2016年4月18日 星期一

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'THOSE Platonists are a curse,' he said,
'God's fire upon the wane,
A diagram hung there instead,
More women born than men.'

他說,BBC環球公司(BBC Worldwide)的絕大部分盈利來自於出口4部節目——《神探夏洛克》、《神秘博士》(Dr Who)、《顛覆拍檔》(Top Gear)和《星隨舞動》(美國版名為“Dancing with the Stars”,英國本土版名為“Strictly Come Dancing”)。

More Men Enter Fields Dominated by Women

As it has grown increasingly difficult to find a steady full-time job with benefits, more men are reaching for a chance at the American dream in female-dominated occupations.
"The way I look at it is that anything, basically, that a woman can do, a guy can do."
MIGUEL ALQUICIRA, on becoming a dental assistant, when more than 90 percent of those in the field are women. 

In some cultures, the foot of a rabbit is carried as an amulet believed to bring good luck.

Men fight for amulet, title of luckiest guy

In search of the perfect battery

Researchers are desperate to find a modern-day philosopher's stone: the battery technology that will make electric cars practical. Here is a brief history of their quest

philosopher Show phonetics
noun [C]
someone who studies or writes about the meaning of life:
Plato was a Greek philosopher.
━━ n. 哲学者; 哲人, 賢人; (困難に遭っても)冷静沈着な人; 思慮深い人.
philosopher's [philosophers'] stone (錬金術師の求めた)賢者の石 ((卑金属を金に変える)).
The philosopher's stone (Latinlapis philosophorumGreekchrysopoeia) is a legendary substance, supposedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold; it was also sometimes believed to be a means of making people younger, if not making them immortal. For a long time it was the most sought after goal in Western alchemy.
In the view of spiritual alchemy, making the philosopher's stone would bring enlightenment upon the maker and conclude the Great Work.[1]
The philosopher's stone西洋煉金術中的寶物,將其它金屬變成金的點金石(或為philosophers' stone 海耶克說:社會正義與人們過去普遍相信的點金石一樣,都不能證明其目標的實在性。(F. A. Hayek《法律、立法與自由(第二、三卷)》鄭正來等譯,北京:中國大百科全書出版社,2000p.3)。上海某出版社有「哲人石叢書」。


  • [ǽmjulit]
[名]お守り, 魔よけ.

An object worn, especially around the neck, as a charm against evil or injury.

[Latin amulētum.]

]《中英對照讀新聞》Rent a friend website launches for lonely in UK 英國成立租友網站,服務寂寞人士
A new service is being launched in the UK for lonely people to hire a "strictly platonic" friend to go to the movies or a restaurant with them.
The‘Rent a friend’service has already become a hit in the US where more than 218,000 people have signed up to spend time with strangers.
Now UK members can pay £;15 to join the site and browse potential friends in their area before hiring them out for a friendship session.
However, don’t get the wrong idea, you really are only hiring a platonic friend to spend time with… if you turn up expecting more you might need to call a lawyer.
A spokesperson for the site said: "You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, someone to go with you to a party or event, someone to teach you a new skill or hobby, or someone to show you around an unfamiliar town."

get the wrong idea:片語,產生誤會、把事情想歪了。例句:My girlfriend will definitely get the wrong idea if I start shopping for baby seats.(如果我開始採買嬰兒座椅,我的女友肯定會想歪了。)
turn up:片語,證明是、結果是。例句:They turned up having done no preparatory work.(結果證明他們沒做過準備工作。)
hang out:片語,閒晃、廝混。例句:Don’t hang out with that guy any longer.(別再和那個傢伙鬼混了。)

    the philosophy or doctrines of Plato or his followers. 2. the belief that physical objects are impermanent representations of unchanging Ideas, and that the Ideas alone give true knowledge as they are known by the mind. 3. (sometimes l.c.) the doctrine or practice of platonic love.


Line breaks: strict¦ly
Pronunciation: /ˈstrɪk(t)li /


1In a way that involves rigid enforcement or that demands obedience:he’s been brought up strictly
2Used to indicate that one is applying words or rules exactly or rigidly:[SENTENCE ADVERB]: strictly speaking, ham is a cured, cooked leg of pork[AS SUBMODIFIER]: to be strictly accurate, there are two Wolvertons
2.1With no exceptions; completely or absolutely:these foods are strictly forbidden
2.2No more than; purely:that visit was strictly businesshis attitude and manner were strictly professional