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Airbnb Sues Over New Law Regulating New York Rentals

In a Hot Rental Climate, the Offerings Get Smaller
The size of new rentals in New York has been shrinking: These days 400 square feet is par for the course.
A Kitchen-for-Rent Is a Lifeline for the Laid-Off
A kitchen in Queens available for rental by the shift is serving many who were forced to change careers.
Kitchen-for-Rent 這真的是文化不同 主要原因是美國法律要求要用認證/合格的廚房才可以從事商業

Commercial Kitchens for Rent

Looking to rent a commercial kitchen? You've come to the right place. We know from experience that starting a food business can be a real challenge. You can't manufacture or prepare food for sale out of your home, but setting up a licensed commercial kitchen is very costly and involved. The solution is to rent/share someone else's certified kitchen. Commercial kitchen rentals, commissary kitchen rentals, and co-op commercial kitchens (kitchen co-op) offer a benefit to kitch space seekers and property owners alike. Use our search feature to locate commercial kitchens for rent within a radius of your zip code or click on your State from the list below to get started. Listings also include local small food business incubators for food entrepreneurs (often run by universities) and mobile kitchen rentals/food booths.
Have a licensed commercial kitchen with space to spare? Why not rent it out and maximize your investment in space and equipment. Commercial kitchen rental is a win-win on both sides. Chances are, there are many aspiring chefs and entrepeneurs in your area who would love to rent your excess kitchen space and equipment by the hour and are willing to work around your kitchen schedule for a chance to get their business off the ground. Post your licensed commercial kitchen for rent for free.
We are also developing a contract food packager directory (food co-packer/"co packer" directory) which will be a comprehensive listing of contract food manufacturers and contract food packagers that specialize in helping with large-scale production and getting your food product into stores.

Inaugural Rentals Begging For Takers

Inaugural Rentals Begging For Takers

Across the Washington region, homeowners' dreams of a quick and easy payday are evaporating as the days tick down to President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony Jan. 20: The inaugural housing market has gone bust in record time.
(By David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

rent (PAYMENT)
noun [C or U]
a fixed amount of money that you pay regularly for the use of a room, house, car, television, etc. that someone else owns:
I pay a higher rent/more rent than the other tenants because my room is bigger.
Rents here are ridiculously high/low.

verb [T]
to pay or receive a fixed amount of money for the use of a room, house, car, television, etc:
I rented a car from a garage so that I could get about.
[+ two objects] The old lady rented us her spare bedroom for £55 a week.
My Dad has a cottage which he rents (out) to tourists.

noun [C or U]
an arrangement to rent something, or the amount of money that you pay to rent something:
Property rental is quite expensive here.
Video and television rentals have decreased this year.
a car rental company


  • 発音記号[réntl][名]
1 [U]賃貸[賃借](料);賃貸料収入
pay the monthly rental on one's house
2 ((米))貸アパート, 貸家;貸自動車;貸衣装;賃貸物件.
3 =rent-roll.

━━[形]賃貸の, レンタルの.

verb -gg-
1 [I or T] to ask for something urgently and without pride because you want it very much:
They begged for mercy.
[+ speech] "Please, please forgive me!" she begged (him).
[+ object + to infinitive] He begged her to stay, but she simply laughed and put her bags in the car.

2 [I or T] to ask for food or money because you are poor:
There are more and more homeless people begging on the streets these days.
She had to beg for money and food for her children.

3 [I] If a dog begs, it sits with its front legs in the air as if to ask for something:
They have trained their dog to sit up and beg.

take (ACCEPT)
verb [T] tooktaken
1 to accept or have:
Do they take credit cards here?
Do you take milk in your tea?
Take this medicine three times a day.
This container will take (= has room for) six litres.
Which newspaper do you take (= regularly buy)?
We're taking the bomb threats very seriously.
He continually abuses her, and she just sits there and takes it.
If you think I'm going to take that lying down (= accept it without complaining), you're very much mistaken.
I take the/your point (= accept the argument), but I still don't think you should have gone.

2 used when you want to mention something as a particular example of what you are talking about:
I've been very busy recently. Take last week, I had meetings on four evenings.

3 take to be/take for If you take someone or something to be something, or if you take them for something, you accept or believe that they are that thing:
[+ to infinitive] These creatures are generally taken to be descended from primitive fishes.
I could have taken him for (= believed that he was) your brother.
I'm not going to forge his signature for you! What do you take me for? (= You should not believe I could do a thing like that.)

few/no/not many takers few/no/not many people interested in what has been offered:
I put an advert in the paper to sell my bike but I haven't had any takers.


  • 発音記号[pɑ'ːr][名][U][C]
1 等価, 同等, 等位, 同水準[程度]
bestandonupon] a par with ...
2 平均, 標準, 基準, 常態
up to par
標準[平均]に達して;((略式))(体調が)ふだんの調子で(▼ふつう否定文で用いる:His tennis isn't up to par today. きょうのテニスの調子はふだんよりよくない).
3 《金融》平価;額面(価格)(par value);為替平価
the par of exchange [=exchange currency at par]
issuenominal] par
abovebelow, at] par
額面以上で[以下で, どおりで].
4 [U]《ゴルフ》規定打数, パー
under par
He shot a par-4 on the 8th.
above [over] par
(1) ⇒[名]3
(2) 標準以上で.
below [under] par
(1) ⇒[名]3
(2) 標準以下で.
(3) (体調が)ふだんより悪くて.
1 平均[標準, 正常]の.
2 〈価格などが〉額面[平価]の.
━━[動](〜red, 〜・ring)(他)《ゴルフ》〈1ホール[コース]を〉パーで上がる.