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“Thirty-five years ago I was a staff writer for the New Yorker, and I was working on a biography of Oliver Sacks. I had about fifteen notebooks full of interviews. We were meeting for dinner two or three nights per week. But at some point he asked if I could leave out the fact that he was gay. And I couldn’t do it. His sexuality tied him up in knots. And I thought those knots helped explain why he became such an amazing neurologist. So I agreed to stop writing, but we remained good friends. Shortly before he died last year, he called me and asked me to finish the book. So I’m trying to figure out where to begin. Thirty years ago I was going 100 mph in an aircraft carrier, and I was asked to stop on a dime. Now I’ve got to figure out how to start it back up.”

In Oregon, a Demand for Safety, but Not on Their Dime


Amid budget woes and facing an increase in taxes, Oregon citizens have taken up patrols, adding to the debate over what government is for and how community is to be defined.

What was the lightest weight coin ever minted by the US Mint? In 1851, the US Mint issued a silver three-cent coin. It was composed of 75% silver and 25% copper, had a six-pointed star on one side, a Roman numeral III on the other, and — weighing in at four-fifths of a gram — was the lightest coin ever produced by the US Mint. The silver three cent piece was discontinued by the Coinage Act of 1873; at that time, a three cent nickel coin was issued, made up of copper and nickel and slightly larger than the silver version. Since it was the exact size of the dime, the coin never became popular and it was taken out of circulation in 1889. The Coinage Act of 1792 established the US Mint in Philadelphia, on April 2, 1792. The act also specified that the national currency would be based on a decimal system, with the dollar as its main unit, and specified the measurements, weights and composition of the coins, including directives for the emblems that would appear on each side.
"A nickel isn't worth a dime today."Yogi Berra

Buying Wine On a Dime

 金融海嘯發生之前,三十多歲的投資銀行從業員已嚷覑要退休了——因為身心已燃燒盡 了(burn out)。一位剛退休的專業人士(資深工程師)最近卻叮囑我,千萬不要退休,因為退休之後去做自己不懂的事,是事倍功半的。「And you will find no time for retirement.」(退休後你找不到空暇時間)他說。但另外一些朋友則希望退休後,做自己喜歡而在退休前不能做的事。做全職義工也是一種選擇。

burn yourself out (BECOME TIRED) phrasal verb [R]
to be forced to stop working because you have become ill or very tired from working too hard:
Stop working so hard - you'll burn yourself out.

burn-out Show phonetics
noun [U]
extreme tiredness usually caused by working too much:
employees complaining of/suffering burn-out


Syllabification: (dime)
Pronunciation: /dīm/
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Definition of dime


North American
  • a ten-cent coin.
  • informal a small amount of money:he didn’t have a dime
  • informalshort for dime bag.


a dime a dozen

informal very common and of no particular value:experts in this field are a dime a dozen

drop a (or the) dime on someone

informal inform on someone.

get off the dime

informal be decisive and show initiative:at some point you have to get off the dime and do something

on a dime

informal used to refer to a maneuver that can be performed by a moving vehicle or person within a small area or short distance:boats that can turn on a dime

on a dime

In a very small space, suddenly, as in That horse is so well trained it can turn on a dime.
This expression alludes to the fact that the dime is the smallest-size U.S. coin. [Early 1900s]

• Just-in-Time ("succeeding, but by the skin of our teeth"): can turn
on a dime and create real breakthroughs but also tends to burn out its
best and brightest
Results By: Gary L. Neilson /Bruce A. Pasternack

In the meantime, companies are taking some preliminary steps to find ways to reduce acrylamide levels. Frito-Lay says it has worked with Michael W. Pariza, a professor in the University of Wisconsin's food microbiology and toxicology department, on acrylamide-reduction research.
But Professor Pariza, who is working with a consortium of 12 companies, says no one has found any clear solutions. "Anybody who thinks that companies can turn on a dime and fix this is wrong," he said.
Scientists say that a simple and sure way to reduce acrylamide in food is to lower cooking temperatures. But this approach carries its own set of problems.
-A Fright Over Fries 炸薯條及洋芋片致癌之

Hawaii on a Dime By MATT GROSS

這篇標題似有意"雙關語" :經濟遊夏威夷....

1 [U]《化学》ニッケル(記号:Ni).
2 (米国・カナダの)5セント白銅貨;ごくわずかの金;((米俗))5ドル
a nickel bag
down to the nickel
3 ((米俗))懲役5年の判決.
━━[動](〜ed, 〜・ing;((英))〜led, 〜・ling)(他)…にニッケルをかぶせる[めっきする].
[スウェーデン語←ギリシャ語Kupfernickel (kopfer銅+nickel悪魔=銅の悪魔). 銅に似ながら銅を含んでいないことから. nickelはNikolaus(固有名詞)から]


dec • i • mal
decimals (複数形)
decimally, (全1件)
1 小数の
a decimal fraction
the second decimal place
a decimal point
小数点(▼読むときは単にpointという. 「3.21」=three point two one).
2 十進法の
decimal classification
a decimal system
a decimal coinage
[中ラテン語. ラテン語decima(10分の1)+-AL. △DIME

 deca- or dec- also deka- or dek-
Ten: decane.

[Greek deka-, from deka, ten; see dek in Indo-European roots.]

十柱式柱廊. ⇒DECI-

Commandments of God, The Ten :天主十誡:天主在西奈山授與梅瑟(摩西)的誡命(出廿 1-17 ;申五 6-21 ;瑪五 17-47 )。十誡為: (1) 欽崇一天主在萬有之上。 (2) 毋呼天主聖名,以發虛誓。 (2) 守瞻禮主日。 (4) 孝敬父母。 (5) 毋殺人。 (6) 毋行邪淫。 (7) 毋偷盜。 (8) 毋妄證。 (9) 毋願他人妻。 (10) 毋貪他人財物。又稱 Decalog -ue )。耶穌把十誡歸納成愛的法律:愛天主在萬有之上、愛人如己。


De • cam • er • on, The
[名]『十日物語』, 『デカメロン』:Boccaccio作の百話集(1353).