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Sales of craft beer, which tastes better than the mass-market kind, were up 17.2% last year in America, even as overall beer sales fell 1.9%. Now there's a bar brawl over beer jugs, as the big, bland brewers want to stop you drinking it http://econ.st/1q53Nc9
Israeli Electric Car Venture Files for Liquidation

Better Place failed to attract many customers, and its largest shareholder decided against further investment.
On Dec. 31, 1946, President Harry S. Truman officially proclaimed the end of hostilities in World War II.

Japan Confronts Liabilities for Crisis
Wall Street Journal
TOKYO—Japan is embroiled in a contentious new debate over who should pay Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s growing liabilities from its nuclear accident—a bill estimated to be tens of billions of dollars. The argument pits numerous stakeholders against each ...

Michael Jackson’s death sparks bus brawl 麥可傑克森的死引發公車打鬥

yellow card
 (フットボールなどでの)選手に示される反則警告カード; 予防接種証明書.

Yasuda Michihiro of Japan lies injured during a match against China

Chinese footballers fined as Japan protest 'dangerous' play

CHONGQING, China (AFP) — China were fined 4,500 dollars on Saturday for picking up excessive yellow cards at the East Asian football championships as Japan formally protested against the hosts' "dangerous" play.
The penalty, which does not help the country's sporting reputation ahead of the Olympics, was approved by the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) executive committee after China received nine cautions in two matches.
Japan's separate protest came after a number of ugly incidents in their 1-0 win against China on Wednesday, when four Chinese players received yellow cards but none was sent off.
A flying kick from goalkeeper Zong Lei injured Japan's Michihiro Yasuda, while Li Weifeng grabbed winger Keita Suzuki by the throat and Yasuhito Endo was left writhing on the floor after a kick to the thigh.
Five Chinese players were also carded during the 3-2 loss to South Korea on Sunday. China were fined 1,500 dollars over the South Korea match and a further 3,000 dollars for the Japan game, EAFF vice president Junji Ogura said.
The executive committee, headed by Xie Xalong of China, approved the fine decided by the EAFF disciplinary committee 紀律委員會 on Friday, said Ogura.
"I understand that the Chinese executive member has taken the matter seriously as the incident has been also criticised at home," he said.
North Korea's men were also fined 1,500 dollars after picking up five yellow cards during their 1-1 draw with South Korea on Wednesday.
A maximum penalty of 10,000 dollars can be imposed on a team that receives four or more yellow cards in a match, according to the federation's rules.
The protest handed in by Japan on Friday also asked the federation to examine decisions by North Korean referee Song O-Tae, who failed to send any of the Chinese players off on Wednesday.
"We cannot condone play which threatens the competitive careers of players. There were also problems in the referee's game control," delegation chief Kuniya Daini said.
"The petition was filed for the good of East Asian football," he said. "We have requested action so that these things will not happen again."
Japan have also faced hostility from Chinese fans during the East Asian tournament, which also includes the two Koreas, particularly during their opening match against North Korea.
The crowd was more restrained during Wednesday's match but aimed abuse and plastic bottles at their own team.
Chinese fans' antipathy towards Japan comes from anger at their neighbour's World War II aggression, which saw the inland city of Chongqing come under heavy bombardment.
China's women's team have also attracted unwanted attention after South Korea complained to the Asian Football Confederation over the behaviour of captain Li Jie.
Li was accused of time-wasting after she collapsed on the pitch as South Korea prepared to take a corner deep into stoppage time during China's 3-2 win on Monday.
She was taken off the field but hurried back to obstruct the corner, which was never taken as Thai referee Kamnueng Pannipar blew for full time. Li received a second yellow card for her antics.

China's men's Olympic team gained a reputation for violent conduct when they were embroiled in a notorious mass brawl with English side QPR during a friendly match in February last year.

Booking may refer to:


World Cup is a meg event for South Aferica.

Join thousands of Taglit-Birthright Israel participants from around the world as
they dance, sing and unite at the exciting Mega Events!

(ĕm-broil') pronunciation
tr.v., -broiled, -broil·ing, -broils.
  1. To involve in argument, contention, or hostile actions: "Avoid . . . any step that may embroil us with Great Britain" (Alexander Hamilton).
  2. To throw into confusion or disorder; entangle.
[French embrouiller : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + brouiller, to confuse (from Old French; see broil2).]

(verb) Force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action.
Synonyms:drag in, sweep up, tangle
Usage:Any hostilities could further embroil UN troops in the fighting.
embroilment em·broil'ment n.

brawl︰名詞,爭吵、打架或嘩嘩水流聲。例句︰This platform discussion would turn into a brawl.(施政綱領的討論將演變成一場爭吵。)


Line breaks: brawl
Pronunciation: /brɔːl 


A rough or noisy fight or quarrel:he’d got into a drunken brawl in a bara street brawl


[NO OBJECT]Back to top  
1Fight or quarrel in a rough or noisy way:he ended up brawling with a lout outside his house
1.1LITERARY (Of a stream) flow noisily.


late Middle English: perhaps ultimately imitative and related to bray1.

pit against    Set in direct opposition or competition, as in The civil war pitted brother against brother. This idiom alludes to setting fighting cocks or dogs against one another in a pit. [Mid-1700s]


音節hos・til・i・ty 発音記号/hɑstíləṭihɔs‐/音声を聞く
【不可算名詞】 敵意敵性敵愾(きが)totoward〕.
【不可算名詞】 敵対(行為).
an act of hostility 敵対行為.

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Mass Brawl Erupts on Washington D.C. Metro
Officials are revisiting measures to rein in teen violence after a 70-person fight culminated in a stampede at the L'Enfant Plaza Station last Friday.