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treasury, conservatorship, mandate, open (AVAILABLE)

It's the 3rd biggest foreign owner of U.S. debt, after China and Japan.
The Cayman Islands have emerged as a treasuries power.

 Japan Inches Up on China as Biggest Holder of Treasurys
Wall Street Journal
Meanwhile, Japan remained a net buyer of Treasurys, threatening to overtake China as the top foreign holder. Japan boosted its holdings to $1.122 trillion from $1.116 trillion in July. While China's holdings have fallen by $124.9 billion over the past ...

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has said his government has a mandate to hold a referendum on independence in the autumn of 2014.
The UK government says Holyrood cannot legally go ahead without its authority.
But Mr Salmond said UK PM David Cameron had "no mandate" to set the rules and suggested he was doing so because he was "frightened" he would lose.

Election 2010: Cameron says Labour have 'lost mandate'

As a consequence of having a public mandate, they also had a credit line with the Treasury and their risky business strategies were viewed by the markets as being guaranteed by the government.
To satisfy both mandates, the companies also faced fewer restrictions and were allowed to take on more debt than other financial companies. But when buyers began defaulting and home prices plunged, the companies nearly collapsed and last fall were placed under government conservatorship. Mr. Elliott said that some banks participating in the bailout program are now in the same conflicting position that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in.

White House Open to Using Bailout Money to Aid Detroit

President Bush and the Treasury Department said they would consider using money from the $700 billion financial bailout to help automakers.

open (AVAILABLE) Show phonetics
adjective [after verb]
available; not limited:
There are still several possibilities open to you.
The competition is open to anyone over the age of sixteen.
Is the library open to the general public?
Their whole attitude to these negotiations is open to criticism (= can be criticized).
I'd like to think I'm open to (= willing to consider) any reasonable suggestion.
An accident would lay the whole issue of safety open (= cause it to be considered).

verb [T]
to make something available:
This research opens (up) the possibility of being able to find a cure for the disease.
The country is planning to open (up) its economy to foreign investment.

opening Show phonetics
noun [C]
a job or an opportunity to do something:
There's an opening for an editorial assistant in our department.

noun [C usually singular]
1 the authority given to an elected group of people, such as a government, to perform an action or govern a country:
At the forthcoming elections, the government will be seeking a fresh mandate from the people.
[+ to infinitive] The president secured the Congressional mandate to go to war by three votes.

2 SPECIALIZED the name of an area of land which has been given to a country by the UN, following or as part of a peace agreement

1 (選挙によって議員・行政府に与えられる)(…する)為政権((to do)).
2 (権力者・上級裁判所[官吏]からの)指令(書), 命令(書), 勅令.
3 [U][C](国際連盟による)委任統治(領, 植民地).
4 《カトリック》(教皇の)聖職叙任権, 命令権.
1 〈領土・植民地などの〉統治を委任する.
2 ((主に米))((しばしば受身))…するよう(公式に)命じる((to do));〈権能を〉負託する.
[ラテン語mandātum (manus手+dare与える+-tum=手の中に与えること). △MANUAL, DATE1

verb [T]
1 to give official permission for something to happen:
The UN rush to mandate war totally ruled out any alternatives.

2 MAINLY US to order someone to do something:
[+ to infinitive] Our delegates have been mandated to vote against the proposal at the conference.

A circumstance in which the court declares an individual unable to take care of legal matters and appoints another individual, known as a conservator, to do so.

conserve (KEEP) 
verb [T]
to keep and protect something from damage, change or waste:
To conserve electricity, we are cutting down on our central heating.
The nationalists are very keen to conserve their customs and language.
I'm not being lazy - I'm just conserving my energy/strength for later.

conservation noun [U]
1 the protection of plants and animals, natural areas, and interesting and important structures and buildings, especially from the damaging effects of human activity:
wildlife conservation
a conservation area

2 carefully using valuable natural substances that exist in limited amounts in order to make certain that they will be available for as long a time as possible:
the conservation of coal/gas/oil reserves
Energy conservation reduces your fuel bills and helps the environment.


NOUN (plural treasuries)

1The funds or revenue of a state, institution, or society:the landowners' estates and assets were seized for the imperial treasury
1.1(Treasury)(In some countries) the government department responsible for budgeting for and controlling public expendituremanagement of the national debt, and the overallmanagement of the economy:he is chief secretary to the Treasury
2A place or building where treasure is stored:Henry VII had kept the peace and filled his treasury
2.1store or collection of valuable or delightful things:the old town is a treasury of ancient monuments


Middle English: from Old French tresorie (see treasure).



[名](複 -ies)
1 ((時にthe T-))国庫, 公庫, 金庫.
2 (政府や公共・民間企業の)基金, 資金.
3 ((the T-))((単数・複数扱い))(米国の)財務省(the Department of the Treasury);(英国の)大蔵省
the Secretary of the Treasury
((米))財務長官(▼((英))の大蔵大臣はChancellor of the Exchequer
(the) Treasury Bench
4 貴重品室[箱, 保管所].
5 (知識などの)宝庫, 宝典((of ...));名作[珠玉]集
a treasury of American poetry
noun [C]
Conservationists are fighting to save our hedgerows.