designed to hold or protect something:he placed the trumpet safely in its velvet-lined case
  • the outer protective covering of a natural or manufactured object:a seed case
  • British an item of luggage; a suitcase.
  • a box containing bottles or cans of a beverage, sold as a unit:there are twelve bottles of champagne in a case
  • 2each of the two forms, capital or minuscule, in which a letter of the alphabet may be written or printed. See also uppercase, lowercase.
    [from the use in printing to mean 'partitioned container for loose metal type']


[with object]
  • 1surround in a material or substance:the towers are of steel cased in granite
  • enclose in a protective container: (as adjective cased)a cased pair of pistols
  • 2 informal reconnoiter (a place) before carrying out a robbery:I was casing the joint
    1 …を箱に入れる, さやに収める;…をおおいで包む((しばしばup));((受身))(…に)包まれている((in ...)).
    2 ((俗))〈家・銀行などを〉(犯罪目的で)下見する((out/for ...))
    case the joint
    3 見張る.
    4 …にガラスの薄い被膜をかぶせる;〈壁・井戸・柱身などの表面を〉化粧仕上げする.
    5 《トランプ》((俗))〈カードを〉細工して並べる;〈出されたカードを〉記憶する.


late Middle English: from Old French casse, chasse (modern caisse 'trunk, chest', châ

日本水果一case 7.5公斤

昨年10月、生産者団体などと「県農水産物・加工食品輸出促進協議会」を設立した。まず同月末、台湾の太平洋崇光(そごう)百貨店の台北周辺の2店で「和 歌山フェア」を開催し、ミカン150ケース(1ケースは7.5キロ)、カキ50ケースなどを販売。香港でも西田西友百貨店でミカン110ケース、カキ 130ケース、あんぽ柿60ケース、シラスなど水産加工品を販売した。


━━ n. 箱, ケース, …入れ; (標本・商品などを入れる)ガラス箱[戸棚]; さや, 袋, かばん, 筒, 容器, 外被; (窓などの)わく; (時計の)側(がわ); ひとそろい; 【印】活字箱.
━━ vt. caseに入れる[包む]; 〔俗〕 (泥棒が)下見をする.
case the joint 〔米俗〕 (泥棒が)目標の家を下検分する.
case・harden ━━ vt. 【冶】焼きを入れる; (人を)無情[無神経]にする.
case hardening 【冶】表面硬化.
case・mate (艦の)砲郭.
case sensitive ━━ a. 【コンピュータ】大小文字区別の.
case shot 散弾.
case・worm ミノムシ(など).