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hard master, slug-fest, hard-hitting, trenchant, preposterous, rematch/replay, Sinterklaas, jocular, pratfall

"Happiness is a hard master–particularly other people's happiness. A much harder master, if one isn't conditioned to accept it unquestioningly, than truth."
--The Controller from BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley

“In this country we think of Holland as a very advanced nation, with advanced social principles.” Yet tomorrow, on the Dutch festival of Sinterklaas, many will fail to see a problem with dressing up like thishttp://econ.st/1I4oluG
Who, us? Racist? THE Dutch festival of Sinterklaas on December 5th, the country’s most important children’s holiday, is turning into an annual slugfest of racial...

The Slugfest in the Executive Suite
The popularity, and value, of mixed martial arts on television has left two media giants in a battle over the future of the sport.

Barney Rosset, 1922-2012

Defied Censors, Making Racy a Literary Staple

Barney Rosset, who helped change the course of publishing in the United States, bringing masters like Samuel Beckett to Americans' attention, and who won celebrated First Amendment slugfests against censorship, died on Tuesday.

Chekhov's Slugfest, With Pratfalls

Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh and Hugo Weaving star in the Sydney Theater Company revival of "Uncle Vanya" at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

Literary Slug Fests (August 17, 1937)
A jocular Times Editorial suggested that a Hemingway-Eastman rematch "really ought to be staged in Carnegie Hall for the benefit of the Nobel Peace Fund or something."

  1. Sinterklaas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Sinterklaas is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on the night before Saint Nicholas Day (5 December) in the Netherlands and on the morning of 6 ...
When CBS's 60 Minutes first aired in 1968, no one expected it to become one of network television's most popular programs ever. Yet 60 Minutes became the role model that all other investigative television programs have sought to emulate, and its clicking stopwatch became one of TV's most recognized images. In the beginning, there were two reporters: Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace. Others, including Morley SaferEd BradleyDan Rather and Lesley Stahl, helped to make 60 Minutes the most-watched newsmagazine in TV history. Wallace, famous for his aggressive, hard-hitting interviews — and still an occasional contributor to the show — turns 90 today.
The seemingly inevitable prospect of Donald J. Trump becoming the Republican candidate is terrifying. But it does at least offer the prospect of some angry, hard-hitting art.

The best political art is always viciously negative. And the monsterly…

News - Health - Delivering a verdict: Ian Kennedy . Last updated: 17 Jul 2001
Reith lectures As early as 1980, he delivered a series of Reith lectures, broadcast on the BBC, which contained trenchant criticism of way that doctors regulate themselves.

on Page 16: "Paul Ricoeur so trenchantly puts it, Freud adhered at times to a nineteenth-century physicalist model that frowned on intentional-state explanations.23 So it is part of our heritage ... "

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack 

Barack Obama has started a hard-hitting ad campaign against John McCain in vital states, painting Mr. McCain as disconnected from middle-class struggles.


One Comic, Twice the Laughs
Two comic personalities seemed to coexist within George Carlin during his preposterously long and fertile career. Both Carlins could amuse and both could be trenchant, but each came at his target from wildly different angles.
(By Paul Farhi, The Washington Post)

Not showing sympathy or affection; strict:he can be such a hard taskmaster

WordNet: hard-hitting
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The adjective has 2 meanings:
Meaning #1: characterized by or full of force and vigor
Synonym: trenchant
Meaning #2: aggressively and persistently persuasive
Synonym: high-pressure
  1. uncompromisingly direct and honest, especially in revealing unpalatable facts.
    "a hard-hitting anti-fox-hunting poster"

severe, expressing strong criticism or forceful opinions:
His most trenchant criticism is reserved for the party leader, whom he describes as 'the most incompetent and ineffectual the party has known.'
Dorothy Parker's writing is characterized by a trenchant wit and sophistication.


━━ a. 刺すような, 痛烈な ((ことば,批評など)); はっきりした (in ~ outline くっきりと).

WordNet: preposterous
The adjective has one meaning:
Meaning #1: completely devoid of wisdom or good sense
Synonyms: absurdderisorylaughableludicrousnonsensicalridiculous



Effective; forceful.

slugfest - a fight with bare fists

noun, US

A hard-hitting contest, esp. in boxing or baseball. (1916 —) .
Arizona Daily Star Powers gave up four runs on seven hits, a contrast from the 33-hit slugfest of Friday night (1979).

[From slug verb, to hit + fest noun, special occasion, festival.]

[slʌ'gfèst] [名]((主に米略式))(ボクシングの)激しい打ち合い, 好ファイト, (野球の)打撃戦, 乱打戦.

The noun rematch has one meaning:
Meaning #1: something (especially a game) that is played again
Synonym: replay

(jŏk'yə-lər) pronunciation
  1. Characterized by joking.
  2. Given to joking.
[Latin ioculāris, droll, from ioculus, diminutive of iocus, joke.]
jocularity joc'u·lar'i·ty (-lăr'ĭ-tē) n.
jocularly joc'u·lar·ly adv.
[形]((形式))こっけいな, ひょうきんな, 浮かれた, ユーモラスな
a jocular fellow
[ラテン語joculār (jocus冗談+-ulus指小辞+-AR=小さな冗談の). △JOKE

(prăt'fôl') pronunciation
  1. A fall on the buttocks.
  2. A humiliating error, failure, or defeat: "His characters not only survive their snarled problems and pratfalls but learn from their experiences" (Joyce Carol Oates).

hard-hit·ting (hrdhtng)
Effective; forceful.
uncompromising; tough
a hard-hitting report on urban deprivation