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Well, IBM is telling us the total cost of ownership for Mac is cheaper than that of PC...... Very interesting yet very convincing! I share the same experience! 
At the Jamf Nation User Conference yesterday, designed for IT management professionals, IBM VP of Workplace as a Service Fletcher Previn talked…

Feds warn more than 300,000 Hondas and Acuras pose grave risk of exploding airbags and should be parked until fixed.

airbag or air bag
An airbag, also known as a Supplementary/Secondary Restraint System (SRS) or as an Air Cushion Restraint System (ACRS), is a flexible membrane or envelope, inflatable to contain air or some other gas. Air bags are most commonly used for cushioning, in particular after very rapid inflation in the case of an automobile collision.

AIR BAG buffer 氣囊緩衝器
又指:A large inflatable bag made of strong rubber, used by rescue workers to lift a vehicle or heavy machinery or debris that has fallen upon or otherwise trapped a victim.
Answers.com 此 air bag詞彙收入How Products are Made
Automated inspections are made at every stage of the production process line to identify mistakes. One air bag manufacturer uses radiography (x-rays) to compare the completed inflator against a master configuration stored in the computer. Any inflator without the proper configuration is rejected.
2007/1/11 讀到 日本豊田合成公司開発は完了歩行者用エアバッグ 並預計年內生產。

restrain Show phonetics
verb [T]
to control the actions or behaviour of someone by force, especially in order to stop them from doing something, or to limit the growth or force of something:
When he started fighting, it took four police officers to restrain him.
[R] She was so angry that she could hardly restrain herself.
You should try to restrain your ambitions and be more realistic.
Growth in car ownership could be restrained by increasing taxes.

1 acting in a calm and controlled way:
I was expecting him to be furious but he was very restrained.

2 controlled:
a more restrained policy on mortgage lending
The tone of his poetry is restrained and unemotional.

1 [U] calm and controlled behaviour:
He showed admirable restraint, and refused to be provoked.
The security forces exercised (= used) great restraint by not responding to hostile attacks and threats.

2 [C or U] something which limits the freedom of someone or something, or which prevents something from growing or increasing:
government spending restraints
Lack of space is the main restraint on the firm's expansion plans.
During the recession, the government opted for a policy of pay/wage restraint rather than a reduction in public investment.

Child Restraint System

n. CRS : ChildRestraintSystem = 幼児拘束装置
A device, such as a seat belt or small car seat with a seat belt, usedtocontrol and protect a child in a motor vehicle.

CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM 兒童防制系統 設計於汽車碰撞事故中,用來保護嬰兒或小孩乘客的任何設計種類的座椅。此座椅必須以正規的安全帶(如為一連續環膝/肩帶則加上鎖定夾)正確的固定在汽車座 位上。此座椅可以面向後方(供從出生到大約9至12個月的嬰兒使用)或面向前方(供通常是從9至12個月到4或5歲且體重超過40磅的小孩使用)。此座椅 附有安全吊帶,以便將乘坐者束縛於座位上。此座椅同樣可以加上C型護罩,以分散作用於身軀上的衝擊力。某些座椅有繫栓皮帶(Tether Strap)以防止座椅及乘坐者於猛烈撞擊時往前傾斜,繫栓皮帶必須堅固固定在車輛的金屬部位。兒童防制系統必須要有通過聯邦要求的動態測試的證明。

(參 閱兒童乘坐系統 FMVSS 213.)。某些兒童防制系統亦被使用在飛機上。 兒童防制系統亦稱之為汽車座椅,或兒童安全座椅。請同時參考Dynamic Test(動態測試);Infant Car Carrier(汽車上的嬰兒搬運器);Locking Clip(鎖定夾);Manual Safety Belt System(手動安全帶);Safety Belt(安全帶);Shield(防護面罩);Tether Strap(絮栓皮帶)。

---同義--- BOOSTER SEAT 防護座椅針對從大約5至8或9歲或體重未達40磅的兒童所設計的汽車安全座椅。防護座椅本身必須以調節式安全帶將其固定在汽車座位上。防護座椅將兒童坐下 的高度升高,如此,車上的安全帶合適的繞在腿部及骨盆或防護盾上總比繞在胃部好。以背負帶安裝防護座椅時,必須使用背負帶或車上的腰/肩帶。以防護盾安裝 防護座椅時,只可使用防護盾及車上的安全帶。請同時參考ChildRestraint System(兒童防護系統)。
--本当に安全なチャイルドシート(CRS : Child Restraint System = 幼児拘束装置)の選び方のためのリンク集です。なお、「チャイルドシートなんてしなくても平気だよね?」とか、「やっぱ減点されるのはヤダしぃ」、といった低レベル(失礼)な話は書いて


国際標準化会議出席 報告書(会議名 ISO TC22/SC12/WG1審議規格 ...

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Title(Sweden) Child restraint system
の文字が抜けている(Sweden.Scope(USA)ISOFIXの対象範囲を現行の20kg から 22 kg に変更提案。22kg と変更された。 4.1.1(Sweden);図2 に記載の ToleranceCRF 作成の為の Toleranceであり、CRS...
12. 13, 2006
Think Before You Drive is a global road safety initiative of Bridgestone Corporation and the FIA Foundation, a philanthropic organization established with FIA funding to promote road safety and theenvironment. As part of the campaign,Bridgestone subsidiaries around the world team up with automobile clubs indifferent countries under the FIA Foundation umbrella to demonstrate the importance to motorists of checking tires, fastening seat belts, driving in the correct posture and using child retraints. To complement these safety messages,Bridgestone also gives out a safety booklet and a gauge that can measure tire pressure and tread depth. The campaign, which was launched in 2005, has nowbeen successfully conducted in almost 80countries.

  1. A bag for holding money.
  2. moneybags (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Wealth.
  3. moneybags (used with a sing. verb) A rich, often extravagant person.


  1. An expansible bag for holding gas.
  2. Slang. One given to empty or boastful talk.

But man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he ’s most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep. Measure for Measure. Act ii. Sc. 2.