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 After Google disappoints, Page points at future growth chances
PCWorld (blog)
Google CEO Larry Page tried to put a positive spin on his company's poor third-quarter financial results, which were released prematurely Thursday and triggered a panicked stock sell-off before trading was abruptly halted. During a conference call with ...

PC Sales Go Into a Tailspin

  The Short Life of a PR Fiasco
In a socially-networked world, companies may be able to survive public relations disasters better than in the old days of "traditional" news and corporate spin.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wing, a high school student from Spokane, Wash., took another Google product out for a spin: the Chrome Operating System.
Google is not expected to unveil the highly anticipated Chrome OS until the end of the year, and the software is expected to run, at first, only on the class of low-cost PCs called netbooks. But Mr. Wing, along with a growing number of other Google fans, did not want to wait.

Small-Picture Approach Flips Medical Economics

Accountable care organizations, a new kind of health care practice, are gaining momentum in part because of the Affordable Care Act signed into law two years ago.

: : : The transitive of "spin" has a meaning of forming or creating as when a spider "spins" a web. : : : So when someone "spins a tale" he or she is creating or forming a story. : : I think this could have a different origin. In the UK the saying is often 'to spina yarn' - a yarn being a story or tale.Feb 6, 2003

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感謝 David 讓我學英文
Dear HC,,

最近重新翻翻這本書 Four Days with Dr. Deming, p.164 有一段話描述下屬怎樣應付精明的主管

The staff reacted to avoid her punishment. We sanitized the information. Each staff calculated the spin to put on the numbers, to position his or her reports in the best light.

不很確定 calculate the spin to...., position his reports in the best light 的意思與翻譯

Best rgds
David Hsu

這spin 意思是見解
((米略式))(特定の)見解, 解釈
put a political spin on ...

所以"每人提的數據/見解都經過美化 (馬殺雞)
再讀 spin 解釋錯誤
原譯用輪盤賭局來解釋spin 有點道理

  1. The act of spinning.
  2. A swift whirling motion.
  3. A state of mental confusion.
  4. Informal. A short drive in a vehicle: took a spin in the new car.
  5. The flight condition of an aircraft in a nose-down, spiraling, stalled descent.
    1. A distinctive point of view, emphasis, or interpretation: "Dryden . . . was adept at putting spin on an apparently neutral recital of facts" (Robert M. Adams).
    2. A distinctive character or style: an innovative chef who puts a new spin on traditional fare.
  6. Physics.
    1. The intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle. Also called spin angular momentum.
    2. The total angular momentum of an atomic nucleus.
    3. A quantum number expressing spin angular momentum.


[動](spun 〔spn〕 or((古))span 〔spǽn〕, spun, 〜・ning)(他)

1III[名]([副])]…を(勢いよく)回転させる, ぐるぐる回す;〈洗濯物を〉(脱水機にかけて)脱水する(spin-dry)
spin a record [a nickel]
Spin me around the block in your new car.
2 …を紡ぐ, 紡績する;[spin A into B/spin B out of A]〈A(原料)をB(糸)に〉紡ぐ
spin wool into yarn [=spin yarn out of wool]
3 〈クモ・蚕などが〉〈糸を〉吐く
A spider spins a web.
4 …を(糸を紡ぐように)作り出す, 展開させる;…をるると語る;〈話を〉つくり上げる
spin a (long) yarn
spin tall tales
5 …に変える((into ...)).
6 〈仕事・話などを〉長引かせる, 引き延ばす;〈金などを〉(長く)もたせる((out))
spin the project out
7 …を(施盤で)回転成形する.
8 〈ロケット・誘導ミサイルに〉回転をつける.
9 ((米略式))〈人を〉ある意見をもつように誘導する.
1I([副])]ぐるぐる回る, 〈こまなどが〉くるくる回る;きりきり舞いする. ⇒TURN[類語]
spin on one toe
2 〈クモが〉糸を吐く, 〈蚕が〉まゆを作る, 糸を紡ぐ, 紡績する, 〈血・果汁などが〉糸のように流れ出る, 〈雪が〉舞うように降る.
3 速く進む[行く, 走る];((略式))(車で)飛ばす((along))
The years spin away.
4 〈頭が〉くらくらする, 目まいがする
Her head was spinning with confusion and fatigue.
5 スピナー(spinner)で魚を釣る.
spin ... off/spin off ...
(1) 〈会社・資産などを〉分離新設する.
(2) …を(副産物として)生み出す, 派生させる.
1 回転(する[させる]こと);(ボールなどの)ひねり, スピン;(回転脱水槽での)脱水
the spin of the earth
put a spin on a ball
with plenty of spin
2 ((米略式))(特定の)見解, 解釈
put a political spin on ...
3 下落, 急落
Wool prices went into a spin.
4 (楽しみのための)短いドライブ.
5 《航空》きりもみ降下(tailspin);《宇宙》(ロケット・誘導ミサイルに)回転をつけること.
6 《物理学》スピン.
7 ((豪))幸運続き;因果.
8 ((S-))音楽雑誌.
be in a (flat) spin
((英略式))あわてる, 困惑する.re·cit·al (rĭ-sīt'l) pronunciation
  1. The act of reading or reciting in a public performance.
  2. A very detailed account or report of something; a narration.
  3. A public performance of music or dance, especially by a solo performer.
recitalist re·ci'tal·ist n.

  [名](飛行機の)きりもみ降下(spin);(一般に)事態の急激な悪化, 手の打ちようのない事態, 落ち込み
It sent me into a tailspin.

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