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inversion (table/bench), Corporate (Tax) Inversion, chiasmus

New Inversion Rules Test Pending DealsA1

While Treasury’s new inversion rules pose problems for Pfizer’s pending takeover of Allergan, they are less likely to affect similar deals that have yet to close.
I call such men inverse cripples.顛倒的殘廢 偏才
INVERT/INVERSION等可翻譯成 :逆 或倒 或翻

This relocation behavior, known as a corporate tax “inversion,” has come under heavy fire ...

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Corporate inversion is one of the many strategies companies employ to reduce their tax burden. One way that a company can re-incorporate abroad is by having a foreign company buy its current operations. Assets are then owned by the foreign company, and the old incorporation is dissolved.

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Tax inversion, or corporate inversion, is a largely American term for the relocation of acorporation's legal domicile to a lower-tax nation, or corporate haven, usually while retaining its material operations in its higher-tax country of origin.
【即時頭條】美國出台新規 打擊公司倒置避稅
美國周一採取了更嚴厲的舉措來限制「公司倒置」(corporate inversion)的避稅能力,分析師表示,新規可能會危及輝瑞公司與艾爾建的1600億美元併購計劃。
「真正的問題是,輝瑞是否會把新規解讀為足以中止交易的理由,」Evercore ISI資深分析師Umer Raffat稱。




pl. -mi (-mī').
A rhetorical inversion of the second of two parallel structures, as in “Each throat/Was parched, and glazed each eye” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge).
[New Latin chīasmus, from Greek khīasmos, syntactic inversion, from khīazein, to invert or mark with an X. See chiasma.]
━━ n. 【修辞】交差法 ((語句のX字状交錯配置;例 Grief joys, joy grieves.)).

Usage: John F. Kennedy's famous quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," is a commonly used example of chiasmus.
chiasmus [ky‐az‐mŭs] (plural ‐mi), a figure of speech by which the order of the terms in the first of two parallel clauses is reversed in the second. This may involve a repetition of the same words (‘Pleasure's a sin, and sometimes sin's a pleasure’—Byron), in which case the figure may be classified as antimetabole, or just a reversed parallel between two corresponding pairs of ideas, as in this line from Mary Leapor's ‘Essay on Woman’ (1751):
Despised, if ugly; if she's fair, betrayed.
The figure is especially common in 18th‐century English poetry, but is also found in prose of all periods. It is named after the Greek letter chi (χ), indicating a ‘criss‐cross’ arrangement of terms.
See also anadiplosisantithesisparallelism.

Wikipedia article "Chiasmus"

invert Show phonetics
verb [T] FORMAL
to turn something upside down or change the order of two things:
In some languages, the word order in questions is inverted (= the verb comes before the subject of the sentence).

inverted Show phonetics
adjective FORMAL
Cover the bowl with an inverted plate.

inverse Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
opposite in relation to something else:
Their generosity was in inverse proportion/relation to their income (= the more money they had the less generous they were).

the inverse noun [S] FORMAL
the opposite:
Dividing by two is the inverse of multiplying by two.

inversely Show phonetics
Sometimes it seems that press coverage of an event is inversely proportional to its true importance (= the more important the event, the less attention is paid to it).

inversion Show phonetics
noun [U]
Her account of the case was an inversion of the facts (= said the opposite of what really happened).

head-stand-inversion-bench head-stand-inversion-TABLE/CHAIR 有一產品回收案件或可協助你了解

Icon Health & Fitness Recalls Inversion Benches Due to Fall Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Products: Nordic Track and Reebok Inversion Benches
Units: About 22,000
Distributor: Icon Health & Fitness Inc., of Logan, Utah
Hazard: The ankle clamp mechanism can release unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard to consumers.
Incidents/Injuries: Icon has received five reports of injuries to consumers including contusions, lacerations and back pain.

Description: The recalled inversion benches invert a user by securing the ankles in a locking device and rotating the bench. The Nordic Track bench is model number 831.14595.0 and the Reebok bench is model number RBBE1996.0. The model number is located under the seat of the bench.
Manufactured in: China
Sold at: Sporting goods stores nationwide from September 2006 through January 2007 for about $200.
Remedy: Consumers should stop using the inversion benches immediately and contact the firm to receive a free repair kit.
Consumer Contact: For further information, contact Icon Health & Fitness toll-free at (866) 506-9095 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.iconfitness.com
Picture of Recalled Nordic Track Bench
Nordic Track Bench

Picture of Recalled Reebok Bench
Reebok Bench


逆 倒 翻

譯藝譚閱讀劄記──倒轉勢利人|inverted snob

2007/10/30新版《譯藝譚》中以〈倒轉勢利人〉為標題的文章,特別探討了"inverted snob"的譯法。
順勢查了書架上東華書局出版陸谷孫主編的《英漢大辭典》,對於"inverted snob"的釋義,正如《譯藝譚》中所寫的一字不差。
另外,雅虎線上辭典沒有"inverted snob",但收錄的是"inverted snobbery",而它是這麼解釋的:
inverted snob [snobbery] 逆スノッブ ((下層階級への共感を装う人[こと])).
隔天查一下這詞似乎是狄更斯的{小杜麗}Henry Gowan (偽悪的俗物 (inverted snob) の画家)的說法
2007/11/1 翻張允和女士(1909-2002年)的《昆曲日記》(2004),發現倒精忠”…..