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Britain's trade with the rest of the world is growing, while its trade with the rest of the EU is contracting. Isn't it time Mr. Cameron took off his Brussels blinkers and embraced the future?

Saucy Hong Kong Publisher Next Media's Shares Soar 41% On Tentative Sale ...
Shares in Hong Kong-based Next Media, the publisher of the saucy Apple Daily newspaper and Next magazine in Hong Kong and Taiwan, soared 41% on Thursday after the company signed a memorandum of understanding to sell its Taiwan print and TV ...

Facing Age With a Saucy Wink

At 89, Betty White is riding high. And she has a new memoir of sorts, "If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)."

Bruni d’Entrecasteaux, perhaps in fear, or wonder, or both, called Bruny Island a place “separated from the rest of the universe.”
No more though.
And at this end of a view of what cities wreak but which no city ever sees, my eyes fall, the cursor winks, and I begin.

'Generation A'

Douglas Couplands new novel, set in a near future when bees are thought to have become extinct, is not a sequel to but rather a thematic wink at his 1991 debut, "Generation X."

模型分析是一个有争议的领域。关于气候,我们有太多东西都不是很了解——云团、飓风、融冰、悬浮物,因此对于超级计算机模拟未来气候的能力仍然存在疑问。 根据一项试验,Climateprediction.net网站会生成数以千计的气象局气候模型版本,让人们在自己家里的个人电脑上运行。试验结果显示, 如果你对参数进行轻微的调整,模型就会产生截然不同的结果。我与米切尔会面前一周,英国气象局被迫为其“烧烤夏季”(barbecue summer)的新闻稿进行了辩护——这证明哪怕只是进行季节性预测也很困难。

"Various bakers discovered that the bread comes out at different temperatures, and that sometimes the rolls come out with a still-frozen center," he said. "We found their advertising claim that 'we're baking bread and rolls for you all day long' to be impudent."

1. Now and then he turned his eyes from the girls face to that of the partnerwhich, in the exhilaration of the dancehad taken on a look of impudent ownership.
他時而轉移他的目光從女子的臉上到她的舞伴的臉上,那張臉在跳舞的狂熱之中儼然有 佳人屬我的精神

impudent Pronunciation (adjective) Improperly forward or bold.
Synonyms:overbold, sassy, saucy, impertinent, smart, wise, fresh
Usage:Mind your own business, you impudent young rascal, and I'll mind mine.

  1. Characterized by offensive boldness; insolent or impertinent. See synonyms at shameless.
  2. Obsolete. Immodest.
[Middle English, from Latin impudēns, impudent- : in-, not; see in-1 + pudēns, present participle of pudēre, to be ashamed.]
impudently im'pu·dent·ly adv.

Pronunciation: /ˈɪmpjʊd(ə)nt/

Definition of impudent in English:


Not showing due respect for another person;impertinent:he could have strangled this impudent upstart

im • pu • dent
an impudent reply
His impudent behavior cost him his job.
It was impudent of him to argue with the teacher.
[類語]「敬意を払うべき人に対して無礼にふるまう」という意味で,impudentは特にそのようにふるまう若者や子供についてよく用いる. impertinentは,特に不適切なことを言う場合,insolentは特に反抗的な態度をとる場合,cheekyはイギリス英語で使われる口語的な語で,特に言ってはならないことを口に出す場合に用いる.
[ラテン語impudēns (im-否定+pudēre恥を感じる+-ENT=恥を感じない). △PUDENDUM

noun [U] (US USUALLY back talk)
rude remarks made when answering someone in authority:
That's enough backchat! You do as you're told.

Meaning #1: an impudent or insolent rejoinder
Synonyms: sass, sassing, backtalk, lip, mouth

Blink and you'll miss it: Japan's new eye iPod
Tue Mar 4, 2008 2:57pm EST

[-] Text [+]

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - Bat an eyelid to replay your favorite iPod tune with a new Japanese remote control that works in the blink of an eye.

When a user winks, movement in their skin is detected by sensors clipped to their glasses or headphones, said Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University's Graduate School of Engineering Science, who developed the "KomeKami Switch" or "Temple Switch".

The infrared sensors then generate an electric signal that a micro computer uses to work Apple Inc's (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) iPod.

Wink strongly for one second with one eye to rewind, use the other to skip to the next song, or close both eyes to pause and play, Taniguchi told Reuters in an e-mail interview.

But what if users accidentally blink only to find themselves in a completely different soundtrack?

"It doesn't happen at all. This system doesn't malfunction even if the user eats, talks, walks and runs," Taniguchi wrote, saying there were differences in movement between an accidental and an intentional blink or wink.

"The computer can judge the difference of those signals," he added -- even if other people around you may be left wondering what message your eyes are sending.

(Reporting by Sophie Hardach; Editing by Rodney Joyce)

THE woman at the ice cream stand in Seneca Falls, N.Y., was such a pro. She loaded my cone with drifts of frozen custard, made change and gave me directions to a barbecued chicken stand all without a blink.

(') pronunciation
adj., -i·er, -i·est.
    1. Impertinent or disrespectful.
    2. Impertinent in an entertaining way; impossible to repress or control.
  1. Piquant; pert: a saucy red bow tie.
saucily sau'ci·ly adv.
sauciness sau'ci·ness n.
[形](-ci・er, -ci・est)
1 生意気な, ずうずうしい
a saucy student
2 活発な, 生き生きした.
3 〈ポストカード・ジョークなどが〉ちょっとエッチな, エロチックな, 色っぽい
a short, saucy skirt
4 いきな, しゃれた.
5 気のきいた.

wink Show phonetics
verb [I]
1 to close one eye briefly as a way of greeting someone or showing friendliness, affection, sexual attraction etc., or of showing that you are not serious about something you have said:
She winked at me as he turned his back.
For a moment I thought he was being serious, but then he winked at me.

2 When lights wink, they keep flashing on and off quickly:
Reflected in the water, the lights winked at us from the other side of the lake.
The light was winking on the answering machine.

wink Show phonetics
noun [C]
when you wink at someone:
He gave me a conspiratorial wink as they left the room.

━━ v. まばたきする, ウインクする; (目を)またたく; 目くばせする ((at)); 見て見ぬふりをする ((at)); (星などが)きらめく; (明かりなどが)点滅する.
as easy as wink やすやすと.
like winking すばやく, 見る間に.
wink back [away] one's tears まばたきして涙を払う.
━━ n. まばたき; (星などの)きらめき; 目くばせ; ((否定文で)) ほんの一瞬.
forty winks (食後の)うたたね.
in a wink またたく間に.
tip … the wink 〔英話〕 人にそっと知らせる.
wink・er ━━ n. まばたき[目くばせ]する人[もの]; 〔話〕 まつ毛; (普通pl.) (馬の)目隠し; 〔英話〕 (pl.) (自動車の)ウインカー.

blink Show phonetics
1 [I or T] When you blink, you close and then open your eyes quickly once or several times, and when an eye blinks, it does this:
You've got something in your eye - try blinking a few times.

2 [I] LITERARY If a light blinks, it flashes on and off.

blink Show phonetics
noun [C usually singular]
the act of blinking


━━ v. まばたきする, ウインクする; (目を)またたく; 目くばせする ((at)); 見て見ぬふりをする ((at)); (星などが)きらめく; (明かりなどが)点滅する.
as easy as wink やすやすと.
like winking すばやく, 見る間に.
wink back [away] one's tears まばたきして涙を払う.
━━ n. まばたき; (星などの)きらめき; 目くばせ; ((否定文で)) ほんの一瞬.
forty winks (食後の)うたたね.
in a wink またたく間に.
tip … the wink 〔英話〕 人にそっと知らせる.
wink・er ━━ n. まばたき[目くばせ]する人[もの]; 〔話〕 まつ毛; (普通pl.) (馬の)目隠し; 〔英話〕 (pl.) (自動車の)ウインカー.


; ━━ v. まばたきする[させる]; (灯火が)明滅する; ちらと見る ((at)); 無視する ((at)). blink at …に驚く.
blink away [back] まばたいて(涙を)ふり払う.
blink the fact 事実をひたかくす.
━━ n. まばたき; 一目; きらめき.
on the blink 〔話〕 (機械の)調子が狂って.
blink・er ━━ n. またたきする人; 明滅信号灯; 方向指示器; (pl.) =blinders; (pl.) ちりよけめがね.
have blinkers on …が理解できない.
blink・ered a. (馬が)目隠しされた; 視野の狭い.
blink・ing ━━ a.,n. またたく; 明滅(する); 〔英俗〕 ひどい, いまわしい.

Definition of blinker


  • 1 (blinkers) chiefly British a pair of small leather screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it seeing sideways and behind and being startled.
  • something which prevents someone from gaining a full understanding of a situation:we are having a fresh look at ourselves without blinkers
  • 2 (usually blinkers) a vehicle indicator or other device that gives out an intermittent light: the cars queued up with blinkers flashing


[with object]
  • put blinkers on (a horse): Brown Boy will be blinkered for the first time at York
  • cause (someone) to have a narrow or limited outlook on a situation: university education blinkers researchers so that they see poverty in terms of their own specialization
    [名]1 点滅信号機.2 ((〜s))((米略式))(自動車の)方向指示器(((英))winkers);(パトカーの屋根にある)赤色灯.3 ((通例〜s))((主に英))(馬の)遮眼帯(((米)...

bar·be·cue (bär'bĭ-kyū') pronunciation
  1. A grill, pit, or outdoor fireplace for roasting meat.
    1. A whole animal carcass or section thereof roasted or broiled over an open fire or on a spit.
    2. A social gathering, usually held outdoors, at which food is cooked over an open flame.
tr.v., -cued, -cu·ing, -cues.
To roast, broil, or grill (meat or seafood) over live coals or an open fire, often basting with a seasoned sauce.

[American Spanish barbacoa, of Taino origin.]