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heinous, rowdy, goofy hoodlum, sprinkle, sprinkling, full-fledged

In thirty-one American states, those convicted of especially heinous crimes can still face 
the death penalty, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to carry out

Executing America’s death-row prisoners is becoming harder
Practising states generally prefer to execute convicts by lethal…

The destruction of ancient statues (some replicas) at the Mosul museum in Iraq, a video of which was released on February 26th, is far from the most heinous crime committed by Islamic State. But the group’s sacking of holy sites and libraries are elements of a broader attack, perpetrated in the name of Islam, on the Middle East’s rich cultural and religious heritage http://econ.st/1wXvVVJ
Destroying history’s treasures

The jihadists are attacking more than the region’s people



 Throwing the ball is considered a heinous cricketing crime. Bowlers through the ages have demonstrated a dizzying array of ways to propel a leather sphere 22 yards. 
The Dog-Eat-Dog World of Model U.N.
The Model United Nations is a full-fledged sport with rankings and rowdiness, but some object to the trend.

 The appeals for the party to respect the constitution’s provisions are 
part of what appears to be a new tactic by Chinese liberals to push for 
faster political change. On November 16th, a day after the party’s new 
leadership was installed, Yanhuang Chunqiu and academics from 
Peking University jointly organised a meeting in Beijing of around 100 
intellectuals as well as a sprinkling of retired officials to discuss 
the constitution and the importance of upholding it 
(see this account on Yanhuang Chunqiu’s website, 
 What do you think of the so-called "student  revolution

    Rowdies  are  never  revolutionary,  they are always reac'
tionary. It is among the young that  the  greatest  conformists
and  Philistines  are found, e.g., the hippies with their group
beards  and   group   protests.   Demonstrators   at   American
universities  care  as  little about education as football fans
who smash up subway stations in England care about soccer.  All
belong to the same family of goofy hoodlums-- with a sprinkling
of clever rogues among them.

From there the roster of notorious clients grew. There were the union militants Eugene Debs, Big Bill Haywood and John J. McNamara; a sprinkling of Communists and anarchists; a handful of corrupt politicians; some homicidal socialites; a host of mobsters; one world-famous architect; and a few people accused of truly heinous crimes: charming young Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, who had killed a child just to see if they could get away with it.


Line breaks: hein|ous
Pronunciation: /ˈheɪnəs , ˈhiːnəs /ADJECTIVE
(Of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked:a battery of heinous crimes
late Middle English: from Old French haineus, from hair'to hate', of Germanic origin.
1 ((形式))憎むべき, 非常に悪い
a heinous crime [criminal
2 ((俗))悪い, ひどい, 劣った(crappy).

Derivatives  heinously  ADVERB

v., -kled, -kling, -kles. v.tr.
  1. To scatter in drops or particles: sprinkled sugar on the cereal.
  2. To scatter drops or particles on.
  3. To intersperse with something as if by scattering: sprinkled his speech with quotations.
  4. To distribute or intersperse at random.
  1. To scatter something in drops or particles.
  2. To fall or rain in small or infrequent drops.
  1. The act of sprinkling.
  2. A light rainfall.
  3. A small amount; a sprinkling.
  4. sprinkles Small particles of candy sprinkled on ice cream as a topping.
[Middle English sprenklen, perhaps of Middle Dutch or Middle Low German origin.]

1 〈液体・粉などを〉(…に)まく, まき散らす, 振りかける((on, over ...));〈場所・物に〉(…を)まく((with ...)). ⇒STREW
sprinkle water over the flower bed
sprinkle the lawn with fertilizers [=sprinkle fertilizers on the lawn]
2 ((受身))(…に)点在する((on, over ...));(…が)散りばめられている((with ...))
temples sprinkled over the city
Her speech was sprinkled with jokes.
1 〈液体・粉末などが〉振り掛けられる, ばらまかれる;散在[点在]している.
2 ((itを主語として))((ふつう進行形))((米))小雨がぱらつく(((英))spit).
1 振りまくこと;振りまかれたもの;((〜s))(チョコレート・砂糖などの)振り掛け.
2 ((米))雨のぱらつき, 小雨.
3 ((a 〜))少量[少数](の…)((of ...)).
[中英語. 古英語sprengan(とび出させる)と同系. △SPRING

(sprĭng'klĭng) pronunciation
  1. A small amount or quantity; a modicum.
  2. A small quantity scattered or sparsely distributed.

請問Osaka's new subway line found springing【似乎是sprinkling】 leaks

The Yomiuri Shimbun
All 11 stations on the Osaka municipal subway's Imazatosuji Line, which opened in December, have water leaks in about 60 locations in total, according to the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau.
The bureau said the problem is due to the line being the deepest of the eight municipal subway lines, resulting in higher groundwater pressure. Although the problem has not affected operations, the bureau has yet to find suitable solutions
spring a leak = spring a hole = spring a crack
leak (noun) = crack = hole
spring a leak/crack/hole = leak (verb)


日本昭和12年製之Japanese Sandman 為"炸彈"

A character in fairy tales and folklore who makes children go to sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes.

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 眠りの精, 睡魔


━━ n. まき散らし, 水まき; ぱらぱら, ちらほら, 少量[数] (a sprinkling of gray hairs 白髪まじり).
  1. A small amount or quantity; a modicum.
  2. A small quantity scattered or sparsely distributed.


  1. A gangster; a thug.
  2. A tough, often aggressive or violent youth.
[Origin unknown.]
hoodlumism hood'lum·ism n.

row·dy (rou') pronunciation
n., pl., -dies.
A rough, disorderly person.

adj., -di·er, -di·est.
Disorderly; rough: rowdy teenagers; a rowdy beer party.

[Probably from ROW3.]
rowdily row'di·ly adv.
rowdiness row'di·ness n.
rowdyism row'dy·ism n.
adj. Informal, -i·er, -i·est.
Silly; ridiculous: a goofy hat.

adjective (rowdier, rowdiest)

  • noisy and disorderly:it was a rowdy but good-natured crowd

noun (plural rowdies)

a noisy and disorderly person: we are accused of being rowdies in the pub