2016年4月11日 星期一

pioneer, watchword, rally, slogan, Rallying / Rally Racing, rallying cry

Wall Street enjoys a high rally.


I am delighted to announce that we now have a presence in the USA. For people on that side of the pond, please go to: http://www.newsystemsthinking.com/ and say hello. It ought to be the rallying cry for systems thinkers: Yes we can! (Vanguard USA)

In a memo meant to rally his troops, Citi chief Vikram S. Pandit pledged that the firm will remain a bank, even as it streamlines itself.
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Gaza Strikes Reverberate in Egypt
CAIRO, Jan. 9 -- Rarely has an Arab leader been so widely perceived as backing Israel and the United States against the Palestinians, whose struggle has been a fundamental rallying point for Arabs and Muslims for more than six decades.
(By Sudarsan Raghavan, The Washington Post)

Zimbabwe set for opposition rally

Zimbabwe's opposition says it will go ahead with a weekend rally in the capital, Harare, after a court overturns a police ban.

曾約農先生在創校典禮中說:「開創將是我們的格言」(Pioneering will be our watchword)。

noun [C usually singular] 【史】合いことば; 標語, スローガン. slogan
(a word or phrase which represents) the main ideas or principles directing the way that someone behaves or the way that something is done:
And remember, let caution be your watchword.
  1. A prearranged reply to a challenge, as from a guard or sentry; a password.
  2. A rallying cry: Let our watchword be freedom.

Meaning #1: a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group
Synonyms: passwordwordparolecountersign

n. - 暗語, 標語, 口令

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 標語, スローガン, 合いことば, 合い言葉

pioneer Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a person who is one of the first people to do something:
one of the pioneers of modern science
a pioneer heart surgeon

2 a person who goes to an area and establishes farms, houses, etc:
The pioneers went west across North America, cutting down forests and planting new crops.

pioneer Show phonetics
verb [T]
It was universities that pioneered these new industries.

pioneering Show phonetics
pioneering techniques

rally (MEETING) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a public meeting of a large group of people, especially supporters of a particular opinion:
5000 people held an anti-nuclear rally.
an election/campaign rally

rally (SUPPORT) Show phonetics
verb [T]
to (cause to) come together in order to provide support or make a shared effort:
Supporters/Opponents of the new shopping development are trying to rally local people in favour of/against it.
The prime minister has called on the public to rally to/behind the government.
[+ object + to infinitive] The general rallied his forces to defend the town.
'Workers of the world unite' was their rallying cry/call (= a phrase said to encourage support).


━━ v. (再び)集める[まる]; (勢力を)もり返させる[返す], 奮い立たせる ((from)); (力を)集中する; 【テニスなど】(双方で)続けざまに打ち合う.
━━ n. (単数形で) 再集合, 再挙; もり返し, 回復; (決起)集会, 大会; 【テニスなど】連続的打ち合い; ラリー ((自動車レース)).
rally・cross ラリークロス ((自動車で行う荒地走行レース)).
rally・man rallycross参加者.
rallying cry
    A rallying term used by proponents of a cause: battle cry, call to arms, call to battle, cry, motto, war cry. Seewords.

    Rallying is a form of auto racing that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars. This motorsport is distinguished by running not on a circuit, but instead in a point-to-point format in which participants and their co-drivers drive between set control points (special stages), leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points. Rallies may be won by pure speed within the stages or alternatively by driving to a predetermined ideal journey time within the stages.
    拉力賽英式英語Rallying美式英語Rally Racing),是在公共或者私人道路上,使用改裝過的或者是特製的汽車進行的比賽。和其他賽車不同之處在於,拉力賽不是在賽道上進行,而是在點到點之間的賽段上比賽。在這個賽段上,參賽者和他的副駕駛(導航員)在一些控制點之間的路段上駕駛,在一個或者幾個起點上,按照規定間隔出發。冠軍可以是單純的賽段內速度最快或是在賽段內達到預先設定的規定行駛時間


    「道路拉力賽」是這種比賽的原始形式,通常在道路複雜的普通的高速公路上舉行。這類長途比賽並不是一味地強調速度,而是準確的時間控制、導航和車輛的可靠性。現在這類比賽通常是業餘賽事,被叫做常規賽或者時間-速度-距離賽(Time-Speed-Distance Rally, TSD Rally)。[1]