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The head of a hugely popular North Korean girl band crossed the heavily fortified border into South Korea on Sunday to check preparations for rare performances by an art troupe she also leads during next month's Winter Olympics.

If You Don’t Pay These Taxes, Expect a Troupe of Drummers at Your Door.
Tax collectors in Thane, India, go after tax evaders by sending drummers to…

Taiwan President Backs Hong Kong Protesters While Courting Beijing

In an interview, President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan said he supported Hong Kong protesters’ democratic ideals, but would still pursue trade agreements...

"Enough storyboarding. Let's shoot something."

Called Amazon Storyteller, the free online tool turns scripts into storyboards, complete with characters and dialogue that can then be shared with others for feedback.
The tool is currently in beta.
“We’ve found that many writers want to see their story up on its feet in visual form but find it harder than it should be to create a storyboard,” Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios said. “Storyteller provides a digital backlot, acting troupe, prop department and assistant editor–everything you need to bring your story to life.
在歐美國家流行一種公共活動---Acting Troupe.(表演天使). 為數龐大的組群藉手機傳送表演內容, 台詞. 美國教育系統, 從初中開始, 即訓練表演課程, 年輕人視表演如命. 在美國的我們深受其擾. 連車禍我都不會正視.

In Western Countries, there is one public movement member named Acting Troupe. The numerous members of this troupe performing their acting at any public place through cell phone and texting message with the detailed acts and dialogues. U.S. educational system initiated the acting training since Junior High. All young people crazy about acting. We live here deeply suffered from these troupe irritation in everyday life. Nowadays any accident happened will not get attention from my eyes due to these acting troupe 14 years hard works.

Shakespeare Troupe Plans Residency in New York
The Royal Shakespeare Company will hold court in Manhattan for an unprecedented six-week, five-play residency inside the Park Avenue Armory.
hold court
Be surrounded by and command the attention of admirers, subordinates, or hangers-on. For example, After a match Judy generally held court in the locker room. This expression alludes to royalty convening courtiers as well as a judge convening a court of law.

中英對照讀新聞/U.S. tries "hip hop" diplomacy in Pakistan 美國在巴基斯坦展開「嘻哈?」外交
Considered by many Pakistanis to be public enemy number one, the United States on Monday turned to the musical descendants of rap group Public Enemy in an attempt to counter its highly unpopular image in the south Asian nation.
被許多巴基斯坦人視為頭號公敵的美國,週一冀望於嘻哈樂團「人民公敵」(Public Enemy)的音樂傳承者,試圖改變美國在這個南亞國家的惡劣形象。
As part of its cultural diplomacy program, the U.S. embassy brought the FEW Collective, a hip-hop troupe from Chicago, to Islamabad, where they danced, rapped and recited poetry to a Westernized, educated elite audience of young Pakistanis.
做為文化外交計畫的一環,美國大使館將芝加哥嘻哈團體「FEW Collective」帶到伊斯蘭城,在一群深受西方文化影響、受過良好教育的年輕巴基斯坦菁英觀眾面前跳舞、饒舌及吟詩。
The group’s 10-day trip is the latest by a number of musical acts sponsored by the State Department as part of its American Festival of the Arts, a cultural program designed to promote exchanges between the people of the two countries.
"It gives a good impression," said Atroz Abro, 20, who attended the show. "You rarely find such events in Pakistan... to pump up the youth by bringing something new."
But FEW Collective has its work cut out. Only 12 percent of Pakistanis have a favorable opinion of the United States, according to a July poll by the Pew Research Center, while 73 percent have an unfavorable opinion and 16 percent don’t know.(Reuters)
不過「FEW Collective」還是中止演出。據皮優研究中心7月調查,在巴基斯坦只有12%的民眾對美國有好感,73%的人厭惡美國,16%的人表示不知道。(路透)

Billy Joel Gives Shea Its Own Last Waltz
Michael Nagle for The New York Times
Billy Joel Gives Shea Its Own Last Waltz
Billy Joel charged into his catalog like a trouper at Shea Stadium in the first of his two “Last Play at Shea” shows.

Maybe it takes a strayed New Yorker to truly cherish New York City. Billy Joel, who was born in the Bronx and became the quintessential Long Island songwriter, was flanked by New York cityscapes and video backdrops on the Shea Stadium stage Wednesday night. It was the first of Mr. Joel’s two “Last Play at Shea” shows, which are to be the final concerts there before it is demolished.

On the Cover of Sunday’s Book Review

This densely stitched crazy quilt of a novel follows a heroine bent on reinvention across a lifetime and a wealth of genres while evoking a quintessential American mythology.

noun [C]
1 a successful entertainer who has had a lot of experience

2 APPROVING anyone with a lot of experience who can be depended on and does not complain:
Good old Edna - she's a real trouper to do the washing-up without even being asked!
He took his disappointment like a trouper.

catalogue (LIST)US USUALLY catalog
noun [C]
1 a book with a list of all the goods that you can buy from a shop:
mail-order catalogue

2 a list of all the books, paintings, etc. that exist in a place

verb [T]
to record something, especially in a list:
Many plants become extinct before they have even been catalogued.adj.



Of, relating to, or having the nature of a quintessence; being the most typical: “Liszt was the quintessential romantic” (Musical Heritage Review).


  1. To tear down completely; raze.
  2. To do away with completely; put an end to.
  3. To damage (someone's reputation, for example) severely. See synonyms at ruin.
[French démolir, démoliss-, from Latin dēmōlīrī : dē-, de- + mōlīrī, to build (from mōlēs, mass).]


Pronunciation: /ˈstɔːrɪbɔːd/


a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a film or television production.
 絵コンテ(えコンテ、: storyboard)は、映画アニメテレビドラマCMミュージックビデオなどの映像作品の撮影前に用意されるイラストによる表であり、映像の設計図と言えるものである。

troupe:名詞,劇團;藝術團體。例句:The troupe is now on the road. (該劇團正在巡迴演出。)
pump up:俚語,使振奮;使充滿熱情、力量和能量。例句:The lively debate really pumped us up.(活躍的辯論著實令我們很興奮。)
cut out:片語,中止;刪去、關掉。例句:Don’t cut out the engine.(別關引擎。)

to court
Pay special attention to (someone) in an attempt towin their support or favour:Western politicians courted the leaders of the newlyindependent states
2.1Try hard to win (favourable attention):he never had to court the approval of thepolitical elite


Pronunciation: /ˈbaklɒt/

Definition of backlot


an outdoor area in a film studio where large exterior sets are made and some outside scenes are filmed.


  • 発音記号[trúːp]

[名]((単数・複数扱い))(芸人などの)一座, 一行, 一団.


Pronunciation: /truːp/ 


A group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues:a dance troupea troupe of singers


Early 19th century: from French, literally ‘troop’.
[名]1 ((略式))プロペラ(propeller).2 提案(proposition).3 ((通例〜s))《演劇》小道具(係).